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A new thread?


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https ://

Better late than newer.


Awesome stuff EVMC, glad you're back in action. Did not know that's what your name stands for.

Would like to see more of your DOA girls!


So glad to see you back!


yesss, glad you are back!
Could you repost the animation from >>23129? It's not available in the site and nobody seems to have it.


Welcome back EVMC!
I waited for your return!

please make your awesome stuff more


File: 1550960203020.jpeg (145.36 KB, 1920x1080, 1528732541914.jpeg)


Hi EVMC Iam glad to look at your wonderful works!

By the way, I want to request to you

> Woman of No.27547 would like to ask the work to be shot dead at the end pressed against

the machinegun in the valley of the breast

Just like this work as an example↓


Great work, nice to see you back!

Can you do your usual scatless version?
And is there any platform to reach you on for when GC inevitably goes down again?


How do you download from zippyshare? There's no download button and all the ones that claim to be the file downloads are ads.


File: 1551005740901.png (63.78 KB, 1067x451, gfdgfdgdfs.PNG)


Well that's just fucking awesome.


Do you have anal and scat version for that?




A M A Z I N G stuff! The Doom2 where she gets her head popped by evil forces is next level!


OMG the legend returned! So glad to see you again!


The King is back! Man I love your work, everything you do is a little gem. The car animation was mindblowing i hope 2 see more ladies die the same way and while having sex! I love the scat 2, i think it's sexy&funny at the same time! Looking 4ward 2 see more from you!


Yeah, I've been clicking on that for ages and all I get are ads demanding I download a 'file converter' to get the file. No such luck.


4 me Zippyshare is a good reliable and fast source! If some1 has problems downloading try disabling the ad-blocker! Can't w8 4 more animations like the car-kill! Gr8 stuff m8!


Do you use an adblocker?


Your stuff is the best! We really missed you aroung here! Top quality videos, animations and concept! I liked the first one more because it's in a real setting, I would love to see more ladies die like that during masturbation and/or sex! Imagine if there was a guy or a futa in car jerking off to and the looking in surprise as his partner was getting snuffed! ;)


And taking an unwilling shit! ;)


Just stumbled across your stuff. Do you happen to do any hanging animations? I only saw the two with Ivy in your old thread


Awesome comeback, looking forward to see more from you! You are the best!


Nothing here comes close to your anims, i'll check here daily to see if you posted new stuff.Your first animation, Evilone could verry well be the intro of an action-horror game!



Perfection! i'm glad to see your still around, finding this thread and your new stuff was like finding diamonds in a mine! Great work! Give us moar when you can!


Wish I could watch the videos, but I've downloaded like 5 diffrent things and I still can't watch one. Rip


I wish I was there in that car masturbating with her! Mindblowing stuff!


Welcome back!


Any other file site you can use? Every time I try and click the download file it asks me to download a file converter for pdf files. I'm not downloading that honestly.


File: 1551516126253.jpg (347.46 KB, 1920x1080, Evilone 01.jpg)


why need new thread ? old one broken ?
P.S.Good that I saw it anyway :D


The legend is back! And it's taking us to the next level!






File: 1552132080519.jpg (379.88 KB, 1920x1080, decap 31.jpg)


File: 1552132114316.jpg (433.55 KB, 1920x1080, decap 32.jpg)


File: 1552132183696.jpg (758.03 KB, 1920x1948, doom 011.jpg)


File: 1552132332535.jpg (586.8 KB, 1920x1652, doom 012.jpg)


If some one would like? They can add narrative text to those.


I would like! Especially for >>27774
>>27775 and


Awesome quality and hot as allways.Sure I would like 2 see text 2!


This 1 is so hot, 2 bad she didn't have 2 take a shit but still so hot. 2 bad this wasn't an animation.I would verry much like 2 see her die as she fucks, that would be 2 hot!


I love how you make them piss and shit as they die! Give us more awesome stuff!


The best but missing the shit!



This needs to be animated! Definitely need more like this


Would request that someone upload content to Sankaku or other than zippyshare. Continuously unable to view.



behead is great,but incontinence…it make me uncomfortable:)


i vote for 27775



amazing.. plz make


A picture is worth thousands of faps! ;)


I'm wondering if you you can use any other site other than zippyshare as I keep getting the same message about installing something.


Zippy works perfectly 4 me, I guess it depends of the browser and the ad-blocker.


OP, do you have a Discord or any other way to reach you?


I would love 2 see futas killed while having sex with girls, normal couples 2!


File: 1552946347598.jpg (610.15 KB, 1920x2262, drone 011.jpg)


The Link don't work


Can you make a video of Momiji getting beheaded mid-sex?


i suggest make two version,shit and no shits


Awesome and hillarious, keep beating the "shit" out of the whores!


Amazing! I imagined at first that a drone was going to shoot them and it would have been verry hot that a robot would come and beat the crap out of a futa and a bith.Would you do an attack on a brothel?


I second that I would love to see more kills in mid-sex!


Gives a new meaning to beating the crap out of a whore!


File: 1553028136527.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, drone 021.jpeg)


Very hot! Storywise and animation!
For me the shit is one of the things that make your animations unique! Sexy and funny at the same time in the same cocktail!


Would like to see the original DOA characters instead of custom!
They deserve some more punishment


I would love 2 see Nyotengu killed while fucking 2.We'll pretend that a futa clone was killed in the last animation! ;)


Btw I would love 2 see something incest themed 2!


Do you have anal and scat version for that?


Do you have an anal and scat mod for doom 2?


thanks!>>27943 two vision mean do more but suit for everyone!


Going to just say this again even though it's been mentioned. But fuck Zippyshare. That site is straight cancer. I have not been able to get anywhere near downloading the files eveb with ad blockers


I use chrome an uBlock Origin and I never had any problem with zippyshare.

Anyway this is the no scat version:


Why not Nyotengu and Momiji :)


As always, scat version is the best! Wish they had more scat props.


I've also never had problems with zippy and also kind of prefer it compared to most download sites except for Mega and mediafire.


What tutorials would you recommend new sfm guro artists to do?


Same here!




Thought I'd share. You can make some more unique scat props if you just color these brown within SFM.


You (and grgr444) are the only 2 reasons I visit the site. I like this semi-glamorous style, lighting and camera work. Good luck to you and your projects!


File: 1555589275760.jpg (537.37 KB, 1902x1006, tutorial 1.jpg)

Yes proper lighting is important in sfm. It can make or break a scene.

Mostly anny one youtube.
Learn how to lock props together as in pic to make them follow the motion.
And use the "zero" slider to fuse the movements.


I know they take a long time 2 make, but we miss your little gems! ;)




Hey! Don't forget about us!




File: 1556898219714.jpg (346.81 KB, 1920x1080, sw 3.jpg)


Dude that was beyond awesome, it's the next level.When I die that's the way I want 2 go.Make more with sexworkers when you have the time pls.You are the best!


Zippyshare is getting really seedy, any chance of another host in the future? Like Mega or Mediafire?


Is that Miya's model?
Would love to see something with her original model please


I am your bigfan,EVMC.Could you take another no scat vision?We have more lovers want to know,to join in.Pls


Wow now that was an atomic bump couterstrike! I love everything about this vid the hooker the sex, the way she was shot with cum in her ass and ofc the shit! I come here just to see your vids! Sexworkers definately need more punishment from you!


>>28976 I love that site!


Holy shit! You have officially become the best guro artist out on 3dcg!
If you had a patreon or something I would totally pay.
Do you take commissions?


All I'm getting is a "403 Forbidden"


Please don't use Zippyshare… is much better.


Well that was legit one of the hottest animations I've seen on here.
It's just slightly rough on the movements, but everything else is really well done.
I mean it's even got a cumshot and a squirt, hell even a fucking surprise death-shit which you never see.

Truly a great clip.


Damn the pleasure drone one was really good too. I've been missing out.
Love the gurgles at the end.


Mindblowing! I even showed this to my gf and she loved it too!


Best stuff I've seen in years. make more when you can with more prostitutes! On a side note, wtf are people complaining about zippy, it's one of the fastest and reliable upload sites on the net, i'm using it since 2007!


EVMCs work is the best on this side, cause he uses Human female modells without any tattoos, peircings or other disturbing stuff on them, only vanilla Women. That's for me the interesting aspect, i don't like all this Furry, Futa, Bestial things. EVMC is my favorite Artist!

I only get a 403 Forbidden. Zippyshare was good until now. 1st time that i get no access to a file on Zippyshare. Maybe someone can upload this clip on Rule34 or Sankakucomplex. Mega would be a good alternative 2. A big pre- Thx to the one who's able to do this.


for some reason my zip opener wont open this file? for a second i thought my opener was messing up but it works for other zip folders including other evmc videos.


It's a WinRAR file.


That could be the fault of your net provider i heard in some countries they block sites, for me also, zippy works fine!


Wow! Didn't expect to find something so good! Best 3d snuff animation on the net, period!


Dude! i did the same thing with mine and we fucked all night thinking someone will kick the door and shoot us! EVMC, you are the king, I hope you never stop making animations!


Perfection! Couples killed during sex is my main fetish! Well done!


Gr8 stuff m8! Can't w8 2 see more!


I suggest you use a vpn if you have a problem with zippyshare. Once I used it and told my browser that I was in the USA I had no problem


Now, that's what I expected to see for a long time! Very hot!


More plz!



Honestly thats a pretty solution when the host could use a more reputable site to begin with. Zippy share is just straight garbage, and to defend it by saying everyone needs to set up a VPN is terrible advice!


I don't really know what people are talking about, i download from zippyshare at regular basis, it's the fastest site and it's may fav site for like more than 10 years.Thou I heard about the 403 on other forums too it never happened to me.I use an addblock, no vpn and I see many people use it just as easy! Also unlike mega and the new sites i never heard of zippyshare deleting files so for me it's the best choice!


Allmost forgot to say I really enjoyed this animation, was a cocktail of everything I liked the situation, the kill, the atmosphere , the details(cigar smoke ftw), and the shit! :) Also it made me remeber my fav old tune for sex, Orbital-Tehnologique! ;) 10XEVMC!


We hunger for more!


I really do wish that something other than zippyshare would be used as each time I click on the link to download, it opens a new page and my ad blockers go hatwire. Any chance of uploading somewhere else?


This zs BS is beginning to look a lot like spam! Since ppl are talking BS, i'll lay a rumor here too, i heard zippyshare is one of the few sites without big brother on it's back.Btw zippyshare never gave me any problems!


LOL I wasn't defending Zippy, I was just saying that once I used a vpn my 403 problem was no longer an issue. It's up to EVMC what he uses since we're not paying him.
I'd prefer a better site for him to use as well but he seems to prefer using it for whatever reason so it's his call. I was literally just saying that "403 forbidden" problem is resolved by vpn lol


Well said, you gave a valid solution and the guy freaked.I think it's just one guy spammning this thread who wants to convince EVMC to use another site for various reasons or he's is just a troll.I didn't even have to use a vpm zippy works perfectly for me it's the best option to download or upload gray area files because zippy never takes them down, scans them or sends them to a third party.




Give us more i'm beginning to get addicted to your art and the 3dcg is filling with amateurish stuff when you are not around.




zippyshare is bringing up forbidden 403 now, maybe it's blocked in uk.


It is blocked in some countries probably because of the reasons stated above.It's one of the last "free" filesharing sites with no restriction regarding the content.I've heard the uk reinforced strict cyber laws so it's possible.In eastern europe and the usa it works perectly.If u are from the uk consider using a vpn, you will need it soon for many other purposes!


Use this to unblock, is that simple!


Interestingly I couldn't get it to download on one browser but after switching to another one. Namely switching from Chrome to IE I was able to download them for some reason.


Firefox user here, I didn't have any problems with zippyshare either so I guess the problem is google related!


I also use firefox and didn't have any problems downloading the files, but I'm not from the uk and I can't tell if they have an isp-level block in there.Anyways Google=Big Brother!






Zippyhshare seems to work fine for me on chrome.


I sincerly doubt this one can be topped by anything but I really want to see more!






Give us more pls!


Don't forget us!


You are the best m8!


Would anyone still happen to have 12879 from the last thread?


File: 1559604513720.jpeg (116.4 KB, 1920x1080, ayaneivy1000088.jpeg)



When you have time, make us another gem pls!




More pls!


Bump! Nothing new 4 the summer?


File: 1561786534082.jpg (243.25 KB, 1100x1158, pai 101.jpg)


File: 1561786550206.jpg (210.12 KB, 1100x1196, Pai 102.jpg)


File: 1561786591300.jpg (316.03 KB, 1100x1376, Pai 103.jpg)


File: 1561786621888.jpg (290.81 KB, 1100x1088, Pai 104.jpg)


Oh,maka a no scat version please.THANKS


File: 1561805426451.jpg (294.55 KB, 1100x1142, Pai 105.jpg)


Super sexy and funny, just what I allways expect 2 see from you! You are the best m8! Oh, yeah, and the scat/piss! ;) w8ting now 4 the next animation! Cheers!


Excellent! I was hoping for a video also, but your photoset is the next best thing!


No animation ffs! Btw…loved the way that bitch died! ;)


Hoe down! :))))


She ded


Perfect combo, sex&death! More pls!


Honey are you ok? You've been hit by, you've been struck by….a smooth criminal! ;)
I love it when she dies and he looks amazed at what happened or both die, can't wait to see more, maybe a video next time! You rock!


Well fucked and well killed! Just the way I like'em!


Make the next one an animation and the guy/client more nerdy! THANKS!


Love the death-shit!


More pls!


File: 1562511083876.jpg (724.96 KB, 1920x1080, Doom 101.jpg)


File: 1562511110510.jpg (934.97 KB, 1920x1888, Doom 102.jpg)


File: 1562511127183.jpg (849.21 KB, 1920x2056, Doom 103.jpg)


File: 1562511161137.jpg (846.64 KB, 1920x2056, Doom 104.jpg)


File: 1562511176194.jpg (748.79 KB, 1920x1808, Doom 105.jpg)


I'm in pure bliss right now! I just want to know is the last pic a preview for another set? Anyways don't stop! :) and make an animation when you can, you are indeed no.1 you should also try making a 3d game someday! ;)


I love it how the blow allmost pulls her off the dick! You are making my dreams come true!


File: 1562943331644.jpeg (847.65 KB, 1920x1080, hs 01.jpeg)

Summer bump.


futa version would be nice>>31437


Awesome. Before shot would be nice


i hope its video?)


Pls make another animation like Sexworker, it was awesome!


File: 1563459595737.jpeg (810.56 KB, 1920x1080, roulett 01.jpeg)


I love you mate! this is fucking awesome


I wish there was a way to tip you. I check back here every couple days a week to see if you uploaded something new.


You are a GENIUS m8! I love every thing you do, but now since u start using sexworkers as targets you went to the next level! You are not making anims anymore, these are stories! Gr8 stuff, hoping 2 see more from you soon!


I guess she didn't watch the Deer Hunter movie to make a De Niro escape


I feel like zippyshare is banned in my country, never seems to work but everyone else is enjoying the art :P


I loved this but I think Sexworker remains your best work so far! Looking forward to see the next one!





Awesome! Do some beheadings pls


More sexworkers sexy deaths plz!


File: 1563739179661.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, DarkWorld 1.jpeg)

No vid this time. Hope you like this any way.


File: 1563739198287.jpg (487.4 KB, 1920x2004, DW 101.jpg)


File: 1563739233488.jpg (337.48 KB, 1920x1228, DW 102.jpg)


File: 1563739249935.jpg (764.84 KB, 1920x2136, DW 103.jpg)


File: 1563739278020.jpg (927.68 KB, 1920x1920, DW 121.jpg)


File: 1563739293865.jpg (610.25 KB, 1920x2044, DW 122.jpg)


File: 1563739332212.jpg (474.24 KB, 1920x1266, DW 123.jpg)


File: 1563739363899.jpg (364.58 KB, 1920x1080, DW 124.jpg)


Ofc! You are making magic here! I like them both, your pics and your vidz! I love death during sex, the sexworker theme and the shit(when it appears) :) ! I especialy love to see sexworkers and horny women die in sexy ways! And the vamp was a nice surprise too, I haven't seen a vampire themed set in a long time! I think everything you did lately is above and beyond everything else in here! In my opinion you are number 1, keep it up!


This is the best pic!


I have to agree with what has been said about the "Sexworker" animation, it's one of the best ever done, if not the best! But as to EVMC being the number 1 3d guro artist, that yet remains to be seen!


Uploaded no scat version of >>31613 on sankaku

For those who have problems with zippyshare, using a proxy helped me (though probably there is a better workaround)


Gr8 stuff m8! W8ting 4 an anim!


EVMC! you can do about Lu Lingqi from dynasty warriors 8? dead in battle & necrophilia


Your works are awesome like always!
Can you make something like that with beheadings?


Amazing work as always, can you just behead those girls when they pooping instead of poop after death, haha


Love your work, but pls don't forget futas. You seem to be using males more now, but plllssss don't forget futas.


Futas were ok, but I think you did your best work using males and upgraded yourself to top tier!


More slaughter plz!


more futas and beheadings pls!!!


More bullets and sexworkers plz!


File: 1564336366739.jpg (825.14 KB, 1920x2984, DW 131.jpg)


File: 1564336392308.jpg (666.13 KB, 1920x2252, DW 132.jpg)


File: 1564336429587.jpg (698.86 KB, 1920x2460, DW 133.jpg)


File: 1564336456541.jpg (389.91 KB, 1920x1458, DW 134.jpg)


File: 1564336494849.jpg (769.63 KB, 1920x2700, DW 135.jpg)


File: 1564336515124.jpg (645.8 KB, 1920x2144, DW 136.jpg)


Not bad! ;)


More animations plz! We miss perfection!




That new short comic of your is absolutely outstanding! I love it



I don't even lurk here but I'm glad someone finally did russian roulette as an SFM.

Would have been nicer if they pulled the trigger several times, only to have an overconfident girl forced to pull it at the last chamber, so she knows she's fucked.

I got this idea from Pico's RPS Roulette (Yeah, the flash game lol). Pico's girl would blow the barrel like a slut.


I am so glad your back


File: 1565992575559.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x3332, overkill 011.jpg)

Newgrounds still up! Now I have to replay Picos school.

I am glad you are back to.


File: 1566488287071.jpg (698.19 KB, 1920x2916, DW 141.jpg)

I have been a bit lazy so no animations for now.
I hope this will substitute for now.


File: 1566488298369.jpg (680.18 KB, 1920x3020, DW 142.jpg)


File: 1566488318179.jpg (824.49 KB, 1920x3784, DW 143.jpg)


File: 1566488342090.jpg (536.38 KB, 1920x2392, DW 144.jpg)


This quality is absurd, thank you for sharing your works for free


Awesome! No worries about the animations, we only demand them because they are so good and after seeing them it's hard to get our fix from everything else here! On a side note I miss the shooter and the knife-killer, the vampire theme is getting a bit old, can you bring the killers from the previous animations back? Btw. the Sexworker flick has set a new standard for guro animations! Keep it up!


Your animation is amazing!
Is the best!
If possible, I'd like a DP version of this someday!
I'll always believe in you!



i can't wait to see how you are gonna finish off the vampire, maybe have her slaughtered by a pack of werewolfs or even a vampire hunter.


She married Count Dracula and made a bunch a vampire babies who one night devoured her in her sleep like little baby piranhas! THE END!


i'd like to see that.


Too bad you don't have a patreon or discord. Would love to commission something from you.




roulette 2 please!!!


and don't forget Sexworker 2!


I like the unique aesthetics of your videos. It's like the Playboy videos with nice camera movement and angles and overall high erotic element, not just the gore itself.




More futa please


Are you still around m8?


I attempted to add sound to an older, silent EVMC animation while we wait for new animations.

I hope he doesn't mind alterations to his work.!fUcmzSBB!3rpkDmRwQvQbNS1vJTCg8deDHue3CBt7M6NYMAezAlE


Gr8 work, that was 1 of my olt time favs! This guy is the fucking KING!


And scat too. You can literally use this and color it brown, it works perfectly.


A person with your skillz probably has a lot to do but don't forget us, ok? We love u!




Is there a scatless version of Evilone?


I want more shit I love the shit!




More plz!


Come forth and deliver us more beautifull visions of darkness! Your loyal followers summon you!


No rushing tho. Take your time with your work and your personal life too. It's so hard to come by good content and it would be a huge shame if you feel burnt out.


Something new for the Halloween maybe?






Awaiting the return of the King!


You are greatly missed on the scene m8! No matter how much the others try they can't surpass your work!



you are back, i hope?)


EVMC is the King of Guro!


Hail EVMC! Our GOD!


you wanna do somthing about your retarded fans? they're constantly spamming other forums


You are retarded! and GTFO the EVMC thread! I think you are the troll! Go anal-masturbate or something!


Your failed intellect doesn't realise that EVMC is the best!


It's me seeing things or just a new cult just appeared?


What these cult like asshats, who are really just your typical asshole who enjoys annoying people because they have no redeeming qualities as people, don't understand is that their derogatory crusade is going to come back and hurt their beloved artist.

Eventually people are just gonna get so fed up with their bullshit that they're gonna start taking it out on EVMC, who has done nothing wrong, and is a good, even excellent artist; but will be seen to be responsible for these retards.

Have fun sabotaging your own idol guys and gals.


We like EVMC because we choose the best and erase the rest! -the EVMC Gang!


Yes but, all things considered, I say we must take it easy because some lack the intellect to understand how great EVMC's work is, so if they don't understand us I say just leave them be to watch their obsolete repetitive animations over and over! Come back to us EVMC, nothing out there compared to what you gave us!


Who wants to bet the 'cult' is just one asshole in particular trying to stir shit up between the fanbases of two artists?


GTFO our thread you redneck! Low IQ people are not allowed here!


Yeah! Go buttkiss OP or something!



I am a long time fan of EVMC and I can say without fear of getting the heat that he is the best guro-artist here! I never cared for OP ot the others, save for Killing children who is in a league of his own! But, this spam has no point, i found it funny at first but it rattles too many idiots who, like a guy said will lash out at our EVMC.And don't spam this thread with EVMC name.I am waiting like many for him to come back.I understand you brother in arms, you don't want EVMC to be forgotten, it isn't, we are many here who love EVMC and for now let's just keep to ourselves and wait for EVMC to come back! He will prove to all that he is the best!


I would definetely bet 1 henchwoman painting on this.

This guy seems a bit too off for me,worth the price of "Internet Confusing Reward 2019".


Well said brother!


You seem to be lost and confused here on our thread, go home it's past your bedtime! But since you are here you can appreciate real-guro art! Maybe you will make some like this someday!


Give us an Xmas present!



I agree, EVMC is the best 3DCG guro artist on this board. The aesthetics of his work, lighting, camera angles - it looks so professional and erotic, it somehow reminds me of a Playboy Video Calendar videos, but with gore (nice idea btw, I'd definetely watch it).



Same here! Can't w8 4 EVMC 2 return!


I want to see more people murdered during hot sex! No one does this like EVMC!


I would love to see Sexworker 2! That animation was the next level!


Merry Christmas EVMC! You and OP are my favorite guro animators. Without you, there'd be a lot less good stuff out there. Just spreading good will, 'cause it's that time of year.


Merry Xmas EVMC, you are the best artist on the 3DCG board!


Merry xmas EVMC, you are my favorite artist m8! I only check this board from time 2 time 2 see if you returned!


I don't belive in Xmas but I belive in you! You are the King of 3D guro animations!


Too bad you are away, I hope you will solve all your RL problems soon! I would love to see an Xmas dressed hooker receive bullets as presents, in Sexworker 2, and taking her last shit! Also want to say, you are the best man!



why do I have a feeling that most of those christmas comments above were written by one guy?



hahaha because they are written by the same guy. it's that crumpet eating faggot that lives in his mom's basement


They may be a basement dwelling fag, but you leave crumpets out of this, they're delicious.


You do I have the feeling that you are spamming the EVMC thread because you can't properly suck your own dicks while watching OP's videos, knowing EVMC gets more admiration and respect than him!
Btw, Happy Hollydays and an excellent New Year EVMC!


Well said m8! and I think you meant Why instead of "You".I'll add something to it!
Stay in your own threads gays and eat eachother's crumpets! We love EVMC and if you don't like it you can KYS!



I have nothing against EVMC, infact I think he's extremely talented. My problem is there is this one gay faggot that wants to suck his dick and he's a closet homosexual that isn't going anywhere in life.

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I guess you were so butthurt by that troll you are picking on random people now! Consider treatment! He should't spam OP but he was right and many of us consider EVMC the best and many praise OP.You either can't stand that EVMC is getting the same praises or you are the one who spams both threads.In either case you are a fag! Oh yeah, and EVMC is much better so eat shit and die!


You talk of retards but you are the only one spamming here m8!



No more vidz?


Make a sequel to this plz! You are the only one with the skill to make something great! Your quality is above and beyond all the artists in the 3DCG boards, not even the infamous OP, doesn't compare to you, you have created a new art form with inspiration stolen from the gods like Prometheus! You are our god! Hail EVMC!


someone could do a case study on sever mental disorders on this retard constantly spamming every forum


I will do it, as soon as your mom finishes to clean my cock of shit after i rammed her ass all day!



I know, he always talks about fucking other peoples' moms and having a poop dick.

My guess is he's probably between the ages of 15 and 20 and has nothing going on in his life so he spams and trolls other threads hoping he might get ONE friend out of all his jabber.

I find him to be on the entertaining side but I agree with you, he needs help.


And your obsession with him!


No vidz?


Happy New Year EVMC, we love you, you are the best!


Happy New Year! I'm sure you will return and no matter what jealous people say, you are the King of 3DCG board! I come here only to see if you returned! Hail EVMC!


This thread is dead… the only who keeps bumping is that EVMC shit lover, i hope EVMC never post nothing again :)


You sure about that? Ur mom bumps the thread everytime I push her shit into her big ass! Right now I'm putting an EVMC signed buttplug into her asshole.Damn the bitch just orgasmed! Your mom's such a whore! Can't talk right now I need to discipline your slut mom!


Sorry 2 dissapoint, we love EVMC and we are here to stay, and for all your devoted comments here is a big KYS from all the EVMC fans!


File: 1578082519987.jpeg (165.23 KB, 1920x1080, Smugler 3000005.jpeg)

"Hmmmm, that looks like one of gurochanEVMC's early works!"

That's the last straw! I won't have anyone claiming others work for me.
I have been waiting for this behavior to disappear. So I decided not to share anything
in 6 months from now on.
If I see any post about me here or elsewhere from now on. I will never return.


Thanks, EVMC, i hope this will shut that retard up.


Well hope yall are happy with yourselves, Ya done went and ticked em of, we all had a nice little thing going here and people had to run around being twaty for no good reason, smh


Nice try, but we know the real EVMC won't post a rar file of that size!

This said, you guys might be right that he is the best, but the real EVMC won't like to see all that spam with his name.So, instead of spamming you can try to make your own animations in similar fashion.I would sure love to see something in EVMC's style!


That's not EVMC, but he's on point! Btw. doesn't answering a post in a similar retarded fashion, makes you a retard also?


thanks for proving it, retard


You are just a failed retarded troll!



hey EVMC, i was wondering, would you ever be willing to offer the session files for your sfm stuff? if you were, i'd like to request the session files for your old animations, just in case if you still had the files

either way, thanks a bunch, keep up the great work



That's literally what this retard wants. He has been trolling you so you disappear for good, because he doesn't like you scat content.


EVMC. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! In other thoughts you are really missed here so please condier posting!
Two reasons! Reason no.1 You are loved by many including myself and your content is unique in style and it also has scat!
Reason no.2 …. Troll invasion!


Last night i fuck with a turd i made, then i eat it, later that i post retarted comments and bump dead threads… i just love shit and scat! I'm still waiting for more videos, i've been waiting for more than 6 months and still nothing, maybe the artist stoped posting for the annyoying i am! Please if everyone are read this reply! I'm so patetic and lonely! I need atention!


It's good that you share what you like with us.You like shit and we won't hold that against you.Life is full of shit and you are full of life!


You may think ur smart, but ur actually dumb af ;).You can have some of my shit for free, after you eat it maybe your IQ will rise! Yeah and don't forget the rule you worthless toilet slave, EVMC>OP ;) !


Love EVMC's work, please keep making amazing stuffs.


I second that!


maybe that's exactly what they want,make quarrel everyone to stop guro.Anyway,just ignore these provocations and keep doing quality stuff with other creators.


That's not EVMC it's just another fake troll post!
And idk what they want, I don't think they have a purpose other than incite fighting and laugh!



All links are dead. Could someone post new ones?


BS the links are working fine! I don't understand what do you guys gain from all this trolling? They aren't treating you right at the mental hospital and you take it out on this site?


My apologies anon, I just discovered that zippyshare is blocked in my country.


None needed, since the trolls plagued our site you can't tell who's normal and who's trolling around here, it's insane!
You can use this free proxy to bypass the block:
I'll see if I can find more!
Cheers m8!


Thanks, it works like a charm.


Can't wait to see your next work! Nothing in this board compares to what you do!

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