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File: 1550873122667.jpeg (881.16 KB, 1920x1080, evmc2.jpeg)


A new thread?


File: 1550873209609.jpg (347.46 KB, 1920x1080, Evilone 01.jpg)

https ://www41.zippyshare.com/v/DT1jAHHD/file.html

Better late than newer.


Awesome stuff EVMC, glad you're back in action. Did not know that's what your name stands for.

Would like to see more of your DOA girls!


So glad to see you back!


yesss, glad you are back!
Could you repost the animation from >>23129? It's not available in the site and nobody seems to have it.


Welcome back EVMC!
I waited for your return!

please make your awesome stuff more


File: 1550960203020.jpeg (145.36 KB, 1920x1080, 1528732541914.jpeg)


Hi EVMC Iam glad to look at your wonderful works!

By the way, I want to request to you

> Woman of No.27547 would like to ask the work to be shot dead at the end pressed against

the machinegun in the valley of the breast

Just like this work as an example↓


Great work, nice to see you back!

Can you do your usual scatless version?
And is there any platform to reach you on for when GC inevitably goes down again?


How do you download from zippyshare? There's no download button and all the ones that claim to be the file downloads are ads.


File: 1551005740901.png (63.78 KB, 1067x451, gfdgfdgdfs.PNG)


Well that's just fucking awesome.


Do you have anal and scat version for that?




A M A Z I N G stuff! The Doom2 where she gets her head popped by evil forces is next level!


OMG the legend returned! So glad to see you again!


The King is back! Man I love your work, everything you do is a little gem. The car animation was mindblowing i hope 2 see more ladies die the same way and while having sex! I love the scat 2, i think it's sexy&funny at the same time! Looking 4ward 2 see more from you!


Yeah, I've been clicking on that for ages and all I get are ads demanding I download a 'file converter' to get the file. No such luck.


4 me Zippyshare is a good reliable and fast source! If some1 has problems downloading try disabling the ad-blocker! Can't w8 4 more animations like the car-kill! Gr8 stuff m8!


Do you use an adblocker?


Your stuff is the best! We really missed you aroung here! Top quality videos, animations and concept! I liked the first one more because it's in a real setting, I would love to see more ladies die like that during masturbation and/or sex! Imagine if there was a guy or a futa in car jerking off to and the looking in surprise as his partner was getting snuffed! ;)


And taking an unwilling shit! ;)


Just stumbled across your stuff. Do you happen to do any hanging animations? I only saw the two with Ivy in your old thread


Awesome comeback, looking forward to see more from you! You are the best!


Nothing here comes close to your anims, i'll check here daily to see if you posted new stuff.Your first animation, Evilone could verry well be the intro of an action-horror game!



Perfection! i'm glad to see your still around, finding this thread and your new stuff was like finding diamonds in a mine! Great work! Give us moar when you can!


Wish I could watch the videos, but I've downloaded like 5 diffrent things and I still can't watch one. Rip


I wish I was there in that car masturbating with her! Mindblowing stuff!


Welcome back!


Any other file site you can use? Every time I try and click the download file it asks me to download a file converter for pdf files. I'm not downloading that honestly.


File: 1551516126253.jpg (347.46 KB, 1920x1080, Evilone 01.jpg)


why need new thread ? old one broken ?
P.S.Good that I saw it anyway :D


The legend is back! And it's taking us to the next level!






File: 1552132080519.jpg (379.88 KB, 1920x1080, decap 31.jpg)


File: 1552132114316.jpg (433.55 KB, 1920x1080, decap 32.jpg)


File: 1552132183696.jpg (758.03 KB, 1920x1948, doom 011.jpg)


File: 1552132332535.jpg (586.8 KB, 1920x1652, doom 012.jpg)


If some one would like? They can add narrative text to those.


I would like! Especially for >>27774
>>27775 and


Awesome quality and hot as allways.Sure I would like 2 see text 2!


This 1 is so hot, 2 bad she didn't have 2 take a shit but still so hot. 2 bad this wasn't an animation.I would verry much like 2 see her die as she fucks, that would be 2 hot!


I love how you make them piss and shit as they die! Give us more awesome stuff!


The best but missing the shit!



This needs to be animated! Definitely need more like this


Would request that someone upload content to Sankaku or other than zippyshare. Continuously unable to view.



behead is great,but incontinence…it make me uncomfortable:)


i vote for 27775



amazing.. plz make d.va


A picture is worth thousands of faps! ;)


I'm wondering if you you can use any other site other than zippyshare as I keep getting the same message about installing something.


Zippy works perfectly 4 me, I guess it depends of the browser and the ad-blocker.


OP, do you have a Discord or any other way to reach you?


I would love 2 see futas killed while having sex with girls, normal couples 2!


File: 1552946347598.jpg (610.15 KB, 1920x2262, drone 011.jpg)


The Link don't work


Can you make a video of Momiji getting beheaded mid-sex?


i suggest make two version,shit and no shits


Awesome and hillarious, keep beating the "shit" out of the whores!


Amazing! I imagined at first that a drone was going to shoot them and it would have been verry hot that a robot would come and beat the crap out of a futa and a bith.Would you do an attack on a brothel?


I second that I would love to see more kills in mid-sex!


Gives a new meaning to beating the crap out of a whore!


File: 1553028136527.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, drone 021.jpeg)


Very hot! Storywise and animation!
For me the shit is one of the things that make your animations unique! Sexy and funny at the same time in the same cocktail!


Would like to see the original DOA characters instead of custom!
They deserve some more punishment


I would love 2 see Nyotengu killed while fucking 2.We'll pretend that a futa clone was killed in the last animation! ;)


Btw I would love 2 see something incest themed 2!


Do you have anal and scat version for that?


Do you have an anal and scat mod for doom 2?


thanks!>>27943 two vision mean do more but suit for everyone!


Going to just say this again even though it's been mentioned. But fuck Zippyshare. That site is straight cancer. I have not been able to get anywhere near downloading the files eveb with ad blockers


I use chrome an uBlock Origin and I never had any problem with zippyshare.

Anyway this is the no scat version: https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/7644013


Why not Nyotengu and Momiji :)


As always, scat version is the best! Wish they had more scat props.


I've also never had problems with zippy and also kind of prefer it compared to most download sites except for Mega and mediafire.

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