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By Pixiv artist GalaxyExpress


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File: 1560238793204.jpg (610.58 KB, 1920x1080, 74997983_p48.jpg)


Fantastic and great series love it
Small comment when her sister is brought to justice could she be dragged by her tits and not her arms?
I presume the cunt had been gang raped by the guards before sentence was carried out. Just her womb could have exploded with sperm when cut into.


It's not OP who made it.
On a side note, seems like long series are all about quantity over quality. Hope people would focus on quality equally, but I understand that takes much more effort.


I love these! Thank you very much for posting them here Dikastes.


The "story" and some details like her facial expression are really great, but the overall quality can be improved a lot.
And I like a lot that Drabok loves this, too. I hope to see sth. similar by you, Drabok!

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