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Another year, another non-bumping thread.

-First Thread:
-Second Thread:
-Third Thread: (thread seems to be gone from the last downtime)
-Fourth Thread:

Poison Sting
After losing a battle to a wild beedrill, a young trainer awakes to find herself at the mercy of the insect that bested her. Unfortunately for her, the bug has decided her rib cage would make the perfect incubator for it's next generation of offspring.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Stream Quality Download:!g14HwQxa!zw-7rID1iGRKnfhmBVy9w5zRb1px2paqPF_1L2amhOE

High Quality Download:!xoIBmChC!glF9EXLx_tTFVY2v8vJwUQvPWVFXKI4LHz0fneY-4qc
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Well OP made an animation with undyine once, not really a furry but close enough, i won't mind honestly that scorbunny is pretty hot


File: 1557245524738.jpg (152.47 KB, 1920x1080, Piranha_Planted_Preview.jpg)

Piranha Planted
Princess Daisy finds herself in a predicament during her visit to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Version A (Alive):

Version B (Necro):

Version C (Necro/alt Expression):

HD Download:!oxYFmA4I!azeRkJ2HACVrHDING71XcWG06cnRBncMlIm2YFZCoyQ

Not one of my best animations and maybe a bit tamer than my usual, but I've been waiting for a decent Daisy model for awhile now and wanted to give it a test drive.

The guts are from MK 9 and X. I think both are on the SFM workshop

Editing models is possible, however for that Sonya animation I didn't edit the model myself. The model download came with gored body groups of the whole model and I just combined and split them in the animation. I'm not too knowledgeable on Blender or model editing, most of the time I try and split apart models and recompile them they break in weight painting or in flexes, so Im not the best person to talk to about that

If it makes you feel any better the repeated requests didn't influence my decisions for this animation


I don't think you understand that animating models in SFM both requires bones and to be in the proper format even load in the engine

I've used multiple models in the past, but for my more recent ones I use the Elin models from TERA combined with edited Pokemon models

I've considered it, but by not having a VR headset myself I have no means of testing it to make sure it works properly, so that's a no go

It's a case by case scenario depending on if the model appeals to my specific tastes


Well, I managed to find this one… but it's for blender. I hope you can make use of it though!


Good shit op, thank you for blessing us with your presence.


Not a fan of tentacles, but I like the facial expressions from Daisy. If you need an idea for a new animation, how about Kindred from LoL getting impaled followed by some corpse sex necro action! Otherwise, keep doing you, man!


Nice OP, I appreciate the animations but personally loved your more realistic animations.
For some reason cartoon characters just don't do it.
Hoping to see another master piece like the motoko skullfuck


Lovely expressions!


Can we get reposts of all the ones lost to mixtape?


I second this very much so. Please


Or at the very least a like mega compilation of sorts or just a mega download dump


Personally not the biggest fan of super cartoonish characters like daisy or tentacles either but great to see you back


Absolutely amazing Daisy animation. I so deeply wish to see those piranha plants devour and rip apart her fat tits.


not really into ear penetration…




Ahah at the end you decided to use that goddamn Daisy model.

The important thing is that you liked to use it and didn't feel forced by the request spam


It's gotten to the point where I just appreciate whatever OP makes because it's just so unique and distinct from other SFM animations. Anything else like characters and scenarios are just extra stuff that enhance his works.


Ooh! So good with the tentacles! I'd definitely love to see more tentacle death with decaps or dismemberments <3


Any chance to do stuff with the new Mortal Kombat game? so many possibilities!


>>29146 what would be best girl to kill



Anyone else having trouble opening the rar file?


Literally each and every one of them looks fuckable, some are hotter than others but you know, different people, different tastes.


Is it alright to post ur own work here? Big fan of OP and would like him and others to see a project ive been working on.


File: 1557573047960.jpg (560.68 KB, 1047x803, 632630 - Banshee StarCraft….jpg)

Hey, OP. I just finished a Starcraft 2 playthrough today and the banshee pilot caught my eye.

Could you please murder her via Zerg infestation?


File: 1557573169080.jpg (18.36 KB, 480x368, HeavenlyClassicIrishdraugh….jpg)


Does someone have gurochanop's seeing star animation? is down and they look hot


How abaout a good brainfuck animation.Maybe something ayaswan work related.but the victim should be alive during the process.Just love the retarded expressions


If all it would take for you to make is having a VR headset then I'd be willing to add a few bucks to that cause myself



He wouldn't take it. OP said several times that he won't take money as he neither wants to feel obligated because of it, nor does he want more than necessary in his life that can tie him to the stuff he does here.



Did anyone back up all the mixtape animations?


you can find most of them on rule34 or sankaku



Hey OP,

This is my first time commenting on your threads, and I just wanted to say that the amount of skill and dedication you put towards your work is amazing! I'm currently in the act of watching every animation in every thread that I can get to, and while your work has improved, the early animations are still fantastic!

Some of my favorite animations that you create include the ones including dogs (Twilight Prey, Fallout Dog), tentacles (Elite BJ, your new Daisy Piranha Plant animation), and the brain fucks (specifically, the fantastic facial expressions, like in that Daisy animation I referenced). These are amazing, and I have no doubt that your future works will continue to inspire!

I also wanted to make a small request, since I've decided to comment for once. It would be fantastic if you were to touch up, or even make a follow up, of Elite BJ. The movement of limbs and body that you had in that animation gave me shivers, and while I like faces with tons of expression, the elite's vacant eyes also gave me excitement!

I've considered trying my hand at SFM, but deemed myself "unartistic", as I favor the writing medium more than the visual. But I appreciate your work (hell, I speak your name in hushed tones to those I tell about my strange fetish), and I look forward to seeing more your art in the future!

Sincerely, Anon (c'mon, I wouldn't put my name here, gimme some credit!)



What was the Elite BJ? Can't recall it




It was one of his earliest animations on Gurochan, back in the first thread. It featured a female elite who was tied up by tentacles and forced to give them a blowjob. The first animation was just that, but a few posts later OP added two more animations, the first a sequence of the elite giving a blowjob, the tentacle going through her skull, and a few pumps from the tentacle. The second was a necro loop.

All in all, three animations that I would love to see redone with sound. In fact, it wouldn't even have to be an elite, as I really enjoy OP's facial animations he creates (though monsters are always hot to me).

If you enjoy Elite BJ, you might also enjoy his Alien Asphyxiation, in which a Xenomorph is suffocated by a (very horny) face hugger, and raped by a (equally horny) scientist. Four total loops, two different models, one fantastic piece! I highly recomend.


Since Mixtape is Down Does Anyone Have OP's "Heart To Heart" Video?


Even tho i don't have it What scene do you want? Because i also want to see it ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄


Since Mixtape is Down Does Anyone Have all the scenes of OP's
"Heart To Heart" Video?


try wayback machine, that might help


Don't lose their Hopes.. Im mean "OUR" because i also want to see it 😅 maybe TODE has it?



Sorry i didn't like it so i didn't bother saving it 😅

I'll pray someone else or OP himself reupload it

for now you might want to give a look to these archives:



Please consider doing something of Tawna Bandicoot or Coco Bandicoot! Something like your old Shantae animation with a twitchy facial expression would be nice.


File: 1558532604728.jpg (469 KB, 1168x1313, 1499271025792.jpg)

Would love to see how you would put this into action

Artist :


Do some brutal nipplefucking with her please!!!



Anyone have OP's
"Sombra Skullfucking" Video? It's not on Sankaku and it doesn't have a mega link sadly


Somebody made the suggestion to use the Waybackmachine, and it worked. I uploaded to R34.


will the third thread ever be posted again? i disagree you can find most of them on rule 34 or sukaku. team skull and seeing stars as some example


third thread repost of all animeations please

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