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gurochan … finally returned I'm waiting to see it again. Thank you.




Welcome back!
I started to get into HS and have many questions to ask if you have the time to answer.

I just saw your dark fantasy, it's fantastic

How did you do make the impact effect on the skin? Like the kinda spikey blurry effect from someone's arm or torso

How did you make the neck stump look so real in the first scene?

What blood effects do you use if you don't mind sharing, its the perfect color!

Lastly, do you have any good injury or blood skintex?

Thanks guroman, would love to talk to you about this over pixie or discord of you have.




Welcome back !


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Test No-01


>>27712- Hello .. During this time, I may come to answer a bit late. In that part of the question The parts that I created are both blood and wounds. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit) to create.



mr guro! Big fan. I have a question, what studio do you use?


Thanks for the answer, maybe I will learn Photoshop too.
I like the cum effect and blood you make

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