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Would anybody upload some stuff similar to this?


Thats new… Where do you find this? Source?


File: 1556881956578.jpg (381.89 KB, 1135x821, knrk01.jpg)


File: 1556881986742.jpg (369.41 KB, 1135x821, knrk02.jpg)


File: 1556882002085.jpg (403.03 KB, 1135x821, knrk03.jpg)


File: 1556882023986.jpg (370.84 KB, 1135x821, knrk04.jpg)


KC, are youbwillimg to do some genital shots? Shooting some girls in the pussy?


Oh yea!! KC is back!!!


The legend is back! Can you kill them while they masturbate, spy on their parents, have sex with the said parents or discover new sexual pleasures?




Why not shoot them in the pussy while they have sex? ;)


File: 1558011718857.jpg (206.91 KB, 1135x821, ejoo01.jpg)


File: 1558011740193.jpg (544.91 KB, 1135x821, ejoo02.jpg)


File: 1558011756345.jpg (670.98 KB, 1135x821, ejoo03.jpg)



Do you chat with your "Fans" over any canal? I want learn create something like that :)


And your new pics are great. They are better then your fantastic earlier.

Hope to see again, how your victim get a lil bit undressed, after they died.


Can't teach you.
If you're obsessed enough, you get Poser (11 is quite good), DAZ's figures, free props, Photoshop and you are practicing a lot. With lights, Photoshop layers, etc. Believe me, I'm not a teacher.


Too bad, but I have to accept that.

So please, still continue with your kind of pics, they are unique here. Are you on other boards, forum or similiar except here?


Nice to see you do your unique stuff again, KC.


Perfect, i just wish she would have touched herself more b4 the killer came in!


SO happy you're back!!


File: 1558091591892.jpg (331.44 KB, 1135x821, eeiei.jpg)



In some countries, it is illegal to kill a virgin, even if you are a licensed executioner. Perhaps some scenes should show the executioner doing his duty and unloading some cum into their vaginas before the execution?


Can someone please link the SFM loli files? I can't seem to find them ANYWHERE :(




File: 1558517872525.jpg (541.95 KB, 1135x821, teer01.jpg)


File: 1558517916325.jpg (546.97 KB, 1135x821, teer02.jpg)


File: 1558517929502.jpg (556.36 KB, 1135x821, teer03.jpg)


Sooo great. You are getting better and better with the effects.


Only a week and we miss you :')



>>29625 >>29627 I concur with hitguy, there is a lot of progress visible in your work! Your last girls are all very pretty. I would have loved to see Andrea die naked, but it's almost as good as it is.


File: 1559632975469.jpg (670.05 KB, 1127x821, kt01.jpg)


File: 1559632997781.jpg (600.58 KB, 1127x821, kt02.jpg)


File: 1559633015526.jpg (667.32 KB, 1127x821, kt03.jpg)


File: 1559633033564.jpg (579.22 KB, 1127x821, kt04.jpg)


File: 1559633056916.jpg (597.44 KB, 1127x821, kt05.jpg)


File: 1559633069297.jpg (619.33 KB, 1127x821, kt06.jpg)


Would love to have seen one through her panties.


Hello. Can you render this pictures in more high resolution?



Awesome art but may I ask if a shota is coming up as a victim?


Will post some shota later on.
The resolution remains.


File: 1560493783145.jpg (552.83 KB, 1127x821, eoo01.jpg)


File: 1560493803914.jpg (547.55 KB, 1127x821, eoo02.jpg)


File: 1560493819015.jpg (550.99 KB, 1127x821, eoo03.jpg)


File: 1560493832752.jpg (733.42 KB, 1127x821, eoo04.jpg)


File: 1560493863277.jpg (720.92 KB, 1127x821, eoo05.jpg)


File: 1560493878878.jpg (701.11 KB, 1127x821, eoo05b.jpg)


File: 1560493896441.jpg (703.28 KB, 1127x821, eoo06.jpg)


File: 1560493936737.jpg (1.09 MB, 1127x821, eoo07.jpg)


File: 1560493951267.jpg (831.78 KB, 1127x821, eoo08.jpg)


Awesome! Nudist family hunting?



I know guns are beautiful, but I would love to see one or two shots of the kids strangled or smothered with a pillow.


Shootings are the best. Please continue, stay to do what you want :) you do great work!


File: 1560775677506.jpg (538.1 KB, 1127x821, tww01.jpg)


File: 1560775716063.jpg (275.47 KB, 1127x821, tww02.jpg)


File: 1560775731107.jpg (551.53 KB, 1127x821, tww03.jpg)


File: 1560775748000.jpg (537.56 KB, 1127x821, tww04.jpg)


File: 1560775764337.jpg (539.56 KB, 1127x821, tww05.jpg)


File: 1560775788714.jpg (277.95 KB, 1127x821, tww06.jpg)


File: 1560775801547.jpg (520.12 KB, 1127x821, tww07.jpg)


File: 1560775837483.jpg (527.76 KB, 1127x821, tww08.jpg)



Fucking great!


File: 1560837388720.jpg (451.95 KB, 1127x821, pr01.jpg)


File: 1560837422790.jpg (446.45 KB, 1127x821, pr02.jpg)


File: 1560837453113.jpg (476.02 KB, 1127x821, pr03.jpg)


File: 1560837470222.jpg (469.86 KB, 1127x821, pr04.jpg)


File: 1560837583930.jpg (452.48 KB, 1127x821, pr05.jpg)


Panda will continue soon…


Please ruin a pussy…


That facial expression….I wish this was legal…..


File: 1560924456145.jpg (452.48 KB, 1127x821, pr05.jpg)


Pls remove that “tiny heart”


>>30828 The Panda can him on pan and eat?


File: 1561452670401.jpg (471.3 KB, 1127x821, pr06.jpg)


File: 1561452687119.jpg (464.25 KB, 1127x821, pr07.jpg)


File: 1561452713707.jpg (451.85 KB, 1127x821, pr08.jpg)


File: 1561452820645.jpg (386.61 KB, 1127x821, pr09.jpg)


File: 1561452849745.jpg (435.26 KB, 1127x821, pr10.jpg)


The Bunny and Panda one was my favourite so far. Needle stabbing is the best!


I suppose she got killed by her imaginary friends LOL


File: 1561624187416.jpg (844.96 KB, 1127x821, llp01.jpg)


File: 1561624228264.jpg (341.37 KB, 1127x821, llp02.jpg)


File: 1561624263992.jpg (765.7 KB, 1127x821, llp03.jpg)


File: 1561624317630.jpg (631.84 KB, 1127x821, llp04.jpg)


File: 1561624339573.jpg (595.87 KB, 1127x821, llp05.jpg)


File: 1561624464481.jpg (407.72 KB, 1127x821, llp06.jpg)


File: 1561624613377.jpg (392.93 KB, 1127x821, llp07.jpg)


File: 1561624643521.jpg (415.21 KB, 1127x821, llp08.jpg)


File: 1561624674815.jpg (523.19 KB, 1127x821, llp09.jpg)


File: 1561624690478.jpg (524.26 KB, 1127x821, llp10.jpg)


File: 1561624706845.jpg (426.89 KB, 1127x821, llp11.jpg)


Pure gold! We definately need a bit of sex b4 the kill!


Best thread evah.



Yes! Or after!


File: 1562141343390.jpg (491.83 KB, 1125x819, iz01.jpg)


File: 1562141366893.jpg (417.25 KB, 1125x819, iz02.jpg)


File: 1562141379518.jpg (422.79 KB, 1125x819, iz03.jpg)


File: 1562141391875.jpg (430.67 KB, 1125x819, iz04.jpg)


File: 1562141425014.jpg (424.21 KB, 1125x819, iz05.jpg)



File: 1562141574820.jpg (418.4 KB, 1125x819, iz06.jpg)


File: 1562141588578.jpg (411.82 KB, 1125x819, iz07.jpg)



File: 1562141616612.jpg (417.4 KB, 1125x819, iz08.jpg)


File: 1562141654620.jpg (404.53 KB, 1125x819, iz09.jpg)


File: 1562141666763.jpg (406.99 KB, 1125x819, iz10.jpg)


File: 1562141684244.jpg (397.38 KB, 1125x819, iz11.jpg)




Gr8 stuff! More pls!


I am not sure there will be more.
Poser 11 doesn’t start anymore. No error message, just doesn’t start.
Reinstall: not working.
Windows system restore: not working.
Registry cleanup: not working.
Have no clue how to start Poser again…


Either the system component was damaged, could be directx, the net framework, visual c++ and many more or poser just upgraded itself by downloading new bits over the crack.usualy when that happens it modifies the registry.Cleanup doesn't work because it doesnt detect anything wrong so:
Solution 1: type at the cp(start/run) regedit, manualy search for poser dir under software and other dirs and manually delete it using the delete key.
-try looking for leftovers like dirs in mydocuments folder
-install it again and use a profesional uninstall program to remove it like revo uninstaller(you can torrent it)
Solution 2: If nothing work(and they should) reinstall windows! We need you back, and if you recover put some sex into them next time ;)


Hey KC, did you solve the problem? We need you back! :')


Not exactly the way you told me, but could solve the problem.
Thank you for your help. So… here's something for you. A little SEX as saying thank you.


File: 1562750573586.jpg (476.34 KB, 1168x821, ct01.jpg)


File: 1562750597324.jpg (501.67 KB, 1168x821, ct02.jpg)


File: 1562750614283.jpg (476.27 KB, 1168x821, ct03.jpg)


File: 1562750629972.jpg (477.01 KB, 1168x821, ct04.jpg)


File: 1562750659710.jpg (463.39 KB, 1168x821, ct05.jpg)


File: 1562750711211.jpg (460.86 KB, 1168x821, ct06.jpg)


File: 1562750737245.jpg (454.09 KB, 1168x821, ct07.jpg)


File: 1562750757357.jpg (442.26 KB, 1168x821, ct08.jpg)


File: 1562750785915.jpg (475.19 KB, 1168x821, ct09.jpg)


File: 1562750797434.jpg (474.4 KB, 1168x821, ct10.jpg)


Glad you solve it&wb! Yes, the necro is just perfect, a shame to let such a pretty pussy go to waste! ;)


I love the necro pic. It is always tempting to fuck the little girl when you have shot her, it makes it so much easier to push your cock into her little cunt without her tensing up - but then sometimes it is better to feel the woman-child struggling as you violate her body and pump your hot cum right up into her uterus.


After you cum inside her, You can't leave the girl's body there full of cum, you have to burn the body to get rid of DNA evidence!


Better yet, interrupt her during a hot fuck and surprise her with some hot lead! ;)


I'm getting here excited just by reading the comments!


This is shaping up very nicely now! I wondered when necro would enter in.


I wonder when we will be treated to some shota snuff, maybe a shota noose dance?


Wow, your first necro! Great!


A loli and a shota while trying new things!


After filling her with hot lead…use her child hand for a necro handy….


Stopping their hearts makes me sooo hard…


Maybe we'll get some pussy shots here now


While playing with themselves!


Or twerking! ^^


Or riding her brothers cock. Or her fathers.


I love your work KC! Did you create those models or got them somewhere? Which program you use?


Fucking perfect!


Thanks for the positive feedback..
I am using Poser 11 and PS.
The character is V4 Full Morph with some downloaded morphs / texture mats to convert her into adolescent girl or boy, and many modifications I added also.


File: 1563800916240.jpg (168.88 KB, 1085x821, fdo01.jpg)


File: 1563800939225.jpg (218.33 KB, 1085x821, fdo02.jpg)


File: 1563800958662.jpg (199.5 KB, 1085x821, fdo03.jpg)


File: 1563800972304.jpg (181.03 KB, 1085x821, fdo04.jpg)


File: 1563800984620.jpg (171.48 KB, 1085x821, fdo05.jpg)


File: 1563801000402.jpg (169.45 KB, 1085x821, fdo06.jpg)


File: 1563801015988.jpg (262.05 KB, 1085x821, fdo07.jpg)


Little slut hunting season has begun!


I like this one! At least he undress her and fuck the corpse!


Agreed! Just killing them is like buying a box of chocolate and not eating it!


We need a lil bit more blood from mouth. Great work!



File: 1564068272343.jpg (524.62 KB, 1085x821, nop01.jpg)


File: 1564068309423.jpg (480.52 KB, 1085x821, nop02.jpg)


File: 1564068329615.jpg (451.51 KB, 1085x821, nop03.jpg)



At least molest her corpse!



What if it turns out thats a small boy ;)


Either way, molest the kid.



I agree


Oh you have to fuck those feet…


Oh yea, he hears my wish… more blood from mouth :) Unfortunately, she falls to her face. Its def a girl, you can see lil tits.


File: 1564113030120.jpg (105.46 KB, 1024x1200, 130894017369.jpg)

Child death is erotic on so many levels…perfect bodies…flawless…ultimate fuck meat…they are annoying unless sucking your murder cock…beautiful cum vessels…let the murder continue…



I love 3d - Animated?



I'd love to see him pounding the cunt of the dead girl!


File: 1565617108061.jpg (577.86 KB, 1085x821, hhk01.jpg)


File: 1565617135376.jpg (513.25 KB, 1085x821, hhk02.jpg)


File: 1565617155120.jpg (497.14 KB, 1085x821, hhk03.jpg)


File: 1565617199432.jpg (535.39 KB, 1085x821, hhk04.jpg)


File: 1565617219162.jpg (518.2 KB, 1085x821, hhk05.jpg)


File: 1565617236245.jpg (524.83 KB, 1085x821, hhk06.jpg)


File: 1565617248694.jpg (592.46 KB, 1085x821, hhk07.jpg)


File: 1565617260907.jpg (600.07 KB, 1085x821, hhk08.jpg)


File: 1565617274463.jpg (554.08 KB, 1085x821, hhk09.jpg)


gravity and dead bodies work well together



File: 1565687370933.jpg (376.44 KB, 1085x821, HAI02.jpg)


File: 1565687381558.jpg (380.2 KB, 1085x821, HAI03.jpg)


File: 1565687413717.jpg (390.96 KB, 1085x821, HAI05.jpg)


File: 1565687429214.jpg (368.32 KB, 1085x821, HAI06.jpg)


File: 1565687468174.jpg (269.31 KB, 1085x821, HAI07.jpg)


File: 1565687486033.jpg (402.17 KB, 1085x821, HAI08.jpg)


File: 1565687500514.jpg (400.75 KB, 1085x821, HAI09.jpg)


File: 1565687533366.jpg (399.31 KB, 1085x821, HAI10.jpg)


File: 1565687550390.jpg (393.14 KB, 1085x821, HAI11.jpg)


File: 1565687566147.jpg (402.04 KB, 1085x821, HAI12.jpg)


File: 1565687618934.jpg (410.97 KB, 1085x821, HAI13.jpg)


File: 1565687653279.jpg (215.23 KB, 1085x821, HAI15.jpg)


File: 1565687706821.jpg (403.49 KB, 1085x821, HAI16.jpg)


Poor little girlie should just be glad she didn't get a gunshot in her cunt. Maybe next one?


I guess she is executed by Nofap police for illegal masturbation :)

You have quite a few interesting ideas ;)


Great set! I love seeing a hitwoman shooting little girls. Keep it up!



File: 1565881604442.jpg (801.82 KB, 1085x821, ejk01.jpg)


File: 1565881622772.jpg (479.63 KB, 1085x821, ejk02.jpg)


File: 1565881656435.jpg (761.05 KB, 1085x821, ejk03.jpg)


File: 1565881667758.jpg (757.89 KB, 1085x821, ejk04.jpg)


File: 1565881681946.jpg (430.39 KB, 1085x821, ejk05.jpg)


File: 1565881694525.jpg (643.45 KB, 1085x821, ejk06.jpg)


File: 1565881715846.jpg (654.14 KB, 1085x821, ejk07.jpg)



“Sorry little girl, No witnesses”

Great set KC!


Now this angle gives me plenty of enticing thoughts. I wonder what I could do?


File: 1566394535388.jpg (661.05 KB, 1085x821, hro01.jpg)


File: 1566394619237.jpg (445.3 KB, 1085x821, hro02.jpg)


File: 1566394634249.jpg (707.64 KB, 1085x821, hro03.jpg)


File: 1566394646268.jpg (783.99 KB, 1085x821, hro04.jpg)


File: 1566394662543.jpg (772.09 KB, 1085x821, hro05.jpg)


File: 1566394686662.jpg (763.78 KB, 1085x821, hro06.jpg)


File: 1566394700274.jpg (772.17 KB, 1085x821, hro07.jpg)


File: 1566394716932.jpg (713.61 KB, 1085x821, hro08.jpg)


File: 1566816053912.jpg (303.7 KB, 1135x821, trtl01.jpg)


File: 1566816068714.jpg (445.02 KB, 1135x821, trtl02.jpg)


File: 1566816080633.jpg (422.92 KB, 1135x821, trtl03.jpg)


File: 1566816091034.jpg (362.66 KB, 1135x821, trtl04.jpg)


File: 1566816104981.jpg (242.46 KB, 1135x821, trtl05.jpg)


These have been so awesome, thanks! Any chance you might do a headshot?


smother one of the girls or boys? Love to see their bare feet twitch and go limp.



File: 1567058790389.jpg (423.79 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk01.jpg)


File: 1567058833625.jpg (468.53 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk02.jpg)


File: 1567058909895.jpg (359.49 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk03.jpg)


File: 1567058972257.jpg (412.46 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk04.jpg)


Think you can do more girls on toilets? Especially if they get my favorite type of bullet


Miss your work.





Maybe for Halloween?









And you


instead of killing children I am sure that the majority of us prefers a return of full fights in arena like the lost sexyamazons.


To each his own.


How about Killing the Girl while cumming inside her pussy?

Decapitation would be even better


Shota snuff please


Nah! Definately not!

What I would like to see is children killed while having sex with their parents or eachother!


And I would to see kids getting naked and smothering by a hitwoman pussy. Or any other pussy. Maybe by their father new fiance.


I would like to see some smothered by a pillow and fucked by the assassin.


File: 1580468319352.png (5.87 MB, 3840x2160, bonus2.png)

Here's one of my recent works


That's cool. Do you do any asphyxiation themed material? Are you on Pixiv by any chance?


Are you willing to take requests?


File: 1580752611750.png (2.35 MB, 2560x1440, stools1.png)

I do, I mostly enjoy hangings and shootings.

I'm not on Pixiv, just lolicit and I guess I could start a thread here.


This particular picture is very promising. Can we see it through to the end?


miss this


Your main thread is having issues, do you have another way to view your posts?


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