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Another year, another non-bumping thread.

-First Thread:
-Second Thread:
-Third Thread: (thread seems to be gone from the last downtime)
-Fourth Thread:

Poison Sting
After losing a battle to a wild beedrill, a young trainer awakes to find herself at the mercy of the insect that bested her. Unfortunately for her, the bug has decided her rib cage would make the perfect incubator for it's next generation of offspring.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Stream Quality Download:!g14HwQxa!zw-7rID1iGRKnfhmBVy9w5zRb1px2paqPF_1L2amhOE

High Quality Download:!xoIBmChC!glF9EXLx_tTFVY2v8vJwUQvPWVFXKI4LHz0fneY-4qc


The 5th finally arrives!


The 5th coming was real! \o/


Welcome back OP! I really love the jiggle on her breasts in that one, especially during her struggles at the start. I'm a bit disappointed that she dies so soon, though. Would it be possible for you to make a version where she stays alive for longer? Or just keep her eyes open, so we can see how vacant they are?


Welcome back OP! I nearly gave up hope that you'd continue to bother with these janky boards, but it's great to see you back!


Welcome back!


The man the legend returns!


Great to see you back OP, Animation is as good as ever


first, welcome back!

Can you make a version were she dies during the eggs get pumped in and make her eyes roll back instead of closed?


Bug rape is the best!


Great to see you back on the new board OP, your quality is as high as ever. Thanks for sharing!

Also Skudd's Helen Parr model showed up on SFMLab, gee would you look at that, hmm.. ;)


he's backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


hesssss backkkkkk


the goat of gurochan is back and better than ever


Welcome back!


OMG! I love you!


Great, but yeah before seems like a quiet death. Wouldve loved her to live a bit to the birthing part.




That's a merciful death if compared to your other videos, i appreciate you try new things


love op


I think we should all praise how OP merged various models just to make a Moon nude model


She took it like a champ, not even a hint of screaming.


After pestilence stopped doing hard stuff you are literally the only animator I look forward to seeing new content of these days and damn, it takes its time but holy moly is it worth it :D
Insect on human? check
Guro? check
Breeding? check

Great to see you back, awesome work as always!


I'm actually a really big fan of this one, the way she passes so peacefully is a nice change.

Also am I crazy or are those Brigitte grunts I'm hearing?

Either way, fantastic work as always OP!




Yeah He comback


>op uploads after 50 years

welp *unzips dick*


File: 1549048862209.jpg (157.75 KB, 720x540, 0a4ded9c-ba25-4468-a801-39….jpg)

I wish there was a way to commission OP. I'd love to see more fully Varia suited Samus get fucked up with hard cock as it breaches the exterior like a fleshy bunker buster.


Any way I can view these on mobile?


Any way I can view these on mobile?


File: 1549119781017.png (16.76 KB, 512x512, 41Iwdj1S2yL.png)


most of OP's works have been uploaded on sankaku channel, by me and others, under the artist name of "gurochanop". That site has a mobile app for both iOS and Android, read here to see how to use it:


It's good to have you back OP!

Just wanted to put out an idea that would go well with the Resident Evil trend going on because of 2 being remastered.

One of the RE girls like Jill or Claire finding an uninfected dog in the streets which they take to an alley to fuck. Then in the middle of having sex it pans or flashes to the dog becoming a cerberus. The girl looks back after a few seconds and screams in terror but gets cut off when the cerberus bites down into her neck. Killing her and then finishing off inside her.


Could you do something with Cassie cage?


I’d love to see that


I’d love to see that


Hey op, what software(s) are you using for your animations, and what do you think about it (difficulty of use/time investment needed ?


Has anyone seen this video of Ruby Rose getting fucked by a grey dog? The video has audio and is roughly 5 minutes. Blake interrupts the scene and the dog chases her off screen. Source and Name Plz


It had a Red Riding Hunter in it, but it wasn't RWBY related.


>>REd The author is TheClipping but his tumblr got deleted a while ago but that specific video is the only one I can't seem to find



Not OP, but I'm pretty sure it's Source Filmmaker. There are a lot of guides and tutorials for creating animations with it. The time and effort required to get to a decent level are probably measured in tens of hours, depending on your general proficiency and learning ability. The amount of learning materials is pretty vast, but even so reaching a similar level of quality as OP would take a very significant amount of effort.

You need to find the models from around the net yourself, which isn't that hard. Any guro/gore stuff like OP's requires tricks and editing the materials yourself, because 99% of models don't have built-in gore or such. Only a very limited amount of Mortal Kombat models do.


It's SFM. The learning curve is kinda long but worth the shot
You can learn some basics here


Wouldn't it be better for Op to move on or UE4 ? or maybe its absolutely not possible to do gore with it. Or maybe OP is just not interest in it ?



Why would he? He always used SFM (afaik) and he gets excellent results out of it he has 0 reasons to switch over UE4, blender, maya, ecc… if he doesn't want to

Also SFM has an huge library of models to choose from.


Well, my reason was for the jump of realism from sfm to blender for example. so yea maybe hes just not interested or he never thought about that (can't force him) but I can't also help but think that having blender quality anim with his quality of work would be fireworks and rainbows. That "such a waste to not try it feeling" if you feel me. Btw it seems you can import models from sfm to blender for example.


I totally and agree with what youre saying. Of course he can do whatever he pleases but would be so fuvking amazing if he tried something with extra realism



Sorry to always ask this… but will we be seeing more Monster Hunter World stuff this year :3 ?


Any alternate character for the poison sting



Made a big ol' compilation video of a bunch of OP's work.!67BhVaBC!ZSdAl_hue6MIVgMw1pqVvJTjboFKEkr-wfdQIdcqRgM

There's a bunch of stuff that didn't make it in, including a bunch of my favorite animations, so I'm planning on doing another one to fill in the rest.



I mean if he makes something with blender i would be really happy but unless he masters it he won't really make much better videos


Nice video but i don't like the music


Something with a character wearing a kirin armor would be nice maybe, just a random idea


I don't think I've ever seen OP do a hanging animation. And I think Zelda from Hyrule Warriors would look great shaking her tits while strangling in the noose.


Hey OP how long you don't use juri, here a idea:
juri got caught and roped, the guy wants a blowjob from her but juri denied (here can happen 2 things)
A. he rip her eye patch and proced to fuck her eye socked, but got a little carried away and juri ends diying with cum all over her eye and brain.
B. he guy grab her jaw and broked, juri screams but got shut by the guy's dick he fuck her throat and cum, juri ends close to death with cum all over face. (or death)
>>27288 Btw i would love alternative victims, i wish lusamine.


Although the last Juri animation was one of the best, I wouldn't exactly turn my nose up at another.

Or hell, Rainbow Mika, she doesn't get much love. Signs herself up for the same underground fighting scene Juri did for star cred, and gets to put on the most crowd pleasing show of her career.




Yeeessss! So glad to see you doing more more content with guts, again


Long time lurker here. Just wanna say glad to have you back OP, and I look foward to more of your animations. I particularly like the way you animate breasts in sfm, as well as how you do your corpse necros!



think you'll do another anim with piper?


File: 1550470915362.jpg (288.61 KB, 1680x990, 55625020_p35.jpg)

For some reason, gut fucking is more sadistic to me than brain fucking.




I want to see some weedle come out of her guts




stop trolling you fuck




Or even better, have a Weedle climb up inside her and have it come out her mouth.


at least he bumped the post



I know you've used Skudbutt's models before, would love to see something with Helen and/or Violet


Fucker? I hardly know her.


Hey OP.a resident evil animation would be cool.Maybe Mr X Fucking Claire Redfields skull and shed be alive during the process :)


Is it healthy to have dreams about waking up and seeing a new animation by OP?



last time he didn't post anything for months cause site was down i used to get a lot of dreams about OP posting new animations


> i used to get a lot of dreams about OP posting new animations


Recently saw your Rayquaza animation on a meme app, although it cut right after the trainer hit the rock. It had something like 600,000 views, 22,000 likes and a couple thousand comments. It was pretty hilarious seeing some people asking for the source and then flipping out when they found what the second half of the video was. Keep up the great work OP.


not sure if it can be taken as a compliment,although depends on what do you mean by that.


OP mentioned in his first thread that that's basically the reason he doesn't post anywhere else. If people don't wanna see it, he doesn't want them to see it.

Then you get people posting it elsewhere anyway because he's a really good animator, and then comes the whinging from people who don't bother to read before they whip their dicks out and then WHUPS that lady just died horribly. Then they either cry about their fallen boner or learn something interesting about their fetishes.


Well thats how it is isnt it.
So why you squeling like a pig :D


Can you do a snuff-rape scene with Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn?


zarya and mei were bound, the zarya tied to the chain was stabbed in various positions, the throat was thrown to the top, and the throat was throttled over the neck, and the zarya ahe_gao died while zarya died and mei cried and cried, I am stuck in the mouth, and I suffocate it, and put mei on the dead zarya and raid it. After that, he goes out with his tongue in ahe_gao state and ejaculates his face with dead lipstick and mei's face with two lips.




is so long guy



I know it's far too early for models to have come out, but a video with Shield-chan would be great too, especially since all of your pokesnuffing seems to be fantastic



hi,op.i think a long video is better than 3-5 short about get a long video next time?;)


Anything that OP posts is good and appreciated by me (especially if there big boobs involved).


Anything OP posts is good and appreciated by me greatly (especially if there big boobs involved).


Hey OP would you mind doing a tutorial or explain how you animate at all


Does OP have a Discord or some way to stay in touch outside of gurochan?


File: 1552521263767.jpg (227.67 KB, 1920x1080, PalutenaThroatPreview.jpg)

Jawless Goddess
Pit decides to use what's left of his beloved Lady Palutena's throat.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Based on the work of tekuteku/yuuhodou

shh, those sounds are our little secret

I'd rather stick with what I'm comfortable with

No alternate characters for this one. The official pokemon models have a really annoying facial system which swaps between texture for the eyes and most of the mouths, meaning each expression needs a unique texture. I had to make 25 unique eye textures just for that one animation and use an annoying model set up to animate. I'd have to repeat the process for every alternate character, it's too much effort

I've never done a full start to finish hanging, but I've loops featuring it before

What. How? Why?

Are you okay?

I don't really see what I could bring to the table that other tutorials don't already do. If you want to learn to animated I suggest you just keep looking up tutorials and keep practicing

Nope, for now I can only be reached here


Holy shit OP that was fantastic, just wow..
As for as tutorials go, I would love to see how you made her jawless, or how you made motoko's model with her brain exposed. Just anything to do with altering the models I guess, if there is a guide, can you point me towards it?

Please do more disfigurations!


Awesome work as always, just wondering if you are going to use the brain animation that you used for your latest motoko animation. It was really good so i hope you can use it again someday.


I disagree you have so much experience in disfiguring models but you are right I should keep practicing but guro art is sacred and alot of people dont like it so that why I asked great animation btw


Sheik remake or some of your older animations in 1920x 1080?


Got an idea:
In celebration of the halo games coming to PC, why not make something with cortana. I think the whole see-through thing could be hard, but hot.
Either with master chief, letting him play with his little holographic fuck toy, or maybe the graveminds tentacles going all the way through her


Holy shit I missed this… how?
Also happy to having given you the inspiration by posting that video, I guess :P There is also the folder with all of tekuteku's stuff around


Any chance for Fire Emblem characters with their Fire Emblem: Warriors models?


Amazing work OP, your last Palutena animation was my favorite work of yours and I am glad to see you use her again. Can't wait for more.


Would love to see some xenoblade characters, there is also giant tits which are OPs favourite.


Great work as always! Have you thought about doing more creampie stuff?




Rare. Based. OP.


Any chance of huge tits variants coming back?


Hey OP I was hoping you could do Daisy from Mario, it would be greatly appreciated



Please bring back some more Borderlands animations! Preferably necrophilia! <3


^ this, I miss the massive tittos


Do you an alter ego like making memes or make comics?


File: 1553211864132.jpg (84.57 KB, 1120x630, zelda_tos2_16_0002_Layer_1.jpg)

I saw a funny thread the other day: you find out that the shrine Zelda was trying to enter in Link's memory contains a Guardian Scout IV that would have torn her to pieces. Would love to see a Scout impaling BOTW Zelda's fat cunt with a spear, and then taking her head off with an axe.


File: 1553399979900.png (334.2 KB, 680x383, Untitled.png)



>>28055 who is she :?


Her name is Kanna from Blaster Master Zero 2


I want to do sfm guro, what tutorials would you recommend for newcomers specifically for guro?




stop trolling fake op



File: 1553909554336.jpg (116.73 KB, 1920x1080, MetroBlindOne_Preview.jpg)

Metro Massacre

After getting lost in the ruins of Novosibirsk, Anna is confronted by one of the locals.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:


POV in the download. Not sure how it'd work either all things considered.

Mixtape is shutting down in a few days so Im in need of a new webm streaming platform. If anyone has any suggestions for site with more than 10MB data limits per file let me know. Until I find a new site longer animations will have to be downloaded in the future.

To remove Palutena's jaw I just locked some of her lower lip bones to her head (to adjust the distortion from the next step) and scaled the jaw bone down to zero. Then I covered the hole with gore props and modified her skin textures with blood
To remove Motoko's head though was a much harder process. I had to extracted the model's .smd files, delete/scale down several polys on her head and hair models, adjust her textures, then slap on props for the brain/robotic skull. To do this you should look up tutorials on porting source models to and from blender

I usually try to avoid repeating similar poses and concepts too close each other, so not likely

I've tried messing around with transparency before with Cortana and a Slimegirl in SFM, but the effects were disappointing. If I ever get a proper video editing software I can definitely try again

A lot of options in terms of girls but I don't have any ideas on what to do with them

When the time comes you can definitely expect some BL3 animations

No, almost everything I ever post online I post here. Why do you ask?

Get me a decent model and I'll do something with her

Any SFM tutorials will do, I dont have any real recommendation. You won't find anything that'll teach you to go straight to doing what I do, but learn the basics of the program and computer animation in general and you'll figure it out ways to create guro with practice and experimentation


For all length of time the model has been available to the public I have yet to see anyone really do anything with it. I'd be curious to see your take on Y'shtola (https:// if you ever found the time or interest. Been a long time follower, and you've got some of the most creative scenery in the niche, bar none.




Short on actions and not "finish".Wouldn't mind less quality but longer and with actions or wait for it,as much,as you need time.Could be better but could be worse.Thank you for your works and efforts.


Uploadir or Catbox are good alternatives to upload to. And also primo work on the Metro anim, really great lighting and scene.


OP delivers again, yay!

Would like to see if you can top pestilences DOA animations(new models should be out soon?)

Or perhaps have some fun with ada Wong's new mod




Love it! Wish you did more stuff with entrails. Where do you get the guts models from?


anyone got a compilation mega of all of OP's stuff? or at least most of it

good chunk seems to have been lost to time :c


I love it. I'm such a horrible person, i basically dropped everything and ran off to 'enjoy' the new animation the minute i saw it.


Thanks for the answers on the model and of course the animation.
Does that mean it'll be possible for me to edit models and make something like the Jason split video you did a while back?

Also would like to ask, would it be feasible to make just a poster with your animation quality as an average user?
I'd like to pick up SFM but do not have the time commitment to make animations..

Or maybe I should just learn Blender all together, considering I'll probably spend a year or two either way


Wait, since mixtape is shutting down, does that mean the old things won't be accessible anymore? Do you have them compiled somewhere, or?
If no, then, fast, someone, get to the savings!


Why don't you be the change ;)


Alt hosts you can use are catboxDOTmoe or uploadir
Keep up the great work!


did OP ever get around to finishing those "Pikachu fucking/electrocuting pokegirls" animations? his original post with Lillie said a download link would come eventually, did this one just fall by the wayside?


jesus christ, that's beautiful


Please for the love of god OP Please do princess Daisy, I’m begging you


Elastigirl guro would be nice now we have a good model


Finally got around to seeing all of your animations and they're amazing. My favorite one was your Shantae headfuck animation. I only wish there was a variation where she died in the end similar to your RWBY animation.

Keep up the great work.


Holy shit daisy would be great, hopefully it’ll be like the parsoul one if he decides to make it


I second this, that would be so good, with the two different angles



Шикарная анимация, я надеялся увидеть вашу версию Metro Exodus, но я и подумать не мог что будет настолько замечательно! Можем ли мы ожидать развития данной темы?

Gorgeous animation, I was hoping to see your version of Metro Exodus, but I could not have imagined what would be so great! Can we expect the development of this topic?


Daisy would be nice >:]



File: 1554598916908.jpg (293.41 KB, 800x800, 59160160_p2_master1200.jpg)

Amazing as always. Can you maybe do your own take on this piece by ELE?


would love to see something with from you


Daisy would be so damn good, afrohawk on Twitter has a good arm model that should be done by the end of the week.






I would very much appreciate it if you would never make an animation that included Daisy. Just to piss off this one guy who is constantly begging for her.


Everyone want Daisy ahah.


I would rather prefer someone more sexy and realistic and not daisy



File: 1554941045194.jpg (135.1 KB, 1920x1080, D31FYZMWwAA04Lo.jpg)

Any chance of doing Wonder Woman?


Daisy would be hot as fuck



Hell yea Wonder Woman would be dope



Wonderwoman would be hot asf


Please dont make multiple requests under different names. Future requests from you will be deleted.


File: 1555074979921.jpg (741.36 KB, 1811x1080, Screenshot_20190412-091438….jpg)

Good to have OP back. Would like to bring up an idea I mentioned in the last thread of tekken 7 josie from kuma's story ending


File: 1555080278455.png (497.32 KB, 1280x720, Ribbon Girl model.png)

Glad you're still at it OP. Hope you don't mind me requesting Ribbon Girl again.

Preferably something where she suffers a bit.


Since everyone is making requests i will take advantage of that and ask if you might do something with dead or alive models in the future


>>28524 I would love to see OP do ribbon girl


For the love of God stop with spamming all these requests. This isn't the god damn request board.


How can we contact OP if the gurochan turns off again?


Did OP save all of his animations since mixtape is gone?



Don't be so angry, is only normal to ask for animations since OP is basically the only one doing high-quality guro animations that aren't just loops and everyone wants their favorite character snuffed.

As long as people are asking nicely there is nothing wrong about that maybe even OP lurks here for inspirations who knows


I really enjoy the hanging animations you've done


It's not the requests specifically that are bothering. Asking for or suggesting one model once and then leaving it at that is fine. I even remember when someone did request an animation of a drawing and OP made one shortly after because he liked the art.
What's pissing me off is one person asking for one request multiple times or requesting multiple things in separate posts. You want to see OP do a certain model? Suggest it once and leave it at that. Have multiple things you want to suggest? Put them all in one post so you don't have to spam multiple requests.
I only brought this up because at this point it's not people politely suggesting or asking for things. It's just a bunch of people spamming a bunch of shit they desperately want to see OP make an animation out of.


Is there another source for OP’s work besides mixtape?



there's a torrent in the previous thread with everything up to that point in it

everything else (pretty much just this thread) is on sankaku chan or has a mega link in its post



Heyo, sorry to bump this but I'd like to give a suggestion. I think there's a Handler from Monster Hunter model bumping around but I can't confirm. It'd be awesome if you could find and use it :)


File: 1555613264956.jpg (29.03 KB, 273x343, nLoTEMc.jpg)

can't wait for OP's new piece, just take your time bro; you're amazing.


Rem From Re:Zero :)




I also Agree with Rem :D



How about no


Yo op I got a question, what costume was Kasumi wearing for rogue from thread one?


Do you think you could do something with either Rey (star wars) or Ela (rainbow six)?



Another Quiet Guro? Cuz the the other one is… Ya know what i mean


Jesus, I usually don't mind seeing requests but holy shit, even I'm getting annoyed.


I know what you mean. Sometimes I wish OP would just make an account on something like pixiv or deviantart so I wouldn't have to see all the selfish and unabashed requests. It's rude of me to say but I imagine a place like gurochan has more psychopaths than your typical site but even then I can't believe how ridiculously incessant and pathetic a lot of the begging in this thread is. The only thing I can imagine is how bad it must be for medium or large artists on other public sites. Now I understand why so many artists have that "I don't take/accept requests" in bold as the first thing under their profiles.


( ( (
\ ) ) _..-.._
__)/ ,',' `.
," `. ,–. `.
," @ .' ` \
(Y ( ;''.
`–.____, \ , ;
((_ ,—-' ,—' _,'_,'
(((_,- (((______,-'

HAPPY EASTER to OP and all the awesome people here


OP has said he's okay with requests, although he dislikes when they're pushy. So lets not drive the thread even further off topic by also complaining about requests.

However, if you make a request, please find a model or reference artwork. So the thread can atleast fill up with useful tools and inspiration for 3D animators.


anyone got that old animation of that girl from the ring getting shot and fucked? Can't the full version anywhere


Question for OP or anyone with a good eye for it - what models does he typically build his pokegirls out of?


I'd love some 2B, maybe 9S enjoying a harem of disposable 2Bs?




Small Request for when ever.
Ive always wanted to see an animation were some futa chick, is getting jerked off, then the person/thing, jerking her big futa cock, starts really yanking on it and before to long just ripping it clean off, just as shes about to orgasm or even as she is cumming, somthing like that id really love to see one day lol


File: 1556181037892.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, laura_vs_cammy__free_video….png)

VS of two sexyest girls.
They have a sexy ass, and soon one of them will be able to see own one.
Which of them will have the pleasure of breaking the neck of the rival and who will fall like a broken sex toy?



good luck with that IIRC in previous threads OP said he doesn't like futas and small boobs


File: 1556261820066.jpg (21.58 KB, 411x453, 1523615078478.jpg)

Hope jensen??

Don't you think she's cute and rapeable like fatality


I think it would be best to have a separate thread in /req/ for OP requests and keep this thread nice and tidy for OP to post his animations.
Or you can run the risk of scaring OP off forever, its your choice.


Thats a pretty good idea wow


it's not like OP can't post if there are too many requests


We'll reach the post limit for this thread much faster though. Plus it just seems like a smart idea to have a separate request thread so we can finally put this issue to rest


I'm so sick of seeing these threads bumped constantly. I keep thinking its because OP posted new content, but its just a dozen more requests. Shit is annoying.



Hey OP. Have you ever considered porting some of your work to VR? There's a huge lack of spicy VR content and your work would really fill that gap. There's also the option to have someone else do the conversion for you.

In any case, I hope you see this. Thanks for all of your hard work!


Damn, not really the one I'm looking for. The old one had the POV. Regardless, thanks man


hey /3dcg/uys does anyone have links of the POV scenes he did for the girl from The Ring Yamamura Sadako?




I might have the pov version let me check my hdd



you're luck i had it ;)




thanks you brother, you're a god among men


Bless you


>>28809 PLeaseee???


Stop begging


I love seeing this post bumped but not by OP :P


File: 1557055962641.jpg (16.89 KB, 383x680, D5vFgU3XkAAOWen.jpg)

I don't know if it's possible to port blender models to SFM but here's this great Scorbunny model by vidavoxel. Would love to see you take a crack at it. More intestine stuff would be nice.


I don't like Furry but Does OP make Furry?



Well OP made an animation with undyine once, not really a furry but close enough, i won't mind honestly that scorbunny is pretty hot


File: 1557245524738.jpg (152.47 KB, 1920x1080, Piranha_Planted_Preview.jpg)

Piranha Planted
Princess Daisy finds herself in a predicament during her visit to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Version A (Alive):

Version B (Necro):

Version C (Necro/alt Expression):

HD Download:!oxYFmA4I!azeRkJ2HACVrHDING71XcWG06cnRBncMlIm2YFZCoyQ

Not one of my best animations and maybe a bit tamer than my usual, but I've been waiting for a decent Daisy model for awhile now and wanted to give it a test drive.

The guts are from MK 9 and X. I think both are on the SFM workshop

Editing models is possible, however for that Sonya animation I didn't edit the model myself. The model download came with gored body groups of the whole model and I just combined and split them in the animation. I'm not too knowledgeable on Blender or model editing, most of the time I try and split apart models and recompile them they break in weight painting or in flexes, so Im not the best person to talk to about that

If it makes you feel any better the repeated requests didn't influence my decisions for this animation


I don't think you understand that animating models in SFM both requires bones and to be in the proper format even load in the engine

I've used multiple models in the past, but for my more recent ones I use the Elin models from TERA combined with edited Pokemon models

I've considered it, but by not having a VR headset myself I have no means of testing it to make sure it works properly, so that's a no go

It's a case by case scenario depending on if the model appeals to my specific tastes


Well, I managed to find this one… but it's for blender. I hope you can make use of it though!


Good shit op, thank you for blessing us with your presence.


Not a fan of tentacles, but I like the facial expressions from Daisy. If you need an idea for a new animation, how about Kindred from LoL getting impaled followed by some corpse sex necro action! Otherwise, keep doing you, man!


Nice OP, I appreciate the animations but personally loved your more realistic animations.
For some reason cartoon characters just don't do it.
Hoping to see another master piece like the motoko skullfuck


Lovely expressions!


Can we get reposts of all the ones lost to mixtape?


I second this very much so. Please


Or at the very least a like mega compilation of sorts or just a mega download dump


Personally not the biggest fan of super cartoonish characters like daisy or tentacles either but great to see you back


Absolutely amazing Daisy animation. I so deeply wish to see those piranha plants devour and rip apart her fat tits.


not really into ear penetration…




Ahah at the end you decided to use that goddamn Daisy model.

The important thing is that you liked to use it and didn't feel forced by the request spam


It's gotten to the point where I just appreciate whatever OP makes because it's just so unique and distinct from other SFM animations. Anything else like characters and scenarios are just extra stuff that enhance his works.


Ooh! So good with the tentacles! I'd definitely love to see more tentacle death with decaps or dismemberments <3


Any chance to do stuff with the new Mortal Kombat game? so many possibilities!


>>29146 what would be best girl to kill



Anyone else having trouble opening the rar file?


Literally each and every one of them looks fuckable, some are hotter than others but you know, different people, different tastes.


Is it alright to post ur own work here? Big fan of OP and would like him and others to see a project ive been working on.


File: 1557573047960.jpg (560.68 KB, 1047x803, 632630 - Banshee StarCraft….jpg)

Hey, OP. I just finished a Starcraft 2 playthrough today and the banshee pilot caught my eye.

Could you please murder her via Zerg infestation?


File: 1557573169080.jpg (18.36 KB, 480x368, HeavenlyClassicIrishdraugh….jpg)


Does someone have gurochanop's seeing star animation? is down and they look hot


How abaout a good brainfuck animation.Maybe something ayaswan work related.but the victim should be alive during the process.Just love the retarded expressions


If all it would take for you to make is having a VR headset then I'd be willing to add a few bucks to that cause myself



He wouldn't take it. OP said several times that he won't take money as he neither wants to feel obligated because of it, nor does he want more than necessary in his life that can tie him to the stuff he does here.



Did anyone back up all the mixtape animations?


you can find most of them on rule34 or sankaku



Hey OP,

This is my first time commenting on your threads, and I just wanted to say that the amount of skill and dedication you put towards your work is amazing! I'm currently in the act of watching every animation in every thread that I can get to, and while your work has improved, the early animations are still fantastic!

Some of my favorite animations that you create include the ones including dogs (Twilight Prey, Fallout Dog), tentacles (Elite BJ, your new Daisy Piranha Plant animation), and the brain fucks (specifically, the fantastic facial expressions, like in that Daisy animation I referenced). These are amazing, and I have no doubt that your future works will continue to inspire!

I also wanted to make a small request, since I've decided to comment for once. It would be fantastic if you were to touch up, or even make a follow up, of Elite BJ. The movement of limbs and body that you had in that animation gave me shivers, and while I like faces with tons of expression, the elite's vacant eyes also gave me excitement!

I've considered trying my hand at SFM, but deemed myself "unartistic", as I favor the writing medium more than the visual. But I appreciate your work (hell, I speak your name in hushed tones to those I tell about my strange fetish), and I look forward to seeing more your art in the future!

Sincerely, Anon (c'mon, I wouldn't put my name here, gimme some credit!)



What was the Elite BJ? Can't recall it




It was one of his earliest animations on Gurochan, back in the first thread. It featured a female elite who was tied up by tentacles and forced to give them a blowjob. The first animation was just that, but a few posts later OP added two more animations, the first a sequence of the elite giving a blowjob, the tentacle going through her skull, and a few pumps from the tentacle. The second was a necro loop.

All in all, three animations that I would love to see redone with sound. In fact, it wouldn't even have to be an elite, as I really enjoy OP's facial animations he creates (though monsters are always hot to me).

If you enjoy Elite BJ, you might also enjoy his Alien Asphyxiation, in which a Xenomorph is suffocated by a (very horny) face hugger, and raped by a (equally horny) scientist. Four total loops, two different models, one fantastic piece! I highly recomend.


Since Mixtape is Down Does Anyone Have OP's "Heart To Heart" Video?


Even tho i don't have it What scene do you want? Because i also want to see it ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄


Since Mixtape is Down Does Anyone Have all the scenes of OP's
"Heart To Heart" Video?


try wayback machine, that might help


Don't lose their Hopes.. Im mean "OUR" because i also want to see it 😅 maybe TODE has it?



Sorry i didn't like it so i didn't bother saving it 😅

I'll pray someone else or OP himself reupload it

for now you might want to give a look to these archives:



Please consider doing something of Tawna Bandicoot or Coco Bandicoot! Something like your old Shantae animation with a twitchy facial expression would be nice.


File: 1558532604728.jpg (469 KB, 1168x1313, 1499271025792.jpg)

Would love to see how you would put this into action

Artist :


Do some brutal nipplefucking with her please!!!



Anyone have OP's
"Sombra Skullfucking" Video? It's not on Sankaku and it doesn't have a mega link sadly


Somebody made the suggestion to use the Waybackmachine, and it worked. I uploaded to R34.


will the third thread ever be posted again? i disagree you can find most of them on rule 34 or sukaku. team skull and seeing stars as some example


third thread repost of all animeations please




I got baited 😒



What about a remake/remaster of the one and only Red Riding Hood video? It was awesome, I can't imagine that same situations with the skill you've earned throughout the years.


I agree with No.28639 how about Rem? :D


>>29910 who's rem


Rem From Re:Zero
Seriously many ask "who's Rem?"
But never ask "Hows Rem?"
The Meme Was True ฅ(๑*▽*๑)ฅ!!


i'm surprised nobody has done a snuff animation for lara croft model in her wet suit from underworld.


File: 1559108012914.png (433.49 KB, 640x640, Ribbon Girl icon.png)

Hey, OP!

I spent the last year and a half desperately trying to commission this model to be made, and at long last it's done.

I know I've requested Ribbon Girl a lot in the past, but now she has nudity, genitals, lots and lots of flexes, optional wounds and bodywriting, and coiled up ribbon arms (as opposed to the extended ones used for fighting). I would love it if you took the first crack at this model before I put it up on SFM Lab or anywhere else!

Preferably something where she's suffering, so not a quick death, please! (In fact I would prefer she be raped/tortured throughout rather than die in the end, but I know that's your thing and I would want you to have fun with this.)

Hope you like working with the model, whether or not you end up posting something with it.


Great Hera! WW model's released:

It's about time we got some amazonians gore.


I Also Agree With Rem >_<



I have to say I absolutely DON'T like Ribbon Girl but considering the fact you commissioned a whole model and give it to OP before anyone else I'll pray for you he decides to do something with it… after all everything OP does I like so it's not that big of a deal <3


Just so you know OP, I had this model updated since I posted it (in case you downloaded it between that post and this one). Had several bugs I missed. You can redownload from the same link though.


File: 1559146412525.png (408.5 KB, 1280x720, embarassed000000.png)

Here's a quick little pose I did of the model for anyone who wanted to see it. That's the last I'll post of it since I don't want to be a nuisance. I'll just cross my fingers from here that OP likes it enough to do something with it.


Updated with some jigglebones on the hair and ribbon. That's it from me for real this time.


Rem! >:D


That is quite the impressive model, well done


Hmm, pretty well made, but I would rather prefer normal hair in guro context than this tape wrapped around her head. If her hands turned into human her hair now looks pretty strange now.



You wouldn't happen to have a model with the ribbon arms, would you? I imagine that would have more potential for guro. OP's creativeness could manifest itself in a number of ways: tying her up from the ceiling, binding her arms behind her back, choking her neck, etc.

And a combo of both models would be beneficial, too. He could have her walking with normal arms, and when she gets knocked down the ribbons come out. Or perhaps have her arms yanked out forcefully and be turned to ribbons.

There's multiple opportunities here, and I love it!


File: 1559287947137.png (646.25 KB, 1280x720, losing000000.png)

The model includes both the uncoiled boxing arms and the coiled up casual arms, don't worry!


OP is very inspirational I have been spending the last few days model hoarding for when I start I will be making my own thread soon


Thank you so much for your incredible work OP





Op have you ever thought of doing anything with vr?

I tried it on my mobile and wow, dont even have a headset


I recall OP saying he doesn't have VR therefore he can't make VR content.





Found this and fucking loved it! Can you please do some animated version pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?


File: 1559677067098.jpg (854.59 KB, 1920x1080, 1688981625_preview_4000_sc….jpg)

So since someone bumped and the post is at the top I guess no one will get angry if I add yet another request.

So I have kind of a strange request, I'd like to see OP doing some necro scenes with Prinz Eugen from Azur lane (even a single looped scene is fine), the strange thing is that the only model I could find is from gmod but searching online it seems like it's actually possible to import gmod models to sfm so I'll just leave it here for you to evaluate my strange request:

I'll also take the opportunity to thank you for sharing all your works from free since ever, this should not be underestimated today with artists hiding everything behind patreon or pixiv fanbox.


Someone get op a vr now!


>I've considered it, but by not having a VR headset myself I have no means of testing it to make sure it works properly, so that's a no go

Would you be willing to do it if we could get you a headset?I can make a gofundme or purchase one myself. But how would we get it to you.


Some idiots keep bumping the previous thread so I'm bumping this one too.



yeah we should make a request for stopping the fourth thread from bumping
(not delete it obviously)


OP has said in the past that they want there to be no connection between their personal lives and the animations they make. Pretty sure anything along these lines wouldn't work


Me too vote for Rem :)




I'm impartial to VR myself, but if you were interested in creating stereoscopic videos, you could purchase a phone headset for a fair price. And through some simple network connections and a decent (most likely free) desktop streaming software, it would certainly make VR video creation doable. I've experimented a bit with connecting my phone to my computer for VR gaming, and though I never got it running perfectly, it worked well enough.

Now, truely immersive VR would be a tad more difficult, but not impossible. You'd want to make sure your phone had the proper hardware for the job (a gyroscopic sensor and good graphics capabilities), and you'd DEFINITELY want a wired connection. And there's definitely some software out there for this specific purpose, though I haven't checked it out specifically. Needless to say, it's still doable, and for cheap.

Personally, I'm content with your normal videos, as they don't require me to much more than download and jack it, but I do think a VR video by you would be interesting. I wouldn't know how you'd play out the scene, but a VR rendition of Elite BJ would just be delightful!

Needless to say, your work is spectacular, and I look forward to whatever you make, VR or otherwise.


Excuse me if i am wrong but wouldn't it be much easier for OP to just share his SFM project file of any animation with a POV so people with a VR can convert it themselves?



I think I see what you're saying. Provide the project file, and have someone else go in and modify it themselves, yes? That would make things significantly easier on OP, indeed.

If you wanted simple stereoscopic VR, that'd be simple enough, just shift the models a bit (I have no idea how SFM works, so please forgive me if this is more difficult than it seems) and render that bit next to the other. A decent VR video for those of us without a decent headset!

On the other hand, if you wanted a true VR experience, I don't think that would be too difficult either. I'm guessing you could create a camera object (or two) that would follow the viewers head as they moved it. Project those two images to the screen, and you'd have a truely immersive experience!

But that would be more of a video game sort of deal. Incidentally, I have seen videos that allow you to look around while they play (these are found on PornHub, and I don't particularly care for them, as they seem to be of rather low quality; I'll try some again tonight to reevaluate my opinion). Again, creating a decent VR using this method wouldn't be too difficult to do.

I actually really appreciate that idea. It would allow OP to continue making his content while allowing others to get that VR they crave (only from the files he allows them to use, that is). It wouldn't add any additional workload, and it'd be fun to see what people could do with it!

I've gotta say, good idea!


Please ban the guy who keeps bumping the dead thread.


Its so quiet in here all of sudden o.o



We're silently waiting for OP new animation 🤫

It's been a while now since his last work… perhaps he's going to drop a "bomb" soon


Hopefully. Usually the longer between posts, the bigger the next animation is.


I would be really glad if we all had a discord group so we could easily ban a person who spams or does something else, but also communicate with OP atleast 1-2 times per week ( Of course if he doesn't mind, **
I do not insist on anything**)



THIS, I would love a discord where OP could post his works (and maybe interact with us sometimes?) without fear of gurochan going down and/or his thread getting bugged again.

Also, we will be finally able to comment on OP's work (and making requests…) without bumping his post and annoying people who expect a new video and instead get nothing

OP if you are reading this could you tell us your thoughts about opening a discord?


Have anybody seen Kotal fatality with the giant skull, like he could fuck the shit out of any chick without a head.


Does anyone know where to find OP's old art thread pictures?


Try No.27306



>>27855 really? I've never seen these loops. where might I find your hanging animations oh glorious OP?



There are some gifs in his first thread



(Sorry for bumping)

Can you maybe do a scene where a girl gets captured and gutted and then have her guts get fucked and filled with cum while she's still alive? Or maybe just a loop of a girl getting her guts filled with cum over and over while she's still alive and writhing and crying in pain. With a dead alt for those who want it of course and the girl of choice can be anyone.



Hey OP if you can read this
.. this is your longest delay ever, i just wanted to ask you if you could drop a Little message here just to let us know you're still there.


Sorry for the bump.


About a year ago, there was a period when OP didn't post for a couple months. At one point a rumor began to spread that OP was dead, and that we wouldn't have any more of his fantastic animations.

People panicked. Some began to scream, "OP'S DEAD! OP'S DEAD!" while others told them to have more faith. Impersonators ran amuck, and the thread was plunged into chaos. Gurochan was divided (at least, those who followed OP).

Then he reappeared, and everything was right again. His animations had improved in quality, and he began to put more thought and feeling into their making. It was as if he had simply needed a break from the work he was doing (and a well deserved one, as his animations are given to us with nothing expected in return).

So don't worry about OP. He'll come back, in his own time. The worst possible thing that we can do now is panic, as panic will cause another rift in the thread, and it's always a sad ordeal when a community as close-knit as ours is at war with itself.

Be patient, and have faith that his next animation will be his most spectacular one yet!


well said brother, our faith is eternal


hey i'm the guy who wrote >>30996

My message wasn't meant to say that OP is dead or he should deliver faster, I respect his work and he can take all the time he needs but since this downtime has been pretty long i felt like asking if he could just pop here just for reassuring me and everyone else


Longest ever? It's been less than two months. That was a fairly common gap last year, and one even was nearly three. His words on the matter were, "Don't think I'm actually dead until I don't post for 6 months"


File: 1561522909252.jpg (53.78 KB, 1024x478, faith.jpg)

(All jokes aside, I do agree that we should just let OP take his time.)


Of course; we have no choice.


You know what character I'd like to see dead?

The fucking idiot bumping the fourth thread still.



File: 1561804147817.jpg (121.41 KB, 750x1000, ICantTakeItAnymore.jpg)


File: 1561809169494.jpg (162.26 KB, 1123x360, RWucyQ5.jpg)


Idea for a new animation inspired by the guy who loves to bump the fourth thread.

So there's this dark-ish room (dark enough you can't see where it ends) with a table in its center with a pc on top of it, in front of this pc sits a girl with a smug face who keeps laughing in an irritating way while furiously typing.

Suddenly from the darkness emerges a killer (ideally smiley or jeff the killer due to their connection with the internet culture) wielding a pretty big knife, he slowly creeps to the girl and stabs her in the back of her head making the tip of the knife poke from her open mouth (or just a simple neck snap).

From there, anything can happen the only limit is OP's imagination.


The girl can be literally anyone


^ lmao this pls



Lol at this point I just wanna throw money at op so they can put out content faster! You hear that op! Open a fanbox or something so I can throw money at you! Fanbox allows guro anyway!


I know this isn't a place to argue but OP made it clear. The animations he makes are a hobby. Not something he'd want to make money off of. Providing money won't make people speed up either. It might help, sure, but you need to understand animation takes time. A short loop can take a couple of days. So please, be patient with OP.



Bumping this thread again so we can all rebuke >>31253


File: 1562251828545.png (8.69 KB, 486x210, Screenshot_5.png)

the ultimate troll


I didn't realize it was a stupid joke until the fucker bumped the very first thread


Is OP okay?


No he died. Now we must use forbidden black magic to resurrect him.



His obsession with creating the ultimate guro animation made him sign a pact wit the devil that granted him the skill necessary to make it, ironically after he finished his perfect work the devil betrayed him and now he's forced to play that animation endlessy as the unfortunate protagonist



True story!


Could we get some F's in the chat for our boi OP who has been doomed to eternal damnation in hell


Gamefreak decided to fill his next pokémon game with lots of cute girls, i hope OP will consider doing something with them


File: 1562979498380.jpg (259.02 KB, 1920x1080, LinkleLobotomyPreview.jpg)

Linkle Lobotomy
Ganondorf heard tales of a boastful young woman claiming to be the resurrected Hero. After a face to face encounter, the warlock quickly learned the "Hero's" claims to be false. Despite not being his mortal enemy, he decided to make an example of those that glorify his eternal foe

Gfycat only uploads to about the 1 minute mark. Videos are missing about 10 seconds each so download to see the full videos

If anyone has any alternative hosting sites without the file size limit of webmshare and time limit of gfycat let me know

–Version A: All the Way Through–


–Version B: Halfway Through–


-MP4 HD Download:!hwISSSJQ!YGa5H0gYgL8jIDG3B1C50lr-SCxJB78aiG3fwckIaY8
-WebM Download:!hsJHXKpL!8hkWmtU1__gFPLJY1wERak0OwwtAghTMr5nkbUD2soA

Heavily inspired by Rochestedorm's work

Damn, it's a blender file. Thanks for the help but I'm afraid I can't do anything with it unless someone ports it to SFM

Well shit

What he said

Sorry but they're a bit too "furry" for my taste

Not a big fan of doppel's general subject matter but his straight guro is fantastic. I might give this or one of his other drawings a try

I'd feel bad not using it for something that took so long to commission and done so with utility and guro in mind, but I'm having trouble with inspiration. I've never played ARMS so I don't have much in the way of ideas or motivation but I'll see what I can do

Not a big fan of discord or having communication being readily available, I prefer just communicating as is despite the complications that arise from it

Yeah, it might be hard to remember but I do have a life outside of animating. 99% of the time it takes priority over this. Sometimes I have grand ideas I work on for a few days then lose interest or inspiration and never get it past the blockout stage, run into complications, or feel I am unable to achieve the results I want.
There's been several long animations I've been trying to work on for the past few weeks but inspiration has been running low and this is the first one I've been able to see to completion. Even the last Daisy loop animation I didn't feel satisfied with. But since I got so far on it I finished and uploaded it anyways and kind of regretted it after. I hope this one won't be the same

Hmmm… I don't necessarily hate the idea but maybe it hits a little too close to what I'm comfortable with

The pact was a fucking sham. My animation quality is still the same but now I get email advertisement spam from hell every day

Dude the game is not even out yet let alone any models ported/fanmade, it may happen but if it does it wont happen for a long time


File: 1562986554363.jpg (13.05 KB, 480x360, LIVE.jpg)



Ribbon Girl anon here. I really appreciate it, OP! Absolutely anything will do, as long as she suffers and it isn't just a quick death. Love the new animation! Looking forward to whatever's next!


File: 1562994662334.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, r1.png)

Maybe try sharing all the ideas you have been working about? That way people can maybe help give ideas? Idk @OP also I made this because I'm a fan of your work for a while now especially your head fucks.



Try streamable if you want to post your stuff.


This is one of your best works so far, i love it and i love you.



Thank you, its a masterpiece!


neither of the downloads worked for me
files downloaded but archives wouldn't open
anyone else having issues?
fantastic animation btw


Same here. Can't open as archive.


regarding to the vr conversation: i can understand that op dont want to have any connections between her/his personal life and her/his art, which means that we cant help to buy a vr headset. so then op i would suggest to buy an oculus quest headset. it costs only $400 and it is a stand alone headset so it doesn't need any additional tool.


Cant open mine as well



FUCKING MASTERPIECE. I don't know what it is, but earfucks are hot as fuck. The way you animate the expressions is AMAZING!!!! Thanks OP!


Ever since Rochestedorm posted that still I was craving for a animated version. So imagine how happy I am with this. Also appreciate the "halfway Through" version. Personally I think it's even hotter.


Thanks for sharing and returning OP! This makes my summer days good again!



So long as you're making alt versions of your stuff, you might want to consider making consensual versions. Not that this is any less well done, but I think part of the reason the Kali one took off so hard is due to that.

Not to mention I know there are some like myself who prefer consensual guro.

Well done, and keep up the great work.


Not a big fan of brain/ear-fucking myself, but that was still really damn satisfying.


Holy shit, AMAZING
I gotta say, your brainfucking stuff is just the best
My only complaint is that, personally, I think it's a lot hotter when the girl doesn't die right away from getting fucked in the head
Kind of like the Harley Quinn or Kali animations you did, where they're alive and struggling until the cumshot
That's more of a personal thing than an actual complaint though, and again, fantastic work


Another fantastic piece of work from OP hopefully I can start posting soon still somethings I have to learn



I wasn't, either. Until that catgirl clip inspired by Shadbase.



Update your unzipping program. Winzip recently updated and it kinda fucked everything for non-winzip users.


Try the non-gore version. I was thinking the same as you, since I started with gore - this is great, but would be greater with her reacting. Then I tried the other version… and it was greater.




File: 1563264366320.png (29.9 KB, 128x128, 591203461010423808.png)

i love you OP Sama.

Nothing more amazing than linkle


i loke Non-Guro that It's very emotional hummm It is very agitated.

It's great because I can also feel her expression. That is very stimulating. tks OP



I agree with you. switching between non-gore version and gore version brings great feelings.
Putting girls in the "If" case helps us to have more choices. Yup! We can enjoy more than one. hahaha


Hey OP, I'm a big fan of your animations involving masked girls like the Titanfall IMC Sniper and IQ. Are we ever gonna see more content involving a character like that? Maybe a FROG/Haven Trooper from MGS4?



Hey OP will you consider doing something with the new Tifa model from dissidia NT?


Will you consider going back to hanging stuff? I really love those works you did


I wanna another vid with chickens! Make me another vid with chickens or I'll kill you with ma COCK!



Hey OP!

Ever think that Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet would work perfectly here?


thanks a bunch friend!


Does anybody had OP's Mungo Meat?


File: 1563639836179.jpg (795.57 KB, 1465x2105, 1563462718024.jpg)

Heya, OP. Can you recreate this but with Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite?


For Ribbon Girl, how about beaten to death? Seems fitting for a fighter.


Thanks OP! Could you please do a Cammy White video?



Someone made a small "compilation" of OP's borderlands animation with the borderlands music over it. Does anyone has it?


She does have Ribbon arms right? Why not using those arms as bondage and wrapped around her neck?


Hi OP,

Please if possible consider upload high quality set of old works.

I'd like to request on Chun Lie Decap here:

It's definitely classic.

Much appreciated if my request on high quality set can be uploaded.



Or maybe alternate angle or POV and remaster of the set would also be a good idea.


Good shit as always OP. Will we ever get to see another DOOM animation from you some time in the future? There's a hell-knightess model on sfmlab that would work great for the slayer to snuff.



Would be UNF as fuck.


Where or how do I get that Linkle model?


I don't know if OP has played much Tekken, but Master Raven from Tekken 7 would be perfect for a neck snap type animation. There's not enough love for the dark skinned girls out there.


File: 1563932320523.jpg (1.02 MB, 1305x1800, Sparrow-722675-Judys_Aural….jpg)

Found an interesting picture by Sparrow. It's Judy Hopps getting a three foot horse dick down her ear and into her stomach. Seems right up the OP's ally. This might be an interesting one to have animated.



I never would have thought anything could top Vault-Elizabeth being brain-fucked by bloatflies for me but damn… you've outdone yourself.

Linkle's feeble struggles and facial spasms are glorious(and really speak to your skill as an animator). The cum tears are a delightful addition as well.

It's a pity there's no bloody version of the facial spasms, but I'm guessing it would be an ordeal keeping the blood from clipping into her contorting face.

Anyway, keep being as amazing as you are twisted!


File: 1564044403282.png (249.24 KB, 469x443, kabKek2.png)

I really prefer this Linkle anime to your Daisy one. Not just because of the length and quality but because it's an actual dick fucking them, and not tentacles. Cheers OP, I hope you can continue finding inspiration for all you do!


Hey OP, do you still have your old art thread works?



would like a loli version of Silent Night. ether sarah from last of us or maybe bio shock sisters



Someone would have to remake it on his own, as OP already said he's not into loli, so he won't do any loli animations


File: 1564565687591.png (988 KB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2019-07-31-02h11m5….png)

I'm not OP. Just a fan.

I plan to add more content that's similar to OP's work if it's okay with OP and this community.

I see a lot of interesting requests and OP can only make one at a time. Maybe having another animator in this thread can improve that?

Here is a little demo of a project I've been working on. An example of my work if you will.




That's pretty great! Hopefully he sticks it in her wound in the full one. Though I'd recommend you should make your own thread if you wanna share your stuff.


Looks good.
The light makes the character look a bit like wax though.


Gr8 work m8! That's my kind of gameplay! ;) You are more than welcome! Can't w8 4 the full movie!



I agree, that shows some definite promise. Great work so far, and I'm eager to see what you can churn out after you've been at it for a while. Not nearly enough talented artists working in this niche genre.

I'd recommend that you make your own thread, though. Otherwise, it will be hard to find your content when people start looking for them, specifically.


That is good stuff, you should make your own thread and post that one and previous animations if you have them.


I'm pretty sure he intends to do so. >:D

I apologize for that. I still lack in areas such as lighting, scene building, sound, and other elements that go into making a good animation. Of course I plan to improve in those areas ASAP.

Thank you! Nice to know someone has great taste as I do! :P

I guess I'll make my own thread when I have enough content to show or at least when I finish the full animation. Didn't really think about others specifically looking for my content.

My old work doesn't really fit in this genre and they have many flaws but I do have 3 animations I've completed here –→ I do go by a different name there since it was quite a long time.

Thank you for the feedback. Seeing there's mostly advice about making my own thread. I'll make it when I get the chance to or have enough quality content to put there.


File: 1564686531327.jpg (501.54 KB, 566x800, 0000 (4).jpg)

God I wish she were Roll Caskett


File: 1564686564291.jpg (504.13 KB, 637x900, 0001 (8) - Copy - Copy.jpg)


Do you have an archive of the quiet animation "silence"? it was post №8948 in your third thread and I cant find it anywhere now that mixtape is down


Just checked your other animations. There's a severe lack of DOA guro animations, can we see something with Kasumi or any of the others in the future? I can tell your animations are full of effort, keep it up!


OP i would like if you could, a remake of the animation with tifa, a monster fuck her guts and cum inside killing her, but instead tifa could be pokemon girls???
specially lusamine, maybe could be solgaleo taken revenge for the experiments she did to him, and then some alternative victims…. pleaaaase..!



I don't remember any animation with tifa from OP, could you remind me since i might have missed it


File: 1564782105482.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2019-08-02-15-3….png)

Tifa lungfuck
A giant bird is fucking a big hole in her chest, make a cum explosion and tifa dies



File: 1564784761025.jpg (265.99 KB, 1280x1024, 20190802152607_1.jpg)


So OP, there's this game "Star Wars Jedi Academy" and in it you can play as a twilek. With the right commands you can enable dismemberment mode, and have your character cut up.

Now what on earth would you do with a cut in half twilek? ;)


Holy shit i've never seen this tifa video but it was on mixtape so link is down, does anyone have the video?


Does anyone remember that pond place where there were two died chicks that were killed by crabs


OP. I noticed some coated UpWebm very well. There is no Guro content limit Speed is very fast. You may not be able to set GUro Tag or any tag - your Webm will become private and you can link well. is a viable option that everyone knows.

A personal Twitter channel - remove cmt and Share, any of your Guro content will be yours personally (they allow it).
Chifudoon has a twitter page that you can see

I think these places are good places to Update your great long videos. And they're fast as well as easy to find. Your works will not be afraid of being lost, or deleted arbitrarily. I still think Twitter and are the places


I also want to be a creator of 3D works like this.
OP! If you can, please let me know which software you are using to implement them. I really want to learn and more learn.


@OP Please consider doing a night elf neck snap. We need more neck snaps with a good fucking.


People arent telling you to make your own thread because they want to find YOUR work more easily, but because they dont want to see anything but OPs work in OPs thread. I hate to be so blunt but seeing as how you dont seem to understand at all I guess I have to be.



he literally said he was going to make his own thread 5 days ago and then never posted again, your comment is pointless and it just looks like you were looking for a reason to bait bumping OP's thread



What Thread is it in ? The Tifa Lungfuck?


Hey OP, could you please do a Laura Matsuda animation?


5 days isnt a long time at all in terms of animating, my post was timely. I (and nobody else for that matter) wants to go into a thread of one artist and find work of another mixed in, let's be honest. It's worth pointing out since he didn't seem to get the hint.


pls reup third thread with silence (quiet) with dagger in back, with all the parts please!


Well school is only few weeks ahead. What about that school shooter comic from shadman.


There appears to be some misunderstanding. Yes it would be weird to see different artists in a thread that’s dedicated to one artist. That’s why I asked before hand if it was ok for me to post my work and I’m pretty sure that’s why others have recommended me to create my own thread. I thought it was clear to everyone that I was going to do just that but I guess there’s one that didn’t seem to understand at all. So allow me to dial it down. I will be creating my own thread when I finish working on the animation that I’m currently on and I will be posting my future work in that thread. I won’t be posting anything related to my work in OP’s thread. Hopefully this is enough to set your mind at ease. ;)



I always wanted to see that animated or continued, let's hope OP likes the idea 🤞



if you want i can reupload the quiet animation since i saved it


File: 1565424267092.png (500.97 KB, 2000x2000, sheva d 2.png)

hey OP, Im a big fan! tbh you actually inspired my love of mindfucking/earfucking fetish. I really enjoyed your use of the sheva alomar models :p do you think you would ever do some mind fuck or necro fuck stuff with her in the future?


I loved your other gore pieces, hope we'll see more of that in the future. Your Claire snuff was amazing.


I actually commissioned that work from darkside and there is something in the works right now that you will probably like.


Yes Please reupload the quiet animations from "silence". Hopefully you have them from all parts :).



Quiet reupload!qjolgAxQ!aJ4g2pUAv-05ZHDyEtMNfTy7Z0mgGnH-xMDQh5tgVdg

hope those are all parts i had these all scrambled into my HDD and had to see everysingle video for finding them



true champion


Can't wait to see your Ribbon Girl animation, OP. Torture the hell out of her. :)


OP, whatever you create, I will certainly always enjoy it.

OP has stated several times before that he has no interest in doing animations which are too furry.


Mixtapemoe files work on the waybackmachine you just have to copy the link


I wonder if there are some masters of the universe models out there?

Anything with evil lyn would be great.


Hey OP, can you reupload “poison sting” animation on gfycat pls?




I think it's too long for being uploaded on gyfcat, i think it's uploaded on rule34 tho







thank you a lot pal


Is that a chicken? Hahaha


Its a Chocobo, the giant ostrich-sized birds in Final Fantasy games.



God I'd love to see some m/m earfuck content. Not a fan of guro but that is probably the best aural stuff I've ever seen.


Can someone create torrent with all videos?
There used to be 11gb mega upload but it had not everything I believe plus mega is bad for big files.


File: 1567309619443.png (4.98 MB, 5000x7000, lara croft.png)

Can we get a mind fuck with Lara croft in her party dress (equipment aswell!) like in Tomb Raider Legend


File: 1567395935768.jpg (172.71 KB, 1920x1080, BSA_BRainfuck_Preview.jpg)

BSA Brainfuck
The BSA suffered major losses when their outpost was overrun from a surprise attack from the Majini. The ambush resulted in the deaths of many BSA agents as well as civilians near their base. Among the casualties was Sheva Alomar, a top priority target for Tricell. To celebrate the death of the high profile target, the Majini took a break from their slaughter and use the deceased BSA member's corpse as a cum dump before dumping her in a shallow mass grave.

–Messy Version–
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

–Clean Version–
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:



I'm glad I could inspire you, considering I'm a fan of you as well. This one might be a bit extreme compared to your style but I hope you like it.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to make a request from you as well. It's similar to an animation idea I've had for awhile now, but have yet to get the models for it; a busty Huntress from Monster Hunter wearing Kirin armor getting paralyzed then earfucked/skullfucked, (preferably to death), by either a Gajalaka or a Monster. An extra panel of her being left for dead and her gaping mouth filled with cum is an extra detail I'd love to see but is a lot to ask for, so I'd be okay with or without it

I'd love to see your take on it since for the time being I can't make with my choice of medium, keep up the great work!

As for >>33064, I'm probably going to take a break from the ear/skullfucking for a bit, so I'll see about doing that in the future

I try not to give away ideas, usually telling about it makes me lose my motivation to actually do it. I'm sure there's some psychological term for that, but I enjoy each animation being a sort of surprise I suppose. Glad to see someone else picking up 3D gore animation, especially skull fucking. You're off to a good start

I was waiting to see if Rochestedorm would animate it himself, but it seems he inteded it for just a still render. Looking forward to his animation with Saria getting earfucked with Linkle. Glad you liked the halfway through version, I knew people would want the cum to leak from her head but it wouldn't make sense with the all-the-way-through version

I certainly get the appeal, but adjusting the position for a mostly looped animation and disabling blood effects is a much easier way to make variations than completely reanimating the intro segment from scratch. I'll try to make more consensual stuff in the future

I considered making a version where she dies in the end similar to the Kali animation, but motivation was running low and I just wanted to get it done near the end

I think that was the case with a lot of people, though I'm willing to bet more were changed from Jlullaby's amazing drawings that inspired it

Something DOOM related is in the works

Yeah, the blood streams and cum is animated with actual models and it's a pain in the ass to animate them to move with facial expressions, so I try and avoid it

I deleted my threads for personal reasons, but some of them are still scattered around specific threads and some requests in Drawthread II

That's some real good shit right there. Love the necro BJs and the way he handles her limp head while he's jerking off to her.
If you're struggling with lighting (god knows I still do) a good idea is to focus on one main central light source, then focus on rim lights for silhouette details and fill lights for shadows. Lighting can really make or break a scene. The hardest part for sound will always be just finding the sounds in the first place, so not sure how to give advice there

Hope to see much more from you for sure

Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to look into those options when the time comes

I animate in Source Filmmaker, I edit textures with VTF Edit and GIMP, I edit models in Blender. All of these programs are free

That's a subject you won't ever get from me. Even I have my limits on what I'm comfortable making content of

Don't stress over it, there's nothing wrong with sharing your work and communicating with an artist that inspired you in their thread



Yeah new OP work, quality super high as always, can't thank you enough for what you're doing for us for free.

I am surprised you wanted to do something with a Kirin armor, i think i even suggested it in a previous thread but it saddens me that you are unable to do it.

One simple question, who is the death girl on the left wearing the black shirt? She looks hot


would you ever think about make spit roast video where the girl breaks her spine from getting smashed from both ends and gets fucked limp


A world of warcraft, night elf having her neck snapped would be awesome. Have some great positions and so on. So great.


Is there anyway to find some of the old animations on mixtape? (particularly Mungo Meat)


I gotta say, I love the extra details you put in your animations, OP. The extra corpses were nice and the lighting was spot on


Pretty short and simple, but I guess that's fine now and again to keep momentum going.


Wow, thank you for bringing in a delectable sheva alomar animation! I would happy to bring your vision to reality :3 although it will be a bit down the road since ive got some commissions to finish. Thanks OP!
(Dont laugh I could figure out how to reply to specific comments :[)


File: 1567534335317.png (1.73 MB, 2033x2993, mariah swim suit.png)

lol figured out replying

YOh ughhh I love back breaker spit roasts, Ive never really any outside of my imagination tbh


File: 1567654753081.jpg (128.1 KB, 850x486, P5Snuff.jpg)

It be nice to have the P5 female cast skullfucked


File: 1567665985991.jpg (433.92 KB, 1157x783, 未命名.jpg)

Hey OP, I'm a big fan of your animations

Are we ever gonna see more pokemon character like that?

I recommend this Gym Leader Hangings pic.


Maybe some consensual stuff with Toy Chica from FNAF?




Got a source for this?


I love ops work as much as the next guy but can we get some non-brainfuck animation? seems like every post is just a brain/ear fuck



Updated archive torrent, you can help seed by changing the name of the old folder to match this one




and if you scroll further in the profile there is one with her normal outfit



Check my twitter, i get an error when i try to include a link



I agree. it's gotten rather stale


bring back throat or eye stuff, doesnt really exist outside here


Hey OP, would love to see another Jill animation. All the ones you did with her are old now and gifs.


File: 1567842882924.png (706.93 KB, 1279x720, 1451631479696.png)

Could you specifically remake this one and all the parts. It's my absolute favorite one of yours', but sadly outdated compared to your newer stuff.

I would commission it, but you don't accept payments :(.


Am I the only one who finds loops to be unsatisfying?

I mean I'm not complaining about the quality of the movie (which is godlike), it's just that I love to see girls drop dead after being snuffed.


Same I love the limp body play that OP has done in the past also death shivers are so hot.


Yeah most loops in general are pretty dissatisfying. I would say that only ones that are interesting are the brain fuck ones because you at least get to see all the facial expressions and twitches. But most loops are just 10 seconds of guy fucking limp body for 10 seconds or guy fucking slightly moaning girl for 10 seconds neither of which are super interesting to me.



Yeah exactly what i meant, we need more limp play and death shivers if possible


It would be cool if you did some repeated face pummeling.


Damn I notice to spice up sheva if she got infected and the plaga came out her mouth wiggling while it was going on


Oooo thumbs up on the clothes left on. That shit is Grade A sauce right there, along with the breast jiggle since a Boob over butt person. I think I might write a story about this later with her alternate tribal bikini costume.


Have a cum loop of a girl's guts being used as a cum dump!


ow c'mon… another brainfuck?


Oh i'm sorry, want your money back?



Sorry for bumping but is there any update on this?


Is anyone seeding this? I've been retrieving metadata endlessly.


Yeah, there's me and at least one other guy seeding according to the peer list. My internet connection isn't that great though, and it looks like some peers have been disconnecting due to 10053 errors.


Does anyone have the links the Sudden Death and Nami neck snap I haven’t managed to find those at all


I can't believe we have to keep bumping this because people are STILL posting in the old threads.



It shows

After 27 years later, the loser hurt him again, so he escaped. 27 years before it returned again.With resentment, before anything, he has seen the delicious bait, so he asks to have funWith the victims first, the day of fun began

I challenge you

1. Make clips for 3 minutes
2. Ask for a little more characters like you used to do.

that's it
If you can't do it, it's alright. It's encouraging to make clips.



i would be happy if he just gives us something close or even better than krampus, that animation was his masterpiece imho there were so many poses, nice lightnings and cute model. it's fine tho he gave us so much at no costs i'm happy with whatever he will do from now on.


This. My preference will always be the longer detailed videos, but I'm perfectly fine even if nothing but short videos and brain fucks were made from now on. OP is doing all of this in his free time for free. I'd rather have do whatever he feels like doing rather than have him force himself to make a certain video that he doesn't enjoy making and end up burning himself out.


Does anyone have Mega links for Nami Neck Snap, Sudden Death, or Poke panzai it tried some links from previous threads and none of them work



I have nami necksnap but i don't recall sudden impact nor poke panzai, could you remind me?


Sudden death is the one where Ryu break Juri han’s neck

Poke panzai is the one where red kills a gardvoir



alright i have nami and sudden, not sure about poke panzai probably not, gonna upload them ASAP



actually had everything lol (nami mega link from OP is still online)

nami: hxxps://!l54mDI6A!JH6rqsO45qkJHCz0Yg2fmBBLA8WKhqxXFDbHY4tZz8E

paizuri: hxxps://!fvhUHIIZ!VK3PsElfQtSSQsAXlgGWgARC57fc8hm_8wPMlRTMwxM

sudden death: hxxps://!SqhCkIgb!YFuzo2tapT9xFIpRKhI6-uI7Y-e7GGPgGZyLTmFARBk


Awesome thanks man


If i had to weigh in i’d say i love Op’s longer animations the most but i still love the ones with alternate characters and angles.



false. very few of op works are there. best case scenario 1 angle of most works.


Hey OP i know you said you never wanted to do a full hanging video but here’s an idea. You haven’t done a lara croft video in a while so what if you have a whole story about Lara going to a temple and getting assassinated.

She could walk in when suddenly a rope lands around her neck and tightens lifting her off the ground, as she chokes for a few seconds a guy lands behind her. Then he immediately grabs her waist and then tugs down as hard as he can causing her body wildly jerk as her neck snaps and she goes limp.

Then next the scene cut to him having fun with her body.

Now I don’t know if you can or want to do something like that but its just an idea i wanted to get out there


I'd love to see some necro action with the fire emblem three houses girls. Skullfucks especially.
I've only found a Bernadetta model so far, so maybe something with her?


wow, thats such a sweet idea



I think there's been enough Lara, she's not even good looking.

Pokemon girls, fallout Elizabeth, those are the great hotties.


Could someone please re-upload the scenes with the Onoskelis and the Doom Guy? Can't find them anywhere anymore!


Hellish Desires I


It gets kind of boring when 90% of OPs work is just brainfucks. Can we see some other stuff?


We're lucky to get anything man! But i wouldnt mind a neck snap or something that involves twitching/convulsing .


I love the recent brainfuck content and wouldn't mind more. The way OP does neck snaps are certainly a favorite of mine though.



Definitely disagree. Variety is nice, but skullfuck done well is too damned rare.


Neck snapping is boring and too fast. No struggle.


Make it a nice brutal strangle how bout that?


God fucking damn how stupid do you have to be to bump the FIRST FUCKING THREAD


I'm really liking how we're all giving our opinions and feedback here in a nice and orderly fashion here, rather than arguing with one another or trying to say OP HAS to make other content as if he owes us something.


I know that we're the type to enjoy necro, but necro'ing OP's old threads is disgusting


Would be great to see a decap video. You haven't done one in while.
Enjoyed >>28211 a lot. Thanks for all the great work.


Decaps are soo bad imo just a waste its second worst only to breast mutilation and cannabilism …


OP's Borderlands one is his best work in my opinion. Borderlands 3 is out so how about another.


Borderlands 3 models would be nice also hope he looks into MK 11 Kitana or Cassie Cage! Those models so hot


Is there even any High Quality Borderlands 3 models out yet? I figured it would take at least a little bit longer before we saw any.


Hey OP, you ever think you'll remaster the young link x midna picture? The very first one from your first thread? It's very hot, and it would be really cool to see how your skills have improved!


File: 1570411185324.png (1.54 MB, 3000x3000, climax kirin.png)

Getting myself familiar with drawing this character! I still have a few more commissions to finish before I get to her, but i wanted to show you some concept :p


>>33140 where can i find the source?



Hey OP, I've been making a lot of high quality (and not so high quality) music videos using your content, do you mind if I post them in my own thread someday?


Hey, I'm not Op but certainly interested. Hope he thinks it's cool. Also I'd like to put on a request of Nova or human Kerrigan from SC for an animation. If Op likes the idea.


Does anyone have a mega of Chun Lie Decap?


lol whoops did I bump this thread?



Is there anyone that have a Electric Encounter link? There is no mega link, only mixtape link….



Pretty sure it's on mixtape or sankaku complex



Could you link me the OG post cause i can't remember what was it



As far as request to remake old stuff I’d love to see a full animation of this.

But im not sure OP has said anything about him being interested in the idea of doing something like remaking his old works


Lmao did i say mixtape? I meant rule34 but my brain farted sorry about that
I don't have them but the gyfcats links are all working but the last angle, he could download them himself using a software like jdownloader



Hey OP, can you do one with a beating? There's a nice one Pestilence did, and it's the only face-punching I've ever seen in SFM. Would love to see more beatings in general. Even the character just being on the ground getting kicked around would be nice. Maybe you could use the Ribbon Girl model mentioned in this thread for that.


5 more days until Halloween. Thinking about the fight or fright. The shadows would fuck wattson from apex legends




What about Palutena’s pitfall does some one have a mega of that one?


File: 1572405607960.jpg (75.13 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20191029_211640.jpg)

I can only imagine what OP would do with that little slut


Will OP ever upload the old stuff from 2015 in MP4 format or any high quality form
Saving webms is ass



Calling it now this is OP secret account teasing his new video (please be…)


Sadly, it's not. Though it'd be a pretty cool thing to see OP do one day.


I'm crossing fingers for a halloween animation with pokegirls and ghost pokemon. Like haunted hex but with more blood





Could someone repost all the halo animations?


Was being optimistic hoping for a halloween release but thats okay, OP still in hibernation. But theres some talent here and there for some new upcomers lately so we dont need to just rely on OP for the good good.



At least our no nut november is safe for now


yo I absolutely love any brainfuck content, and I might not be the OP who makes all this stuff, but I just want to say that I'm glad you got stuck with this fetish and I hope you have fun drawing it



I'm getting download speeds of several bits with only one peer. Anyone who has downloaded this torrent who can seed?


File: 1572808098945.jpg (117.27 KB, 1920x1080, Halloween2019.jpg)

Halloween Treat
A lone trick or treater was not having much luck in the college neighborhood despite his brother's suggestion. Most residents were either asleep or away partying at the biggest house on the block. As he passed the largest house in the neighborhood, he noticed a corpse lying on the floor by the dumpster. A beautiful college girl dressed in a police costume had been strangled to death with a zip tie, her hands locked behind her back with prop handcuffs. Whoever had killed her had been long gone. Although it wasn't what he was expecting, the trick or treater finally found something sweet.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Tried to get this one done before Halloween but couldn't find the time to finish it. Wanted to do a longer full sequence too but I just don't have the free time that I used to

It's one of the girls from Vindictus, not sure which one

It's sorta my thing

I agree, but it's hard and tedious to do well, and my free time is much more limited these days

I have far too many ideas of similar quality to Krampus but don't have the time or motivation to do them all. I don't want to just spoil the ideas by telling them either, I feel it would ruin the surprise if/when I actually do them

I know I mentioned it in your art thread but I want to emphasize how excited I am to see the final result. Keep up the good work

I wouldn't mind at all

it's not, but it seems similar to an idea I have been wanting to work on

Damn, I was between doing a new bloody Hex Maniac animation or this one. Maybe sometime in the future


So you live, frankly Op I'm grateful for anything you do man nice to see something from you


Good to see you're still alive!


Stupid real life always ruins everything lol great to see OP posting anything tho.



Don't feel bad about not having time for better animations, having a life is much better than being a basement creep like maybe someone imagined you 😁.

Regarding the animation… the music, the atmosphere and the model all remind me of the average EVMC work so i have to ask, did you take some inspiration from him?



Forgot to say, all that jiggling is very sexy 😍


OP Pretty pleaseeee share also the project file along with the models used (at least for the small loops) so we can turn around and do our own angles and also use it as a learning tool



Would like to see this concept with fire emblem three houses characters, with the students being unknowingly murdered and raped. ;)



"Damn, I was between doing a new bloody Hex Maniac animation or this one. Maybe sometime in the future"

How can u make me love you and hate you at the same time!!!! U know we love pokegirls been executed!


Finally some strangulation and as usual brilliant work!
Thank you OP!


Love the new Animation OP, would love to see the act of strangling in one of your works.


We need a longer animation dedicated to a morgue and necro type situation, having fun with a limp slack-eyed body would be 11/10 .


shame it is a kid in the video which makes it illegal in my country.

otherwise good work, i just don't touch the kid ones


can we have larger jiggling titties version



Yes! DOA models!



any SFM animation with DOA models (or Pokémon models if edited by OP) becomes 100 times better


A bunch of old stuff is gone forever because is garbage, but a lot of that stuff is amazing, does anyone have it still who is capable of reposting?



mixtape is gone because people used it to share CP, a lot of old OP works are either on sankaku complex or rule34, also some re-uploaded works are in this same post.
If you need something in particular ask for it and someone might upload it for you



Fucking love this, finally some new stuff.


Does anyone have the set of gifs of Makoto from Ghost in the Shell where she's dead and her corpse is being fucked by a young boy in an alley? One of the positions was him rubbing his dick on her lifeless face and it was SO HOT, but i cant find it anywhere.


It's not Vindictus. That's Leifang


Wow thank you for another release
if it's not a hinder on you, could you release the full high quality version (mp4 or any format) like the one you did for Poison Sting



I've literally watched it yesterday, it's still on the first thread, all the links are working


I guess for a 7 second loop in a very dark setting it isn't worth to upload the HQ version


I know you probably have a huge list of ideas and projects to work on, but if you have any parasiting brain invasion on the menu then I'd support that 100%


Nice work!
Glad you're still alive.
I always look forward to your posts (particularly any pokemon ones. Poison sting and Haunted Hex were great)

Also, did I miss one or have you never done eye-fucking?


The undertale animation


How do you change sfm model, skin color like that. Like making a blue face like that


There's a few in there, actually. Aside from the Undyne (undertale) one where it was just one of several positions, they are mostly short loops from the first or second threads.
There's one with Elizabeth (Bioshock, several different models of her). Another with Silent Hill's Pyramid Head eye-fucking a Nurse. The Shygirl one that was inspired by PPPPU has an eye-fuck as one of the poses, too.


Is there an archive that is not a torrent? Mixtape is kill and most peoples mega archives are one zipped folder. Is there an archive on mega or elsewhere where I can pick and chose? The collections on r34 and sankaku are incomplete as hell.


specifically his asphyxiation works as those are my favorite


Woah woah woah…

I know about Undone, and I know about the Shygal, but where the fuck was the Bioshock and Silent Hill eyefucking porn? Do you recall which thread it was in? I pride myself on the fact that I've seen every OP animation on Gurochan (or so I thought), and I ain't never seen those!



Need more neck snaps, even if its a quick animation. More snappys!


OP i know it's your thread and you post what you want but how about now that you don't have time for animate, you only post images? Would be more easy for you, and will bring more content. Maybe will be more chance for requests?


Bioshock was really early in first thread. One of his first ten, IIRC.

Silent hill is in second thread. Small disclaimer: Nurses don't technically have eyes, but it's in the right spot on the head, so that's enough for me.


File: 1573574353830.jpeg (293.39 KB, 950x1256, B38F9401-7EDE-41B3-A9C4-1….jpeg)

Today, on the 11th of November, 2019, me and two of my friends had seen a pic that I think could make for a VERY interesting animation by the great and powerful Gurochanop. The picture is attached to this message, but what I’m about to share is what me and my two friends said upon seeing that picture:

Friend #1: “Holy shit. Ears too?”

Me: Impregnate everything. The tits, the cock, the womb, the stomach, the ears- fuck it, impregnate the kitchen sink while you’re at it.

Friend #2: NOT THE KITCHEN SINK!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I couldn’t contain my laughter

Friend #1: Lets see gurochanop impregnate ears with an internal shot!

Me: …ok, real talk, I want to see that, now.
Me: Like, just out of morbid curiosity.


File: 1573574427028.jpeg (556.17 KB, 1242x1349, 3710D27D-68DC-46F4-8FE7-0….jpeg)

And no, I’m not joking, that is what we said. Regardless… if you want to talk more about it, my Discord is Howlin’AtTheMoon#4012.


Fine ideas aside from the futa pic and nipple fucks.. but seen better tbh and these posts are just cluttering up this thread, who cares what u and some guy are talking about on discord.. idk why you felt the need to even post that lol unneccessary info.


File: 1573649442630.png (95.37 KB, 268x232, Hshag.png)

Necro AND big tits. Hit the nail on the spot for me twice OP! Nice work. Though, I gotta ask why 'Jason' has a straw popping outta his mask in Angle C


Dude, what the fuck do you and your buddy rambling about fetishes on discord have to do with GurOP's work? Especially since it's pretty clear you've no clue how SFM is or what OP does (like, y'know, the whole futa thing). Hell, the wording in the screenshots and feeling the need to post them makes both of you sound about twelve or something.



In all fairness, it does seem like the kind of thing Gurochanop would do, minus the whole futa thing, like you said. And hey, it would fit, wouldn’t it? That, and it’d make for an interesting animation where a girl’s head is filled with so many eggs that her head and brain end up exploding or getting crushed from the amount of eggs being pumped into her.



It’s more so the fact that I have not seen any pics of a girl’s head and mind getting implanted with eggs, through her ears (or nose, for that matter). I’ve checked around as many places as I could- Rule34, Paheal, Xbooru, e621, the Hypnosis variant of R34… I even looked into the deeper, darker side of the web to see if it was there, and nothing came up. So, I figured I’d might as well bring it up here.


Several actually, in team skullfuck lusamine and the other girls get stuffed with eggs in her brains ( still my favorite btw) and jiggerbug in my brain most me more but i only rebember that ones


File: 1574006473626.jpg (44.11 KB, 960x540, cdc07eb54b8a98ad579914157c….jpg)

bump + suggestion

This is one of the most recent models from sfmlab and it looks pretty hot to me and even has big boobs, perhaps you might like it and even use it (i would prefer simple necrophilia but feel free to do whatever you might want to do with it)


Not the anon before, but would you mind linking these?


maybe op can create something with league of legends KDA models


Goes someone have the mega of all the angles, the mega link on the second thread is only for the pov




i think i might have them but can't upload right now, i'll let you know



Apparently a Kanna sfm model exists now.

Not sure if its is up to your standard, though.


File: 1574266472196.png (824.2 KB, 1216x1416, kan2.png)


NICE. Maybe OP could recreate this piece from the drawthread with that model.


hope to see another video with a cumshot. I love cumshots and it breaks my dark, sadistic heart to see loops without any climax :(


OP's best brainfuck by far was the Kali animation where they cum in her brain. I don't know if its possible for OP to do better than that tbh. Or the necksnap animation with Motoko but only if her eyes were open instead of closed.


OP's best brainfuck by far was the Kali animation where they cum in her brain. Wish her eyes rolled back more though. I don't know if its possible for OP to do better than that tbh. Or the necksnap animation with Motoko but only if her eyes were open instead of closed and also rolled back.


File: 1574476537244.jpeg (92.41 KB, 720x775, D7C6199B-16EE-4561-B962-9….jpeg)

You better fucking not you psychotic coomer


I've read someone wanted the Silent night animation (also known as Krampus), can't find his request anymore but OP uploaded the animation on MEGA himself and is still online to this day so here it is:



Hey man here your Cock of steel reuploaded:



You should let people enjoy things especially on Gurochan, even if really limited in his potential facial animations the model itself is sexy and IMHO it will work very nicely for a small necrophilia loop (or gutfucking as some people asked)


This is a question for OP, I've been reuploading some of your works for some time now but I'd like to ask you if you're ok with this, in case you aren't I'm going to delete everything immediately


File: 1574569760580.png (140.86 KB, 495x356, Untitled.png)



Ok necrophile


relax lecter,guro isnt about hate,but fetish.If someone does it for hate,wrong and doesnt
speak for community or being part of it even.



Hey buddy, it's been a few months. Really curious to know if there's any progress on this


Anyone got the Harley Clayfave set


Does anybody have the undyne animation on mega?


Anybody have downloads for “Loose Ends”, “Team Skullfuck”, “Forbidden Route”, and “Heart to Heart”?


those are a lot of requests lol, btw i have the harley clayface and will upload when i can


the real question is does anyone have a full collection of all of gurochanOP's works willing to share it all



harley clayface reupload




forbidden route


This is actually OP's link, before making a request you should really check if the files are truly offline

forbidden route bonus reupload

this is not mine, say thanks to >>33345 for this



that's Jinx, not Harley



What do you mean? Is it the wrong set? What is the set you're talking about?


The set I was talking about was with Harley Quinn and Clayface.



isn't that the set i've linked? Harley quinn getting brainfucked by clayface


Do you have Palutena Pitfall?


Anyone got the clips of Juri getting her neck snapped by Ryu and later fucked?


Ive already requested that so here you go
sudden death: hxxps://!SqhCkIgb!YFuzo2tapT9xFIpRKhI6-uI7Y-e7GGPgGZyLTmFARBk



palutena pitfall reupload





the link was already provided by OP tho, check before asking for reuploads


Does anyone have the Police Brutality clip ?


do you have any more of those drawings?




Project Brutality Reupload!LjhyzaIb!kfCqecLQ1Vjx2HlkaoHADiU4wPg-ks5rgwBs_aAQTds

is the hxxps even needed? I remember it used to but i shouldn't be using it anymore because it's annoying sorry about that



SUDDEN DEATH REUPLOAD (juri getting necksnapped)!LmgUwA6C!u914ASJPTAS-CEvhPFTMyQ?X2pi1SJb


anon you have to be 18 to post here


How can I find the "Shoebill Snack"? 404


EVMC owns U!





File: 1575336530460.jpg (73.12 KB, 1018x640, 6744d9538d16eb2f67817c5822….jpg)


Thank you for your invaluable opinion man



from now on i will just include the full folder everytime so if you see something you need you can download it too



File: 1575375629551.gif (842.11 KB, 320x180, 774a27d1bcfd71a.gif)

Too invalueable that worths thumbs up.





Is Masked Rider:Kuuga , no kechap, raw sauce. :V


File: 1575514741253.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, kisxsfm still.png)

Hey OP, Ribbon Girl anon here again. Just wanted to let you know that the model has been updated once more. Fixed a small bug with the eyelids that you can kind of see in this animation (done by kisxsfm):!dg0FSYLQ!DWAi6qTbInRvVraR-wBfhCF3l1cwEnBWAXMwgOEcnBo

Additionally, now you can close the eyes by using the upper and lower eyelid flexes OR the blink flex (not both). With that said, here's the updated model:

Looking forward to whatever you've got cooking for the future as always, OP!


Yup I thought i knew that thing from someware.That must be the longest running show on the planet!


this trick or treat one is under rated.

I would like to see him maybe take her home in costume of course because its halloween as the best treat he got, or at least her head with the cop hat and see some part 2 bonus action!!!



trick or treat 2: the christmas boogaloo soon by OP





Anyone got Avatar Axpytiation and can reupload it? Sadly it was on mixtape and that went bust. OP only ever made a part one too, but hey he's making bigger things noe





That link is an incomplete file. My bad! Here's the correct one:


Can someone please reupload hellish desires I, the one with the Onoskelis?


File: 1575636730924.jpg (218.88 KB, 1280x720, 71970182_p0.jpg)

Yo OP, how much do I have to suck you off for a necro animation of female Noble 6?


Hellish desires Reupload + full reupload folder!LmgUwA6C!u914ASJPTAS-CEvhPFTMyQ


File: 1575696477205.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, Harls2.png)

Wish i knew how to animate these scenes. Most of them are just inspiration from OP


Hate to do this but can any of you fella re-upload "Talon Torture"? It's the one with Mercy from Overwatch getting her brain fucked.



OP already uploaded this video on mega, check before asking or we risk flooding this post





Can you upload Gwen Gutfuck


I own U!


This is the same shit who keeps bumping the old threads, why he never gets ban?


honestly I think it would be better to refine your still pics, it already looks good but animation is a difficult mistress. If you could improve your stills and put out a bunch i'm sure you could become a staple in the community.

Love the beastly brainfuck btw


OP best artist ever, praise be our lord and savior OP!


Saw the thread bumpin hard, thought maybe op uploaded again. Nope, just a bunch of horny goblins like me.


Nah, he's just EVMC's bitch!


My power is Legion! Hail EVMC!


File: 1575907870369.jpg (146.59 KB, 621x1026, op.jpg)


LMAO those memes are getting out of hand, btw #OP>EVMC team forever


i should have it, will upload soon if true


holy christ the tards are out in force, no one cares who you like just shut up and fap



Hell yeah >>35535

Do you think you can also upload Lockhart Lungfuck, Seeing Stars and Fucking an Empty Shell?

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