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Starting a new thread so the old one could still be bumped for a while.

For newbies: Here are my three past threads:


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>>28367 Thanks, but as you can see Disposed Girls is not finished yet.


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I'm finally back with you. You're gorgeous!!! Great work!!!!!


Ah what a shame the long haired girl wasnt popular. Shes really cute. Id love to buy her and have her locked up in my basement as my rape toy :)

Oh well, will be fun seeing her executed


Fantastic, even better! Thank you again!


Love your work!

Could you make one boyish looking girl in one of the next sets/stories?


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>>28413 Hi Serge, nice to see you've found your way to the new gurochan.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by boyish. Woul done of these two fit your definition? They are both in the summer camp, but their scenes are probably still months away.


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The last post was a reply to >>28430

Here's some more CDL.


File: 1554658948707.jpg (692.47 KB, 1600x1600, CDL448.jpg)


File: 1554659070057.jpg (784.2 KB, 1600x1600, CDL449.jpg)


File: 1554659235054.jpg (570.38 KB, 1600x1600, CDL450.jpg)


Great update, i just love to see Darla suffer!


Rather no, I meant a more "radical" haircut espesially.
But they are cute too


Lovely how Darla is whipped!


File: 1555014398234.jpg (391.13 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls15.jpg)

>>28466 So maybe in some later story. for now I'm sticking with the girls I already have.


File: 1555014732637.jpg (408.42 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls16.jpg)


File: 1555015382013.jpg (643.49 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls17.jpg)


File: 1555015829672.jpg (670.02 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls19.jpg)


Nice short story! I'm not the biggest fan of hangings, but that was pretty enjoyable.

Completely unrelated: I noticed you have never really used any gags. I've seen some unusual gags once or twice, but i don't think i have ever seen a simple ball gag in any of your stories. That's something that could be used in many different situations to enhance the fear and torture for some girls, if there is no reason to keep their mouths open and accessible. I've also never seen you use any blindfolds, i'm sure there are situations where those could be used to increase their fear some more.

For a few more complicated ideas: As execution methods, i don't think you have done a crucification yet. There is lots of that on other sites, but always with older women, i can't recall ever seeing a loli crucified. Something even more rare would be breaking a girl on the wheel, there is at least one thread here with some pictures, but again nothing with lolis. And finally, what i haven't seen anybody do yet in 3d even with older victims would be skinning a girl alive. That might be too hard to do, so i'm not really expecting that to happen, but i just wanted to throw out all of those ideas.


Hi >>28527 Again, the disposed girls story is not actually finished yet.

You have some good suggestions. Actually I think I will have to use blindfolds and gags a lot in the Summer Camp, at least at the beginning.

I also already have planned a crucifixion for that story.

Breaking a girl at the wheel might be hard though. I've seen that done by Quoom but I don't know yet how I could emulate it. But there might be at least some breaking coming up.

But skinning a girl is beyond my skills at the moment I am afraid. I have encountered some pictures of skinnings in 3D but they all look very sterile and unerotic. This is really something that 2D artists can do a lot better I think.


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I'm still a bit paranoid about how long this new gurochan will survive, so I am pressing on with the story of Carla, Darla and Laura.


File: 1555107085284.jpg (833.85 KB, 1600x1600, CDL452.jpg)


File: 1555107245486.jpg (512.37 KB, 1500x1200, CDL453.jpg)


File: 1555107687527.jpg (611.59 KB, 1500x1200, CDL454.jpg)


File: 1555107985048.jpg (493.68 KB, 1500x1200, CDL455.jpg)


File: 1555108102307.jpg (503.19 KB, 1500x1200, CDL456.jpg)


>>28537 what a wonderful pic, the dynamism of a man whipping a girl is clearly visible, her struggle to escape the whip, the inevitability of the instrument finding her youthful skin, breaking it, making her scream in pain. You surpassed yourself again Drabok!



I'm looking forward to all of that!

I have seen that set from Quoom. I don't think i have seen it done by anybody else, so it might indeed be pretty complicated. About the skinning, i have seen one set where the girl's body was displayed after she was skinned, and that didn't look very good to me. I haven't seen the process of skinning a living girl yet, i have seen one or two pics by Quoom, so maybe something is out there, but so far nothing has leaked as far as i know. But i wasn't really expecting that to happen, just thought i might as well bring it up with my other ideas.

I love what's happening to Darla and Laura right now, those are some really nice whipping scenes!


Thank you Anonymice >>28551 and >>28547. And for the latter: Yeah, I am kind of proud about that pic too for the same reasons. Nice for someone to recognize that.

That said maybe you could use some kine of pseudonym? Would make it easier to tell comments apart and answer them individually. I don't think that would detract from your anonymity here on, especially if you use either tor browser or a trustworthy VPN Provider to access it.

It's really not easy to do a good whipping in 3D, capturing motion, emotion and marks at the same time and not all my pictures have the same quality.


And just a thought for everybody else: More comments for me would often mean more motivation to do more work. I think that would be true for other artists posting work here for free and without any thoughts about steering people to patreon or some other means of getting money from it too.

Doesn't all have to be positive either.

For instance somebody could have said: "But Drabok, Darla's whipping looks good. But those marks on her are somehow wrong. Maybe … too red?"

And then I might have answered: "Yes! You are absolutely right! I am using a new version of the gimp to do these textures and I have not really gotten how it handles colors yet. It's different from the old version I used before and I can't figure out how to get back to that."

And then somebody might even come up with a tip.


Maybe I will start to criticize my own work here routinely because I am probably my own hardest critic.

And then others could come in and hate me for trying to drive an artist (artists are known to be very intolerant of criticism!) away from gurochan. Luckily I am not an artist, I am a sadistic pornographer.

And then others again could come in and applaud Drabok for trying to drive away that fucker Drabok who always disappoints requests or only fulfills them months later!

And then even more others…

Damn, a nice fantasy, but probably won't happen.


>>28596 LOL. LOL. LOL! I'm mostly a lurker but I will try to comment more on your despicable pics! LOL!


Ok, i guess i'll use a pseudonym from now on.

I was lurking in this thread for almost a year, until old gurochan lost its clearnet site and i realized if nobody else commented you wouldn't post anything new any more, and your stuff is so good and so perfectly fits my taste i really didn't want that to happen. And then after a while i realized i could actually give you some ideas.

The thing with criticism is: Most artists don't take that very well. And i really don't like to criticize stuff when i can't do it any better myself. So i usually focus on the story and try to give you some of my own ideas what you could do, but i can't go into the technical details how to do that.

About the whipping scene: That last picture looks indeed very good, and i think it's the best you have done so far for a whipping scene. I already liked your first whipping scene with Sabrina, but this is clearly a major improvement.

I like how much work you put into having these visible marks on the girls, you can see what already happened to them, and overall it looks really good and realistic (and yes, as you mention it, those marks on Darla might be a little bit too red). Most 3d artists don't do that stuff, probably because it's a lot of work. And you can clearly see the pain and desperation in the girls faces, that's something else you usually do very well.

Most of the time i could criticize something, it's not about the pictures and more about how much i like the stories, for example how i'm not a huge fan of hangings and how i very much prefer long torture scenes over quick snuff scenes. But that's all personal preference, others might prefer other stuff.


On other forums you can even get banned for any kind of criticism, so everyone is trained that either it is some kind of praise or silence.

Anyway, your works are pretty much perfect to the level as they can be so nothing much to criticize. Maybe you should deliberately make something crappy to get more attention? LOL and maybe you do not really need to bother with the perfection that much but make more pictures instead.

But one thing which I don't like is your facial expressions, you kinda try to exaggerate them but they do not look that good. I Think I already mentioned that some time ago but you did not find any better solutions. In the laters pictures girls have very thick lips when they open their mouths.

also since you mentioned to use gimp for texture editing I can recommend you to try iray decals instead. That way it will be much easier and better quality because you can make wounds swell a bit


Drabok might I ask where did you get the cane and other instruments found in your pic ? I do wish to dabble in to 3D pics for some time now . Related subjects to your pic , the latest hanging pics were wonderfully done .
Also where and how may I also find the shape/body types for the say Darla & etc ? was there a sharing site someone or you mentioned ?


About those facial expressions Onix mentioned: I usually like them, and sometimes they are really good, but it's true, sometimes they can look a bit unnatural. When that happens, it's often when their mouths are wide open. It could be because their lips are very full indeed. I just tried to compare some recent pictures with some pictures from your Sabrina story, because i really liked all the facial expressions in that story, and her lips were much smaller, so maybe that could help with that.

Another simple solution to that problem would be to use gags, then you don't have to show their wide open mouths that much. This is what many artists do in their torture scenes.


Hi everybody and thanks for the comments.

>>28598 Ganymed, I can only promise that my stories will always be mixed. Some have more, some have less torture, some have hangings but I'll try to also vary methods of execution. And even will have no death. I guess.

>>28605 Precia: There's a guy on deviantart who offers some nifty bdsm tools:

Other than that is the main source for kinky stuff. Of course it's not for free. There are ways to get stuff without paying, but I won't point them out directly, because i'm actually in favor of paying the people who put their work into making useful models. But if you buy everything I know the hobby could get pretty expensive. So I'll just say this: Google

For bodys and faces like darla: There is a morph set called "growing up" by zev0 that I mostly use to make adult models younger. There are also ready made young girls, the best by somebody called angelwings.


And Onix and Ganymed, about the faces: Yes, the g3 models often have fuller lips than the old victoria 4. And the lips can get exaggerated by some expressions. Maybe I should try to reduce lip size when I use those expressions.

I'll have to try that trick out soon.


File: 1555529558024.jpg (633.47 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls20a.jpg)

And now for some pictures again. Sorry Ganymed, more hanging first.


File: 1555530320283.jpg (837.85 KB, 2133x1600, Disposed girls20b.jpg)


File: 1555530937454.jpg (540 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls21.jpg)


File: 1555531073666.jpg (457.16 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls22.jpg)


File: 1555531194210.jpg (601.78 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls23.jpg)

I guess I got this thing about body piles from Early.


I did not notice that myself but daz really has some problems with lip thickness and it is not limited to G3, G8 have similar problems so your idea to reduce thickness using extra morph is worth trying. It will be useful for me as well.

But another problem is mouth and lip shape, as they are not only to thick but also the center is sticking out too much while corners are pushed in. When the mouth opens it looks pretty unnatural, since wide open mouth is supposed to be very smooth
for example in this picture >>28533 , mouth is very irregular for some reason and looks like it is totally loose
It is unclear why many of your girls have kinda "pouty" lips like that that do not open properly


Don't worry I love hangings, as I've said previously. Younger the better. Bet many others here do too. Great thing with your work - something for everybody. Much thanks.


Oh, I can't get enough of these. And I love the body piles as well.


Love the Carla, Darla and Laura series, do you post anywhere else if Gurochan does not endure?


Hi Onix >>28600 and >>28624 I think the problem with my pouty lips is, that I tend to fall for original adult characters who have that feature. And then making them younger tends to exaggerate it even more. I will watch out for that more in the future.

As to using decals for marks: I have only discovered the recently. I have used the them for some blood effects on flat surfaces and for blood bubbling out of a mouth, because with the decal there's no problem with the texture boundary between head and torso. But I think they coundnt be used for a mark that's wrapping around a round body. And because they are projections they are not staying really in place when I put a body into a different pose.

Looker >>28633 I am currently posting my pics on pixiv too /same nickname as here) and I would continue there if went down too.


File: 1555617671155.jpg (528.94 KB, 1500x1200, CDL457.jpg)

And now a new update for Carla, Darla and Laura. With the first inklings about how they will not die.


File: 1555617719417.jpg (490.51 KB, 1500x1200, CDL458.jpg)


File: 1555618014949.jpg (569.83 KB, 1500x1200, CDL458 souro a.jpg)

Two alternative views for souro >>28035

I did not manage to make her pussy glisten though. Although that would also not be quite fitting the situation I think.


File: 1555618302632.jpg (533.5 KB, 1500x1200, CDL458 souro b.jpg)

And yeah, the thick lips are still there. I would have to redo a lot of pics to get rid of them.

Maybe you all could accept this explanation: Although I did not show it, Darla and Laura have been punched in the face some times during their past ordeals and so their lips have swollen.


File: 1555618505519.jpg (192.93 KB, 1900x1200, CDL459.jpg)


File: 1555618783606.jpg (557.25 KB, 1900x1200, CDL460.jpg)


File: 1555618966228.jpg (599.85 KB, 1900x1200, CDL461.jpg)


File: 1555619203998.jpg (604.71 KB, 1900x1200, CDL462.jpg)


File: 1555619506129.jpg (622.12 KB, 1900x1200, CDL463.jpg)


File: 1555619747189.jpg (416.13 KB, 1200x1200, CDL464.jpg)


File: 1555620049003.jpg (402.29 KB, 1200x1200, CDL465.jpg)


File: 1555620226630.jpg (447.6 KB, 1200x1200, CDL466.jpg)


Those darts might cost the guys. That's indeed a start to an escape. I hope there will still be more torture, at least for the other two girls, but maybe things won't work out for Carla as well and she has to suffer some more before she gets a chance to fight back.


scene when Laura heroically righted her own broken fingers a lot. And the last scene with Carla: The emotions and how you show them in the pictures and tell them in the captions are just perfect. Amazing.


Sorry, some thing went wrong with that last post. Here's the full post:

I know that most people here get off on the torture scenes. But I already admired the scene where Laura heroically righted her own broken fingers a lot. And the last scene with Carla: The emotions and how you show them in the pictures and tell them in the captions are just perfect. Amazing.


But I actually also found something to criticize: The dart in that last picture is poking through her hand.


Finally story starts to get interesting by itself.
I really wanna see how she will manage to fight those guys using darts as weapons. Maybe poke someone in the eye?

By the way, pulling darts out is just as good as good as pushing then in ;)


File: 1555788017701.jpg (1.34 MB, 2533x1600, lsc 000 title 1.jpg)

>>28659 Hi Bobuzi. Are you still posting my pics to lolicit? On close inspection the dart actually does not poke through her hand, but she does have a very strange position of her hand. Maybe I'll correct that for the next CDL post.

I have to admit that besides CDL I also worked a bit more on the summer camp story after I've changed my plans to have a more torture in it before the girls are executed.

Part of that was reducing the number of girls further, so I had to redo some of the introduction pics.

So here's a restart of the whole thing with an actual front page.


File: 1555789319093.jpg (523.26 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 006 hut 1.jpg)

The revision starts with pic 006, the first hut.

Now if anybody still wants to keep the old pics, the backstory to that would be: Just when the promo pics for the second hut had been finished, a phone rang inside. After a thorough search of the huts, five more were discovered.

The girls who had tried to smuggle the phones into the camp were of course immediately sent home.

Well, in reality they were just led into the woods by the photographers and executed quickly. But as we have established that's not very interesting so I won't show it.

So here is the new hut 1.


File: 1555789637842.jpg (549.18 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 007 hut 1.jpg)


File: 1555790249800.jpg (523.14 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 008 hut 2.jpg)

And the new hut 2 which has changed a lot.


File: 1555790547050.jpg (557.76 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 009 hut 2.jpg)


File: 1555790935356.jpg (498.82 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 014 hut5.jpg)

I am leaving out huts 3 and 4 for the moment. I'll tell you why later.


File: 1555791560096.jpg (522.75 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 015.jpg)


File: 1555792345934.jpg (540.47 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 016 hut 6.jpg)

I am presenting all these girls today and tomorrow so you can have a voice in their fate. A vote in favor of a girl will mean she gets tortured longer and harder before getting killed.

Of course you can also wish for a particular torture and execution method for a particular girl.

If I can do it I will try to. But my limits at the moment are skinning and gutting. I would really like to do those but I don't know how to do it good enough.


File: 1555793228276.jpg (395.83 KB, 1208x1200, lsc 017 hut 6.jpg)


I like how you're doing the presentation of the girls now! And i like that we got some more background for some of the girls with additional relationships.

And i really love the idea to have us vote on our favorites so you can grant some requests! I'll wait with that until tomorrow when you have shown us all the girls. Meanwhile i'm trying to make a ranking for the girls, this is a really great selection so far.


Maybe shoot the black girl in the pussy?


I vote for Tasha, Iris and Cathy. In terms of torture, my ideal would be to stick all three through a wooden wall, next to each other, their upper bodies one side, the lower body on the other. Two of them on their backs, their legs pulled up and ankles stretched wide and attached to the wall (ropes, chains), the other girl standing on her feet, bend over, her ass sticking out of the wall, her feet chained to the ground. On the other side of the wall the girls would be free to move their hands, which would not help them much to allay the attack on their asses and pussies. In terms of torture, outsized insertions would be a good starter, after which a flogging from hell would reduce their pussies to a bloody mess.

Am really looking forward to some creative and painful tortures in this most interesting new setting Drabok!


I like Devon, waterboarding with the other girls pissing on her for it! While the men take turns breaking her in. Piercing her nipples then corset piercing down her chest and tummy. her clit and cunt lips. pulled tight. Then an ice bath to clean her up a bit and to warm her up again her sisters fuck her ass and cunt. Tie her down with barbed wire so she won`t even try to squirm away. The sisters should get encouraged by whippings. Of course all of it is filmed. And then send to rich men all over the world with an invite to bid on her. The next day or the day after, have some of the men complain that the offers they get for her are not even covering her food cost so she becomes food for the other girls. As you excluded gutting and skinning I`d suggest an oven roast or a stew for her!


Horse sex


File: 1555830773331.jpg (528.97 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 018 hut7.jpg)

Wow. Interesting ideas you all. I will try my best to do some of that.

Here's the rest of the girls.


File: 1555830844413.jpg (536.61 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 019 hut7.jpg)


File: 1555831498370.jpg (530.31 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 020 hut 8.jpg)


File: 1555832529541.jpg (529.58 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 021 hut 8.jpg)


File: 1555832771806.jpg (557.27 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 022 hut 9.jpg)


File: 1555833562857.jpg (557.71 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 023 hut 9.jpg)


File: 1555833838075.jpg (529.65 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 024 hut 10.jpg)

And finally


File: 1555834070240.jpg (543.12 KB, 1600x1200, lsc 025 hut 10.jpg)

Now they are all presented. Vote! Choose! Suggest!


How 'bout something fun and simple for hut no.2?

It's a camp, and a camp needs cooking events. After making sure to keep the heads safe and pretty (no one wants them to suffocate) boil Moira alive in a glass tank, fry Devon next to her, feed them to the group - their sister first and foremost before giving her an enema and douche of boiling oil and water from her sisters' executions. Perhaps first take a syringe and drip boiling oil onto all sorts of sensitive spots - clitty, nipplies, eyes? Force some up her nose, some inside the mouth. The sisters probably should be prepared for the cooking properly as well. Complete deboning is not really in the books - but I'm sure you could remove those pesky teeth and nails. Spicy cuisine is the word of the day - cover them in habanero sauce, with extra attention to the insides and freshly-sensitive nailbeds.

Maybe also something artsy? You know how they make aluminum casts of ant nests? Take Jinn and a fire colony. First of course she needs to understand how it feels to be an ant nest, so smear her crotch all over with honey. Take a couple wire mesh dildos and dip them in sweet water before sticking them deep in, then tie her spread next to the nest before angering its inhabitants. Give them a couple hours to get acquainted, perhaps stirring the ants every now and then to keep them active. Afterwards tie her upside down, legs spread as far as possible. Melt some aluminum, and first pour it down the nest she kept entertained until now to cast it and show her the results. Next, do the same with her cunny and arse - of course without the dildos that had kept her spread for the insects earlier, after all we want a cast of her insides.


Great selection of girls! I could probably make a favorite list with half the girls in it, but i'll try to limit myself at least a bit.

Biggest favorite for me is Lyla. She just looks so innocent and shy, yet so very beautiful, perfect to completely destroy her. I would love to see you cutting her away piece by piece, start small with some nails, then go on to fingers and toes, maybe her nipples, gouge out an eye or eventually both, take out her teeth, eventually cut of her arms and legs - i prefer her to get tortured until she dies, instead of tortured and then executed. And leading up to all of that, i really want to see her gagged with a ball gag, i hope to see that with many girls, but her in particular. And i certainly wouldn't mind some additional less serious torture to get her started, maybe some needle torture, there are so many ways to use those things.

For the next girls it's getting really close. Iris is looking great, souro already claimed her, his suggestions are fine for me, just make it a slow and painful death. Latisha is also looking great, just like Iris she is a little fire cracker. And i could see her getting some of that fire back, there are many ways to use hot coals. Force her in a position over hot coals, burn out her pussy and ass with a hot poker, burn out her eyes, eventually cook her alive in boiling water - or put some boiling water into her to cook her from the inside. Since there are already multiple suggestions for cooking girls, maybe we want something different for her. I don't know if burning at the stake is possible, but that would be another way to end her. I wouldn't mind using her along with her sister in some way, she's just my favorite among those two.

My other favorites are Celine, Gwen and Nina. I'd love to see some broken bones. I mentioned breaking on the wheel a few posts ago, since that might be too complicated it would be fine to just get close to that - my favorite for that would be Celine. I'd like to see a crucification. Another thing i'd like to see would be a girl tortured on a wooden horse (those torture devices, not an actual horse). Just in general i like to see creative and very painful tortures and i'm not into quick deaths, but we already established that. And i like to see some gags and maybe blindfolds on some of the girls leading up to and at the start of the torture.


I can make the game for you


Incredible updates, Drabok. I love them all.

I think you could do some eye-fucking and brain fucking. Also, givr one of them a hot sauce enema and force a massive dildo up her ass. That will hurt like a motherfucker


I have so many ideas, so i'll try to share some of them.

Let's start with Lorin. She seems like a shy and quiet girl, let's keep it that way and keep her gagged from start to finish, the idea of a girl not having a chance to say anything during her whole ordeal really turns me on. What to do with her? Chain her above ground to the wall, so she hangs at the wall in a spread eagle position, or you could even nail her to the wall. In that position, stick some needles into her body and give her some nipple clamps, heat up some of those needles for more pain. There's a metal bar horizontally stuck to the wall just under her pussy, so her pussy has to rest on it. You could stick some staples on that. Screw a metal dildo into the bar, with some spikes so she has some more fun, something for her ass too. Connect that with some wires for some electro torture, you could set it up so she gets shocked every minute, some wires for her tits too, that would work great with those nipple clamps. And then slowly heat it all up, so her pussy and guts get cooked! From there you could just leave her like that and wait how long she lasts, unless you have a better idea to finish her off.

Another girl i really like is Rica. Beat her to death! Just tie her up in an interesting position hanging from the ceiling, whip her for a while or do some other stuff to warm her up, rape her, and then use her as a punching bag. Under all those hits she gets more and more bruises, some of her teeth get knocked out and her eyes start swelling shut. Take breaks to rape her some more. Then turn to some brass knuckles for the beating so her injuries get even more serious. And then turn to a baseball bat, just take your time with her so she has to suffer many hits, before she dies stick the baseball bat into her cunt as deep as possible. Added bonus would be if the baseball bat is covered in barbed wire. No gags needed for that one, i'd like to see her scream and beg.

With no particular girl in mind, some other ideas:

Psychological torture. Either with two girls, letting one of them choose what's going to happen to the other, of course between two horrible options, then switch their roles - and make sure there is no communication between the girls and they don't know what options the other one had to choose from, so after a while they turn on each other and start choosing the more painful option. Or with just one girl, you could start something slow but lethal like tying her up over some hot coals, and she can always stop that for a while, but then she get's tortured in another way. And make her options worse every time, until you don't really give her a choice any more.

For a hanging scene that isn't just more of the same: To draw it out a little longer, instead of just hanging her, you could put a girl on the gallows, give her a good whipping and rape her while she already has a noose around her neck, then pull her up and let her hang for a while and just before she dies let her down again and rape and torture her some more, do it once or twice until the guys get bored of her and finally let her hang until she dies.

That's all for now.



I love the idea of a silent girl. Maybe shove a dildo gag so she is forced to deepthroat it forever, obviously the dildo would need to have a tiny hole for her breathing, but the dildo will be so deep in her throat that her vocal chords are obstructed.

Another idea I got is a "board game", where the objective is to get to the finish and it is played with 2 6 sided dice. However every space has a torture, and I can list a few:
1. Tickling
2. Electric shocks
3. Burnings
4. Brandings
5. Impaling themselves in massive dildos (some of them have barbed wire of nails poking out of them)
6. Asphyxiation
7. Waterboarding
8. Bras and panties with super cooled ice
9. Rape
10. Beatings
11. Having to use ballet heels for the entire duration of the game (or until they die)
12. Nail removal
13. Eating rotten things
14. Hangings
15. Using anal hooks
The board has 50 spaces, with the first space being free of torture and the last space having a small "congratulatory beating" for beating the game.
The first one to reach the finish space will be rewarded with a meal, however every advanced space comes with the torture. For example, if a girl rolls a 9, that means she advances 9 spaces, but she must endure 9 tortures.
Also, there is a catch. The game is winnable of course, but the last 10 spaces (in addition to their tortures) are labeled with "return to start", so the girl must return to the first space and make her way again. So, if she lands on space number 38 and 39, she needs to score a 12 or a 11 to win, else she will be sent to the forst space.

I hope this makes sense


File: 1555939927706.jpg (539.32 KB, 1600x1200, disposed girls24.jpg)

Wow. I asked for it and now I've got it. A lot of sexy ideas, but most of them hard to do. And some I'm pretty sure I can't do.

Before I get more specific, her are some more disposed girls pics.


File: 1555940123345.jpg (519.56 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls24b.jpg)


I’d like to see at least one of the girls Lon the gillotine if possible.


File: 1555942920995.jpg (453.98 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls25.jpg)


File: 1555943278690.jpg (463.64 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls26.jpg)


File: 1555943467136.jpg (460.49 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls27.jpg)


File: 1555943652117.jpg (472.92 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls28.jpg)

>>28739 Sorry, not in this series.


I see that people are giving cool sounding requests without much of thought on how to actually do them in 3D LOL
So I will add some, what should be very easy to do.

1 "dynamite dildo" where a girl gets something explosive stuffed in her butt and then it goes bang leaving just upper torso and legs ;)

2. almost beaten to death trope where girl may be somehow locked and required to cut off her own hand or leg or just a nipple or finger to escape. Alternatively, girls can be given the option to commit suicide to avoid an extremely painful death

3 considering cooking, I think before girls notice anything suspicious one of them may disappear, and her meat could be given to other girls to cook and eat later revealing to them what it was. this is practically only text and maybe later show the dismembered corpse of one or 2 girls.

As my personal preference, I would suggest more scenes with girls torturing each other like for example hanging then on the one rope so that both need to stand on their toes and if one gets tired they both sufflocate.

or put a meathook in one girl's breast and let another girl hold and hang on it so that if she releases it she dies.

also, girls could be nailed to the trees but not get killed immediately only left there until other girls find them
one way to do it is to use big blunt nails to skewer her body in the belly and other relatively nonvital areas so that she does not die immediately but it is prety hard to get free.

Of cuorse, I have no clue if any of that can fit your story but at least it is pretty easy to do.


I spent some more time thinking about my ideas and changing and polishing some more details:

The plan for Lyla: Have her gagged with a ball gag at the start. Start out with some rape, have her tied with spread legs and arms on a table. Then go on to some needle torture, put some under her finger nails and then focus on her tits and clit. Now you finally remove her gag and get to work on her teeth, take out all her teeth! If somebody wants to fuck a girl in a teethless mouth, now is the time. Then gouge out an eye, stick it into one of the needles in her tits, leave the other eye for now. Maybe you could rip out her tongue, just have to make sure the blood loss isn't killing her, if you do stick that onto one of those needles too. Then it's time to amputate her arms and legs, maybe with a chainsaw to make it clean and fast. Either cauterize the wounds or give her some bandages, so she doesn't bleed out that fast. Now it's finally time to take out her last eye, stick that on another needle in her tits. Then put her upright on a huge metal dildo, put the gag back into her mouth so she is quiet, and just leave her there as a room decoration. When the next girl is brought into the room, she is still alive, to increase the horror in that girl. Eventually she dies from her injuries and is left as a dead room decoration. While it's probably not easy, i think this should be possible to do.

The plan for Latisha isn't that concrete. I kinda want her sister and maybe even her cousin involved. Since souro claimed Iris, she could just have to watch it and maybe get a taste with some brandings if she protests, until she gets taken away for her own torture. Lilly should do more than just watch it, maybe you start with both of them, but for some reason the torturer focusses on Latisha, maybe she gets cheeky, she looks like a girl who could throw some insults at her torturer, and so she gets tortured more than her sister. I want to see good use on some hot irons all over her body, and i want to see those used in her ass and pussy, and also to burn out both of her eyes, maybe just like with Lyla start with one eye somewhere in the middle and save the last one until close to the end. Instead of hot irons, you could also use a welding torch for some of it, cigarettes could do some work too, and maybe even some simple candles. Candles or hot coals in the right position under her body could also make things more uncomfortable over time, maybe you could at some point just tie up her sister in a position over candles or hot coals and then focus the more active torture on Latisha, or maybe shift around between those two for a bit. I don't think her tits are big enough for some real tit torture, but that could work with her sister. You could tie Latisha into an upside down position and force some boiling water down her pussy - that should be lethal, but wouldn't kill her just yet. Not sure what more to do, boiling alive might be too hard, burning at the stake is almost certainly not possible the more i think about it. I hope everything else should be possible.

Celine should end up with lots of broken bones and her broken arms and legs twisted in some unnatural positions, ideally on the wheel, but just make whatever comes close to that and is possible for you to do.
Gwen would be my favorite to torture on a wooden horse. That should probably have a spiked dildo in the middle, to make it even more uncomfortable to sit on it. There are all sorts of things you could do to her while she's sitting there, i'll leave that to you. I'm not sure how to make that lethal, the only idea i have is to heat up the dildo inside of her and cook her from the inside, but something similar was requested a bunch of times already. She is also a girl i would like to see gagged at some point.
That would make Nina the one to get crucified, looks good to me. There are a bunch of things you can do to her while she is hanging on the cross, i'm sure you have some good ideas.
All of that should be possible.

Going over some suggestions others have made:
I like souros suggestions, seems fine to me.
I like most of LadyCaths ideas (i'm not into pissing, but waterboarding in general seems fine). I love Estas ideas, since both posters have ideas for Devon and her sisters, maybe it's possible to combine them and start with waterboarding, then move on to the cooking event - just not sure how much of that is actually possible to do. I especially love the suggestion for Jinn, just don't know how much of that is doable, but it combines two of my most fucked up fantasies, one with ants and one with pouring molten metal into a girl. I have seen Krogue do some good looking work with ants on lolicit, up to that point i didn't think i would ever see that, so it might be possible. The aluminum cast might be impossible to do, but just pouring molten metal into her pussy should work, at least i hope so.
I like the ideas from Killerfox, especially the one for Lorin, the idea for Rica sounds hot too. And i might like a hanging scene like that, at least i'll like it more than a simple hanging.
Magali's idea to play with some hot sauce sounds fun to me. For the eye fucking you need to get rid of the eyes first, and that's always a great idea. The board game seems like a nice idea, but i think it would take way too long, that alone looks like it would take a few hundred pictures.


Let 3 escape so you can go hunting with the dogs.


Would suggest the younger girls from hut number two to be chained to a device and cooked alive. I am getting this idea from Lilheart on Lolicit, look up Gurotube for an idea of what I am talking about. Great work btw


Holy shit GC is back and my favourite thread is still going, now on it's fourth incarnation.

I have been loving the CDL story every second, the random killings of young "criminal" girls is just astounding and the promise of a reality show where the girls will be killed is fucking awesome.

I see that you need some ideas, and I have one idea for youv(since cooking has been mentioned already).

Make an ice horse. You know, like the wooden horse torture device, but with ice.
Maybe tie the girl and make her sit on the sharp icy edge. Her body temperature will start to melt the ice, however frostbite will happen earlier than the ice completely melts. If you want to increase the torture, you can take the girl for a 2 minute rest while she recovers a bit and then put her back.
Also, I think a huge dildo inside the ice (so when it melts to a certain point, the dildo starts to penetrate her) would be awesome. I dunno if that is possible though.


After already getting so many and often very elaborate ideas for the summer camp I have to not close but at least narrow down the voting. Trying to fulfill some wished I will kind of go on a first come first serve basis.

But there's good news and bad news. First the bad. IN order to fulfill these ideas even partly I will have to invest much more time into some girls fate than I planned. And because I still want to finish in some reasonable amount of time like 10 years or so (joke) some other girls have to drop out of the story rather quickly, one way or another.

So out of the "race" are: : Caley, Aurora, Nastyusha, Kayla, Asako, Rikku, Darnissa, Georgia and Mika.

And Jinn, because I actually accidentally deleted her character from my runtime.

In the future there might be more quick drop outs.

And now the good news.

Still at your disposal for the moment, because I as zhe main judge have saved them personally for now, are Fe, Lacie, Myu, Molly, Laurie and Julieta.

Others I have already given to some of the commenters:

(But those who don't want spoilers should better not read on.)

For the sisters Eliza, Moira and Devon, I will try to go along the lines of Esta's and Lady Cath's suggestions. Although I have no idea yet if I can pull off a cooking.

For Lyla and Latisha I'll go in the direction of Ganymeds ideas.

Lorin and Rica now *belong" to Killerfox.

Kensey will get shot in the pussy like Pussy shooter suggested and Tasha, Iris and Cathy will have a stint in a glory hole wall like souro wants. But all of these tortures are quite survivable so there might be further suggestions.

I will of course also try to incorporate other ideas that have been suggested without any specific girl mentioned.


I was expecting worse news, since we kinda went all out with our requests, so overall this is awesome to hear, and i'm happy my main ideas seem to work out! We'll see how it goes, i guess it will take a while before we see the first action pictures for this story.

I'm only sad you lost Jinn, not as much because of the girl (i liked her, but she wasn't in my top 10), more because i loved Esta's ideas for her. Is something close to this ant nest scenario still possible, or is it just too complicated to do? If it is, i would love to see it with another girl, but since this wasn't my idea i shouldn't be the one to decide about a replacement.

I could probably give you ideas for some of those girls still in the race. But i already voted for so many girls and made so many suggestions, it feels more than a little greedy to do that right now.


I just hope the girls will more of the hot iron treatment esp on their sensitive areas , there was a few scene before that never got a full scene I think .


Caley, Rikku, and Asaku are my favorites, perhaps another story featuring them.
The 9 throwaways could escape and be rounded up, with a group hanging to set an example.
Great way to start the story.


Some more general information and some specific answers.

First: how do I decide which requests I will try out? Well, first, my very own cock decides how sexy he finds an idea. And then I divide this by how much work it will probably cause or how difficult it is.

All of you to whom I promised some specific tortures: First I can only do a part of what you suggested. And you will have to wait for probably some months until you see your ideas realized. For now I will continue to work mostly on the CDL story. And then I'm afraid I had already made quite a few scenes for the girls in huts 3 an 4 (which I have not shown you yet) and if I don't want to change all those again those events will have to come before I get to the other girls.

Some other answers >>28765 No, I will not make a return scene for them. But I have other similar and in my opinion cuter characters for future stories.

>>28752 Bender, the melting ice horse is a nice idea but too difficult for me.

>>28724 Magali: A lot of that will be in the summer camp. But not as a board game. That's too complicated.

And finally Esta, >>28709 The ants are out because my cock does not fancy the idea. He has peculiar tastes. Liquid metal poured into orifices: Maybe, but difficult. I'll try.


I'm patient, and i'm certainly curious for the rest of the CDL story, and also for what you have already done for LSC.

I'm taking the way you make your decisions what to do as invitation to post more ideas, just that i should probably not make my ideas too complicated or long. Anyway, here are some more ideas, at least one full scene and a few more smaller bits:

Have a girl hung upside down with her legs spread over a water tank, hands tied together but hanging down in the water. She has to make an effort to raise her head above water, she is struggling for air through the whole scene. Then get to work on her pussy, pussy whipping in this position would be really sexy, but do whatever you like. Eventually the guys get bored of her, they put some weights on her hands. This way she can't raise her head above water any more and drowns. Maybe even start out with some smaller weights already, so she can't get her hands high enough to get in the way of her torture. Alternatively you could have her hands tied behind her back and instead of weights they hold her head down in the end.

Use some hooks and skewers to torture some titties. This needs a girl with slightly bigger tits, but there should be enough of those.

Nail some body parts to something else (trees, tables, wooden posts): Hands, feet, titties if they are big enough, maybe even a tongue.

You had some really nice torture devices in the CDL story, and even when you didn't, the girls were tied into some really nice positions. I'd like to see more of those sexy positions. One idea: An x-shaped cross, with the girl tied to it spread eagle. The same thing could also work upside down, the normal way it's easier to rape her pussy and torture her tits and face, upside down it's easier to rape her mouth and torture her pussy.

I want to see some blindfolded girls, i just can't come up with the right torture scene where that would be important, but it's sexy on its own - maybe it's useful to lead some of the girls to their tortures to get a nice reaction when they see what's waiting for them.

I didn't want to claim any more girls, but if nobody else votes for any girls: Among those still in the race, Fe is my favorite, it would be a shame not to give the only brown skinned girl some special attention, she has a great body. Maybe she could be on the x-shaped cross, i just want her tied in the right position to admire all of her body, there are many ways to torture her from there - maybe some tit torture, certainly rape. And to finish her off, strangulation could look good with that, i remember you wanted to do that and it wasn't suggested so far, it seems to fit for this scene and this girl. Julieta could work for the drowning and pussy torture scene i described.

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