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A new thread?
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I don't belive in Xmas but I belive in you! You are the King of 3D guro animations!


Too bad you are away, I hope you will solve all your RL problems soon! I would love to see an Xmas dressed hooker receive bullets as presents, in Sexworker 2, and taking her last shit! Also want to say, you are the best man!



why do I have a feeling that most of those christmas comments above were written by one guy?



hahaha because they are written by the same guy. it's that crumpet eating faggot that lives in his mom's basement


They may be a basement dwelling fag, but you leave crumpets out of this, they're delicious.


You do I have the feeling that you are spamming the EVMC thread because you can't properly suck your own dicks while watching OP's videos, knowing EVMC gets more admiration and respect than him!
Btw, Happy Hollydays and an excellent New Year EVMC!


Well said m8! and I think you meant Why instead of "You".I'll add something to it!
Stay in your own threads gays and eat eachother's crumpets! We love EVMC and if you don't like it you can KYS!



I have nothing against EVMC, infact I think he's extremely talented. My problem is there is this one gay faggot that wants to suck his dick and he's a closet homosexual that isn't going anywhere in life.

Consider suicide, you're a waste of space and life on this planet you mother fucker.


Haha, why don't you suck his dick then and stop spamming! For all I know you could be a gay faggot yourself, or he might be your closet personality in which case you should go suck your own dick!



You are a god damn retard. You're the one going into OP's thread and spamming how EVMC is a god you fucking cock sucker.

Come up with your own insults. Every time you send a message everyone knows how much of a nigger you are. Seriously, consider suicide.


I guess you were so butthurt by that troll you are picking on random people now! Consider treatment! He should't spam OP but he was right and many of us consider EVMC the best and many praise OP.You either can't stand that EVMC is getting the same praises or you are the one who spams both threads.In either case you are a fag! Oh yeah, and EVMC is much better so eat shit and die!


You talk of retards but you are the only one spamming here m8!



No more vidz?


Make a sequel to this plz! You are the only one with the skill to make something great! Your quality is above and beyond all the artists in the 3DCG boards, not even the infamous OP, doesn't compare to you, you have created a new art form with inspiration stolen from the gods like Prometheus! You are our god! Hail EVMC!


someone could do a case study on sever mental disorders on this retard constantly spamming every forum


I will do it, as soon as your mom finishes to clean my cock of shit after i rammed her ass all day!



I know, he always talks about fucking other peoples' moms and having a poop dick.

My guess is he's probably between the ages of 15 and 20 and has nothing going on in his life so he spams and trolls other threads hoping he might get ONE friend out of all his jabber.

I find him to be on the entertaining side but I agree with you, he needs help.


And your obsession with him!


No vidz?


Happy New Year EVMC, we love you, you are the best!


Happy New Year! I'm sure you will return and no matter what jealous people say, you are the King of 3DCG board! I come here only to see if you returned! Hail EVMC!


This thread is dead… the only who keeps bumping is that EVMC shit lover, i hope EVMC never post nothing again :)


You sure about that? Ur mom bumps the thread everytime I push her shit into her big ass! Right now I'm putting an EVMC signed buttplug into her asshole.Damn the bitch just orgasmed! Your mom's such a whore! Can't talk right now I need to discipline your slut mom!


Sorry 2 dissapoint, we love EVMC and we are here to stay, and for all your devoted comments here is a big KYS from all the EVMC fans!


File: 1578082519987.jpeg (165.23 KB, 1920x1080, Smugler 3000005.jpeg)

"Hmmmm, that looks like one of gurochanEVMC's early works!"

That's the last straw! I won't have anyone claiming others work for me.
I have been waiting for this behavior to disappear. So I decided not to share anything
in 6 months from now on.
If I see any post about me here or elsewhere from now on. I will never return.


Thanks, EVMC, i hope this will shut that retard up.


Well hope yall are happy with yourselves, Ya done went and ticked em of, we all had a nice little thing going here and people had to run around being twaty for no good reason, smh


Nice try, but we know the real EVMC won't post a rar file of that size!

This said, you guys might be right that he is the best, but the real EVMC won't like to see all that spam with his name.So, instead of spamming you can try to make your own animations in similar fashion.I would sure love to see something in EVMC's style!


That's not EVMC, but he's on point! Btw. doesn't answering a post in a similar retarded fashion, makes you a retard also?


thanks for proving it, retard


You are just a failed retarded troll!



hey EVMC, i was wondering, would you ever be willing to offer the session files for your sfm stuff? if you were, i'd like to request the session files for your old animations, just in case if you still had the files

either way, thanks a bunch, keep up the great work



That's literally what this retard wants. He has been trolling you so you disappear for good, because he doesn't like you scat content.


EVMC. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! In other thoughts you are really missed here so please condier posting!
Two reasons! Reason no.1 You are loved by many including myself and your content is unique in style and it also has scat!
Reason no.2 …. Troll invasion!


Last night i fuck with a turd i made, then i eat it, later that i post retarted comments and bump dead threads… i just love shit and scat! I'm still waiting for more videos, i've been waiting for more than 6 months and still nothing, maybe the artist stoped posting for the annyoying i am! Please if everyone are read this reply! I'm so patetic and lonely! I need atention!


It's good that you share what you like with us.You like shit and we won't hold that against you.Life is full of shit and you are full of life!


You may think ur smart, but ur actually dumb af ;).You can have some of my shit for free, after you eat it maybe your IQ will rise! Yeah and don't forget the rule you worthless toilet slave, EVMC>OP ;) !


Love EVMC's work, please keep making amazing stuffs.


I second that!


maybe that's exactly what they want,make quarrel everyone to stop guro.Anyway,just ignore these provocations and keep doing quality stuff with other creators.


That's not EVMC it's just another fake troll post!
And idk what they want, I don't think they have a purpose other than incite fighting and laugh!



All links are dead. Could someone post new ones?


BS the links are working fine! I don't understand what do you guys gain from all this trolling? They aren't treating you right at the mental hospital and you take it out on this site?


My apologies anon, I just discovered that zippyshare is blocked in my country.


None needed, since the trolls plagued our site you can't tell who's normal and who's trolling around here, it's insane!
You can use this free proxy to bypass the block:
I'll see if I can find more!
Cheers m8!


Thanks, it works like a charm.

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