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A new thread?
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I know they take a long time 2 make, but we miss your little gems! ;)




Hey! Don't forget about us!




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Dude that was beyond awesome, it's the next level.When I die that's the way I want 2 go.Make more with sexworkers when you have the time pls.You are the best!


Zippyshare is getting really seedy, any chance of another host in the future? Like Mega or Mediafire?


Is that Miya's model?
Would love to see something with her original model please


I am your bigfan,EVMC.Could you take another no scat vision?We have more lovers want to know,to join in.Pls


Wow now that was an atomic bump couterstrike! I love everything about this vid the hooker the sex, the way she was shot with cum in her ass and ofc the shit! I come here just to see your vids! Sexworkers definately need more punishment from you!


>>28976 I love that site!


Holy shit! You have officially become the best guro artist out on 3dcg!
If you had a patreon or something I would totally pay.
Do you take commissions?


All I'm getting is a "403 Forbidden"


Please don't use Zippyshare… is much better.


Well that was legit one of the hottest animations I've seen on here.
It's just slightly rough on the movements, but everything else is really well done.
I mean it's even got a cumshot and a squirt, hell even a fucking surprise death-shit which you never see.

Truly a great clip.


Damn the pleasure drone one was really good too. I've been missing out.
Love the gurgles at the end.


Mindblowing! I even showed this to my gf and she loved it too!


Best stuff I've seen in years. make more when you can with more prostitutes! On a side note, wtf are people complaining about zippy, it's one of the fastest and reliable upload sites on the net, i'm using it since 2007!


EVMCs work is the best on this side, cause he uses Human female modells without any tattoos, peircings or other disturbing stuff on them, only vanilla Women. That's for me the interesting aspect, i don't like all this Furry, Futa, Bestial things. EVMC is my favorite Artist!

I only get a 403 Forbidden. Zippyshare was good until now. 1st time that i get no access to a file on Zippyshare. Maybe someone can upload this clip on Rule34 or Sankakucomplex. Mega would be a good alternative 2. A big pre- Thx to the one who's able to do this.


for some reason my zip opener wont open this file? for a second i thought my opener was messing up but it works for other zip folders including other evmc videos.


It's a WinRAR file.


That could be the fault of your net provider i heard in some countries they block sites, for me also, zippy works fine!


Wow! Didn't expect to find something so good! Best 3d snuff animation on the net, period!


Dude! i did the same thing with mine and we fucked all night thinking someone will kick the door and shoot us! EVMC, you are the king, I hope you never stop making animations!


Perfection! Couples killed during sex is my main fetish! Well done!


Gr8 stuff m8! Can't w8 2 see more!


I suggest you use a vpn if you have a problem with zippyshare. Once I used it and told my browser that I was in the USA I had no problem


Now, that's what I expected to see for a long time! Very hot!


More plz!



Honestly thats a pretty solution when the host could use a more reputable site to begin with. Zippy share is just straight garbage, and to defend it by saying everyone needs to set up a VPN is terrible advice!


I don't really know what people are talking about, i download from zippyshare at regular basis, it's the fastest site and it's may fav site for like more than 10 years.Thou I heard about the 403 on other forums too it never happened to me.I use an addblock, no vpn and I see many people use it just as easy! Also unlike mega and the new sites i never heard of zippyshare deleting files so for me it's the best choice!


Allmost forgot to say I really enjoyed this animation, was a cocktail of everything I liked the situation, the kill, the atmosphere , the details(cigar smoke ftw), and the shit! :) Also it made me remeber my fav old tune for sex, Orbital-Tehnologique! ;) 10XEVMC!


We hunger for more!


I really do wish that something other than zippyshare would be used as each time I click on the link to download, it opens a new page and my ad blockers go hatwire. Any chance of uploading somewhere else?


This zs BS is beginning to look a lot like spam! Since ppl are talking BS, i'll lay a rumor here too, i heard zippyshare is one of the few sites without big brother on it's back.Btw zippyshare never gave me any problems!


LOL I wasn't defending Zippy, I was just saying that once I used a vpn my 403 problem was no longer an issue. It's up to EVMC what he uses since we're not paying him.
I'd prefer a better site for him to use as well but he seems to prefer using it for whatever reason so it's his call. I was literally just saying that "403 forbidden" problem is resolved by vpn lol


Well said, you gave a valid solution and the guy freaked.I think it's just one guy spammning this thread who wants to convince EVMC to use another site for various reasons or he's is just a troll.I didn't even have to use a vpm zippy works perfectly for me it's the best option to download or upload gray area files because zippy never takes them down, scans them or sends them to a third party.




Give us more i'm beginning to get addicted to your art and the 3dcg is filling with amateurish stuff when you are not around.




zippyshare is bringing up forbidden 403 now, maybe it's blocked in uk.


It is blocked in some countries probably because of the reasons stated above.It's one of the last "free" filesharing sites with no restriction regarding the content.I've heard the uk reinforced strict cyber laws so it's possible.In eastern europe and the usa it works perectly.If u are from the uk consider using a vpn, you will need it soon for many other purposes!


Use this to unblock, is that simple!


Interestingly I couldn't get it to download on one browser but after switching to another one. Namely switching from Chrome to IE I was able to download them for some reason.


Firefox user here, I didn't have any problems with zippyshare either so I guess the problem is google related!


I also use firefox and didn't have any problems downloading the files, but I'm not from the uk and I can't tell if they have an isp-level block in there.Anyways Google=Big Brother!






Zippyhshare seems to work fine for me on chrome.


I sincerly doubt this one can be topped by anything but I really want to see more!

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