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So I literally just today learned there was an Afro Samurai 2. I only learned this because apparently it was so fucking atrocious that the devs apologized, pulled it from shelves, and have issued refunds.

That said, gameplay aside, wondering if it has any potential for ryona and guro as its predecessor did? Apparently it dropped back in September, so some of us here may have had a chance to get it before it was shelved. To say nothing of piracy.


its complete garbage, and i know most fans are into the female enemies, but they weren't in the new game, it was supposed to be like "Episode 1" of a trilogy, it did end with a female boss fight though, but it was still a hot mess.


I watched the one letsplay, >>3022 and you don't even win the last boss fight, gosh the game is so bad

Love the soundtrack though, they should just release that XD







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