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Post all your tit eating pics you have. Mostly i will post the most. ^.^


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The last one for today.


Hi Otakuist,
I love the idea of tit eating :3
we are looking for members to build a 3D guro game in which you can do anything as you please to her.
You can mutilate her, snuff her, behead her, stab her, cut off her limbs, breasts, head, or any part of the limbs, have sex with her (possible when her limbs are being torn apart or the sex tools still attached to her body).
The game is also planned to be extendable and overridable, meaning that other people can add custom animations, new actions, or tools, according to your own fetish.
We know that this is quite a big project, but it would be amazing if we can make it.
We are currently focused on making the model, allow her body to be torn apart, the core mechanics, and the animations.
The game objective will be how do you treat the girl, her sexual activity, pleasure, mental state, etc
There would a business plan for it, and we are still discussing it. Let me know if you are interested by contacting my email


oh jes I came quickly. please more


File: 1446203382694.jpeg (60.17 KB, 600x500, 1057_23_01_11_6_34_26.jpeg)

Here more of my collection.


File: 1446203449550.jpeg (57.82 KB, 600x534, 1057_27_01_11_4_11_02.jpeg)


File: 1446203793846.jpg (54.22 KB, 500x319, 130539_371183_p.jpg)

Zombies love tits. ;-)


My favourites are
# 2818
# 2819
# 2830
# 2831
I like how they are destroyed and their guts come out



I'd like to see that one animated. Also, more pussy eating!



Have you read the "Feeding Time" story I wrote about these ones?

The art is from Kathyrne and she created the second piece based on what I'd written about the first one.

I need to re-post the story to my blog now that the images are cycling out of rotation on the DGF...


Yes i read the story on Dolcett Girl Forum. I enjoyed it.^.^
Would you write more such stories? I find it lacks such stories generally.



I write tons of stories like that!

You can find most of them, or at least links, over on my FrictionByBill DOT blogspot DOT com site.

I've been posting art commissions up lately too.

P.S. Feel free to donate to my art fund so I can commission more artists! ;-)


File: 1501075926729.jpg (123.95 KB, 1699x1225, Scan000337.jpg)

@ FrictionByBill

your blog has realy "nice" stories about titcutting.
But... do you have pictures too?


File: 1501227656762.jpg (493.55 KB, 2000x1478, 14951062921942449138.jpg)

Gonna spam some juicy udders been chewed-up, bitten, ripped, and devoured~


File: 1501227672571.png (1.91 MB, 1260x709, grz.png)


File: 1501227682474.jpg (187.74 KB, 2000x1478, vaCB44fKogKAsCfmq-C46Df_D0….jpg)


File: 1501227691637.jpg (458.44 KB, 2000x1478, 5027475577100359544.jpg)


File: 1501227698710.jpg (459.66 KB, 2000x1478, 12937522638778667721.jpg)


File: 1501227712090.png (939.5 KB, 960x640, hgnfb.png)


File: 1501227787989.jpg (2.15 MB, 2400x1800, molly_carves_off_her_breas….jpg)


File: 1501227916762.jpg (168.57 KB, 1009x902, mujhn.jpg)


File: 1501228421494.png (1.71 MB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__1_by_naveltit….png)


File: 1501228430541.png (1.58 MB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__3_by_naveltit….png)


File: 1501228439248.png (1.59 MB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__4_by_naveltit….png)


File: 1501228449638.jpg (830 KB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__5_by_naveltit….jpg)


File: 1501228463164.jpg (842.25 KB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__6_by_naveltit….jpg)


File: 1501228473360.jpg (873.42 KB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__7_by_naveltit….jpg)


File: 1501228482805.jpg (940.74 KB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__8_by_naveltit….jpg)


File: 1501228490857.jpg (863.96 KB, 768x1024, tetine_elfe__9_final_by_na….jpg)


File: 1501228512185.jpg (699.07 KB, 1600x1200, 4cc3c1c686c3dcae2e555f9a24….jpg)


File: 1501228777539.jpg (135.04 KB, 668x603, wolfcat4_by_ggeorgel.jpg)


File: 1501228785371.jpg (214.51 KB, 1024x768, wolfcat5_by_ggeorgel.jpg)


File: 1501228871980.png (1.41 MB, 1096x792, Artist_l3objones22_Summer.….png)


File: 1501228902077.jpg (227.99 KB, 1280x731, another_sacrifice_2_by_joa….jpg)


File: 1501228911299.jpg (218.99 KB, 1280x731, another_sacrifice_4_by_joa….jpg)


File: 1501228919104.jpg (215.19 KB, 1280x731, another_sacriface_5_by_joa….jpg)


File: 1501228925925.jpg (223.64 KB, 1280x799, another_sacrifice_6_by_joa….jpg)


File: 1501229061643.jpg (180.95 KB, 1200x840, 1422398007151.jpg)


File: 1501229095362.jpg (322.82 KB, 1024x768, devoured05_by_ggeorgel-d35….jpg)


File: 1501230320917.jpg (175.89 KB, 1280x720, 008.jpg)


File: 1501230327880.jpg (157.06 KB, 1280x720, 026.jpg)


File: 1501230338153.jpg (101.19 KB, 1280x720, 027.jpg)


File: 1501230347724.jpg (176.42 KB, 1280x720, 028.jpg)


File: 1501230590775.jpg (119.3 KB, 600x647, tumblr_mhjgnkFX2S1r8sf33o1….jpg)





File: 1528409594699.png (391.06 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180309-094302.png)


File: 1528409689362.png (391.06 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180309-094302.png)


What's the name of this movie?


File: 1528536264655.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x674, 68930727_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1528536281194.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x674, 68930727_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1528536292695.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x674, 68930727_p2_master1200.jpg)


File: 1528536304623.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x674, 68930727_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1528536333639.jpg (125.37 KB, 1024x1024, damsel_and_geek_by_riskyli….jpg)


File: 1528536629363.jpg (516.49 KB, 1000x1020, not_a_bite_all_day_by_bmov….jpg)


File: 1528536647426.jpg (179.04 KB, 1024x784, trouble_at_dead_lake_by_bm….jpg)


File: 1528536668596.jpg (98.88 KB, 900x918, 03_october_2011_by_bmoviev….jpg)


File: 1529291881240.jpg (279.05 KB, 800x1144, World Embryo-3-mangathai-c….jpg)


File: 1529291950382.png (541.37 KB, 800x1143, 1441012778717.png)


File: 1529292024343.jpg (227.83 KB, 728x1078, 23.jpg)


File: 1529292108962.jpg (517.92 KB, 1100x1600,


File: 1529292204932.jpg (189.26 KB, 674x1024, sukima058084.jpg)


File: 1529292251421.jpg (219.64 KB, 708x1024, sukima058085.jpg)


File: 1529292979202.png (241.85 KB, 890x1300, 011.png)


What was the name of this manga that was about to eat her breasts?


File: 1534577008569.jpg (69.78 KB, 360x243, 360a2887e950352a0df466b352….jpg)





File: 1534591864085.jpg (103.62 KB, 540x337, 1e3a4f4a20a446232d04345b99….jpg)

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