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Is PestilenceSFM no longer making his work? Recently he has not been posted on his Patreon but his Patreon website has more than 400 members. So I'm not sure whether I should join his Patreon. Did he stop his work? Or is he posting his work somewhere else?


As someone who is on his discord, he hasnt spoken a word in months and months. Not even a reason as to where hes been. Really disappointing to his Patreon supporters. 100% dont join it until he comes back (if he comes back)


Nah, he's the typical patreon 'artist' who over promises and under delivers.

Meanwhile we have heroes like OP (the artist not this thread's actual OP) who makes better stuff, more consistently for free.

password: extremecontent

The last animation is from July, 2018.
I think he stopped animating guro for sure.


Both pestilence and guroOP are amazing animators. Its a shame pestilence disappeared, but lets just hope hes ok.


What a shame he was one of the best animators, unless something really terrible happened to him i hope he could at least show up and give us the motivation of why he stopped making videos


Or maybe Pestilence is actually OP and started coming back here after his patreon got big because his newer, more casual audience forced him to make the less extreme content he wanted to.

What a twist that would be.


The rule 34 page for him shows a few more animations not on his website, but they are not guro related


How does that explain why he hasnt released anything animations at all, regardless of vanilla or not


At least we got EVMC and he's way better! EVMC is the king of guro!


Does anyone have a link to the OP artists work.


I sincerely disagree, unless that's sarcasm


Because he's a human being with problems like everyone else. Obviously it's a far fetched idea, but I could easily see how the stress of having to try and appeal to 1k+ people's tastes could drive him away from his patreon. I was here before he started patreon and he promised that he'd never soften up his content but obviously that's not what happened. I can't imagine being a guro animator like that and getting big then suddenly having to deal with hundreds or thousands of emails and messages attacking him. Considering the kinds of messages and death threats that some bigger artists that do way less extreme content get, I wouldn't be surprised if he just decided to abandon everything all together. OP appearing at roughly the same time that Pestilence's patreon started releasing fewer and fewer animations and declining is more than likely coincidence.

At the end of the day, Pestilence was an animator who did it as a hobby and enjoyed creating extreme content. Having to tone everything down completely for the sake of his casual audience probably made it not enjoyable for him anymore.


I suppose I can see your point. Though to me, turning down $2500+ monthly(probably way more considering that this is his current patrons) is absurd.
2500 just for making some vanilla content while producing hardcore animations on the side?
That'd be my dream, but I'm not well off so thats why I'd be enticed.
Never considered the threats he gets, that's honestly more likely Imo.


Patreon has been censoring games with guro, incest, and rape in them at random now. Not excusing the guy mind you, just saying that under such restrictions, he's sure to lose interest in producing sexual content due to this. The guy after all, used to be, or maybe still is, one of us.


No shitty 4chan sarcasm here, EVMC is better and is not afraid of scat!


Well sir, ill have to disagree but to each their own


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