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Another year, another non-bumping thread.

-First Thread:
-Second Thread:
-Third Thread: (thread seems to be gone from the last downtime)
-Fourth Thread:

Poison Sting
After losing a battle to a wild beedrill, a young trainer awakes to find herself at the mercy of the insect that bested her. Unfortunately for her, the bug has decided her rib cage would make the perfect incubator for it's next generation of offspring.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Stream Quality Download:!g14HwQxa!zw-7rID1iGRKnfhmBVy9w5zRb1px2paqPF_1L2amhOE

High Quality Download:!xoIBmChC!glF9EXLx_tTFVY2v8vJwUQvPWVFXKI4LHz0fneY-4qc


The 5th finally arrives!


The 5th coming was real! \o/


Welcome back OP! I really love the jiggle on her breasts in that one, especially during her struggles at the start. I'm a bit disappointed that she dies so soon, though. Would it be possible for you to make a version where she stays alive for longer? Or just keep her eyes open, so we can see how vacant they are?


Welcome back OP! I nearly gave up hope that you'd continue to bother with these janky boards, but it's great to see you back!


Welcome back!


The man the legend returns!


Great to see you back OP, Animation is as good as ever


first, welcome back!

Can you make a version were she dies during the eggs get pumped in and make her eyes roll back instead of closed?


Bug rape is the best!


Great to see you back on the new board OP, your quality is as high as ever. Thanks for sharing!

Also Skudd's Helen Parr model showed up on SFMLab, gee would you look at that, hmm.. ;)


he's backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


hesssss backkkkkk


the goat of gurochan is back and better than ever


Welcome back!


OMG! I love you!


Great, but yeah before seems like a quiet death. Wouldve loved her to live a bit to the birthing part.




That's a merciful death if compared to your other videos, i appreciate you try new things


love op


I think we should all praise how OP merged various models just to make a Moon nude model


She took it like a champ, not even a hint of screaming.


After pestilence stopped doing hard stuff you are literally the only animator I look forward to seeing new content of these days and damn, it takes its time but holy moly is it worth it :D
Insect on human? check
Guro? check
Breeding? check

Great to see you back, awesome work as always!


I'm actually a really big fan of this one, the way she passes so peacefully is a nice change.

Also am I crazy or are those Brigitte grunts I'm hearing?

Either way, fantastic work as always OP!




Yeah He comback


>op uploads after 50 years

welp *unzips dick*


File: 1549048862209.jpg (157.75 KB, 720x540, 0a4ded9c-ba25-4468-a801-39….jpg)

I wish there was a way to commission OP. I'd love to see more fully Varia suited Samus get fucked up with hard cock as it breaches the exterior like a fleshy bunker buster.


Any way I can view these on mobile?


Any way I can view these on mobile?


File: 1549119781017.png (16.76 KB, 512x512, 41Iwdj1S2yL.png)


most of OP's works have been uploaded on sankaku channel, by me and others, under the artist name of "gurochanop". That site has a mobile app for both iOS and Android, read here to see how to use it:


It's good to have you back OP!

Just wanted to put out an idea that would go well with the Resident Evil trend going on because of 2 being remastered.

One of the RE girls like Jill or Claire finding an uninfected dog in the streets which they take to an alley to fuck. Then in the middle of having sex it pans or flashes to the dog becoming a cerberus. The girl looks back after a few seconds and screams in terror but gets cut off when the cerberus bites down into her neck. Killing her and then finishing off inside her.


Could you do something with Cassie cage?


I’d love to see that


I’d love to see that


Hey op, what software(s) are you using for your animations, and what do you think about it (difficulty of use/time investment needed ?


Has anyone seen this video of Ruby Rose getting fucked by a grey dog? The video has audio and is roughly 5 minutes. Blake interrupts the scene and the dog chases her off screen. Source and Name Plz


It had a Red Riding Hunter in it, but it wasn't RWBY related.


>>REd The author is TheClipping but his tumblr got deleted a while ago but that specific video is the only one I can't seem to find



Not OP, but I'm pretty sure it's Source Filmmaker. There are a lot of guides and tutorials for creating animations with it. The time and effort required to get to a decent level are probably measured in tens of hours, depending on your general proficiency and learning ability. The amount of learning materials is pretty vast, but even so reaching a similar level of quality as OP would take a very significant amount of effort.

You need to find the models from around the net yourself, which isn't that hard. Any guro/gore stuff like OP's requires tricks and editing the materials yourself, because 99% of models don't have built-in gore or such. Only a very limited amount of Mortal Kombat models do.


It's SFM. The learning curve is kinda long but worth the shot
You can learn some basics here


Wouldn't it be better for Op to move on or UE4 ? or maybe its absolutely not possible to do gore with it. Or maybe OP is just not interest in it ?



Why would he? He always used SFM (afaik) and he gets excellent results out of it he has 0 reasons to switch over UE4, blender, maya, ecc… if he doesn't want to

Also SFM has an huge library of models to choose from.


Well, my reason was for the jump of realism from sfm to blender for example. so yea maybe hes just not interested or he never thought about that (can't force him) but I can't also help but think that having blender quality anim with his quality of work would be fireworks and rainbows. That "such a waste to not try it feeling" if you feel me. Btw it seems you can import models from sfm to blender for example.


I totally and agree with what youre saying. Of course he can do whatever he pleases but would be so fuvking amazing if he tried something with extra realism



Sorry to always ask this… but will we be seeing more Monster Hunter World stuff this year :3 ?


Any alternate character for the poison sting



Made a big ol' compilation video of a bunch of OP's work.!67BhVaBC!ZSdAl_hue6MIVgMw1pqVvJTjboFKEkr-wfdQIdcqRgM

There's a bunch of stuff that didn't make it in, including a bunch of my favorite animations, so I'm planning on doing another one to fill in the rest.



I mean if he makes something with blender i would be really happy but unless he masters it he won't really make much better videos


Nice video but i don't like the music


Something with a character wearing a kirin armor would be nice maybe, just a random idea


I don't think I've ever seen OP do a hanging animation. And I think Zelda from Hyrule Warriors would look great shaking her tits while strangling in the noose.


Hey OP how long you don't use juri, here a idea:
juri got caught and roped, the guy wants a blowjob from her but juri denied (here can happen 2 things)
A. he rip her eye patch and proced to fuck her eye socked, but got a little carried away and juri ends diying with cum all over her eye and brain.
B. he guy grab her jaw and broked, juri screams but got shut by the guy's dick he fuck her throat and cum, juri ends close to death with cum all over face. (or death)
>>27288 Btw i would love alternative victims, i wish lusamine.


Although the last Juri animation was one of the best, I wouldn't exactly turn my nose up at another.

Or hell, Rainbow Mika, she doesn't get much love. Signs herself up for the same underground fighting scene Juri did for star cred, and gets to put on the most crowd pleasing show of her career.




Yeeessss! So glad to see you doing more more content with guts, again


Long time lurker here. Just wanna say glad to have you back OP, and I look foward to more of your animations. I particularly like the way you animate breasts in sfm, as well as how you do your corpse necros!



think you'll do another anim with piper?


File: 1550470915362.jpg (288.61 KB, 1680x990, 55625020_p35.jpg)

For some reason, gut fucking is more sadistic to me than brain fucking.




I want to see some weedle come out of her guts




stop trolling you fuck




Or even better, have a Weedle climb up inside her and have it come out her mouth.


at least he bumped the post



I know you've used Skudbutt's models before, would love to see something with Helen and/or Violet


Fucker? I hardly know her.


Hey OP.a resident evil animation would be cool.Maybe Mr X Fucking Claire Redfields skull and shed be alive during the process :)


Is it healthy to have dreams about waking up and seeing a new animation by OP?



last time he didn't post anything for months cause site was down i used to get a lot of dreams about OP posting new animations


> i used to get a lot of dreams about OP posting new animations


Recently saw your Rayquaza animation on a meme app, although it cut right after the trainer hit the rock. It had something like 600,000 views, 22,000 likes and a couple thousand comments. It was pretty hilarious seeing some people asking for the source and then flipping out when they found what the second half of the video was. Keep up the great work OP.


not sure if it can be taken as a compliment,although depends on what do you mean by that.


OP mentioned in his first thread that that's basically the reason he doesn't post anywhere else. If people don't wanna see it, he doesn't want them to see it.

Then you get people posting it elsewhere anyway because he's a really good animator, and then comes the whinging from people who don't bother to read before they whip their dicks out and then WHUPS that lady just died horribly. Then they either cry about their fallen boner or learn something interesting about their fetishes.


Well thats how it is isnt it.
So why you squeling like a pig :D


Can you do a snuff-rape scene with Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn?


zarya and mei were bound, the zarya tied to the chain was stabbed in various positions, the throat was thrown to the top, and the throat was throttled over the neck, and the zarya ahe_gao died while zarya died and mei cried and cried, I am stuck in the mouth, and I suffocate it, and put mei on the dead zarya and raid it. After that, he goes out with his tongue in ahe_gao state and ejaculates his face with dead lipstick and mei's face with two lips.




is so long guy



I know it's far too early for models to have come out, but a video with Shield-chan would be great too, especially since all of your pokesnuffing seems to be fantastic



hi,op.i think a long video is better than 3-5 short about get a long video next time?;)


Anything that OP posts is good and appreciated by me (especially if there big boobs involved).


Anything OP posts is good and appreciated by me greatly (especially if there big boobs involved).


Hey OP would you mind doing a tutorial or explain how you animate at all


Does OP have a Discord or some way to stay in touch outside of gurochan?


File: 1552521263767.jpg (227.67 KB, 1920x1080, PalutenaThroatPreview.jpg)

Jawless Goddess
Pit decides to use what's left of his beloved Lady Palutena's throat.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Based on the work of tekuteku/yuuhodou

shh, those sounds are our little secret

I'd rather stick with what I'm comfortable with

No alternate characters for this one. The official pokemon models have a really annoying facial system which swaps between texture for the eyes and most of the mouths, meaning each expression needs a unique texture. I had to make 25 unique eye textures just for that one animation and use an annoying model set up to animate. I'd have to repeat the process for every alternate character, it's too much effort

I've never done a full start to finish hanging, but I've loops featuring it before

What. How? Why?

Are you okay?

I don't really see what I could bring to the table that other tutorials don't already do. If you want to learn to animated I suggest you just keep looking up tutorials and keep practicing

Nope, for now I can only be reached here


Holy shit OP that was fantastic, just wow..
As for as tutorials go, I would love to see how you made her jawless, or how you made motoko's model with her brain exposed. Just anything to do with altering the models I guess, if there is a guide, can you point me towards it?

Please do more disfigurations!


Awesome work as always, just wondering if you are going to use the brain animation that you used for your latest motoko animation. It was really good so i hope you can use it again someday.


I disagree you have so much experience in disfiguring models but you are right I should keep practicing but guro art is sacred and alot of people dont like it so that why I asked great animation btw


Sheik remake or some of your older animations in 1920x 1080?


Got an idea:
In celebration of the halo games coming to PC, why not make something with cortana. I think the whole see-through thing could be hard, but hot.
Either with master chief, letting him play with his little holographic fuck toy, or maybe the graveminds tentacles going all the way through her


Holy shit I missed this… how?
Also happy to having given you the inspiration by posting that video, I guess :P There is also the folder with all of tekuteku's stuff around


Any chance for Fire Emblem characters with their Fire Emblem: Warriors models?


Amazing work OP, your last Palutena animation was my favorite work of yours and I am glad to see you use her again. Can't wait for more.


Would love to see some xenoblade characters, there is also giant tits which are OPs favourite.


Great work as always! Have you thought about doing more creampie stuff?




Rare. Based. OP.


Any chance of huge tits variants coming back?


Hey OP I was hoping you could do Daisy from Mario, it would be greatly appreciated



Please bring back some more Borderlands animations! Preferably necrophilia! <3


^ this, I miss the massive tittos


Do you an alter ego like making memes or make comics?


File: 1553211864132.jpg (84.57 KB, 1120x630, zelda_tos2_16_0002_Layer_1.jpg)

I saw a funny thread the other day: you find out that the shrine Zelda was trying to enter in Link's memory contains a Guardian Scout IV that would have torn her to pieces. Would love to see a Scout impaling BOTW Zelda's fat cunt with a spear, and then taking her head off with an axe.


File: 1553399979900.png (334.2 KB, 680x383, Untitled.png)



>>28055 who is she :?


Her name is Kanna from Blaster Master Zero 2


I want to do sfm guro, what tutorials would you recommend for newcomers specifically for guro?




stop trolling fake op



File: 1553909554336.jpg (116.73 KB, 1920x1080, MetroBlindOne_Preview.jpg)

Metro Massacre

After getting lost in the ruins of Novosibirsk, Anna is confronted by one of the locals.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:


POV in the download. Not sure how it'd work either all things considered.

Mixtape is shutting down in a few days so Im in need of a new webm streaming platform. If anyone has any suggestions for site with more than 10MB data limits per file let me know. Until I find a new site longer animations will have to be downloaded in the future.

To remove Palutena's jaw I just locked some of her lower lip bones to her head (to adjust the distortion from the next step) and scaled the jaw bone down to zero. Then I covered the hole with gore props and modified her skin textures with blood
To remove Motoko's head though was a much harder process. I had to extracted the model's .smd files, delete/scale down several polys on her head and hair models, adjust her textures, then slap on props for the brain/robotic skull. To do this you should look up tutorials on porting source models to and from blender

I usually try to avoid repeating similar poses and concepts too close each other, so not likely

I've tried messing around with transparency before with Cortana and a Slimegirl in SFM, but the effects were disappointing. If I ever get a proper video editing software I can definitely try again

A lot of options in terms of girls but I don't have any ideas on what to do with them

When the time comes you can definitely expect some BL3 animations

No, almost everything I ever post online I post here. Why do you ask?

Get me a decent model and I'll do something with her

Any SFM tutorials will do, I dont have any real recommendation. You won't find anything that'll teach you to go straight to doing what I do, but learn the basics of the program and computer animation in general and you'll figure it out ways to create guro with practice and experimentation


For all length of time the model has been available to the public I have yet to see anyone really do anything with it. I'd be curious to see your take on Y'shtola (https:// if you ever found the time or interest. Been a long time follower, and you've got some of the most creative scenery in the niche, bar none.




Short on actions and not "finish".Wouldn't mind less quality but longer and with actions or wait for it,as much,as you need time.Could be better but could be worse.Thank you for your works and efforts.


Uploadir or Catbox are good alternatives to upload to. And also primo work on the Metro anim, really great lighting and scene.


OP delivers again, yay!

Would like to see if you can top pestilences DOA animations(new models should be out soon?)

Or perhaps have some fun with ada Wong's new mod




Love it! Wish you did more stuff with entrails. Where do you get the guts models from?


anyone got a compilation mega of all of OP's stuff? or at least most of it

good chunk seems to have been lost to time :c


I love it. I'm such a horrible person, i basically dropped everything and ran off to 'enjoy' the new animation the minute i saw it.


Thanks for the answers on the model and of course the animation.
Does that mean it'll be possible for me to edit models and make something like the Jason split video you did a while back?

Also would like to ask, would it be feasible to make just a poster with your animation quality as an average user?
I'd like to pick up SFM but do not have the time commitment to make animations..

Or maybe I should just learn Blender all together, considering I'll probably spend a year or two either way


Wait, since mixtape is shutting down, does that mean the old things won't be accessible anymore? Do you have them compiled somewhere, or?
If no, then, fast, someone, get to the savings!


Why don't you be the change ;)


Alt hosts you can use are catboxDOTmoe or uploadir
Keep up the great work!


did OP ever get around to finishing those "Pikachu fucking/electrocuting pokegirls" animations? his original post with Lillie said a download link would come eventually, did this one just fall by the wayside?


jesus christ, that's beautiful


Please for the love of god OP Please do princess Daisy, I’m begging you


Elastigirl guro would be nice now we have a good model


Finally got around to seeing all of your animations and they're amazing. My favorite one was your Shantae headfuck animation. I only wish there was a variation where she died in the end similar to your RWBY animation.

Keep up the great work.


Holy shit daisy would be great, hopefully it’ll be like the parsoul one if he decides to make it


I second this, that would be so good, with the two different angles



Шикарная анимация, я надеялся увидеть вашу версию Metro Exodus, но я и подумать не мог что будет настолько замечательно! Можем ли мы ожидать развития данной темы?

Gorgeous animation, I was hoping to see your version of Metro Exodus, but I could not have imagined what would be so great! Can we expect the development of this topic?


Daisy would be nice >:]



File: 1554598916908.jpg (293.41 KB, 800x800, 59160160_p2_master1200.jpg)

Amazing as always. Can you maybe do your own take on this piece by ELE?


would love to see something with from you


Daisy would be so damn good, afrohawk on Twitter has a good arm model that should be done by the end of the week.






I would very much appreciate it if you would never make an animation that included Daisy. Just to piss off this one guy who is constantly begging for her.


Everyone want Daisy ahah.


I would rather prefer someone more sexy and realistic and not daisy



File: 1554941045194.jpg (135.1 KB, 1920x1080, D31FYZMWwAA04Lo.jpg)

Any chance of doing Wonder Woman?


Daisy would be hot as fuck



Hell yea Wonder Woman would be dope



Wonderwoman would be hot asf


Please dont make multiple requests under different names. Future requests from you will be deleted.


File: 1555074979921.jpg (741.36 KB, 1811x1080, Screenshot_20190412-091438….jpg)

Good to have OP back. Would like to bring up an idea I mentioned in the last thread of tekken 7 josie from kuma's story ending


File: 1555080278455.png (497.32 KB, 1280x720, Ribbon Girl model.png)

Glad you're still at it OP. Hope you don't mind me requesting Ribbon Girl again.

Preferably something where she suffers a bit.


Since everyone is making requests i will take advantage of that and ask if you might do something with dead or alive models in the future


>>28524 I would love to see OP do ribbon girl


For the love of God stop with spamming all these requests. This isn't the god damn request board.


How can we contact OP if the gurochan turns off again?


Did OP save all of his animations since mixtape is gone?



Don't be so angry, is only normal to ask for animations since OP is basically the only one doing high-quality guro animations that aren't just loops and everyone wants their favorite character snuffed.

As long as people are asking nicely there is nothing wrong about that maybe even OP lurks here for inspirations who knows


I really enjoy the hanging animations you've done


It's not the requests specifically that are bothering. Asking for or suggesting one model once and then leaving it at that is fine. I even remember when someone did request an animation of a drawing and OP made one shortly after because he liked the art.
What's pissing me off is one person asking for one request multiple times or requesting multiple things in separate posts. You want to see OP do a certain model? Suggest it once and leave it at that. Have multiple things you want to suggest? Put them all in one post so you don't have to spam multiple requests.
I only brought this up because at this point it's not people politely suggesting or asking for things. It's just a bunch of people spamming a bunch of shit they desperately want to see OP make an animation out of.


Is there another source for OP’s work besides mixtape?



there's a torrent in the previous thread with everything up to that point in it

everything else (pretty much just this thread) is on sankaku chan or has a mega link in its post



Heyo, sorry to bump this but I'd like to give a suggestion. I think there's a Handler from Monster Hunter model bumping around but I can't confirm. It'd be awesome if you could find and use it :)


File: 1555613264956.jpg (29.03 KB, 273x343, nLoTEMc.jpg)

can't wait for OP's new piece, just take your time bro; you're amazing.


Rem From Re:Zero :)




I also Agree with Rem :D



How about no


Yo op I got a question, what costume was Kasumi wearing for rogue from thread one?


Do you think you could do something with either Rey (star wars) or Ela (rainbow six)?



Another Quiet Guro? Cuz the the other one is… Ya know what i mean


Jesus, I usually don't mind seeing requests but holy shit, even I'm getting annoyed.


I know what you mean. Sometimes I wish OP would just make an account on something like pixiv or deviantart so I wouldn't have to see all the selfish and unabashed requests. It's rude of me to say but I imagine a place like gurochan has more psychopaths than your typical site but even then I can't believe how ridiculously incessant and pathetic a lot of the begging in this thread is. The only thing I can imagine is how bad it must be for medium or large artists on other public sites. Now I understand why so many artists have that "I don't take/accept requests" in bold as the first thing under their profiles.


( ( (
\ ) ) _..-.._
__)/ ,',' `.
," `. ,–. `.
," @ .' ` \
(Y ( ;''.
`–.____, \ , ;
((_ ,—-' ,—' _,'_,'
(((_,- (((______,-'

HAPPY EASTER to OP and all the awesome people here


OP has said he's okay with requests, although he dislikes when they're pushy. So lets not drive the thread even further off topic by also complaining about requests.

However, if you make a request, please find a model or reference artwork. So the thread can atleast fill up with useful tools and inspiration for 3D animators.


anyone got that old animation of that girl from the ring getting shot and fucked? Can't the full version anywhere


Question for OP or anyone with a good eye for it - what models does he typically build his pokegirls out of?


I'd love some 2B, maybe 9S enjoying a harem of disposable 2Bs?




Small Request for when ever.
Ive always wanted to see an animation were some futa chick, is getting jerked off, then the person/thing, jerking her big futa cock, starts really yanking on it and before to long just ripping it clean off, just as shes about to orgasm or even as she is cumming, somthing like that id really love to see one day lol


File: 1556181037892.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, laura_vs_cammy__free_video….png)

VS of two sexyest girls.
They have a sexy ass, and soon one of them will be able to see own one.
Which of them will have the pleasure of breaking the neck of the rival and who will fall like a broken sex toy?



good luck with that IIRC in previous threads OP said he doesn't like futas and small boobs

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