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Starting a new thread so the old one could still be bumped for a while.

For newbies: Here are my three past threads:
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And here I thought he might just remove her nails, I didn't think Julieta would lose her fingers here! That's great, it's not just very painful, it's also very permanent - even if she would somehow survive all of this, her fingers are gone forever.

For Nina it's getting hot, and she is tied up in a way that makes it impossible to get away from the flames at all.

Great pictures as always!


Red hot update Fantastic. Nina will have a little bush fire to worry about! As time passes the bruises will develop around their injuries. Love the detail on Julieta's tits


I bow for the master…..


LOL since she is not going to survive that much longer it does not matter at all how much fingers she will lose;)

Although I think it would be more interesting if she lost not just fingers but hands and legs and then she was released ;)

And looks like vacation ended for Nina now she will face some serious pain I think she will now forget her needle phobia. LOL


Julieta's fingers will need to be cauterize with a red hot iron to stop the bleeding and ironically another from of torture burning her already inflamed fingers !

PS: do focus some harsh torture on tier pussies too pls ^^


I liked the CDL version more - with the broken fingers. That was very nice. Just had a look at it the other day. Still beautiful.



Thanks for the great update, Drabok. I was thinking the same thing as titkicker this time. Burned pubic hair might be interesting. The candle could also be used to heat those nails and needles causing some sizzling.


>>35130 A bush fire! A great idea! Although they are quite dangerous where I live. Because I have made quite a few future picture where Nina's bush is still intact it will have to wait a while, bit it will come.

>>35167 Cauterizing her fingers. How obvious! Arran completely forgot but Julieta's next visitor will correct that.

>>35174 saddict, I think there will be broken fingers again, but in the future and probably with other torture victims.


File: 1575235305201.jpg (531.24 KB, 1900x1600, lsc 417.jpg)

And yeah, I am more than a bit obsessed, and here's already the next update.


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You can sometimes tell when I have inserted pics to honor requests when the file numbers go to a, b, c an^d so on.




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Sorry bout the two previous posts. premature clicking


Is Aaron going to add a nipple or two to his evening stir fry? I thought maybe the red-hot iron was going as far as possible up Julieta's pussy, but that might finish her. There would be a lot of sizzling flesh in either hole. Thanks for the update, Drabok!


Holy shit those pics are amazing. Maybe someone could take Julieta's fingers and nipple, cook them and tell her that if she manages to eat that, they will release her. Obviously, that won't happen at all.

Keep up the awesome work, Drabok


So much going on so many girls screaming. Could i beg for some close up pics as well. Impressed with Darius health and safety concerns although i would burn away Nina's bush. Her hair would burn well too. I do hope all hymens are ruptured before dispatch. Some arse to cunt arse to mouth for tasha who also needs punching


Awesome updates, Drabok!
I can understand the old man can't resist putting the hoy iron into Julietta's asshole. While I was watching him cauterize her fingers I was thinking just about doing the same thing.


All four girls in one update, nice! Nina's tits are getting crispy and for Mia the blood starts flowing. Cauterizing Julieta's fingers was a great idea. And now it looks like she will lose her nipples next. I love it when you are slowly cutting away parts of her body one by one.

Yes, we know the girls won't survive, so long term consequences of losing body parts don't really matter. But the girls don't know that, they still have hope to get free somehow, so doing things to them that can't get fixed even if they would escape matter a lot on a psychological level. Especially Julieta hasn't been told anything at all.

Though I agree on the losing arms and legs part, I would like to see that too. Probably not releasing her afterwards, but maybe giving her some time to appreciate her new situation.


Thank you, Drabok!
Please continue….!


File: 1575635480590.jpg (348.17 KB, 1525x1400, lsc 421fa.jpg)

Trying another update, hoping the blacklist will finally let me.

I guess you won't be surprised that in this update, Julieta loses her nipples.


File: 1575635538030.jpg (294.5 KB, 1525x1400, lsc 421g.jpg)


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File: 1575636281294.jpg (376.13 KB, 1700x1600, lsc 424.jpg)

I think the cutting looks quite good but I am not satisfied with the way her tits look after the areolas have been cut off.


That's why tits have nipples and areola's………


Nevertheless this is becoming quite a thread, my friend. Respect.


Her tits are looking just like I would expect them to look after cutting of her nipples. I think that's fine, it would be weird if the tits would suddenly look better without any nipples. And the cutting and her reaction to it looks pretty good.

So she will be left like this for the night, before her torture continues? Nice!


Great update. If i was the old man Julieta would have a load in her cunt as well but these guys are more professional. And tomorrow only more pain Try to get some sleep m dear Julieta!


I'm certain Julieta would share that opinion, Drabok. Ha!


Amazing update!!!
You have been able to express perfectly the extreme cruelty of the scene.
Thank you!


Don't forget to Cauterizing her baby boobs (whats left ) of them too ! ever so slowly .

PS: do you have a square shape on a rod instead of just the one heated rod ?


wow! cool!
….and then cut off the ears. Then the nose and the lips.


If we are going to cut her more, I think the old man or next, could get his fingers under her developing mammary tissues and cut the whole tit off.
After raping her, there are more lips to remove.
Her whole uterus could be pulled out! Options!


Yes it does not looks that good
You forgot to apply some morph to push areola inside to make it look like a hole.

But nevertheless it is nice to see you doing something like that ;)

You are getting really greedy ;)


I think it looks fantastic, well done render. Graphically violent without becoming gross in the mutilation.



Awesome work, Drabok!
I think this must be the most agonizing nipple mutilation I've seen.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
I can't wait to see what else is in store for these helpless beauties!

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