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i fucked up pic too dark oh well video better


You have done my dream scene, welcome back to my hero


Exactly what I imagined when I saw this death scene. A better quality version would be nice, om Mega for example.


Reaally impressive


higher quality is on patreon


It looks good, but I feel like her lower jaw looks weird.




Can you do one where the zombies eat her pussy?


What else you gonna do witth her? >:D


please continue on doing such vids, also make a double zombie death rape as well, make her twitch after death and while being raped and you'll get a masterpiece


Wow. That's really nice. I've followed your work since way back, and you have come a long way, my man. keep up the good work.


beheading also very welcome!


whats your patreon?


whats your patreon


he (kind of) did a beheading with dva's head crushed under reinhardt's hammer




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