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Join my discord!

I take requests :)


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Do daisy


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The next character will suffer tit torture, bondage, and maybe some guro. Please vote now!


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Oh yeah then there's this


I love your work, but your discord seems to be closed.


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This link is set to never expire…



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Pls make a link to the video please.I don't know why can't be invited by the link


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Voting for this weekends SFM has begun. Vote in my discord if you would like to pick out a character :)


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Not done but I'll finish this weekend along with a Lara vs Freddy scene!



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The Tomb Raider had been pursuing Trinty into the depths of the Lost City. Lara slayed many Deathless Soliders and wasn't far behind Konstantin and his men. She looked up and could hear the sound of Konstantin's helicopter. She pulled out her rifle and took aim.


She felt a hard smack on the back of her head. Lara fell to the ground dazed and confused. Trinity had set a trap knowing the young Tomb Raider would try and take a shot at Konstantin.

"Good work boys. Grab her! Konstantin has plans for her."

When Lara awoke, her clothes were nowhere to be found. She was completely naked and hogtied on the ground. Konstantin entered the room. "Lara, you have no weapons, no allies, no hope. A lot of my men and I want you dead."

"Are you going to kill me?" Lara asked.

"Of course. But first, you've been a pain in my ass and now I want you to know how it feels."

Konstantin put his foot on the young Tomb Raider and rolled her over on her stomach. He then proceeded to cram his fist up Lara Croft's tight little ass. She screamed in pain, horror, and disbelief as he continued to impale the young Tomb Raider. He could feel her intestines and the warmth of her body as he buried his hand further into her.

Lara's eyes began to roll to the back of her skull. Konstantin's was elbow deep now and had made his way to her heart. He could feel it beating. With a sinister laugh and a devilish grin, he crushed Lara's heart. Blood began to ooze out of her asshole. Like a ventriloquist but with his fist up Lara Croft's ass he carried her out to his men. He took his hand and made her wave to his boys.

"We've done it! The Tomb Raider is no more!" Said Konstantin. "Now who wants her first?"


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Something bad is about to happen to Lara


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Something bad is happening in the badger den


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I have more pictures on my discord!


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Sanchez Part 2: Reverse decap blowjobs are extremely difficult and I'm running into a lot of clipping errors. I'll figure it out this weekend though :)

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