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Would anybody upload some stuff similar to this?
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gravity and dead bodies work well together



File: 1565687370933.jpg (376.44 KB, 1085x821, HAI02.jpg)


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File: 1565687413717.jpg (390.96 KB, 1085x821, HAI05.jpg)


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File: 1565687486033.jpg (402.17 KB, 1085x821, HAI08.jpg)


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Poor little girlie should just be glad she didn't get a gunshot in her cunt. Maybe next one?


I guess she is executed by Nofap police for illegal masturbation :)

You have quite a few interesting ideas ;)


Great set! I love seeing a hitwoman shooting little girls. Keep it up!



File: 1565881604442.jpg (801.82 KB, 1085x821, ejk01.jpg)


File: 1565881622772.jpg (479.63 KB, 1085x821, ejk02.jpg)


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File: 1565881715846.jpg (654.14 KB, 1085x821, ejk07.jpg)



“Sorry little girl, No witnesses”

Great set KC!


Now this angle gives me plenty of enticing thoughts. I wonder what I could do?


File: 1566394535388.jpg (661.05 KB, 1085x821, hro01.jpg)


File: 1566394619237.jpg (445.3 KB, 1085x821, hro02.jpg)


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File: 1566394662543.jpg (772.09 KB, 1085x821, hro05.jpg)


File: 1566394686662.jpg (763.78 KB, 1085x821, hro06.jpg)


File: 1566394700274.jpg (772.17 KB, 1085x821, hro07.jpg)


File: 1566394716932.jpg (713.61 KB, 1085x821, hro08.jpg)


File: 1566816053912.jpg (303.7 KB, 1135x821, trtl01.jpg)


File: 1566816068714.jpg (445.02 KB, 1135x821, trtl02.jpg)


File: 1566816080633.jpg (422.92 KB, 1135x821, trtl03.jpg)


File: 1566816091034.jpg (362.66 KB, 1135x821, trtl04.jpg)


File: 1566816104981.jpg (242.46 KB, 1135x821, trtl05.jpg)


These have been so awesome, thanks! Any chance you might do a headshot?


smother one of the girls or boys? Love to see their bare feet twitch and go limp.



File: 1567058790389.jpg (423.79 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk01.jpg)


File: 1567058833625.jpg (468.53 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk02.jpg)


File: 1567058909895.jpg (359.49 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk03.jpg)


File: 1567058972257.jpg (412.46 KB, 1135x821, nfdjk04.jpg)


Think you can do more girls on toilets? Especially if they get my favorite type of bullet


Miss your work.

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