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Another year, another non-bumping thread.

-First Thread:
-Second Thread:
-Third Thread: (thread seems to be gone from the last downtime)
-Fourth Thread:

Poison Sting
After losing a battle to a wild beedrill, a young trainer awakes to find herself at the mercy of the insect that bested her. Unfortunately for her, the bug has decided her rib cage would make the perfect incubator for it's next generation of offspring.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Stream Quality Download:!g14HwQxa!zw-7rID1iGRKnfhmBVy9w5zRb1px2paqPF_1L2amhOE

High Quality Download:!xoIBmChC!glF9EXLx_tTFVY2v8vJwUQvPWVFXKI4LHz0fneY-4qc
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Anyone know if OP ever got around to making the pikachu video? If so does anyone have it?


Praise you, OP


God bless to you OP.

We often see you complaining because you don't feel satisfied with the quality of the things you create. But actually … you can confidently upload any of your products up here. We will always support and contribute ideas with you.


You are far and away the best at what you do, and the only reason for me personally to come here. Just wanted to make sure you receive the praise you deserve. With that said, and speaking of the dangers of deepthroat, your Mass Effect video is perhaps my favourite of all. Both for the subject, and… subjects (and the story, and high quality, and POV, and-). Brain stuff is a close second. Something in each about watching the last moments of realization and struggle. If you're taking requests, I'll try to leave it as open as possible, but I'd love, love to see more of either of those in the future. Thanks again for all you do.


My favorite animation still is TEAM SKULLFUCK, it already have 4 years old but that story report with the 5 victims always get me…. together with that bouncing breast and blood uff, since then pokemon animation are my #1.

Dude i've being waiting for the altern victims for years, i already give up… you should give up too :,(


File: 1583985785775.jpeg (27.78 KB, 253x345, E362AAEA-AB6E-4EA4-9ADE-6….jpeg)

what i would do for another pokemon animation


>>37717 can i request if you make another angle of it? With a side angle and back angle? Without visor only so it consumes less time, well if you want to do it that is. Thankss <3


I'd like to be honest. I Only Love OP's Full Version Works, im not a fan of Loops hehe


Even though she's already been used relatively recently, I'd love to see something done with this particular version of Moon/Luna again. Especially some titty-fucking.
I'm not even a fan of bestiality and gut-fucking, but this model is just so perfectly curvy and outrageously hot, that it remains one of my favorites regardless.


>>37717 is there an a2 version of it?


Holy SHIT! That 2B clip was nice. It feels like it's been a while since we've had a proper snuff clip showing the death.
Last couple posts were all necro loops.
Of course, you don't look a gifted horse in the mouth so far be it for me to call you out or anything like that. I just wanna say that the extra time this has to take is much appreciated!


All I want is an animation like OP's Ghost in the shell work when Motoko's neck is snapped and the guy fucks her in multiple positions it would've been the best best but her damn eyes were closed!!!! Who remembers? It was amazing of course and I appreciate the work always, but if her eyes were open!!! It would've been transcending for me. That rolled-eye death stare we all love! A boy can dream…


Sauce? Holy shit that's hot.


Top class. You continue to set a standard for high quality animation and attention to detail. Thank you for helping me get into animation. It’s allowing me to learn and build skills that I hope to one day use in production. Anonymity and guro can sometimes be toxic, so thank you for staying humble and cordial.


Hey someone on pixiv is using yours and other people's work to promote their patreon, seem like a shitty thing to do so thought I'd mention it

link to them using your portal animation>>26930



Yo let's mass report this guy


One of my favorites yet! Can you please make a variant of this where she stays alive until the cumshot, like you did in the Kali Belladonna animation?


Make a version of A2 please :)


Same here vote i for A2 version :D

Also since when does A2 have visors?lmao


Oh wait i misread.. you want a different angle of it my bad lol


Can i get a reupload if team skullfuck please?



@OP We need another neck snap please.


A nice necksnap or even a back-snap where her body droops and limps all over would be hot af dude.


god yes another neck snap would be godly


I wonder who would be a good neck snap candidate


There's hardly any heart-fucking animations out there. Perhaps OP could consider making one?


i vote


How come you havent moved to blender or some other better and newer software instead


File: 1584613950676.png (196.54 KB, 500x612, Continue.png)

Welcome back, you beautiful bastard. I hope you're staying well in the midst of this pandemic, OP.

You're works are always a pleasure to see, but if there's one thing I haven't commented on, it's how subtle you do things within your animations. Using your latest 2B anim as an example, I like how you make the small pool of blood around her grow bigger as it plays, and even how quiet, yet distinct the sound is for the climaxes. It's probably one of my favorite features of your animations. That and how fluid it all looks (among other fluids).

I don't really have anything in terms of requests, other than just wanting you to keep doing scenes with actual penises rather than tentacles (not a fan of that). Most importantly, feel free to take a break if you need one, especially if you're lacking motivation to do this stuff. Sometimes, you just need to distance yourself from the things you do in order to regain that passion to keep doing it. Besides, we're the type of bozos to never leave GC, so we ain't going nowhere. Alright m8, take it easy. I'll be (patiently) looking forward to your next render!


Maybe a titfuck with one of the pokemon girls, except with an electric pokemon like toxicitry, constantly shocking their victim in the chest as they titfuck their convulsing corpse. Kind of similar to Electric Encounter.


the guy who made thesee models did one for alyx vance as well. I'd love to see some alyx vance guro considering Half-life ALyx comes out in a few days plus there's so little of it


File: 1584693492179.jpg (123.53 KB, 941x644, Sudden death.jpg)

It is the best video ever! I so love neck snaps!
Where I can find and support author of this vid?


Eh? OP is the one that Made that Juri Han animation


That's a masterpiece… that juri model is 100/10


Got an idea OP. You know Witcher 3 cinematics where Geralt kills the Bruxa. How about he has some fun with her corpse while she remains in the Bruxa form?


OP, I don't comment all that often, but I feel inclined to after having enjoyed damn near every work you've made from the first thread, your old art thread, to your occasional drawthread appearances. You are damn good at this, and you fill a kink niche that I haven't found anyone else can fill nearly as well, so thank you for all your animations. I, for one, would gladly support you on Patreon if you made one because, after a few years of your work being easily my biggest guilty pleasure, it's the least I could do to give some meaningful thanks for the time you've spent on all this hard work.


I know op doesnt want to make money off this… But what about us fans putting together money to buy you a better program or pc parts?



It's great to see OP back on his feet but I legitimately need to know where this has been.


Carmilla is good


For castlevadia



Hmm, do you know if he finished it?


Holy fucking shit that's hot. She's basically used to hold some doors open - it's not even a choice whether she dies. N E A T.
I just have to wonder how many other games have similar scenarios where a hot chick gets sacrificed… I recall a similar scenario in Fallout 1 where you had to kill 2 female captives to join some raiders - very hot scenario, but underwhelming graphics.


Retard use OP work on patreon, pls report this scum.


ironically for us to report them, we'd have to join the patreon, else we cant flag the posts


Oh you're alive? I was hoping you already hang yourself?


Great art man!
>>37735 that is a fantastic idea! Would love so see that slut begging as she is filled with cum and crushed


Any way possible to have aliens getting snuffed? - I would love seeing blue/green/whatever colored blood and their guts as they suffer a painful or long death



but guess whose still dead fucktard


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