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There have been repeated requests to see 3D cgi featuring gory evisceration, the kind 2D guro art regularly wallows in but is difficult to achieve in 3D modeling apps with satisfactory results. Here's a sampling of requests:

Until a convincing technique for modeling and rendering realistically spilled guts is developed, how about photomanipulation? I have been able to get good results that way and am willing to try more, or at least demonstrate an effective technique.


File: 1564561897194.png (1.9 MB, 1280x1280, 24169-1556242099-ab4f87d58….png)

Original art by Predatory on, formerly Kirbawirba of deviantart.


Hey PreyKill, I love your stuff. I would be absolutely down to see more graphic disembowling from you. Your manips are some of the best I have ever seen.

If this thread goes well, I would be happy to post of of my own 3d stuff but manipulated similar to your works.


File: 1564591276591.jpg (663.83 KB, 1236x1600, Insane Girl.jpg)

It is not really that hard to achieve simply we do not have any props for that, and even if we can do it single picture in 3d is kinda worthless, you need to be able to create entire series, and doing a photomanipulation for every picture is plain insanity.
You can see my results, here. the main problem was to decide how exactly it should look like because realistic eviscerations are not that cool as 2d pictures.

There is no need for photomanipulation because you can just stick that gut picture to your model and make it kinda look same. it is even possible to make some kind of 3d texture but to do that we need good pictures of guts.
So if you have good pictures you use for photomanipulations you could share them here and they can be used directly on 3d models as iray decals. for better results, we also need a normal map and transparency map.

the problem with those 2d stickers is that all pictures look exactly the same and you cannot even show progress. the same situation with blood because if you add some blood it will stay stationary forever.

the more advanced method is to use a posable tube for guts but we kinda need a good texture for that tube
another piece we need is the wound itself. especially the edges of the wound.

Of course, if you are willing to edit existing pictures that's great, but also if possible please post pictures you used for editing.


File: 1564593501690.jpg (262.57 KB, 471x800, 2452819231.jpg)

Realistic structural details like mesentery, fat and connective tissue with veins tend to get left out of CG guts for sake of clarity, and that disappoints me.

Here's an example from an old photographic atlas of human anatomy showing an entire digestive tract from a very fresh cadaver with some evidence of diseased bowel. I've used and recolored some of this in manipulations. This image is reduced; highest resolution is always more desirable to work with.

Over the years I have assembled a morgue file (hah) of internal organ, wound and trauma images for reference and use as raw elements for photomanips, and would be happy to share what I've got in the chance you'd find them useful. I'll have to upload a large folder somewhere for that purpose soon.



Of you could share your assets, that would be amazing and fully inspire me to try my own hand at similar stuff.


If you have good high-resolution images that would be useful, or now I am trying to use relatively small and badly lit images.

By the way, something about that picture: >>32055
You kinda made it wrong, because you cannot extend cut that long, you hit pelvic bones. so while your guts look pretty realistic anatomy is not entirely right

I am not going to complain but rather ask if you prefer correct anatomy/physic or better-looking pictures?


Wel i don't know where Predatory got his guts model, but would love to know, but looking at his Gallery on erolair I doubt he modeled them himself, all his renders are package figures but he/she does a great job of misdirection by using a water spray to make it look like there is a cut. would like to know where he found those models


In that image the wound is above the pubic bone; I tried to show the emerging intestines sagging down over her pubic mound. I prefer attention paid to correct anatomy that results in more convincing-looking pictures. That's the advantage good CGI has over 2D artwork, a convincing illusion of photographic realism when done well. Less-expertly created CGI tends to look like playing with poseable dolls, good for presenting the artists' concept if not as realistic in appearance.

I'd welcome suggestions as where to best upload my morgue file once I've compiled an appropriate folder full to share.


If you are looking for a place to upload I think or
should be a good choice

intestines in your pictures are actually fine, the problem is that cut is a bit too long practically reaching her pussy. Although I have to say that your corner of the cut skin looks remarkably good. That part is probably even harder to make than the intestine part.

So if you will share your pictures please share that too if possible.

Later I will try to convert some of your pictures into props to use for rendering and share them as well.

Also if you like we can even try to do this. You make a photomanipulation for 3d picture which I make and then I will try to replicate results with 3d directly and we will check how well it works.


Hey guys! Original artist of above image. Was a fan of Preykill for a long time, so ws really happy he got in touch.

Anyway, all the models/assets are from Daz. I did make some original assets in a very simple form with their free modeling software, but its mostly simple primitives with some physics applied. Its the texturing that gets you… and my biggest problem.

You can get around it with camera tricks and lighting, but not always.

Look here, and see the stuff and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks for the retouches, Prey! Excellent stuff!


I use a poseable tentacle asset and primitives from the program, and change their surface properties. I have modelled "meat chunks" in Hexagon. Its not overly difficult, but requires extra delving into if you aren't familiar with it.


I have just looked at your work and I am dumbfounded. These are the best looking blood and guts effects I have seen so far in 3D work. If I could do it like this I would definitely do much more gory pictures.

Would you mind telling the name of that tentacle prop and where to find it?

And how did you the blood on the bodies? It looks shiny, runs the right way and appears to have volume, an effect I have not achieved so far. Are these Decals? Or Sickle Yields dforce splats and water?


Thanks! I just wanted to make stuff I rarely see, and do it in a way that's marginally better than the old stuff.

The tentacle is a very old Gen 1 prop, I think. The blood is mostly SY d-force splats, and I was using fluidos for a little bit, which looks great, but doesn't run, or pool like I wanted, but its gotten much better, so I'm gonna try to use both together when I have more time.

Like I said, its the surfaces of the props that really sell the look, which is why Preykill's retouches are so appreciated. You can make any shape work, as long as its a still shot and the cameras and lighting are done right, but nothing beats awesome post-processing, which I don't do, at all!


Actually I also tried to use tentacles or any other easypose tubes as intestines but I think now this is a bit obsolete technology.

this thing is better because you can use Dforce to simulate your gutting and stuff.

later you can apply this texture

Both are available for "free trial" :)

So intestines are actually easy part. they can be modeled very realistically, but all those spectacular blood fountais is not even remotely realistic even if they look pretty cool or even better than real thing.

The reason why your blood effects look flat and dull, is because you are only sung diffuse layer instead of decals.
but when you use decals you need to have all proper stuff, which includes specularity and normal maps.

in esence, since blood is essentially pretty uniform in color and specularity by itself, you only need opacity map and normal map to get pretty nice 3dimensional results.

I rather prefer Zbrush instead of hexagon, it is way easier to use when you do "organic material" modeling.
with Zbrush, you could achieve almost perfect realism


I did consider the dforce ropes when I saw them but chose to wait til they went on sale.

As far as blood, I certainly only want "realistic" in a hyperbolic way, sort of like a movie squib, or when a gigantic space ship looks "realistic", even though none exist! :D

I have gore shaders, and they're ok-ish. You have to do a lot of tinkering with surface properties. Those linked ones look very nice! I'll have to check into them, thanks for the heads up!

And yeah, zbrush is far, far superior to hexagon… and waaaay more expensive! I would LOVE to get into zbrush! I'm gonna give blender a real looking into, too. You can import/export assets fairly easy into daz, and I really do love their models.

Good tips!


>>32287 Thank you for your answer predatory.

>>32293 This is useful information Onix. But "intestines are actually easy part" sounds a bit flip to me. If they are, why are they so seldom done? (In Daz Studio I mean). Have you used the technique in a picture that you could point us to to give an example?


The sentence "If they are, why are they so seldom done?" should have read "If they are, why are they so seldom done anyway near as convincingly as in Predatories/PreyKills images?"

And some more answers to Onix in >>32293
Yes, decals. Again that sounds so very easy when you say it Onix. I have used decals for blood and I find it pretty hard to keep them in the correct place for several consecutive images with different poses. Also they do not wrap around a body because they work like an image projected on to a body. And how do you produce the normal images for the blood decals in a reasonable amount of time?


File: 1565218145562.jpg (629.46 KB, 1050x910, gm993.jpg)

I would justify lack of that content by the lack of interest in that fetish, as there can't be any other reason since it is really super easy.

Maybe there is a hard part that you need to spend quite some time playing with some kind of pipe until you get everything right as I had to take quite some effort to adjust everything in that picture. using dforce to model all that can make things easier but I did not test it yet.

realistically intestines are pretty plain single color so they barely need any texturing at all. just some glossy pinkish color tube. but if you want to make them look cool you can apply some appropriate texture

here you can get some free ones if you care about that ;)

also check thsoe

So that's all you need to model intestines at any level of realism.
also if you make sharp bends intestines "break" making sharp bends what makes things easier.

Now the other part is the wound itself. here everything is much harder because you need to blend it with the skin and show structure if the cut skin and some general background for guts inside.

In my picture, I avoided all that by making the cut very small. So all you need is just Use Iray decal to add pictures of the wound in the desired place and then add intestines to that.

If you don't have a way to create your own iray decals you probably should ask me to share mine ;) as I created a small collection of wounds that can be used for all purposes. but they need some more organizing. >>32303 shared some useful content.

also, it matters a lot, what you want to do
like if you want to pull out intestines from the girl's belly it is one thing and if you want to do autopsy with a detailed model of her guts that another thing

For example, you could pretty easily make a series where a guy cuts girls belly with the knife then pushes his hand inside and drags her intestine out.
Sometimes you do not need to bother with much of realism especially if you do long series with many pictures nobody will bother with all those details. Here is another example of my older pictures which is constructed very primitively but it looks pretty good anyway.

By the way you may be interested in making dirty skin for girls so that they look a bit more worn out and not always squeaky clean even after being dragged through the mud LOL or maybe a bit bruised if they endured some beating.

to do that you can just use geometry shell and apply appropriate shader from the ones listed above.
adjust its opacity to the right level and you will have more realistic dirty/bruised skin


I hope that that PreyKill and Predatory don't feel like me and Onix are taking over this thread, but I just have to answer Onix's post >>32314

"I would justify lack of that content by the lack of interest in that fetish, as there can't be any other reason since it is really super easy."

If you look at Pixiv, Exhentai or comments here on gurochan there is surely no lack of interest in gutting.

Fuck. Super easy? I'm sorry to say that Onix, but >>32314 is not nearly as good as the pictures of PreyKill and Predatory. And you have not even used your supposedly more modern technique and superior method for that ("this thing is better because you can use Dforce to simulate your gutting and stuff.") At least I am quite sure you have not.

Sorry Onix, I admire many of your techniques, but come off your high horse just once in a a while? Saying that showing guts is just "super easy" sounds very arrogant you know, seeing that you have not proven yourself in that discipline. At all.


Seems I am a bit cranky today, Onix, for real life reasons. Having read your very mellow post in my own thread I am sorry for that.

But then again: How about a bitch fight? We could try to scratch each others eyes out in public for the entertainment of all the lurkers here.


File: 1565230788634.jpg (60.1 KB, 484x600, 12915171958.jpg)

Let's try this again…
It was a while before I could find time to compile a collection from my archive without a lot of useless extra crap in it. 2.29 GB worth. Be warned, this is essentially all RL gore images so steel yourself against revulsion and treat it like the resource of raw reference images it was intended to be. Don't come bitching at me because you saw something that angered you.!XwFmBQbb!_n5fuOGPjQp8bxHdOG2PxuK2dk6ofkp0LiipMGwikJY

They're not all gems but much of it should be useful. Remember that dead flesh can look vastly different from live flesh, as can pathological specimens, but unless obviously diseased, desiccated or bloated the structure appears the same as in healthy tissue.

I'll see if I can't come up with more assets taken from past photomanipulations.


For the record, you can apply dforce to anything, and that's also another reason why I didn't get the tubes. You can create a simple cylinder, torus, or sphere, apply a dynamic force to it, and tinker with the properties to get what you want.

Also, Drabok, you can definitely do something like this! It is really easy to start, and the more you do it, the better you get! I hope there is a clear progression from my earlier stuff to now. The funny thing? I've only been doing this for a year… and I have a busy personal life… and things are crazy right now, too!

The only thing you need to do is buy any models and stuff you want, and with enough reading, you can even make your own materials, skin, assets, all for free! It may take a bit of work to create all your own stuff, and a larger amount of diving in, but even with no budget, it can be done!

If nothing else, download the free software and poke around! Even if your computer sucks and you can't really render in iray, just playing around is enough to spark something.

Also, any advice is helpful to me. Different perspective are invaluable, and whereas I'm not gonna root through thousands of actual gore pics, the tips and insights can really be a help, so, thanks to everyone with input!



Thank you for those references PreyKill.

I went back to one of my previous works and used some of your stuff to enhance and add to what I previously did. It's not my best work but I can really see myself being more mindfull of the little details from now on.


File: 1565264609093.png (1.61 MB, 1000x915, jull valentine vore game o….png)


Shit I forgot to add the picture lol.


I see the difference in the results, nice effort made.


Wonder if this guy would post his .obj's


If I am not mistaken this is from poser anatomy prop
You can even fit it to some genesis figure to fill it with organs.

Maybe it is some other design but looks very similar


File: 1566185267930.jpg (305.32 KB, 1280x1024, meal_time_by_predatorybeas….jpg)

Thought I'd put this up. Lemme know what you think.


Looks like Someone covered her belly and mouth with hot wax.
and actually super realistic wax could be perfect for some BDSM scene. so I would like to know how you did it.

Intestines and everything else looks very realistic cant be made better. maybe her skin is a bit too clean as usual.


Predatory, please, share your site here with us, I followd you on deviantart since the beggining.



SickleYield dforce splats. I actually like the clean look so its kinda personal preference. Besides, the geoshell dirt effects and LIE decals are still not totally great. They're good, but like I said, I would still prefer the clean look over them anyway.


Yes I know that dirt is pretty hard to do even if you want it.
but what I meant is that this is the only thing which is lacking for full realism everything else is great


Very true, but I like the stylized, or, idealized fantasy more than totally realistic. Real gore makes me sick, believe it or not! Ironically, I can't stand it :D Not judging at all, its just a personal preference!


I totally believe it.

In fact, for some reason real gore even makes me feel weak even if I do not dislike it. But lately, it seems to go away probably I got used to it :)


I think the combination of 3d art and photomanipulation is probably the best way to produce extremely realistic intestines/entrails atm.

But that is true for basically any cgi art in general: you can always touch it up and improve it after the render.

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