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File: 1555813023796.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080, Brain Dead 1a.png)


Decided to dip my toe in making some extreme content.


Any plans on turning it into an animation?
Also think it could use more blood


>>28693 I would love to, sadly i don't know how to animate. I can only do stills.


It's really awesome
Moooore Marie please!


File: 1555855786244.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, Brain Dead 1b.png)

Alternate version


Did you edit the model to fit the brain?
Very neat, thanks for sharing.
Would love to see dismemberments or the sorts in the future


>>28716 Just placed the brain partway though the model during scene posing.


What's the plan for the next one?
Hoping for some extreme content


Not only brain fuck,but also fuck the no head body,fuck the head——that is perfect job.MAKE A VIDEO PLS:)


Mixed and matched brain fucking, severed head fucking, and headless (and limbless?) body fucking would be awesome!!


Ohhh snow! Didn't know you're interested in guro, please make more hehe
Love your kanna work btw


>>28789 Only a little bit. though i honestly don't know how far i'll go with it. I don't really have the required props to do too much with it.


I'm not familiar with Blender but would it be feasible to say, detach the head or limbs?
Can be something "simple" without many props


Feasible yes, but it'll just leave a gap if there's nothing to cover up the hole. So having something like the gore props from Mortal Kombat could fix that.

Sadly i don't have access to many of those props.


Holy shit, nice work! There sadly isn't enough extreme content with Marie in it.


Is it being paywalled or just don't exist?
If former, I wouldn't mind helping you out


It just doesn't exist for the program i use to pose my models. Which is Xnalara.


If your software allows you to hide selected polygons, you can just remove unsescesary parts, and then plug the hole using some sphere primitive. Just apply some bloody texture.


Iirc there are xna mortal Kombat props on DeviantArt.
I am almost certain I saw some works made in xna on pixiv with the props


There are more than shown in the preview, maybe this will work



this needs a vid, is that easy or a bitch?


Wow! Awesome work! Hope to see more from you.


>>28812 It Does, i'm not too familiar on how it all works.

>>28815 I have that pack, but i'm sure some models are missing from it.At least based on what i see user like OP do with the pack.

>>28934 Sadly I haven't the slightest clue on how to animate.

>>29172 Fairly new to doing guro content, so all suggestions for ideas are welcome.
For anyone that does suggest anything Just keep in mind i primarily work with DOA models.


Nice to see you're making guro, like others said, please do give it a try with the gore pack!
As for suggestions, can we see something with kanna or nyo?
If you can't do anything like dismember or decaps, then the options are limited..
Maybe a reverse bj, through the back of her head out the mouth?



DOA girls are my favorite, so absolutely no problem there! I'd love to see you butcher Honoka or Nyotengu.


Would love to see Honoka with this quality.
Maybe a "titfuck" would be nice.


execution,fuck head,fuck dead body would be fun


File: 1561583948677.png (4.4 MB, 2560x1440, 2b Roast 1b.png)

2b roasting on a spit.

>>28807 I agree, maybe that needs to change.

>>29184 I'm sure I'll can come up with something.

>>29385 Added to the list.

>>31051 Always happy to do an oppai image.


File: 1561584097010.png (4.41 MB, 2560x1440, 2b Roast 2b.png)

Alternate version


Glad to se you back! Nice :)


Looks fantastic.
A 3rd pic with a bit of charred skin would be hot.


and her fatty fun bag tits would sizzle nicely when she turns over


would you consider posting one maybe in one of her fight outfits like the plaid skirt one with the white top?


File: 1573587033748.png (4.1 MB, 2560x1440, Invitation 2a.png)

Gchan exclusive version of my previous renders.


File: 1573587048628.png (4.05 MB, 2560x1440, Invitation 2b.png)


>>34805 Top notch


Please keep posting!


Oh hey you're back! Please continue doing guro, I was afraid you have left us


Wow, I love your work! Very good quality.


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