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Hi folks,
we are looking for members to build a 3D guro game in which you can do anything as you please to her.
You can mutilate her, snuff her, behead her, stab her, cut off her limbs, breasts, head, or any part of the limbs, have sex with her (possible when her limbs are being torn apart or the sex tools still attached to her body).
The game is also planned to be extendable and overridable, meaning that other people can add custom animations, new actions, or tools, according to your own fetish.
We know that this is quite a big project, but it would be amazing if we can make it.
We are currently focused on making the model, allow her body to be torn apart, the core mechanics, and the animations.
There would a business plan for it, and we are still discussing it. Let me know if you are interested by contacting my email


forgot to say, but we will be looking for voice actor/actress (female voice)


Unfortunately I may dismiss it because we do not have many people and some of them are busy.
I will have pretty much time I could spend till next January, so please contact me soon before I get busy and I would love to help you working in a guro game project. However, just give me credit if it has money involved. To tell you, I am myself a programmer, have experienced with Unity of making 3D game so far. Some programming languages I learned like Java, C# and python may help.



what is your position in this team?


I know a voice actress but she would want money if you can ill let her know

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