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From e-hentai and exhentai administrator:

As some of you already know, I have been considering retirement from this site for some time due to a persistent tendon injury that makes it impossible to spend any extended time in front of a computer. This is why the last Galleries update took over a year to complete, and why there's been no other updates to the rest of the site for almost two years. Still, the site has been operating normally even though I've only been able to put in the bare minimum work to keep it running, mostly thanks to the staff and the community in general.

Unfortunately, recent (alleged?) legislative changes in the Netherlands, confirmed by our host, has made it impossible to keep the status quo going. As such, certain changes have already been made, as you are all already aware of.

EH itself will continue operating. at least until the end of 2020 unless anything unexpected happens, and possibly indefinitely beyond that. While I'm not really that interested in running a neutered site on a personal level, and considering the tendon injury and inevitable rioting that will take place, it is not unlikely that no more development will take place and that I will retire at that point - however, I do recognize the importance of this site, so the ultimate outcome here has not been settled, and will depend on a number of factors.

In the event that I retire, it has not yet been decided whether the existing staff will attempt to have a full successor established or whether it will be left to the existing mirror sites, but regardless of the outcome, I would arrange to have some sort of permanent archive hosted indefinitely.

Note that this is not as easy as "just make a torrent available", as the source image files alone weigh in at over 50 TB.

Also note that due to sheer volume, while I'm reading all PMs and at least some of the messages in this thread, it's unlikely that I'll be replying unless it seems very important. Please don't take that personally.

Update: I'm looking into various alternatives based on information and suggestions from a variety of people. But just to clarify; if a fully intact live version of the site cannot be made available, then the necessary data to clone it will be made available instead.

Update 2: Work is underway on both a Plan A and a Plan B with different trade-offs for resiliency and usability, but these things aren't done overnight, especially over the weekend. We can only ask that people remain patient for now. We encourage third-party efforts to increase redundancy for potential future events, and both of the plans in progress will be able to provide missing/ongoing data for this when they are ready.

Update 3: Plan A is only awaiting a server delivery at this point. Plan B is a fairly major design/coding/setup undertaking that I'm mostly advising on, and could easily take another week to complete.

Update 4: Work is proceeding on Plan B to provide additional long-term resiliency.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the community in general as well as some select fellow site administrators (who may not want to be named?) for the support over the last week. This is of course the internet, but overall, the feedback and communication has been far more positive and constructive than I would have ever expected. While some core issues remain, there are no plans to shut anything down at this point, but it should be emphasized that this website - and most websites like it - ultimately have a truck factor of 1. Changing that would be very difficult for several reasons, which means that there should always be usable and independent copies of any valuable data available


Hey OP really nice to see you here at Gurochan, I've been a lurker all my life but I must come out to sincere gratitude for all the hard work and tireless for keeping e-hentai alive and running for all these years. Here's a big THANK YOU sir.


this is not exhentai admin, this is a copy of his post from ehentai forums.

But is is nice to see that closure of that site made such a fuss that it could only be comparable to losing you tube LOL
Lets hope it will be saved after all.


So why are you posting this now?
Pretty sure SadPanda is up and running by the time you made this post.
If you wanted to spread awareness, you're about a weeek and 2 days late.




Everyone, back-up your favorite galleries


Rurikon's demise was a very bitter loss, although several gigs remain in torrents. But the death of exhentai should be much worse. Some of the best artists there publish on Pixiv, but generally it's just a small fraction of their work.


Thank god for those like 6 people who saved sadpanda.
What fucking heroes.

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