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This is pretty cool, I have a question though, before I learn Xnalara, is it possible to add flesh to the stumps and add good blood effects?

Decapitations are my thing but it's not the same if it doesn't resemble any realism for me


There are some blood effects in deviantart, search "xps blood".

I can't find good props for stumps/cross sections, plz tell me if you find them.


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I've been using the mk9 kitana model with gore for my neck stump. I think it works pretty well. Here's a little test I did with it


That's actually not bad! I haven't given it a try yet but would stuff like dismemberment be doable? And of course making it slightly realistic with that stump added.

Maybe a better question to ask is, what are its limitations?


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This isn't a decap/gore thread.



What model is thyat?


You're right but not sure where else to ask, that's all I want to know really..


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Just noticed that bump in the old thread referencing me. I honestly forgot after seeing there wasn't much activity going on after the new gurochan opened. I hope this new thread revitalizes it a bit.

Anyway, I've just uploaded a new wave of mods, including the MVCI ones that were on my backlog for more than a year. I'm still taking requests for mods, for those interested.

Here's the link, as usual:

Where did did you find that Kitana model?


Welcome back and I'm still waiting bloody cross sections and mechanical stumps for fighting game girls :)


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>>28244 For model requests, maybe this Misty? -
Comments say that it takes a while to open in Blender though, so no biggie if you skip it.
Having a new model of Robin from either FEW or Smash Ultimate would be nice as well, assuming it's ported.

Also, would you be open to requests for pictures on your Deviantart? I get the feeling that a lot of people wouldn't want to make a Deviantart account just so they could request something, myself included.


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I honestly cannot remember if I've posted this yet, lmao.


File: 1554052566912.jpg (309.31 KB, 2186x1604, YOU CUT MY FUCKING HEAD OF….jpg)

Sorry for the double-post, but I figured I ought to just share my whole collection, lmao.



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I haven't tried that yet, but from my experience with texturing the stumps for these mods, it's tricky. Any place where I could find a clean neck cross section texture, btw?

I tried to load her on Blender just now, despite the filesize it got stuck. I'll have to skip her xp
And much to my dismay, FEW!Female Robin somehow hasn't been ported yet.

Also yeah, I'm open for requests there.


That's a shame on the models. I suppose updated Robin can wait…

As for picture requests, while I'm on the subject of Robin, maybe one of Tharja's body with Robin's head in its possession (or maybe vice versa?). One would think that Tharja would be delighted with the prospect of being able to take Robin wherever she goes, in pieces or not…
That or just something involving a body/bodies acting independently from their head(s), that's something I'm a real sucker for.
Lastly, I appreciate you porting all these models. Lord knows you're doing a lot of people a favor, no matter which head they're thinking with, if you catch my drift.


Not too sure about tbh but I'd think mortal Kombat pack probably has some? Even a leg cross section would work really


I made some stump image based googled pics, how about them?

MK model what >>28183 said, probably these.


File: 1554708509544.png (1.18 MB, 945x756, dcznety-b2a6a8d8-77e0-4b70….png)


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Some of DOA6 models have good stump


Can you upload Rosalina in her jumpsuit from Mario Kart 8 plz?


this right here hell yea!
How did the look get so awesome suddenly?

Middle doesnt look great??? but the side 2 look awesome for western models.


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