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is this shared model or edited model?


File: 1564241794221.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, Selene_Mod.png)

I don't know why you didn't ask this in my thread and started a new one for this, but here's an explanation

It's an edit combining two models:

-Moon/Selene is modified from this SFM workshop pack:

-Nude Elins from Tera for the exposed torso:

I edited Selene's mesh in Blender to raise up her shirt and weight paint the bones to the upper spine. Then I scaled down the Elin's legs, arms, and neck and bound the bones to Slene's skeleton in SFM. Almost all of Selene's eye expressions had to be custom made, and animating between them involved about 6 separate head models using skins and scaling to use all the expressions seen in the animation. The struggle with facial animation is the main reason I haven't released this model

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