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Hi, I have made quite a few 3D images stories. But I don't have the energy to post all here so instead I will post a few, but send you the link to all my work.

Most of my work involves snuff, cannibalism or asphyxiation, but all involve big breasted girls. (It's a normal and free google blog)
or (If you prefer pixiv, but most of my work in there is censored.)

All my work is there except my oldest once
Diana's Party and The dare, those will be posted there once I have fixed them upp.


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Here is my blog banner


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This is why you need to watch what you say to girls in bed… or you know don't…


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Nice to see you here.
I found you on exhentai first with that super long story and followed it to the end.


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Hi and thanks :D
It must have been Diana's Party.
The other stories on exhentai or g.e hentai are in my blog as well, but I have fixed them up a little, mostly the spelling, but in some, there are mild effect fixes.


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For a while, I mostly hanged out on Dolcett Forum girls but I am starting to spread out a bit more again…

With no concealed or devious plans at all… Mihihihi


Wow, thx. I loved your work with Dianas Party and the Pictures on your blog are wonderful.
I hope more is coming :)


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Thank you, and yes more is coming.


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A new 3D comic is out:
Mortal Bitch Fighters Part 1 can be found in my blog.

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