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Figured my work would fit in here.
Releasing my first full length comic out into the wild today. Themes include rape, sodomy, beheading, cuckolding

Mega link below.!UPo1iCYI!y4rqy3kS6C1nf668d_SHzNz5wJ2P4ELX0a0bDLgaUA4


Oh shit, that's really impressive work in all aspects.

It is very long so I do not even know which part to praise or criticize. it is all well made.
I wonder if we should classify your work as porn or documentary LOL
Lest hope ISIS will not behead you for such propaganda :)

Looks like those ISIS fighters are using toy car car from the "Robot chicken" movie LOL.


hello, I saw your whole story, beautiful … very beautiful. but in the end I would have impaled the woman and cooked. the husband, if he does not eat the meat with the combatants, is beheaded ..


Hehe isis is a good source of inspiration but I would let them fuch a bit(and interrupted violently) before they were captured.Nice blood splatter effect btw.Looking forward to see more.Perhaps you will have them punish incestuos couples, hookers and so on next time! ;)

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