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This story begins with vella in white shark set fighting kobold Aloof Inonoch or the other shamans then paralyzed by one and then her body to feed her body to a poison digger to turn her into a… gonna have to read the story muhahaha

Vella feeling confident on her abilities set out in a adventure hunting kobold in the ice cave. Flaunting her skills to weak monsters while a wondering wisp was floating near by. Noticing too late she gets blind sided by a kobold shaman who paralyzes her body and knocked her out. Waking up a few hours later tied to a pole and yelled what the hell is going on here. Without finishing her sentence a poison digger emerged underneath her. Paused with fear she heard the kobold talking in their native language without knowing what the shaman was saying to her. He said "poor human this is a poison digger much more worse then its counter part. It poison its enemy's softening their insides and devouring them alive to a skin suit".

Vella screams as it moves her hotpants aside and enters her analy and starts devouring her insides after the poison. The shaman then said in his native tongue " at least you will enjoy pleasure before death oh wait I forgot its eating you alive". After it devoured her it left her skin with the clothes loosely falling off As it collapsed slowly like a deflating balloon.

The orc shaman with his achievement picked up her skins and used his magic to make a magical hole from the nape so he can turn it into a skinsuit. As he flexes in her skin mimic her height and voice. The shaman clumsily forgetting to extract her memories before the process. Still acquiring his new body he felt lust,so he put on her clothes and headed back to his ca
Clan which was located deeper in the ice cave. Before reaching his destination he ran into human who recognized her…. Licking his lips in her skinsuit he seduced the human with a sexy walk coming up to him and rubbing his cock though his pants.

Seducing the human on his nearby campfire he pushed him down gently on his back, pulled the bottons,zipper etc down and continued to suck his cock. Before he can cum he moaned about the how lucky he was with the legendary vella. The shaman speaking to him " OOooOoo so that's her name… I'm not who you I am,but how about I give you something special before you die".

Slowly crawling up to his face on all fours after sucking his cock. The shaman moves the hotpants and panties aside then sliding his hardcock inside the pussy. Moving the the lips to his ears while riding him gently he whispered. " I killed that little girl you called vella and turned her into skinsuit I am now in. I'm actually a male kobold shaman… not that you care cause you pathetic human cock is still hard in my pussy and you didn't even take off my clothes."

Not knowing what the human adventure was doing there he was actual hunting yetis in the neighborhood caves. With a loud roar the shaman stop riding the human and a yeti bursted through an opening on the top of the cave held by weak icicles. The shaman looks back at the yeti saying " hold on there big boy there still room to fit two in here" the shaman continues to spread the hotpants futher with one hand while in a cowgirl position. Not knowing the size the yeti cock he gallops behind the body. With the shaman grabbing the yetis cock feeling the size saying " well this is going to be interesting. I wonder if this will fit I was beginning to get bored."

A few grunts and humph from the yeti as the shaman guiding the cock in with the human. Not even half way you start to hear a deep screaming moan as string holding the shorts in the front up begin to pop off. Eyes rolling back as the shaman put on hand on the belly watching it deform to the shape on the yetis cock as it goes deeper. Shaman looking with a evil glare right at the human as he kissed him in her skin " thrust you cock human. I can't feel you right now." Waiting to humiliate the human the shaman leans all the way back to the yeti as the position change to reverse cowgirl as his dick popped out.

Yeti with a pause start started grabbing her breast over he clothes while the shaman turned his head and stick his tongue in his mouth looking at the human. Mad and jealous he comes up to her and continued to slide it slowly over the top of the yetis. Still making out with the yeti as he is still paused in the pussy the shaman stops and stares at the human. Licking the lips across one side " you gotta try harder then that" then looking down at the stomach bulge. " ha I can see your pathetic cock bulging on top of his shaft." (Being so tight you can see the humans cock bulge to the tip of the shorts over the monsters that went futher up and more girth)


Oops ignore


very good story, is it your first ?


You can view the story under vindictus 3d category. The author seemed to have mistakenly posted this on a new thread

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