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I have to agree with what has been said about the "Sexworker" animation, it's one of the best ever done, if not the best! But as to EVMC being the number 1 3d guro artist, that yet remains to be seen!


Uploaded no scat version of >>31613 on sankaku

For those who have problems with zippyshare, using a proxy helped me (though probably there is a better workaround)


Gr8 stuff m8! W8ting 4 an anim!


EVMC! you can do about Lu Lingqi from dynasty warriors 8? dead in battle & necrophilia


Your works are awesome like always!
Can you make something like that with beheadings?


Amazing work as always, can you just behead those girls when they pooping instead of poop after death, haha


Love your work, but pls don't forget futas. You seem to be using males more now, but plllssss don't forget futas.


Futas were ok, but I think you did your best work using males and upgraded yourself to top tier!


More slaughter plz!


more futas and beheadings pls!!!


More bullets and sexworkers plz!


File: 1564336366739.jpg (825.14 KB, 1920x2984, DW 131.jpg)


File: 1564336392308.jpg (666.13 KB, 1920x2252, DW 132.jpg)


File: 1564336429587.jpg (698.86 KB, 1920x2460, DW 133.jpg)


File: 1564336456541.jpg (389.91 KB, 1920x1458, DW 134.jpg)


File: 1564336494849.jpg (769.63 KB, 1920x2700, DW 135.jpg)


File: 1564336515124.jpg (645.8 KB, 1920x2144, DW 136.jpg)


Not bad! ;)


More animations plz! We miss perfection!




That new short comic of your is absolutely outstanding! I love it



I don't even lurk here but I'm glad someone finally did russian roulette as an SFM.

Would have been nicer if they pulled the trigger several times, only to have an overconfident girl forced to pull it at the last chamber, so she knows she's fucked.

I got this idea from Pico's RPS Roulette (Yeah, the flash game lol). Pico's girl would blow the barrel like a slut.


I am so glad your back


File: 1565992575559.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x3332, overkill 011.jpg)

Newgrounds still up! Now I have to replay Picos school.

I am glad you are back to.


File: 1566488287071.jpg (698.19 KB, 1920x2916, DW 141.jpg)

I have been a bit lazy so no animations for now.
I hope this will substitute for now.


File: 1566488298369.jpg (680.18 KB, 1920x3020, DW 142.jpg)


File: 1566488318179.jpg (824.49 KB, 1920x3784, DW 143.jpg)


File: 1566488342090.jpg (536.38 KB, 1920x2392, DW 144.jpg)


This quality is absurd, thank you for sharing your works for free


Awesome! No worries about the animations, we only demand them because they are so good and after seeing them it's hard to get our fix from everything else here! On a side note I miss the shooter and the knife-killer, the vampire theme is getting a bit old, can you bring the killers from the previous animations back? Btw. the Sexworker flick has set a new standard for guro animations! Keep it up!


Your animation is amazing!
Is the best!
If possible, I'd like a DP version of this someday!
I'll always believe in you!



i can't wait to see how you are gonna finish off the vampire, maybe have her slaughtered by a pack of werewolfs or even a vampire hunter.


She married Count Dracula and made a bunch a vampire babies who one night devoured her in her sleep like little baby piranhas! THE END!


i'd like to see that.


Too bad you don't have a patreon or discord. Would love to commission something from you.




roulette 2 please!!!


and don't forget Sexworker 2!


I like the unique aesthetics of your videos. It's like the Playboy videos with nice camera movement and angles and overall high erotic element, not just the gore itself.




More futa please


Are you still around m8?


I attempted to add sound to an older, silent EVMC animation while we wait for new animations.

I hope he doesn't mind alterations to his work.!fUcmzSBB!3rpkDmRwQvQbNS1vJTCg8deDHue3CBt7M6NYMAezAlE


Gr8 work, that was 1 of my olt time favs! This guy is the fucking KING!


And scat too. You can literally use this and color it brown, it works perfectly.


A person with your skillz probably has a lot to do but don't forget us, ok? We love u!




Is there a scatless version of Evilone?


I want more shit I love the shit!

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