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Okay, first off, take a look at this video right here.


This "Invisible Man" mod reveals how a lot of Fatalities in MKX work, and it got me thinking as to how that could work in programs like Poser or Daz Studio.

Firstly the gore props would have to be .cr2 files, fitting to the model in question. They'd have to be compatible with both male or female characters (M4 and V4, or perhaps even the Genesis model). Transparency maps would be involved too, placed over the model so that the the gore could be seen, and in some cases, multiple models would also be used to constitute dismemberment.

I looked all over (Renderotica specifically) but nothing so intricate has ever been done thus far. I was curious, for those who are savvy with either app, if such a thing can be done.


yes possible, lot of work though especially to make it able to handle multiple wounds. for instance you have two props to cut someone in half vertically down the center, and two props to cut someone in half at the waist. if you want to cut them in half both ways, that makes it more complicated. or if you want to cut them diagonally, or cut them vertically but not down the middle... most likely each type of wound would require its own special prop.

in the end, there would be so much work and probably not that many buyers, so nobody has done it that i know of.


Sorry, mate, but there's no hope here. There used to be some stuff like this way back in the day, that worked pretty much like you just 'discovered', but it's all gone.

The important 3D sites try to stay as clean as possible so the big cc companies and paypal don't drop them like a hot potato. DAZ was always a kindergarten in that respect, rdna as well, rendo only a little better.

Renderotica used to have some edgy stuff, but they cleaned house a while back, a lot disappeared and it's not coming back. I think the only artist who used to specialize in violent matters that is kind of still around is davo and his shop has been pretty dead for a while, too.

If you can't sell stuff like this, there's no way someone would create it, it's a lot of work. Like, a LOT of work. You'd need several insanely variable props that can follow an immense number of morphs and a just as immense number of movements and then some really nice maps, which you'd have to paint yourself since there are no photosets for this. No gonna happen. If we're very lucky at some point in time someone might release something like Severed Man again and I'm not too optimistic it will happen.

Also in this day and age I would assume you'd best work with .duf files and possibly geografts. V4 had a good run, but she really starts to look a bit long in the tooth. Go Gen 2 or 3.

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