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Starting a new thread so the old one could still be bumped for a while.

For newbies: Here are my three past threads:
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And here's my very first pussy shooting which was a request by PussyShooter some while back. I did not wait until I got around to dealing with Kensey but I hope I can improve my shooting skills until then.


Great work as always. Drabok!

And you know, there's no good summer camp without a huge BBQ feast.
Just saying …


That sudden hastiness in the girl's treatment is uncouth. What a lack of refinement! The right thing is rather a long careful torture with a lot of pain expressions when the girls are gradually aware of the torment in crescendo.


I know I'm a little late to the party but please consider debreasting Kensey. I love your work Drabok, I know debreasting might be difficult to realize, but Kensey would be the perfect girl for it. She just ticks all the right boxes for me. Combined with pussyshooters wish this could be reaaaaally epic. :)


So now we are getting to the part where our suggestions might have a bigger influence. Looking forward to that! And I'm certainly looking forward to the evening entertainment with Nina and Julieta, both girls are among my favorites!

I'm glad you found Jinn again, even though you are dealing with her very quickly. She wasn't counted on my list any more since I thought you lost her. I had her between number 16 and 17, so still ahead of most girls who already died.

I tried to figure out who exactly is still in the camp, but I ran into some difficulties - some of the girls I could easily recognize, some I'm not sure about.


Shoot one of them in the belly and let her run away and die slowly in the woods!


Maybe add smth in the chest department, like 12 y.o. at least?


Another great update, Drabok. I am very impressed with your skills rendering these pictures. Awesome pained expressions on Jinn! Looking forward to your next update already!


Really an awesome pic, Drabok. Julieta and Nina are two of my favorites, so I'm quite anxious to see more of them. Good job!




>>32111 If I would torture all three dozen girls in the camp that extensively, when do you think the story would be finished? I guess sometime in 2025. I do have other plans too, you know.

>>32112 I would love to be able to do a good debreasting but I still don't know how.

>>32124 And maybe you could just look back at some of the earlier pics in the story? Although none of my girls have very big tits many of them have tits and I think their average age is clearly above 12.


File: 1564958835588.jpg (780.42 KB, 1700x1600, lsc 253 vare.jpg)

So to speed things up even more I give the hasty end of Jinn. And three more girls will also have to say goodbye to their last summer camp.


File: 1564959102599.jpg (492.24 KB, 1513x1400, lsc 253 varf.jpg)

Btw: >>32107 I plan to maybe roast some of the girls a bit, and, although I already kind of regret that, I promised to try some cooking. But there won't be any eating of them, because that's another thing I don't know how to do.


File: 1564959191474.jpg (271.5 KB, 1138x1000, lsc 253 varg.jpg)


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32095 - the great picture. The naked girls chained by overhead hand are the best decorations.


File: 1564960259910.jpg (586.5 KB, 1400x1200, lsc 258b.jpg)

Yes I know. Cliffhangers again. Did I mention that I am a sadist? And that I like cliffhangers? At least when I am doing them and they don't happen in a story where I would like to see the continuation immediately.


32255 - the great too. Girls prepared to do anything now. Anything what gyus ask them to do.


I think we already established a while ago that you would deal with some of these girls very quickly to have more time for the rest, that's completely fine.

I think it's a solid idea to just sell those three girls off, why not make some money with the girls? This ending for them still leaves the possibility of a sequel. But if that doesn't happen, this open ending for them is fine and I won't miss those girls too much: Aurora is my number 25, Caley is my number 30 and Nastyusha is my number 35 - she is just slightly too old for my taste.

So i guess the next four girls will be dealt with relatively quickly too. Rikku is my number 23, Kayla is my number 31, Darnissa is my number 22 and Asako is my number 24, so there aren't any standouts among them either. Though they do look really pretty on their group picture, so i'm still hoping they will get at least some action. And Asako does look different from her introduction pictures, i was expecting to see her but didn't recognize her until you mentioned her name.

Rica was the girl i wasn't expecting to see here, but since you separated her from the rest i guess she will get a special treatment. She is my number 16, so while she isn't among my absolute favorites, i liked her more than the rest of these girls.

I'm looking forward to what's coming next. And i did enjoy these group pictures, even without any rape or torture those are some great pictures to just admire those girls.


Drabok, you know you could show the girls being butchered, then show the guys dining on a plate of generic steaks. Our imaginations will provide the rest.


>>32255 I find this pic insanely hot for some reason. Their surrender to brutality is very hot!


At this moment it looks as if you just want to end everything faster. Maybe you are itching to start some new series ?;)


Actually debreasting is pretty simple task It was kinda what I did in my second series in my 3d "carrier". So it is a bit surprising that you can't do it.

You just duplicate model (twice if you need left and right breast separately) then hide everything but breasts and you have pair of severed tities. drop them on the blood splat and you are done.
same way you can make any severed bodyparts. that can be used for cooking and eating
If you want more precise selection you can use opacity map to hide unnecessary areas.

also if you are too lazy to bother with all that butchering, you can do as >>32274 suggested, and it will work just as good, in fact, you can even stay ambiguous, like just bringing girls some food and give a hint what kind of meat it can be maybe drop in some ring or earing or severed finger . so you will do it without even doing it at all LOL


At last, some suppressed gun around!
POK POK POK! Let their bodies hit the floor!


This looks very sunny. I hope to see some more than serious sun burns there. I also hope for at least one girl being used as a punching bag.


>>32274 and >>32276
Having a girl butchered but showing it only by innuendo: I'm probably just not subtle enough to it that way. So I'd rather not butcher.

And some more answers to Onix. I guess I haven't expected to be called lazy here. But maybe you are right in a way, maybe I am concentrating too much on continuing my stories, mostly using techniques that I already know instead of learning new tricks. (In my defense though: I am also trying to get better with those techniques.)

If I say that I can't do something, I actually mean I can't do it in a way that I would be satisfied with. I mostly do rather small "Gore" stuff like ripping out fingernails or cutting off toes and nipples or branding because I think it looks better than "big" gore like gutting or cutting off limbs.

Don't misunderstand me. You have posted some amazing images here. The hooks, skewers and the burning candle in your pictures >>28348 to >>28383 are just one example. In many ways you are clearly better at gore techniques than me or most other artists here.

But again: "Actually debreasting is pretty simple task " you say just like that. What? I mean yes, the cut off tits are not that much of a problem with a cutout mask or hiding all other parts of the body. That does not mean they look very convincing and they could only be shown from the front.

But the much bigger problem for me is the girl that has just had her breasts severed. You mentioned "It was kinda what I did in my second series in my 3d "carrier". So it is a bit surprising that you can't do it." I think you mean >>9431 for instance. That, to be honest, does not look good to me. Not that the wound would not look good in a 2D picture. But it in my eyes it clashes hard with a 3D picture.

>>14805 looks much better already and I would like to know how you did that. But then >>15714 was a step back again.

Well, that was the very long answer. The short one is: You say "debreasting is pretty simple task" and I say "No it isn't". Not for me.


Your pics are amazing, and I'm sure most of us like what you're doing, Drabok. Just continue with what you're comfortable creating! Thank you!


I hope I will not sound too defensive because you are not attacking me.

That was quite a long time ago. and considering quality I would not say it is that much worse than your pictures that involve blood and other gore so I assumed that it should be adequate quality for you
but you are right I spend way more time in researching new techniques than actually using them :) while you really do better pictures when they do not require something super-advanced.

It is not that simple to decide what to chose, because if you make very realistic debreasrting and other gore it looks pretty ugly and dull as just a surface heavily covered with blood and nothing more. check it here.
so I was experimenting with that in various ways how to make it look best
>>9431 as you noticed is cartoon style debreasting with no realism at all character is also cartoon style as well.

>>14805 was actually the most primitive technique where I just added meat texture to the breast area and also added a displacement map to push it in. it looks good because it is very small.

>>15714 actually attempt to do a more realistic picture but I screwed it a bit because I forgot to change translucency layer so color went wrong.

You are actually first who told some opinion about those pictures so it is nice to hear it at least a few years later now LOL

If you want to try debreasting. just cut appropriate meat texture from some picture, add it onto the skin layer on both diffuse and translucency. that should look pretty good. just as good as photomanipulation.

you can go further and create normal maps with crazybump but that is a bit more advanced stuff which is probably not worth doing this way.


Well, I can't really help with techniques how to do specific things, but I can give my opinion on how some things look. And I agree with Drabok about gutting and debreasting: Doing that in a way that still looks erotic to me would probably be hard, mostly because I don't have a real life reference and also I doubt I would find the real thing erotic at all - so even if it's done in a very realistic looking way it might not look good. But of course for somebody else with that particular fetish things might be different, I often care more about the reactions the girls are showing to the torture than the torture itself.

For the most part I'm really happy with the way Drabok is doing things with mostly "small" gore, this is perfect to show the pain and fear in those girls. I usually just want to see some good torture, without the limits usually imposed in bdsm settings, including good reactions, and that's exactly what Drabok is usually providing.

But there is some "big" gore I like to see: For example cutting of arms and legs is absolutely one of my fetishes, and I enjoyed the ending of the Harper story where Drabok did just that. With this particular fetish, for me it's more about the hopelessness and helplessness for the girl when her arms and legs are gone. And ideally that means she doesn't die immediately after. Turning a girl into a quadruple amputee and then giving her time to heal before the next torture session starts could be something for another story i would probably enjoy a lot. For similar reasons I would like to see some girls lose their eyes, without immediately getting killed, so they have time to get used to the fact that something really important to them, like their eyesight, is gone forever. That's the kind of permanent torture I like to see occasionally to escalate things in later torture sessions as a step between the initial painful but not permanently disfiguring torture and their deaths, things that couldn't be fixed even if somebody would rescue the girls, while they aren't immediately lethal either.


>>Again Onix, maybe I'm just not a natural like you.: "If you want to try debreasting. just cut appropriate meat texture from some picture, add it onto the skin layer on both diffuse and translucency. that should look pretty good. just as good as photomanipulation. "

Been there, done that and no, it did not look good.

So for me still no debreasting for a while.


File: 1565904849811.jpg (1.29 MB, 2533x1600, lsc 259.jpg)

But at least the start of a new sequence with my usual not so much gory stuff.


File: 1565904929282.jpg (1.19 MB, 2533x1600, lsc 260.jpg)


File: 1565904999822.jpg (1.66 MB, 2533x1600, lsc 261.jpg)


File: 1565905079031.jpg (1.46 MB, 2533x1600, lsc 262.jpg)


File: 1565905137476.jpg (1.52 MB, 2533x1700, lsc 263.jpg)


File: 1565905235188.jpg (1.04 MB, 2533x1600, lsc 264.jpg)

Not a very big Update today but more coming soon I hope.


Great, nice to see some action pictures for these four girls! And I'm looking forward to more of their test. Well, right now I'm looking forward to pretty much anything coming up that you have teased so far, but what's waiting for those girls looks really promising and it's a nice surprise when I wasn't even expecting to see much more of them!

And as I said, I'm very happy with the less gory stuff you are doing.


Any update and work you contribute is good - big or small, gory or not. Still enjoying and appreciating. Thanks!


Thanks for the update, Drabok. Seems you like to torture us with suspense. Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep those pics coming!


I love how the evil man gives his evil speech. I hope those tests are full of pain and despair for those little bitches


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