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Old thread stopped bumping
Old Link -


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Beautiful dummy for target practice


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Wish I could do blood effects like these! Would you tell us how you did them?


I have a pack if many blood/cum models. I just chose the most appropriate blood effects for me. They are on the Gmod Workshop.


Please make something like this with Miya from SA2


To the guy who wrote the Fiona and Vella story, I might give it a try and make a scene or two based off it.
If you're around still.


Not BakChoi btw


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Lynn is a beautiful Asian sex slave and was caught trying to escape from her master. Her poor attempt got her in big trouble at the wrong time and place. All alone in the dark alleyway in the middle of night, she made a big mistake. Lynn's master has been hiding some kinks from her. Now he has a chance to unleash it on her without anyone hearing her scream.

Video Link -


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Miri working late hours only to be surprised by a large black man that came from the backdoor. Miri wouldnt should the fuck up when he was trying to subdue her,so he found a satisfying way to make sure nobody can hear her.

Video Link -


I'd like to see Miya too




File: 1554494260170.jpg (372.17 KB, 1920x1200, poster-19-04-05 12-28-34.jpg)

Horny slut trying to give a man a good blowjob for her pleasure. Unfortunately for Miul, she tried to give head to the "Slut Slayer". This will be the last time she'll use her body, but others who find her corpse are free to abuse it in any way.

Video Link -


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Small render


File: 1554525512184.jpg (538.98 KB, 1920x1200, poster-19-04-05 21-06-11.jpg)

Finally some Miya to work on ;)


Oooh, I wonder how brutal it will be


I plan to have it replicate from her trailer but things go wrong when a gun was pointed at her head


that sounds interesting too, but would also like to see your usual primitive tools like arrows too :D


Ez pz


Finally Miya! Eagerly waiting, she is too hot to not be punished


Btw just curious, you think you can do more original vindictus characters in the future?
Most of your works have different hairstyles than default so imo it doesn't look like the image I have of the characters

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