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Join my discord!

I take requests :)


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Do daisy


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The next character will suffer tit torture, bondage, and maybe some guro. Please vote now!


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Oh yeah then there's this


I love your work, but your discord seems to be closed.


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This link is set to never expire…



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Pls make a link to the video please.I don't know why can't be invited by the link


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Voting for this weekends SFM has begun. Vote in my discord if you would like to pick out a character :)


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Not done but I'll finish this weekend along with a Lara vs Freddy scene!



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The Tomb Raider had been pursuing Trinty into the depths of the Lost City. Lara slayed many Deathless Soliders and wasn't far behind Konstantin and his men. She looked up and could hear the sound of Konstantin's helicopter. She pulled out her rifle and took aim.


She felt a hard smack on the back of her head. Lara fell to the ground dazed and confused. Trinity had set a trap knowing the young Tomb Raider would try and take a shot at Konstantin.

"Good work boys. Grab her! Konstantin has plans for her."

When Lara awoke, her clothes were nowhere to be found. She was completely naked and hogtied on the ground. Konstantin entered the room. "Lara, you have no weapons, no allies, no hope. A lot of my men and I want you dead."

"Are you going to kill me?" Lara asked.

"Of course. But first, you've been a pain in my ass and now I want you to know how it feels."

Konstantin put his foot on the young Tomb Raider and rolled her over on her stomach. He then proceeded to cram his fist up Lara Croft's tight little ass. She screamed in pain, horror, and disbelief as he continued to impale the young Tomb Raider. He could feel her intestines and the warmth of her body as he buried his hand further into her.

Lara's eyes began to roll to the back of her skull. Konstantin's was elbow deep now and had made his way to her heart. He could feel it beating. With a sinister laugh and a devilish grin, he crushed Lara's heart. Blood began to ooze out of her asshole. Like a ventriloquist but with his fist up Lara Croft's ass he carried her out to his men. He took his hand and made her wave to his boys.

"We've done it! The Tomb Raider is no more!" Said Konstantin. "Now who wants her first?"


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Something bad is about to happen to Lara


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Something bad is happening in the badger den


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I have more pictures on my discord!


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Sanchez Part 2: Reverse decap blowjobs are extremely difficult and I'm running into a lot of clipping errors. I'll figure it out this weekend though :)


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More content in the Badger Den!


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I added in cum, reposed big boss, fixed quiets clipping, added in quiets head, and adjusted the camera angle.

On Sunday I’ll redo all the lighting, focus multiple cameras, finalize the poses, add tons of gore and blood, and export the final image! Stay tuned!


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Join my discord for more content.


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Watch her get torn apart and more in my channel


No one is going to join your discord for this buster ass bullshit. If you want to contribute then do it, but trying to build some social media platform off of C grade guro is fucking laughable on about ten different levels


some people will take any opportunity to be unpleasant. i think this art is pretty great.


Thanks Eyeteeth.

What the other pussy doesn't realize, because he's a derelict, is it's easy to flood gurochan so posting here isn't ideal. I just post links to my channel so people can enjoy my stuff.

I hope he gets cancer and dies slowly, painfully, and alone. I'll also pray everyday that his mom gets in a horrible car accident and becomes terribly disfigured.

Maybe someday if this pussy ever wants to post his address on Gurochan along with his face, I'll pay him a visit in real life.



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What is the meaning of that? maybe you like this artist so much that you want to provoke more feedback that way LOL

His work is totally fine, as good as it can be also it is all free so no reason to complain


Some olderish artist are coming in here and offering nothing but encouragement. I think that's partially a disservice. Badger, learn to let things go. You're internet tough guy and unhinged prayer comments seem ripe for trolls. I deleted a previous comment warning you because I didn't want to shine a spotlight but fuck it


There's problems with my above post (eyeteeth only responded to the other rude anon and not Badger, it sounds like there was a flood of other artists when there was only 2, etc.) but the gist is I think Badger overreacted.


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For your own safety, never glance at a typical youtube comment section. You'll stroke out from the tens, hundreds, or *gasps* possibly even thousands of retarded criticisms that are posted daily and get 0 likes.

On one hand, I don't want to derail the thread or discourage Badger from making what thay want, but on the other hand, JFC you people are sensitive as hell. I'm done.


I find this chat amusing and funny as shit. Thank you to everyone who continued to support and encourage me. I took a long break from SFM because some laws in my country may have been breached at one point but now I'm back and I don't feel so rusty anymore – I'm also not a professional by any means.

SFM is a fun thing for me to do to pass time by. I don't take it too seriously but if my fucked up, twisted, art helps people get off – mission accomplished lol


Story By Sinbad

Miranda, your fired!

Miranda Lawson shuffled her booted feet along the catwalk far above the streets of Omega, eager to avoid coming into contact with any Cerberus agents. Finding an open hatch outside the towering slums, the former operative awkwardly hopped inside and fell on her well-muscled back. Stumbling upright, Miranda looked around and saw a cramped apartment. Hearing the heavy thuds of combat boots just outside, she swore under her breath and hugged the wall, hoping its thin layers would muffle the sounds of her shallow breathing. Being a silent as she could be, she finally heard the troopers leave her general area and let out a sight of relief. Opening the door to what she thought was the hallway, Operative Lawson saw instead a filthy bathroom with none other than the Illusive man sitting on the unwashed toilet, a sadistic looking hook and chain in his hands.

Gasping aloud and reaching for her holstered pistol, her ex-boss beat her to it and rushed from his seated position, grabbing her by her hair and smashing her head into the paper-thin wall. Grunting and groaning as the head of Cerberus towered over her bruised form and began a slow monologue. Not wanting to hear his indoctrinated speech, Miranda unleashed a blast of her bionic abilities that sent the spymaster stumbling away. Miranda stood and jumped forwards in a mad dash towards the hatch that she had entered from, only to be stopped as a paralyzing pain enveloped her entire body and held her in place. Looking down slowly, the ex-operative saw a dark glow emanating from her genetically perfect body.

Miranda looked around as best she could and gasped as the Illusive man raised his fist and pulled her curvaceous body towards him, doing her best to wriggle free. Launching a heavy blast of pure bionic power, the ex-operative instantly fell to the floor and gasped from the sudden impact and the pain in her chest, a result of the Reaper’s abilities that the Illusive man possessed. Clumsily rising to a knee as her old boss did the same, the 2 humans locked eyes and raised their hands. As the brilliant blue light burst from Miranda’s fist, her own pistol appeared in the Illusive man’s hands and fired.

The only thing that saved Miranda was the dense ball of pure energy that cancelled out the plasma from her weapon but also left her exhausted. Dropping to her knees as the weeks of fighting and running all caught up to her in that very moment, leaving her open to another attack. The Cerberus head stood over her battered body and grabbed her by her full mane of thick hair and dragged her back to the filthy washroom where his hook hung from a heavy pipe in the open ceiling. Seeing the dirty ceiling appear, her blue eyes shot open as the Reaper’s advocate slid his long sleeve upwards to show a gleaming black and red gauntlet on his arm. “You remember this one, don’t you? It used to be Shepard’s.” Tapping on a small key embedded on the end of the armor piece, the gauntlet flickered to life and sprang out it’s Omni-blade. “I see why she liked it so much, too bad it wasn’t enough to save her life.”

The Illusive man removed a syringe full of adrenaline from his tailored coat and jammed it into Miranda’s shapely thigh, forcing the perfect woman to cry out in both pain and shock. The pain from every bruise, torn muscle and cracked bone was amplified by 10 as the ex-operative withered in pain, only to be mocked by her attacker as he sliced through her leggings, exposing her sex and big sexy ass while lifting her by the throat with his surprising strength. Miranda didn’t have time to fight back against him as the hook’s long, thick shank pressed into her tight but well-used asshole, stretching the orifice considerably and remembering her of a Krogan bounty hunter that had briefly captured her on T’chunka. Crying out as her guts were ripped open inside her slim belly, Miranda could only watch with shock-filled eyes as her old boss made another cut and sliced her top open, cruelly licked her small, hard nipples while groping the perfect globes. Feeling her strength begin to leave her as the unseen internal bleeding worsened, Miranda locked eyes with the hauntingly glowing blue ones of the Illusive man, knowing that there was no way to escape now. Hanging from the hook in a somewhat upright position, she blinked tears away as the glowing orange blade was raised incredibly slowly to her bulging throat.

The Illusive man removed a syringe full of adrenaline from his tailored coat and jammed it into Miranda’s shapely thigh, forcing the perfect woman to cry out in both pain and shock. The pain from every bruise, torn muscle and cracked bone was amplified by 10 as the ex-operative withered in pain, only to be mocked by her attacker as he sliced through her leggings, exposing her sex and big sexy ass while lifting her by the throat with his surprising strength. Miranda didn’t have time to fight back against him as the hook’s long, thick shank pressed into her tight but well-used asshole, stretching the orifice considerably and remembering her of a Krogan bounty hunter that had briefly captured her on T’chunka. Crying out as her guts were ripped open inside her slim belly, Miranda could only watch with shock-filled eyes as her old boss made another cut and sliced her top open, cruelly licked her small, hard nipples while groping the perfect globes. Feeling her strength begin to leave her as the unseen internal bleeding worsened, Miranda locked eyes with the hauntingly glowing blue ones of the Illusive man, knowing that there was no way to escape now. Hanging from the hook in a somewhat upright position, she blinked tears away as the glowing orange blade was raised incredibly slowly to her bulging throat.


File: 1566497752300.jpeg (4.07 MB, 3840x2160, Shot 1.jpeg)

The rest of the pictures will be in discord.


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I love your ideas, you got good taste =) probably you could work a little bit on your lighting and render settings for better overall quality ;) thanks for sharing!



Thank you. Lighting is everything and I watch a ton of SFM videos on how to be better at lighting. It's really tricky and I'm always open to suggestions.

I use between 4 - 7 lights per set.
1 - 2 Key lights (1 with shadows disabled)
1 rim light
1 bounce light
1 volumetric (for mood settings)

I also turn down my tone map scale to like .02 so any lighting is what's manually installed

I'm also constantly adjusting the quadratic attenuation and overall intensity as well as the horizontal and vertical FOV and working on the shadows.

Like I said, I'm always open for suggestions and I'm constantly looking at other peoples SFM to see if I can understand how they do their lighting


Lisa’s Last Match

Inspired by @mortal shinobi
Story by @Sinbad
Art by @The Original Badger
The roar of the crowd overwhelmed Lisa Hamilton as she stood victorious over the cybernetic Raidou. While the villain was hard to get at, due to his constant battles against Kasumi and the rival clans, getting called out by a lowly Luchadora was too large of an insult to ignore. That didn’t matter to the scantily clad wrestler, still glowing from her impossible victory. Waving at her adoring fans while ignoring the fuming cyborg, La Mariposa joyfully hopped over the top rope with a graceful flip while the beaten Raidou seethed with hatred and immediately put a plan into motion to exact his revenge.
The athletic wrestler stepped out of her shiny sports car and headed around the back her spacious laboratory, already calling her friend Tina Armstrong to celebrate. Breathing the cool air of the snow-covered ground outside, the last thing on her mind was more trouble. Sipping a cup of hot tea, the barley covered scientist/wrestler grinned at the soothing background of her home away from home and sat down on a chair, eagerly kicking her covered feet up. Loosening the leather mask that concealed her identity, the Luchadora had nearly undone the complex system of straps and feathers when the cold ground beneath her booted feet began to rumble. Sighing and glancing at a monitor inside her workstation, the beaming fighter saw that something was coming.
Wrinkling her covered brow at the news, Lisa glanced around at her backyard and gasped as the brick in front of her split and opened up, the delicate stonework replaced by a massive, scaly hand and arm covered with sharp horns. Quickly thinking of what her unwelcome visitor could be, she didn’t get to ponder long as the rest of the creature climbed up from the ground. Glancing with eyes wide open, Lisa instantly took up her standard defensive stance and gasped as the ugly, pink head shook the dirt from its grotesque face and fat figure while it cleared the ground completely. Still paralyzed from shock, the wrestler was broken free by the creature’s loud bellow.
The deep grunts echoing out of the wide maw of the beast was joined by a gaggle of boos and catcalls from behind her, distracting the barely covered combatant. Glancing behind quickly, Lisa cursed and rolled her eyes as a posse of depraved and poorly dressed freaks assembled behind her laboratory. Looking back to the boorish intruder, Lisa glanced at the wide, chubby body and decided to stay away from the wicked looking points stabbing through the grotesque skin. Seeing a few patches of skin uncovered by the dark scales, La Mariposa felt ready to fight.
Needing something to pep herself up with, the fighter, still wearing her Luchadora costume shook her tanned head and whispered assuredly to herself. “Whatever this thing is, I can take it. I’m Lisa Hamilton, the famed La Mariposa and I just kicked the crap out of the biggest bad guy in the world!” Ready to go, Lisa answered the monster’s bellowing with a battle cry of her own. A loud, piercing scream filled the snowy backyard and even managed to shut the beast up. Both raised their fists, one set covered in gold and white gloves, the other covered in revolting scales and horns. Screaming again, Lisa charged in, despite the jeers forming crowd that called her names.
Lisa swung her fist with a wide, arcing blow that sent her knuckles colliding into the monster’s chubby face, disorienting it as she followed up with an arcing kick that landed on a flabby pectoral. Jumping up and spinning, the Luchadora flung her shapely legs to either side and kicked the monster in the head twice before gravity forced her to land. Seeing the monster stumbling backwards, Lisa sprinted forwards and jumped again, planting a golden booted foot atop the large belly and pushed off with a back flip, her trailing foot coming up hard and colliding with the triple chin under the monster’s jaw. Landing with the grace of a trained dancer, Lisa took up her defensive stance once again and spun on her right foot, allowing her left to slice through the chilling air before her heavy heel slapped into the right side of the creature’s broad face, finally forcing it to its knees.
“You know, for all that “Extra weight” your packing, I would have thought you could stay on your feet longer!” Chortled the exuberant fighter. The creature, doubtlessly unintelligible seemed to get the gist of her words and bellowed in a livid rage, so much so that Lisa stopped her next attack. Hamilton stayed in place for a few moments while the creature hobbled to its feet and preformed a charge of its own, swiping with surprising speed. The huge hand failed to hit it’s mark however, as Lisa had already ducked down but did manage to grab the assortment of feathers atop her brown hair, ripping at them until her mask flew off and revealed her pretty face. Gasping at the unexpected assault, the revealed Luchadora prepared herself for another attack.
A man dressed up as a bloody clown decided to join in the fun and threw a loose brick at her distracted form, hitting her right in the back and forcing a soft cry to breach her soft lips. The force of the sharp stone sent her stumbling forwards and right into the monster’s hand, the very place she wanted to stay away from! The massive hand snapped shut around her thin waist and effortlessly ripped her from the ground, the sheer force of the move popping her right out of her boots! Groaning with sharp discomfort as her toned abs were squeezed by the powerful grip, the wrestler did the most natural thing she could think of began raining down powerful overhand punches, the sheer force of each blow ripping her leather gloves apart. Stopping when her hands began hurting more than her guts, Lisa looked up to see the vacant, yellow eyes staring right back at her.
The crowd of creepy jesters continued their parade of insults as the annoyed creature reached forwards and tugged lazily at her golden top, tearing the delicate fabric with ease. Gasping as the cool, brisk air washed over her ample tits, Lisa gasped again, this time from her small nipples shrinking into diamonds. The crowd behind the fighter all raised their hands in sheer joy and howled at her revealed form. Feeling the disgusting hands holding her shift and spin her around, Lisa cried out in pain as her ribs cracked from the pressure as she was held again, helpless as the beast tore off her feathered bottoms. Blushing with shame as the jeering crowd mocked her suddenly naked body, Lisa gasped as another battle cry was shouted out behind her. Seeing her decrepit audience stop their cheering and glance around the chubby beast, Lisa did the same.
A ray of hope filled her naked and battered body as her friend Tina Armstrong appeared from nowhere and leapt over the Asian-looking arch with a glorious flip, landing right beside the beast. Swooping her long, chiseled legs in a sweeping motion atop the snowy ground, Tina swung them into the thick shins of Lisa’s captor, not knowing just how heavy the beast was. The move proved to be ineffective, as her leg weakly bounced off the massive leg and resulted in her own shin snapping in half! Lisa, dismayed by the pitiful blow that her friend landed began desperately ripping at the massive fingers holding her to get free.
Wedging herself slowly out of the large palms, the scientist kicked off the large gut and dove forwards in an awkward flip. Seeing the hard bricks coming up fast, La Mariposa hit them and immediately felt a burning pain in her shin. Gasping as she looked down, Lisa saw her shapely calf was bent at an awkward angle. Feeling the pure agony of her shattered shin hit her right after, the famed fighter did the most natural thing she could do and screamed! Curling herself into a ball atop the ground to cradle her broken leg, she had no time to recover as 2 of the audience steeped forwards and picked her up, throwing her crying body back to the beast who reclaimed his prize with a skillful snatch!
Lisa again looked down at her equally broken friend and sobbed even more as she saw Tina coughing up blood. Sweating with pain and furrowing her brow in confusion as to why Tina was coughing blood, La Mariposa got an answer as the beast lifted its massive leg and stopped its huge feet atop her gut, the sheer force of the hit blasting Tina’s huge tits from her shirt! “Tina, can you hear me?!” cried the professional fighter. “We have to get up, you take these clowns around us and ill beat this monster’s ass!” Lisa’s self-confidence quickly evaporated as the beast stomped atop Tina’s hard abs again, forcing a tall geyser of blood to shoot from the white woman’s open mouth. Helplessness overwhelmed the Luchadora instantly, her pain being joined with dread as Tina stopped moving.
The beast saw that as well and opened its crooked mouth into what basically resembled a smile and took hold of Lisa’s broken shin, transforming the wrestler’s wobbly whimpers into cries of pure agony! The beast, not content with just tearing apart a leg quickly wedged apart the sobbing woman’s firm ass and prodded her virgin asshole with a sausage-like finger. Lisa felt the probing through the stinging of her splintered Tibia and began groaning as an alien sensation took over her restrained body. Feeling her untouched anus spreading wider as more pressure was applied to it, the Luchadora finally felt the ring spread fully and went mute as a full 12 inches were rammed up her back door.
The cheering crowd on onlookers went berserk with glee as Lisa’s toned abs bulged out severely, the coil of her guts almost visible from the massive penetration. Her silence was broken quickly as she felt her spine straighten out and released her most blood-curdling shriek of agony yet! The assortment of fiends stopped their taunts and jeers just to cover their ears, the woman’s soul-rending scream was so loud! The beast also took offense to the miserable wailing coming from his victim’s throat and took hold of her non-broken leg, yanking on it with an awkward motion that shoved another 4 inches inside her butt! Lisa felt that the digit would pop out from her full lips, the beast’s finger was so deep! Lisa ripped her own head back to scream some more, desperate to get some sort of mercy from her massive ass-rape. She finally got a reprieve as one of the goons wearing a person’s face for a mask stopped covering his exposed ears and snagged a brick set loose on the ground. Rearing back, the man in the leather face threw it as hard as he could and scored a direct hit on Lisa’s brown face, knocking her out cold!
The beast stopped stuffing more of its long, thick finger into the wrestler’s bowels and looked over Raidou’s acolytes with an expression that resembled rage. Seeing their champion about to turn his fury on them, all of the once delighted thugs turned around and ran away as fast their legs could carry them, eager to avoid meeting either Lisa or Tina’s fate at the beast’s hands. Letting them all run away, the monster finally took his foot off of Tina’s crushed belly and checked to see if she was still alive. Seeing her huge boobs rise and fall with a shallow gain, the beast began walking off with Lisa still impaled upon his finger, eager to return the unconscious fighter to his master. Paying no mind to the group returning to the arch, the kidnapper glanced at Tina’s barley living body and chortled, pleased to see the assembled thugs would carry on her abuse.
The spacious room that served as Raidou’s lair was lit with the bright white light of the outside world as the kidnapper entered. Motioning for his pet to drop the woman who had humiliated him on the smooth, black stone, the beast did just that and finally tore its long, slick finger from Lisa’s gaping asshole. Dropping her battered body at his master’s feet, the dim creature watched as Raidou crouched over her and lifted her still slack face to his gaze. Drawing a syringe full of adrenaline, the evil cyborg slammed it down and stabbed the point into Lisa’s meaty ass! The Luchadora awoke with a panicked expression on her face that quickly changed to shame and then pain as Raidou stomped on her shattered shin. Lisa opened her pretty mouth wide to scream aloud once more, giving Raidou all he needed to free his equally robotic cock and slam it deep into the humiliated fighter’s throat! Brutally face-fucking the disgraced woman, the cyborg flipped on his wall-spanning screen and watched with glee as Tina Armstrong was sharing his victim’s fate, deepthroating a Joker’s white cock! Slamming harder and harder into the tear-covered face, Raidou grabbed hold of the scientist’s short hair and pulled her completely onto his robot cock, mashing his balls into her chin for good measure! Seeing Lisa’s eyes rolling into the back of her head, the revived corpse released her and kicked her cracked ribs, breaking a few and rolling her onto her ample tits. Admiring how much his pet had stretched the Luchadora’s ass out for him, Raidou sent the creature a wink and rammed in hard and fast, just as Tina took a dozen punches to her black and blue belly on the screen.
Hammering harder into Lisa’s near ruined ass, Raidou howled fiendishly and let loose, his synthetic semen pelting her ripped and torn anus with 8 streams of his thick cum. Pulling out his whopping 14 inches of flesh/cyborg penis, the demonic figure stood above his victim and spoke directly to the Michael Myers cosplayer, telling him that Tina was all theirs. Seeing the pale mask nod, Raidou turned off the screen and picked up Lisa’s broken sobbing form, throwing her the base of his throne-like chair. Forcing his unique markings to glow a demonic red, the living corpse sat down and activated his chamber’s recorder. Lifting up La Mariposa’s tear-streaked face, the Villian spoke boldly to his potential audience and dragged Lisa’s face to his cum-covered tool, forcing her to clean it with her tongue. “Now you all see what happens to my enemies! Cross me at your peril!” was all that Raidou said. As soon as Lisa finished with her task, the avenged overlord kicked her in the face and sent her toppling backwards. Turning off the recorder, Raidou made sure that the last anyone saw of Lisa Hamilton was her sprawled body atop his floor with her broken, cum-stuffed asshole on full display.


File: 1567137917126.jpeg (4.13 MB, 3840x2160, shot 1.jpeg)


File: 1567138081606.jpeg (4.19 MB, 3840x2160, shot 2.jpeg)

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