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The Comanche Tribe was still raiding white homesteaders on the Great Plains of the West well into to 19th century. Their treatment of the poor victims was atrocious.


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The father and his two sons were returning to the cabin from doing their early morning chores in the barn. A fuselage of arrow struck them down. They didn't have a chance.


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The youngest of the Braves were ordered to gather the arrows and clothing from the victims while the others flooded into the cabin and the Mother and daughter.


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Butchering the dead bodies was and art to the Plains Indians. But, they would have to wait.


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They returned after watching the mother and daughter being raped. Orders from the Chief were to butcher the man and boys.


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When a historian dares to describe the horrors that the attacked families faced, it challenges the imagination. What happens to young George was typical, scalping, gutting, the eyes.


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Georgie, you were about to sit down to enjoy a warm breakfast. I don't think it matters anymore if you are fed.


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How bad can it get?


File: 1549758990975.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1200, 18!abFinalInsulttoGNJr.jpg)

"Ah, white boy feels good."


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They wanted to create terror amoung the white settlers; but they just kept coming.


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