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Another year, another non-bumping thread.

-First Thread:
-Second Thread:
-Third Thread: (thread seems to be gone from the last downtime)
-Fourth Thread:

Poison Sting
After losing a battle to a wild beedrill, a young trainer awakes to find herself at the mercy of the insect that bested her. Unfortunately for her, the bug has decided her rib cage would make the perfect incubator for it's next generation of offspring.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Stream Quality Download:!g14HwQxa!zw-7rID1iGRKnfhmBVy9w5zRb1px2paqPF_1L2amhOE

High Quality Download:!xoIBmChC!glF9EXLx_tTFVY2v8vJwUQvPWVFXKI4LHz0fneY-4qc
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Damn I notice to spice up sheva if she got infected and the plaga came out her mouth wiggling while it was going on


Oooo thumbs up on the clothes left on. That shit is Grade A sauce right there, along with the breast jiggle since a Boob over butt person. I think I might write a story about this later with her alternate tribal bikini costume.


Have a cum loop of a girl's guts being used as a cum dump!


ow c'mon… another brainfuck?


Oh i'm sorry, want your money back?



Sorry for bumping but is there any update on this?


Is anyone seeding this? I've been retrieving metadata endlessly.


Yeah, there's me and at least one other guy seeding according to the peer list. My internet connection isn't that great though, and it looks like some peers have been disconnecting due to 10053 errors.


Does anyone have the links the Sudden Death and Nami neck snap I haven’t managed to find those at all


I can't believe we have to keep bumping this because people are STILL posting in the old threads.



It shows

After 27 years later, the loser hurt him again, so he escaped. 27 years before it returned again.With resentment, before anything, he has seen the delicious bait, so he asks to have funWith the victims first, the day of fun began

I challenge you

1. Make clips for 3 minutes
2. Ask for a little more characters like you used to do.

that's it
If you can't do it, it's alright. It's encouraging to make clips.



i would be happy if he just gives us something close or even better than krampus, that animation was his masterpiece imho there were so many poses, nice lightnings and cute model. it's fine tho he gave us so much at no costs i'm happy with whatever he will do from now on.


This. My preference will always be the longer detailed videos, but I'm perfectly fine even if nothing but short videos and brain fucks were made from now on. OP is doing all of this in his free time for free. I'd rather have do whatever he feels like doing rather than have him force himself to make a certain video that he doesn't enjoy making and end up burning himself out.


Does anyone have Mega links for Nami Neck Snap, Sudden Death, or Poke panzai it tried some links from previous threads and none of them work



I have nami necksnap but i don't recall sudden impact nor poke panzai, could you remind me?


Sudden death is the one where Ryu break Juri han’s neck

Poke panzai is the one where red kills a gardvoir



alright i have nami and sudden, not sure about poke panzai probably not, gonna upload them ASAP



actually had everything lol (nami mega link from OP is still online)

nami: hxxps://!l54mDI6A!JH6rqsO45qkJHCz0Yg2fmBBLA8WKhqxXFDbHY4tZz8E

paizuri: hxxps://!fvhUHIIZ!VK3PsElfQtSSQsAXlgGWgARC57fc8hm_8wPMlRTMwxM

sudden death: hxxps://!SqhCkIgb!YFuzo2tapT9xFIpRKhI6-uI7Y-e7GGPgGZyLTmFARBk


Awesome thanks man


If i had to weigh in i’d say i love Op’s longer animations the most but i still love the ones with alternate characters and angles.



false. very few of op works are there. best case scenario 1 angle of most works.


Hey OP i know you said you never wanted to do a full hanging video but here’s an idea. You haven’t done a lara croft video in a while so what if you have a whole story about Lara going to a temple and getting assassinated.

She could walk in when suddenly a rope lands around her neck and tightens lifting her off the ground, as she chokes for a few seconds a guy lands behind her. Then he immediately grabs her waist and then tugs down as hard as he can causing her body wildly jerk as her neck snaps and she goes limp.

Then next the scene cut to him having fun with her body.

Now I don’t know if you can or want to do something like that but its just an idea i wanted to get out there


I'd love to see some necro action with the fire emblem three houses girls. Skullfucks especially.
I've only found a Bernadetta model so far, so maybe something with her?


wow, thats such a sweet idea



I think there's been enough Lara, she's not even good looking.

Pokemon girls, fallout Elizabeth, those are the great hotties.


Could someone please re-upload the scenes with the Onoskelis and the Doom Guy? Can't find them anywhere anymore!


Hellish Desires I


It gets kind of boring when 90% of OPs work is just brainfucks. Can we see some other stuff?


We're lucky to get anything man! But i wouldnt mind a neck snap or something that involves twitching/convulsing .


I love the recent brainfuck content and wouldn't mind more. The way OP does neck snaps are certainly a favorite of mine though.



Definitely disagree. Variety is nice, but skullfuck done well is too damned rare.


Neck snapping is boring and too fast. No struggle.


Make it a nice brutal strangle how bout that?


God fucking damn how stupid do you have to be to bump the FIRST FUCKING THREAD


I'm really liking how we're all giving our opinions and feedback here in a nice and orderly fashion here, rather than arguing with one another or trying to say OP HAS to make other content as if he owes us something.


I know that we're the type to enjoy necro, but necro'ing OP's old threads is disgusting


Would be great to see a decap video. You haven't done one in while.
Enjoyed >>28211 a lot. Thanks for all the great work.


Decaps are soo bad imo just a waste its second worst only to breast mutilation and cannabilism …


OP's Borderlands one is his best work in my opinion. Borderlands 3 is out so how about another.


Borderlands 3 models would be nice also hope he looks into MK 11 Kitana or Cassie Cage! Those models so hot


Is there even any High Quality Borderlands 3 models out yet? I figured it would take at least a little bit longer before we saw any.


Hey OP, you ever think you'll remaster the young link x midna picture? The very first one from your first thread? It's very hot, and it would be really cool to see how your skills have improved!


File: 1570411185324.png (1.54 MB, 3000x3000, climax kirin.png)

Getting myself familiar with drawing this character! I still have a few more commissions to finish before I get to her, but i wanted to show you some concept :p


>>33140 where can i find the source?



Hey OP, I've been making a lot of high quality (and not so high quality) music videos using your content, do you mind if I post them in my own thread someday?


Hey, I'm not Op but certainly interested. Hope he thinks it's cool. Also I'd like to put on a request of Nova or human Kerrigan from SC for an animation. If Op likes the idea.


Does anyone have a mega of Chun Lie Decap?


lol whoops did I bump this thread?

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