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This will be sort of crossover hub for all my series and random short scenes that i am willing to make but don't have any good justification.
Characters from diffrent series can meet and interact here as well.

Some form of role playing is possible if you make a reasonably detailed request or play your own character. Any kind of content is allowed including consensual and non consensual. (as long as it is not too complex to create.) you should somehow identify yourself when making request to track continuity of your messages

In this story you are exploring the town during the festival attend various events and meet various people and talk with them.

My other series will continue as well

Cheerleader club

First series

Holiday events
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Things on the table are not absolutely relevant because much more that that is available.

considering what >>28356 said about them being able to escape, i think there may be a chance to see her in some diffrent positions ;)


File: 1554495017372.jpg (793.38 KB, 1440x1080, tf1092.jpg)


File: 1554495385224.jpg (1.33 MB, 1440x1080, tf1093.jpg)


File: 1554495424155.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x1080, tf1094.jpg)


File: 1554495462418.jpg (1.22 MB, 1440x1080, tf1095.jpg)


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wow, that's beautiful! Great idea you had there; I love how creative you get during your stories.
And thank you for letting her suffer -that's what I wanna see when I look up guro! I'd love to see some more big rod insertions and even some smputations -maybe fingers? And of course more mutilation! Poking a girl's eye(s) out? Sawing one in two halves? Can't wait to see what you're doing to them next!


with funnel hot asphalt fill in the ass! :D


Oh man, i can't wait to see more! Great work as always!

Could you do us a small fan service and post some images with a side-by-side 3D as well? (non-crossed-eye)? I'm trying some stuff with VR goggles and it would be nice to watch your story in 3D


Yes. Now torture her tits…

Maybe even cut one of them off?
And the other cut the nipple off and let her eat her own nipple?


Here I was thinking those girls are in a perfect position for gutting…


File: 1554651921427.jpg (1.38 MB, 1440x1080, tf1099.jpg)


File: 1554651959236.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x1080, tf1100.jpg)


File: 1554651996505.jpg (1.28 MB, 1440x1080, tf1101.jpg)


File: 1554652034799.jpg (1.39 MB, 1440x1080, tf1102.jpg)


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By the way, >>28428 was supposed to have tears but they did not render for some reason.


Yes, please! I love tears and black mascara running down her cheeks :) That's super cute and sexy.
And if you ask me, her tits deserve some more metal rods! Hole them like cheese!


like to see cindy the reporter kill the girl with pink hair and glasses, the one with the big tits, using the shiksabob needle she pushes one into the girls nipple straight down into the girls breast trying to pop the mammary gland to release the milk and blood, the doing the same to the other girls breast she pulls both needles out and squeezes the girls breasts tight drinking and sucking the girls nipples tasting the blood and milk before biting off both nipples and eating both breasts, the girl with pink hair actually loving wraps her arms around cindy's head as she eats


You are so cruel LOL
Anyway, I think we finally need to give some attention to other girls. She already suffered enough.

I guess I will either do something with that art exhibition or work on other scenes that are not yet posted.


Thanks for the suggestion,(or more like for an entire story)
but I will do that to other girls in another place( which is now being made ;)
I have different plans for those girls here ;)


File: 1554693049512.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x1080, tf sm.jpg)

Not finished yet, but here is also spoiler for you:
preliminary slave market scene.

There will be more girls later but do not expect everyone of then to get into action
Also for people who will make suggestion no killing or mutilations in the slave market we don't want to damage goods :)

Those who want to see really horrible things, wait for the performance on the statue exhibition.


That's fine!!! Looking forward to continue!!! Tell me, why the body of the smallest girl has traces of punishment or torture?


Alright, I'd be cool, if the exhibited slaves were mother/daughter or siblings. To add an emotional level to this scene.
Also, are the potential buyers allowed to scan the goods? Outside AND inside?


Hello Onix.
Had there a suggestion.
In picture No.28428 the boy asks if she has already come.
In the next picture she could yell at him badly that she did NOT come.
As a raktion the boy says: that is a pity for you. But I can help you.
Then he goes behind her again and crushes her clitoris with a pair of pliers. Do not just cut off … slowly crush.

Then he goes back to the front and asks again if she has come :)



Actually all of them are supposed to have those whip marks because of the story. As those 3 women are typically insane and understand abuse as form of love so even if they suffer they want more of it.

Anyway, do not expect that much action in the slave market also for technical reasons. There are just too many characters in one scene and my computer is encountering problems. so we will need to move to less crowded places.

they are siblings mother and 2 daughters. Put on the auction by the neighbor boy with whom they are in love. while her cuck husband is working far away to provide for them. LOL (Kinda NTR thing)
I hope this is not too much of emotional issues LOL

Intereting :) I just got some other plans for her already.



Very very promising, hope to see many small groups of delightful youngsters up for sale and subsequent torture


this is one interesting and promising project.


am I the only one who keeps checking this thread 10+ times a day?


I hope the girl on the right with the big nipples will be sold on the slave auction, with some nice sets of nipples clamps. Would love to see her lovely face contorted in pain, begging in vain for me to release whatever I put on her extended nipples…


I love your style and stories.
As an idea, you may be able to use an ergometer in combination with an inflatable dildo. And then the girls ride their bicycles.

Show the public live the introduction of toys with an X-ray machine or similar.


File: 1555514384773.jpg (1.27 MB, 1440x1080, tf sm2.jpg)

Another group of slaves on the auction.
This time girls selling their classmates.

Unfortunately there is nothing much to do with those slaves staying on the slave auction topic (am not talking just about random tortures, but about something reasonable for this topic)
maybe some whipping and nipple torture.


>>28606 Hi Onix, What about after they've been sold? Their new owner could decide to emphasize his owner ship on the spot with some more radical measures.

Or at least they could be branded with the mark of their new owner.


I want the slave in latex catsuit! :)


Yes, most of the action can happen after they get sold :)
But this kinda means individual story for every girl (or group of girls) outside of the slave market. Also it requires multiple extra characters as buyers what makes this story too complex.

Those 3 are a bit "special".
Choose a girl from the later picture and decide what should be done to her assuming that you are there.


She is kinda not a slave but one who is selling them :)
Maybe she will also go on sale eventually.


>>28618 But a branding or some other kind of marking could happen immediately in front of the stage. Yes you would have to introduce at least one more character as the buyer. But moving the camera to another angle so that not all the other slaves are visible you could also take two or more others out of the scene.


And thinking a bit more about the scenario: As this is a cultural torture fair (a very clever idea by the way) there is no real reason for a new owner, boy or girl, to take his new purchase away immediately. They could do whatever they want to do to them on the spot for the further amusement of the general public.


Well that's possible ;)
I will just leave all branding process to the girls who are doing sales (they will kinda do customization and demonstration) while keeping buyers invisible.

I do not have any rendering problems with the number of characters in the scene but making new characters is extra work and it becomes problematic to make them different enough.


Customization? Like a station where you can saw off their limbs right on the spot to make them a cute pet? Body mods? Picking eyes out?
I'm excited!


Yes there will be that kind of stuff as well, Just not in the stage.

there will be some more stations. one of them for body mods of various kinds, but they are gonna be consensual and possibly even painless to be more casual ;) this will be combined shop for some interesting torture devices.

I think also we can add acupuncture service for stress relief LOL

There will be place for BBQ and also special girls available for cooking and other purposes.

Many of the things were planned just as events happening on the street.

However most of the stuff is going to be at least somewhat consensual since in theory any girl who is not willing to participate just need to wear a badge ;)


Those who want to see really horrible things, wait for the performance on the statue exhibition: Where is the statue exhibition? When does that happen? I'm so excited !!! you can find my art here:


It starts here >>27952
and it will continue with more serious stuff.


I think if you enclose the living girl with a metal mesh and pour concrete, then I could put her in my garden and sometimes feed her. The toilet comes out of a pipe.
The other girls could also be covered!? :)


A magic show would be cool as well! (mutilating and deadly magic show ofc)



Yes there will be magic show as well
I think our crazy half girl from gurochan can be a star there.

But there are so may plans already that it is going to take long time to see them done

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