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File: 1443570885238.jpg (148.09 KB, 1280x720, shot0001.jpg)


I'm wondering why there isn't more of mmd stuff around...!5hhSDa6Y!bbdJjCa3E4-NyiDP18dpC7tfUZJMddmOkbfxSJy1FKU


File: 1443570950673.jpg (162.7 KB, 1280x720, shot0002.jpg)

shot #2


Ok nice


File: 1484167071734.png (752.81 KB, 1280x720, 44p-vr.PNG)

MMD has different things.


File: 1484167111824.png (525.49 KB, 1280x720, 46p-vr.PNG)


File: 1484167161187.png (816.19 KB, 1280x720, 45pr-p-vr.PNG)


Oh god this animation.. oh GOD. i was so creeped out by how bad it was (the scaling of models - giants vs midgets) and the jerky movement... I was laughing and being creeped out at the same time! MORE! XD


Whats the source on the rin shots


File: 1484591997364.jpg (139.08 KB, 916x576, 1-vr.jpg)

Editor MMD. I took a few pictures when i learn was doing MMD-stereograms. Video yet. However, it is possible maybe will be done to necro-thread.




Could you do anything with the mmd models of the girls from RWBY?


File: 1484797076315.png (417.46 KB, 1280x720, 55a.PNG)

Yes I can. However, to create such a video I need some time. Roughly about a week. 50/50 probability of success. I can make a video with the model of yellow, black, red. Select which model will be the first.
Also specify your wishes to the terrain. Where this is done. In the room, or in the town square, or in the nature.


i vote yellow in room. Lots of struggling! And tongue! xD


Red in the room I guess.


Why not all four?


How about also create some Human Grimm Hybrid like a guy in a shadow hood with glowing eyes that looks like the perpetrator behind this?


How about a video for Kagamine Rin?


File: 1485314140521.jpg (725.95 KB, 1264x1040, 15813150.jpg)

Made. With yellow quick hanging. When the body falls. Long hanging when the rope is pulled. I'll try to do it with red. ^ ^

File Name: Y-GR(2in1).rar File size: 26.7 MB
Warning: Adults only.

It is on the waiting list. 50/50 probability of success.

I wish that one remained alive.

Maybe later. ^ ^



little rigid, but so these is good stuff


I love your art

Also I think I will leave this here...

A discord board of mine and I delighted if you join us as we are fast growing




File: 1493057500603.jpg (236.04 KB, 2200x1260, мсVjhIyHb.jpg)


This looks promising!


It would look promising if she had a knife in her hand



Wish there was more of this...


This could be a mom son incest caught and followed by a hanging!


File: 1500386135258.png (684.48 KB, 1280x720, Ca1ar.png)

MMD Carrot picture


File: 1500386605943.png (557.86 KB, 1100x588, Carstg.png)

And a cross stereopair (stereogram)

(How to at see a stereogram to see the image in volume you can learn on the Internet)



File: 1500438223900.png (739.86 KB, 1280x720, Margaret_01.png)

Yes. There is such a possibility. This is certainly not guaranteed. Depends on free time and the opportunity to get to Gurochan. But I'll try.


File: 1500438688321.jpg (315.4 KB, 600x800, Mar-PR-Han.jpg)

I already prepared one of those models that you requested.
In this archive there are 8 images + 2 videos (around the model. What could be viewed from different angles.)
You can download here:

File name: MarHand.rar File size: 19.76 MB


WOW i never liked this program but your works are amazing! If only in the new videos they struggled for a bit or at least be molested by someone it would be great! I still love it! And those models are nice!


please hang ruby (rwby) naked next


File: 1500507198868.jpg (811.79 KB, 1280x720, HNYC.jpg)

Thank you very much!
Unfortunately not all models are the same in terms of the capabilities that they can. With some models that have good textures and physics capabilities, you can get good video. With some not very good. Those models that the person ordered >>12896
The possibilities of physics are somewhat limited.
There it is necessary to look at a specific model.
Sorry, I read and write using Google translator, and did not quite understand what you mean here:
"at least be molested by someone it would be"
If possible, you could write in other words. Using synonyms. Or a little more. ?
Ruby (rwby) is very attractive, from my point of view. I hope to make a video with her. The whole process, from the beginning to the complete stop. Of course there are no guarantees. But there is a desire to see it. So I think I'll make it. Only a later. Please understand me ^ ^
I hope it will be. I ask your understanding ^ ^


>>12945 (about the One Piece models)
I mean - either being touched by someone while hanged (like her breasts or butt) or maybe being kissed. But really, just normal thrashing around and then going still on a gallows would be great!

Something like this >>9342 would be amazing!


File: 1500554651065.jpg (61.63 KB, 1280x720, 3.jpg)

Not OP here, but I thought I'd give your request a go. More MMD stuff is always a good thing. Only had time to do a few pictures though unfortunately.


File: 1500555166447.png (1.75 MB, 1280x720, 5.png)

Pic 2


File: 1500555222800.jpg (197.85 KB, 1280x720, 6.jpg)

Pic 3



hope to see it soon , and that it is full nude, not just topless or whatever, though those pics were nice.


File: 1500767997357.jpg (443.48 KB, 1024x576, N-ami Pos jpg.jpg)

So, I made another model of those that you made the request.
Download it here:
Filename: N-r-ami.rar File saze: 84.37 MB

I tried to take into account your wishes when I was making a video. Since I understood them. Unless of course I understood them correctly. There is a touch. Even a few. ^ ^

I also do not OP here ^ ^

Between the neck and the rope, the arm will crawl through. (Although I do not know if it's customary to write criticism here.) ^ ^

If done faster, then there will be less quality. If do quality - it will be much longer.
If you want faster, then the next one is Ruby. (Although of course there are no guarantees. Our life is unpredictable.)


File: 1500822610184.jpg (683.31 KB, 1320x716, prew.jpg)



The Ruby 3 are SSSOOOOO CUTE!!!! <3


better quality over speed


This is so great!
I have few suggestions for future animations- as i dont know the program i dont know if you can do that with it, but if you can then :
-make girls boobs bounce.
-make their bodies/legs swing a little bit while touched.
- use some nude models.

Maybe you could make an hanging / decapitation animation with Marceline?


File: 1502336062137.jpg (212.87 KB, 1679x1332, DC081208.JPG)



File: 1502446211944.jpg (615.4 KB, 1100x720, R11v.jpg)

Thank you for your wishes! It's good that you turned my attention to the boobs. Most models allow to make them move. I will use this. (In the new video with Ruby, the hair will rise when it falls, and the boobs will bounce off when jerk).
Small leg cramps make it extremely difficult and not on all models possible. However, it is certainly possible to make leg movements. The legs will move and move. ^^
(It is strange that two different words the translator translated the same "move")
If the model has a nude version, then I use the nude version. ^ ^
Unfortunately I can not make a video with the model that you showed. (Marceline). This is not the MMD model. (This is not Pmd or Pmx file). Need MMD version.

The work is done on 80%. If there will not be unforeseen circumstances (force majeure), then soon.


File: 1502522740816.jpg (617.12 KB, 1280x720, Poster T.jpg)

Now, I made
You can download here:

Filename: RHR-Ar.rar File size: 23.12 MB
The archive contains: one main video + two short videos with a bad end.


Really nice! Keep with the good work!


great work, really want to see the rest team rwby
been a fan since your yang one, the Ruby one and the Nami were are amazing


File: 1503428383316.jpg (696.87 KB, 1280x720, Poster BOA.jpg)

Thank you very much!
I think it was possible to do better, but still I did not have a lot of time time for this work.
There are many reasons. But nevertheless it turned out quite well, probably. Perhaps it was necessary to use another device that would see the knees. It is a pity that can not use the same model twice.

About the white I wrote here >>9191 and >>9342
With black can try to make a video later. If it's interesting for the audience. There are no warranties (black model physics differs from the physics of the other three models of the rwby. It loads the processor more.). The probability of success is 50/50 in this case.

So, I made the third model on the rope. So I did something with all the models you requested. ^^
You can download this the video here:

Filename: BoaSHdAr.rar File size: 78.7 MB


File: 1503428644856.jpg (146.71 KB, 794x200, Pp.jpg)

At this time I'm trying to find more devices for use in the video. (Such devices where the model would be clearly visible.)


Great! I loved the closeup and the tongue!

But i must say its a shame there is no many nude models of known characters. Not even only One piece but others anime/games.

As a slightly criticism i must say you still need to work on adding more movement to the character. Her standing there still like a statue for half of the video was a bit boring.

You should make more videos like this >>13602 that do something with the body before and after the execution. Putting a dead girl like that on a display is great for the ending!

But still the thing you should try to improve the most on is all the bounces and small moves of the body!


pretty nice stuff. only thing I wish you did was have Nami and Boa (especially boa) be at the least topless. Thanks for making these btw


File: 1503529266237.jpg (614.93 KB, 1320x650, M.jpg)

Thank you very much for your feedback. ^ ^ And thanks for the criticism. Criticism is good. (I'm resistant to criticism.In my country, the first thing you hear when you publish a video is criticism ^ ^)

>But still the thing you should try to improve the most on is all the bounces and small moves of the body!

I'm now trying to improve the understanding of the movements of the model on the rope. I will try to think more about this and experiment more.
Perhaps I do not quite understand the English word "hanging". If there is this word, then there must be a rope in the video. If I get you right. If can hang on your arm then, of course, the movements are easier to make and there are more.
As an example, here are two small pieces of video from an old work when I did not know how much I could do much less.

However, I do not know whether such a type of hovering will correspond to the topic of the thread.

>Putting a dead girl like that on a display is great for the ending!

This is a good idea. However, I do not know how much further it is possible to go into the "after action" that would correspond to the topic of the thread. (So I have a video when the "after action" comes very far.) Here are two screenshots for an example:

Perhaps, if here, in 3d would have been thread "done in MMD," where anyone could publish their videos, I could put such videos there. But I do not know much English. However, if I get to do such a thread, then the video will undoubtedly have a greater variety.

>But i must say its a shame there is no many nude models of known characters.

This is not quite true. There is a large storage

Where there are hundreds of nude models. Of course, they were made by amateurs, so not all models are the same good (in physics and light, but there are also very good ones.) Famous characters and original characters. (You can see a very small selection in the image in this post, there are a lot more of them.)
There is also a storage of naked characters

Where to keep famous nude characters. (You can see a little on the image in the post on the right, but there are more of them.)
So for the rekvestov there is a choice. ^ ^

Thank you for your feedback ^ ^
I wrote above that if I have a nude model, then for the video I will use a nude model. (Somewhere in the world there is a naked BOA model, I saw a video with it, but I do not have this model in nude.) I took those models to which this person made the request >> 12896



YEY! I found a model of Marceline of that page! and from what i understand there is an nude option! If you can include her in one of your executions and displays it would be great!

I also found 2 more interesting models !
and i especially like this one!


File: 1503730254471.png (545.09 KB, 980x670, 15bc.png)

Hi ^^
I saw this model Marceline, but she is not at all like this model Marceline>>1304
But it is not important ^ ^. The skin of this model (the skin texture of the model) does not support external shadows and external lighting. Therefore, to create a video with it me need to find a very specific location, where it this would not be too noticeable. However, her tits are very impressive. Guarantees of course no (our life is unpredictable), but maybe I'll try to make a video with her. If I find a suitable location for her.
Model Ryūko Matoi is very impressive. This is a good model, with good physics. Make a video with her will be interesting, I think so. Therefore, if nothing unforeseen happens, I will try. Probably.
The third model, I have not yet looked in the editor. But I will pay attention to it.
What is written above, it will take some time. It will not be very fast. (At this time another project must be done.) However, I'll try something later, I think so.
The probability of success is 50/50. ^ ^


If you're having trouble getting nude MMD models, you can extract them from the game 'waifu sex simulator'. I can't post a link as giro Chan think I'm a bot, unfortunately.


wow looks promising


dont tell me this is dead. there's still weiss and blake of the 4 rwby girls to hang!
its fun stuff. if a tad awkward. do please make some more



I hope he gets hanged!



I want so badly to watch Ryuko get hoisted up by Nui and left to kick and strangle for hours and hours....

No, I don't care if a girl shouldn't last that long XD


So I tried to download Y-GR(2in1) but it says it's protected by a password, not sure what it's suppose to be


Sometimes it can be simpler than to get here. I managed to get here for the first time this year. I hope that I can make friends with someone who lives not in the country where I am. So, maybe I can leave a place where they can write to me?

> 21682

I now checked. Everything is downloaded without a password. I do not know why you had a password message when you tried to download.
> 21679

I'm not sure that the online translator translated the meaning that you wrote ^^
But, if I understood correctly, you want to see how hangs Ryuko.


Still telling me I need a password for archive, or it gives me an unrar error that says zero files in archive, seems to be password protected


It is very strange. However, ok. I put the files on the hosting exchange, from which you can download them for a week without any archive at all. Just like the file mp4.
Standard view:
Double screen view:


I really hope there will be videos with those two. Maybe Decapitation instead of hanging?


Now it's telling me it's unable to play the videos


File: 1528621725550.jpg (280.96 KB, 1000x800, Download button.jpg)

Step one.
Click the "Download" button.
Step two.
Save the video to your computer.
Step three.
Watch the video.

If this does not help, I do not know what to do. I did everything I could.


File: 1528624577681.jpg (240.53 KB, 712x868, Dullahan.jpg)

I have only one model with which I can make a video of Decapitation. This model is in the picture. Exactly this, It is the process itself. She It can be undressed and chop off her head when she's naked. The model parameters allow you to do this.
If such a video needs to be done, it will be in that thread:
I now began to collect the situation for making videos with Ryuko.


File: 1530085546513.jpg (152.46 KB, 1090x636, Spoiler.jpg)

Coming soon.


File: 1530214686748.jpg (356.53 KB, 1000x568, Ryu-Poster.jpg)

Here, I did.
It took longer than I expected. However, for a long time I could not get on g-chan.
Filling the archive.
Main video: 01m.47s.
+ two additional after the action video, each for 00m20s.
Total duration: 02m.27s.
You can download it here:

Filename: Ryu-Han.rar
File size: 26.02 MB
Attention! For adults only!


You're alive!!! Glad to see that you are back.


I have a suggestion: could you do an animation of Rena Anemos (Elsword) being hanged by demons, naked and by suspension?


I>>28823 BTW, with "by suspension" I mean "by ascension", pulling the rope by hand (I'm the same guy who suggested to hang Rena Anemos)


File: 1556479052637.png (87.47 KB, 876x180, PNG sc.PNG)

Interesting idea. With a gradual. Unfortunately, I do not have a model Rena Anemos from the Elsword Universe. Only those models from this universe that are represented in the image are available to me. However, these models are not have physics of shadows. In other words, there is color, but there is no shadow. Therefore, if make a video with some of this model, then this video will be in a dark room. Or there must be night around.

try this one, it has shadow physics and can be stripped directly with MMD



File: 1557505727531.png (996.38 KB, 1280x720, 1.PNG)

Oh yeah. The physics of the shadows of this model is much better. I downloaded this model. The chances for this video to increase significantly. However, this may take some time. The probability of success is 50/50.


I'll be waiting then

tnx in advance



is it my imagination or the comment above is empty??


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