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Starting a new thread so the old one could still be bumped for a while.

For newbies: Here are my three past threads:
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Your productivity is truely unbelievable.


Yeah, your story itself is more than enuogh of the reason to follow your thread.
and it feels that you are getting better over time in that aspect too ;)

this looks really promising. maybe it will end like I expect this time ;)


So you are taking your time with these two girls and even giving them a break. I thought you might do one girl after the other, but i like it much more this way. Hazel probably won't last that long. This device looks like the one from your very first story with Rose, will be fun to see that in action again. And i like everything else about this scene too, brandings are always great, and i like that you keep her gagged.

Hazel is number 20 on my list, just between Jolina and Karen. Right now i would put her ahead of both of them, i agree with the guys, she has a really nice ass.


>>30389 I think I see what you mean Onix. It looks as those two could go against each other in some contest. That would have been a good idea too, but I have planned other things for them.

>>30390 Changing my opinion of a girl after doing more pictures is something that happens to me too constantly. And of course you had only two pics of each girl for your initial list.


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>>30387 Well, practice has not made me perfect. But it has made me much faster at using Daz Studio than I was when I started the Carla, Darla and Laura story.


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>I think I see what you mean Onix. It looks as those two could go against each other in some contest. That would have been a good idea too, but I have planned other things for them.

Oh no not that at all (I think it woud be not even good idea to do this now). Because guys told that the next task for the girl will be to find their friend, I hope girls will have a chance to do that and find something interesting. ;)

The last girl from the group (or 2 remaining girls) can be released temporarily just to find what happened to their friend. Imagine the confusion and fear on their faces when they see all that and then they get their "rewards"

For a bit more fun, guys can tell them that this is just a makeup and she is just acting LOL

Actually that could be interesting funny idea (not necessary now) if the girls are told that they are making horror movie scene and they have to act as realistic as possible. This way girls will clam down seeing all those corpses and guys will be able to trick then into doing whatever they want. And they will not try to run away ;)


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Yeah, my list will probably change a lot over time. Some of that could depend on what you are doing with the girls.

I love what you are doing with Hazel. This device seems perfect for this kind of torture, and you found a great way to keep her hands out of the way.

For other girls, since i'm not really into calming them down and more into inspiring more fear and terror in the girls: Once you have enough bodies lying around, it could certainly be a nice idea to show them to some of the girls before their own torture really starts. Especially very disfigured bodies could be a real shocker to see. And in some cases not just bodies, but also some of their friends who are still alive, just in a lot of pain.


You are so primitive LOL
Don't you think it woud be more interesting if girls find their friends get terrified and when you are fully satisfied with their terror, they calm down just not to resit being tied or put into torture device and then they once again notice that it is all for real after all and get even more terrified again when they find out that those nails or skewers are not some movie props but they are already tied up and cannot escape ;)
If you keep same terror expression on their face for all the time it will kinda get boring. If you change their emotions you will get to experience same thing twice.



They are already calm in the beginning, and i'm just always really into seeing their fear and despair, that's just as good as the physical torture. ;-)
But yeah, after thinking about it a little more, your idea could be really interesting too. There are a lot of girls, maybe the guys can try different ideas on different girls. Just like they try different physical torture methods, they can also try different psychological ideas to get the best reactions.

Either way, first we need some more bodies before either of these ideas can work. ;-)


I love your pics. How do you create them. I have lots of ideas but I dont know how to work. Hope you post more and more


You're surpassing yourself again, Drabok. First a nice, suspended whipping and now branding an impaled cutie. Is no girl safe for you?


I like red hot iron tortures.


I might have scooped some spunk from Mercedes and Karen and smeared and pushed it into Hazel and forced home with the wooden dildo's. I presume the wood is rough and plenty of splinters will pierce the vagina and rectum. The guys need to think about these splinters when they fuck and bugger Hazel. Her nipples going to burnt off?


>>30618 I am using a program called Daz Studio. Please go to, and to get an impression of how it works.

>>30650 Well, her nipples will not get burnt off. Maybe some other girls.


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Time to continue.


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yes! make Jolina suffer! :D


This is just amazing!
The spikes are working really well for that. It must be horribly painful for Jolina to get her leg pretty much completely destroyed this way.

I like how all the girls are reacting slightly differently but still in a very natural way to their situation: Hazel and earlier Mercedes didn't get any time, their torture started with some really bad stuff without any warning, so they are just confused and didn't have a chance to process what's going on. For Mercedes it was over before that could change, maybe Hazel will get enough time to understand her situation.
Jolina is just completely in denial. It seems like deep down she understands her situation, it's just so horrible she isn't ready to accept that as reality.
And Jessica is too innocent too understand exactly what's happening, but she does understand these are bad men doing bad things and she can't do anything about that, so her only reaction is fear and desperation. And that will only grow when even worse stuff is happening to her and to Jolina.

I like all of those reactions, and there are of course still some other possible reactions, for example: Begging for them to stop, offering to do whatever they want, trying to be tough and to talk back at them, trying to resist in any way possible, or even being smart and trying to find a way to escape (but eventually failing).


Awesome update!
Those spikes seem really nasty!
Thank you, Drabok.


Jolina has so little idea what Arran can do with a claw hammer and spikes. I would certainly spike the tits and nipples perhaps breaking a rib, rupture a lung. But the hammer as a dido, the claw on the clit, ripping the tender little clit bud off. The whole claw and hammer forced into the still unused cunt. The claw ripping on a cervix. Perhaps the claw could gain enough purchase to pull out the entire womb - although it should be full of sperm first. So many options just on Jolina. AndJessica - only on hole number 2. And the spunk in hole 1 working away looking for an egg.
Wonderful…. keeps me up at night.


Would some of your humble fans be able to post their amateur alternative scenes?

lIke having their little tits kicked!!


Why do not you put the glowing iron in the pussy or in the ass? You can also put mice or rats in there! Or you put her on the head and put a funnel in the ass and fill in thick hot asphalt. At some point she is full of it and it smokes from the mouth, the pussy and the ass. You can seal the ass so that nothing comes out! … or is that too bad?


Just great! Thank you for your work, Drabok!

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