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Since there's a lot of fun 3D mecha-girl disassembly pics out there, I thought we might as well start a thread for it here, too.


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Not too interesting without blood&revealing clothes •Ц•



I don't know. I actually like the idea of seeing naked 3D robot girls get taking apart and limb removal from combat. You don't really need blood as you can just replace it with oil and if they're more machine, you can ruin them to a greater deal and they still can keep functioning to a degree. It's a cool concept.

I don't have anything of the sort to contribute myself, but I do wish there was more of this around.


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These are awesome. Thanks for posting these. I was wondering if anyone could possibly do EDI from Mass Effect 3 getting her sexy robot body destroyed. I think it wouldn't be too difficult to do for SFM creators. I always thought that EDI was very attractive for a robot.




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