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I just find you guys would like this video sadly I don't know the author of it.



It's SIEN from Ecchi.Iwara.TV, but he deleted this as well as a few others related for…..reasons unknown. He gave a vague answer, but yea it's gone. Makes non-guro great stuff though. Amazing animations.


who is this character?


You mean there were more of those videos?


There were yes, but not anymore. Also, I do not know who the character is but she might be someone from Honkai Impact 3 since the majority of those deleted vids were about that series.



It’s Poppy’s Final form from Xenoblade Chronicles 2


File: 1549719667439.jpeg (82.06 KB, 640x666, 9E832B59-1199-456E-BA1C-C….jpeg)


I found and uploaded those deleted Honkai Impact 3 videos!nro1BChB!9ViYJBnck5IvzhhBTp1pFw


Full name: Poppy QTπ

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