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Starting a new thread so the old one could still be bumped for a while.

For newbies: Here are my three past threads:
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Hmmm. I think it's reasonable to assume Kensey is going to get a couple black dicks before she gets "decent shoes." Keep those pics coming, Drabok. Thank you, sir!


File: 1579420680843.jpg (44.96 KB, 560x500, 1579142749357.jpg)

There is one thing that makes me wonder. If it is realy that hard to create a new 'prop', how come there isn't any software to support that proces.
There must be. Perhaps in a completely different area.
In order to sustain this discussion, which may hopefully bring us some practical solutions, I include the 'deleted' pics.


File: 1579420705867.jpg (45.09 KB, 560x500, 1579143132487.jpg)

As promised….


Thank you for your excellent work! A very beautiful crucifix! Now the baby will suffer for a long time! And if her hands break the nails, then her feet will definitely not go anywhere! And the guys will beat her hands again! Although I think that such a baby will hang out until the end.
This girl knew she was going to be crucified, but the other two don't know their fate yet?


Great start for Lorin! That's a really nice position for her, very promising!
We'll see what's going to happen with Kensey. Black lolis are indeed pretty rare, that's what makes her interesting.

About lolicit: I had the same reservations as you before I joined lolicit. But in the end it's up to you what you reveal about yourself. The best way to earn reputation is to participate in the discussions in the lolicon board, and most threads are asking how you like different things about lolicon. And most people probably earn their reputation when people like the same things - I got most of my reputation by posting a few fantasies in the appropriate threads, and now I'm giving out reputation to others doing the same when I like anything at all about their ideas. (That's also an advice to anybody else who decides to try lolicit: Don't hold back with your extreme fantasies. Most people don't like that stuff, but those that do will be happy to find others sharing their fantasies and give out reputation.) While this is personal information, it's not something I would reveal anywhere else for obvious reasons, so it's not identifying outside of the community. That's why I said you should just make an account, then you can see for yourself - there are a bunch of other discussion boards available, but that's the only one that's really relevant. I have no interest to discuss for example politics on that site, and from my limited attempts to get reputation in those other boards I can say since most people don't go there anyway, it's a complete waste of time if you just want to get member status.
The reason lolicit is this way is because they try to be a community in the first place. Most people are still only there for the content obviously, but that's their reasoning behind it. I don't like their system and I was suspicious at first, but after more than a year I'm now reasonably sure there is nothing malicious about it. It's just a bit naive, there are a couple of core members active on the discussion boards and all the other participants in the discussions are just newbies obviously only there to get member status, once that's done most members don't bother with the discussion boards any more.


well speaking about lolicit the way you REALLY earn reputation is by kissing butts of mods there ;)
because normal users can give you only a few points while if you please a mod well he will give you access almost straight a way by giving you something like 40 points in one go.
So to get points quick you have to participate in the discussions where mods participate and somehow support their point against lowly losers with plain user status.

Drabok probably could get in there pretty easily with some cheating simply by posting some pictures and promising more when he gets in or linking to his work on pixiv or here. Such a celebrity like him would likely get access withing a few days.
But lolicit mods don't like that idea because it ruins their system.
Once you get in it is better to stay away from any discussions because that can get you banned if you will get into a serious disagreement with some mod.


Every user can see their banlist, which includes reasons for banning. Going back a few months, they banned people for: Asking for or offering CP, spamming, ban evasion. All things that are currently a problem on gurochan. And a bunch of temporary bans all related to a forum game that aren't really serious.

Overall you need 45 points, and nobody is allowed to give you more than 15 - so yes, three power users like mods could get you there really fast. Most active artists could give you just as much. And for example, I can give 5 rep already after one year, and I'm not posting any content and not participating that much in discussions either.

And yes, as an artist Drabok could certainly cheat. Softcore pictures are allowed in the lolicon discussion board, and there are even a few threads for those. So Drabok could just make a thread there and start the summercamp story, everything from the introduction would be fine. I bet if you did that, you would get the reputation in a few hours, getting to 20 posts usually takes more time for artists, while normal users might struggle more with the reputation.


I am a member of lolicit for a long time and I've been a lurker for the reasons mentioned.
The mods there are a bit paranoid and the content is hardly worth it.They have some good stuffs have no doubt, but you can get it all in one run and the updates are very rare.
It's their system that limit updates, indeed they keep spammers and trolls outside but doing so they locked themselves in.
So in my opinion gurochan beats lolicit from miles away!


well, considering the ban list you should give more attention no to the reasons mentioned there but to the size of that list which seems to be comparable to the active user base of the entire forum.

Also, do you think the ban reason will direly mention "refusal to lick my butt" or "disagreement in the certain topics"?
obviously the reason will be something that makes it look like it was a legitimate ban.
The fact that they even have a game where you can be banned is already a good sign where you are getting in. because if it was really game mods and admins should also get bans.

But the main danger is not exactly what you will be banned over just some single post. simply if you are not very agreeable and not willing to bow down in front of authority you will inevitably get into some discussion where you either have to submit and admit your defeat or it will escalate into the level where your opponent will claim the victory by banning you.

Even if this will not happen you will always have that feeling that you are playing with fire and wonder if when you come back you will be able to get in.

Of course, nothing of that is relevant to Drabok because he does not bother with any discussions. Just posts a few pictures and disappears for a week LOL
But I think his content will not be that much interesting to lolicit members because they are mostly real pedos who are into more vanilla things. I was posting there too but stopped posting because almost nobody was interested.


The banlist covers a lot of time. I think there are 50 bans on the first page, and that's going back almost 5 months. And half of those bans are temporary bans because of their forum game that's only relevant if you decide to play it by posting in the one thread that's part of it, and most of them are actually mods or other longtime users. I don't know if you got banned there in the past and that's why you think it's happening all the time, I know you like discussions, but if that happened it's on you - and as you said, not at all relevant for Drabok.

The content will for sure be interesting to lolicit members, not the majority of them of course, but he has some fans over there. I think the thread with Drabok's work is already the biggest in the guro section, and there isn't even any recent stuff in there. Krogue and Bobuzi are two of the most active artists on lolicit right now, and they are both inspired by Drabok and big fans of his work.

Overall, it depends on your taste if lolicit is worth it or not. There isn't any really gory stuff, but especially in 3D that's not that common over here either and it's not what Drabok is doing either. There is very little snuff, but at least a little bit in the guro section. There is however a lot of bondage, rape and torture, if you want to see that and it's ok for you when the girls survive all of that without major injuries you will find lots of interesting stuff, inside and outside of the guro section. The stories from GP are a good example, they would be right at home on lolicit, there is a lot of similar stuff in 3D art over there.
And I wouldn't say their system limits updates in any way, I haven't noticed that. Sure, it's very hard to put out as much content as Drabok. But for example Bobuzi and Krogue have both posted hundreds of pictures over the last year.


I've been a member of Lolicit since 2011. I don't even think about the reputation system. I think I mildly paid attention to it when I first joined, but couldn't even tell you what mine is now. When I want to comment on something, I do, and have never had any issues. I've had plenty of great conversations there, participated in a lot of interesting Polls, and discovered MANY great artists there. It's been so long since I joined that I honestly don't even remember what info I provided at the time. Now days, I usually only go there once or twice a month to catch up though. Gurochan is a DAILY visit, because I don't want to miss a single Drabok image. :-)


Dear Mr. Drabok please do not ever apologize for doing more rape which this fan finds the most erotic aspect of your artwork. Please feel free to fill as many young pussies with as much hot creamy cum as your imagination desires. Thank you.


Well maybe you got me a bit wrong because i am not really trying to scare Drabok away by saying the he will definitely get banned or something like that.

But more that it is not worth to support such forum where mods have that kind of attitude and also users seem to don't mind it either.
That banning game is not really some real danger but a hint that some people have to be quite a masochists for getting into that and moderators seem to be real sadists because they like doing that and they obviously do not hesitate to do it on other occasions.

I got temporary bans a few times for pretty trivial reasons like disagreeing with a mod about copyright issues where I did not expect it at all, and also it passed by ay some other situations when it was dangerously close.
It is not even that those bans matter that much as the atmosphere of constant fear and oppression.
As well as the idea of forum owners that just to get in you have to prove your worth to join this cult.
Unlike some may believe this is not to reduce the amount of spam or trolling it is to torture you on purpose.

yes some time ago it was true, but now they all (or almost all) got on pixiv(most breaking pixiv censorship rules lol). as being on lolicit as an artist is not really worth it because of all that very limited userbase.
as a user yes, it is totally worth to have access there because you can find some interesting stuff.


@ No.36590

Pixiv is weird with their censorship. It seems like every artist there has different rules they follow. For instance, Drabok censors every image over there, there are some other note worthy artists I interact with who have personally told me that as long as the first image (The one showing before you open the full set) is censored, the rest don't have to be, and then there are some who just don't seem to care, and have never censored a single image. All the guys who don't censor who I follow are all still there, so I guess it just depends how far you feel comfortable pushing the envelope over there.

Also, ya, Lolicit isn't nearly as fun as it used to be. At least for me. Most of the artists over there who are into my kind of roughness just dance around the margins of what I actually want to see, as opposed to this thread, where
Drabok puts a fucking pin right in it and then cranks the volume up to 12.


This is a true masterpiece! Everyone on this thread should rush-order its large-format print, put it in a baroque frame, and hang it above the fireplace for guests to enjoy.


Those are exciting pics with my favorite girl, Lorin is looking great!

The rape scenes are a good start, and the position they left her in is really mouth watering! It's very close to what I had in mind. Fully exposed, still not quite believing what's happening to her, and knowing whatever comes next won't be good for her. I like the gag too, I think it's looking much better this way than earlier in the story with just those balls without straps. I can't wait for her torture scenes, this is going to be amazing!


I mean, it's not like I'm the biggest fan of the system on lolicit. I very much prefer free access for everyone like on gurochan. But we can't really be picky these days, and it's just a fact that there are no other sites for this content. And gurochan has a lot of problems and nothing makes me believe it will get any better. I would prefer gurochan to be the site for every artist who makes stuff I like, but currently I can't really recommend it to anyone who isn't already here, instead I'm worried it might just go down again and not come back.

And of course I prefer Drabok over any artist on lolicit. Just like Zippy said, they are often skirting around the really interesting stuff, while Drabok actually shows it. But that's not just lolicit, that's everywhere - Drabok is the only artist on gurochan creating something I really care about, and before I discovered him I was here maybe once a month, at most. It completely depends on personal taste if you can still get something good out of lolicit. If bondage, rape and torture without serious injuries is good enough for you, then you will find plenty of material on lolicit, not just old material but also frequent updates by a bunch of artists. If you need serious injuries or snuff, you will find some material, but you shouldn't expect to get anything new very often.

And yes, there is some overlap between pixiv and lolicit. Pixiv has a bigger audience, while lolicit allows uncensored pics (some artists are getting away with that on pixiv, but certainly not all of them) and lolicit is a real community. I'm sure Drabok is getting much more views on pixiv than on gurochan, but this is the site where we are discussing, giving feedback and making suggestions, while on pixiv there aren't really that many comments. I think while most japanese artists are only on pixiv, almost every other 3D lolicon artist is also on lolicit, and there are probably more of them only on lolicit and not on pixiv than the other way around.


First and foremost, my experience doesn’t come from artwork but from modelling for 3D printing. But There are parallels.

Aside from the “normal” software you find when searching for 3D modelling software, you might want to look into the following:

For modems That are built from geometric shapes, i Used OpenSCAD a lot. It’s basically a programming language to describe 3D objects with boxes, cilinders,…

For stuff you want to digitise from a real world object, you can still find 123d from autocad on the web left and right. It creates 3D models from photographs from different angles. Great if you need a model of a tool like a hammer or knife.


The openformat is great, but always such apain to post, but at least I can eventually find an exit node that isnt blocked here, Pixiv blocks tor altogether, so I rarelypost there, plus the extra step of having to censor all my work is a pain as well. Lolicit is where "most" of my work goes, but I try to stay topic relevant, if it has olis it will go to Lolicit, if Granny's then here



If your concern is about gurochan stability I would recommend for Drabok and other artists to register on a new site
which claims to be free of censorship and allows any kind of fictional content

Freely share all types of art. This instance welcomes loli, shota, fan works, graphic violence, and any sexual depiction expressed as a piece of fiction in subject or setting.
✅ Uncensored 2D drawings & 3D models
✅ Zero guidelines on fictional characters

I don't like its interface, (pixiv is better) but I think it would be a pretty good backup alternative and some extra feedback as well.


I had to check out again. I did that once a few months ago when it was mentioned somewhere, and I didn't like anything at all about it - and of course there was no content worth mentioning either. And it doesn't look like that changed. Lolicit just has the big advantage that most relevant artists are already there, and I think they are happy with it.

It's up to Drabok if he wants to give lolicit a try. You really dislike the way they are handling their site and it seems to be unacceptable for you, I don't like it either but I can accept it, he clearly doesn't like it either but I think his security reservations should not really be an issue. I just think he should check it out himself to decide if it's a good alternative if gurochan goes away. And also because I think he will find content he actually likes as a user there.

Btw, I just checked: Your content is also on lolicit, posted by somebody else of course - most interesting content on pixiv also ends up on lolicit eventually. While I wouldn't say you have a large fan base there, there were a few positive comments, so at least you have some fans on lolicit (and artists who post their own content usually get more comments). I don't know when you were on lolicit the last time, but if you still have access it might be reasonable to check it out again.


Damn those thieves! LOL I guess I have to give them a visit and kick their butts LOL
I ignored them for a few years, but my account should be still available unless they banned me in my absence. It is just way too hard to avoid getting into discussions.


Concerning the lolicit discussion: It's possible that I will join there one day to have a look around. But it will probably not be as Drabok at first. could be a refuge it seems, but as long as still works I'm too lazy to post on another site.

>>36542 I think that picture does show that trying to do tears with 2D-Software as postwork does not necessarily produce better looking results. And I guess it's much more work. But maybe GP was just a bit too ambitious with the teardrops at the end of the runs. Just some simple highlights mimicking reflecetd lieght might have worked better.

Concerning the tears and props discussion in general: You have to understand that in Daz Studio, apart from human characters derived from the given base figures, only very primitive props could be made. To do professional work a content creator needs other 3D-Software. Which means a creator has to learn how to use it. And to learn about how materials and surfaces work. In my estimation that takes at least as much time as learning Daz Studio itself and creating scenes with it.

Besides I think there are also wildly different skills involved in creating different props, like tears versus clothing versus architecture versus instruments and so on. All the content creators seem to specialize mostly in one category of item.

So for me it's a conscious choice about how I want to invest the limited time I have for this hobby: Do I just use what's around to create the stories I want to tell, even if the pictures are far from perfect?

Or do I want to learn about additional software, create my own props and then make much better pictures. But only a few handful a year?

Well you know my personal choice: it's clearly the former. And yes, even mostly just using things that are around I am still making compromises in quality in order to produce many pictures instead of just a few.


File: 1579810029036.jpg (493.48 KB, 1900x1600, lsc 511.jpg)

And that choice also allows me to make another update today instead of sometimes in April or so.


File: 1579810116442.jpg (499.67 KB, 1900x1600, lsc 512.jpg)

And there's still a lot of rape to go through.


File: 1579810217206.jpg (676.71 KB, 2100x1800, lsc 513a.jpg)

I am not apologizing for it.


File: 1579810310106.jpg (562.38 KB, 1800x1800, lsc 513b.jpg)

It's simply a fact of life.


File: 1579810373220.jpg (361.38 KB, 1600x1600, lsc 514.jpg)

In the Drabokian universe


File: 1579810500207.jpg (332.82 KB, 1600x1600, lsc 515.jpg)

If you wonder why there are so few black girls in loli 3d, I think there are three main reasons


File: 1579810717604.jpg (396.27 KB, 1600x1600, lsc 516.jpg)

First there are far less dark skinned girls created than white girls or even asian girls. And for some reason at least for me they are harder to "lolify", often turning out ugly when I try to do it with simple methods


File: 1579810895557.jpg (626.9 KB, 1700x2000, lsc 517.jpg)

And I also find that they are harder to light, like this picture shows. A brighter lighting makes them immediately look lighter skinned too.

At the same time sometimes you need a brighter lieghting to make what's going on visible.


File: 1579811013721.jpg (1021.5 KB, 2200x1200, lsc 521.jpg)

The same effect, if maybe not quite as obvious, happens with my ideally caramel skinned latinas too


Yep,I agree on that not only in 3d but also in real life.
this is why dark skin is less beautiful than white because you practically become a formless ink blob where almost nothing is visible unless viewed under extreme light.

But slightly black girls do not look that bad especially if you give them normal white body and face forms.
You dit is pretty well and she looks fine but I think lips are a bit too accurate ;)

Didn't I mentioned this to be some super-secret military base?
It must be some of those superweapons of mass destruction LOL


Oh, but she is lovely like this. I would love to see her swing.!


Kensey looks pretty attractive, in this pic with the lighter hues. Jeez, the mercenaries are having so much fun with the girls currently "in progress."!


It's the expected preparation for Kensey, similar to Lorin, and I'm never going to complain about rape. Her position suggests she will hang in the end, it's just not clear what else is going to happen to her. I'm much more anticipating Lorin's torture session, but this might get interesting if they have some good torture tools prepared for her.

About black lolis: I can see those problems. I'm interested to see a cute black loli as a victim, just because that's so rare. But Kensey isn't really that cute, she is a pretty girl but not as cute as some of the other girls.

So we are going back outside to the death candidates after getting those teasers. No complaints here, Nina and Julieta are still among my favorites and more rape and torture is always nice!


My favourite girl is Tasha. Looking forward to see what else happens to her.
In the meantime…nice update, Drabok.
Thank you for it!


I too can hardly wait to see the dried cum crusted Tasha to be further raped and tortured. One of the other girls should be made to lick her clean and then they can be raped together. A good fisting might be too much for dear Tasha. And her tits are just too good to ignore. And she is hardly in the position to say NO!!!


given thats its Chinese new year have the guys not got some fireworks. I know where I would put them!! Tasha and Lorin would be good holders!


Obviously I must be a little bored.
But Drabok I would love to beg to have Tasha kicked brutally, cunt and face and pushed in the tits
Could we even commission 'extra' hits?


this would just be mindless violence for no real reason by a couple of the guys in passing.


In indoor settings it might help to use more smaller lightsources. That way you still get enough illumination so you can see everything with less light falling directly on the characters. This probably means you need some wall light props though. Torches, industrial lamps, …

No idea if those are easy to find and use, but it would help with dark skin tones.


File: 1579980990422.jpeg (13.47 KB, 216x320, D0359E7B-5487-4D1A-97C0-B….jpeg)

In that picture a wall lamp left and right of the device (not too close) would allow you to make the lights in front of the girl less intense (and her skin darker) while still illuminating the scene.

Another thing you can try is moving the front lights further toward the side. This would cause less of the light to reflect toward the viewpoint (camera point - whatever its called).

As you can see from the awesome schematic i Made, moving the light to the side makes the reflected “beam” wider. Since the camera’s “eye” Stays the same sozen, but the light is spread out more, less of the reflected light hits the camera, while still having the same ratio of shade to highlights.

This way you would see the details with less influence of the colour of the light source, and thus a darker skin still showing shadows and highlights.

And yes, I need to work on my drawing skills :p


Size, not sozen. Auto correct is weird sometimes


File: 1579981468283.jpeg (255.75 KB, 1378x2039, A1D4F6F8-BFA9-4FA0-995B-D….jpeg)


Bigger so you can actually read the thing (I hope)



wow man i love your art style, are you taking commissions by any chance?



I think that Drabok is already aware of all that stuff after making pictures for several years. :)

But there are some mistakes in your suggestion because using 2 point lights the is a pretty bad idea as you will get 2 nasty shadows so instead of 2 lights a light plane/sphere is used.
It will not help with skin tone, because the skin has certain translucency so you will need to do quite some tweaking.

Not sure if Drabok already knows that but I recently found that using spheres for lighting is the easiest solution because you do not need to orient them every time you move them.



Sphere or directional lights doesn’t make a difference as far as the diagram goes. Only the light that reflects counts really. And the lighter skin tones do come from the colour of the light source.

Light planes are useful for far away light sources (the sun mostly), and you can angle the plane for the same effect.

This won’t totally eliminate the skin getting lighter, but it will lessen the effect.

And using lights on the back wall (opposite from the lights “behind” the camera) will give the indoor setting a more logical (by lack of a better word) feel. More symmetrical, more like you would light a room with wall lights in the real world I guess? A setup with lights along one side of the room means you are always hindered by your own shadow.

Anyway, it’s all tricks to get less light without loosing much detail, and less light means less variation in skin tone.


It is hard to understand what do you mean. do you suggest to light the room with brown light to make girls look black? LOL

Instead of that setup which gives undesirable multiple shadows, you can just use a big invisible light ball that illuminates everything without hard shadows on the walls.

the main ide in this situation is how to get good illumination which works from all positions and all camera angles without too much adjustment


File: 1580099353474.jpg (111.71 KB, 795x448, memri5.jpg)

This question's probably been asked to death, but does anyone know a good place for free daz asset downloads, or torrents?

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