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I've been collecting all the animations of the old gurochan and even though the contents of this pack are at least 8 months old, i think unfortunately not much new quality content that was to my liking has been released lately.

Nonetheless here it is, the ultimate gurochan animations with sound collection:!OMQUWYLS!PT66c75rIKaPR9jxRHkacA

Please download this pack and upload it to different hosts and regularly share those links so these quality guro animations will be available to the guro community.

It would also be cool if we could set up some sort of github type collection that continuously gets updated and contains only quality animations with sound.


This one's missing (and I think other DoA animation are, too)


Yeah i'm currently completing an updated version of this collection. Will probably upload it any day now.


we´re waiting ^^


I'm kind of in the process of doing the same, the list is not complete at all but it's growing. I divided the animations bu artist.!jWRx0abQ!dM3BI8vkZ65Sxn798u3fWQ


File: 1546660493014.jpg (178.11 KB, 580x300, Boom.jpg)




Folder 1:!EptmWCwR!AHqB5qC_5CsiCZf7TgzJOCHPa8sw6URSpJ8_ta8Ahcc

Folder 2:!gpsSlKjQ!seyb4_WY9FmLIOGmcK4pkkLPOmdrBdSO7QSj3xRrUKU

Folder 3:!F4tmDQLT!wtpjKQr4EdlggwAx6RP4ZTmSShBOucEcCJ4m3wgMorE

Folder 4:!Jt9kWAwS!_jOdmBX8GRhwE-8TfXq5qEbktuv6ZpjmKD5AyhY6_7E

Best of /3dcg/ and more in one collection.

Not everything made it in there on the basis of subjective bias and taste.

All animations have sound in them except for an extra folder with a few soundless animations.

Enjoy and remember after you downloaded all 4 .rars to try to upload it to a different host and share the links here and elsewhere.

This is so that this collection will never disappear from the reach of this community, as i consider this a sort of worthy time capsule of good guro animation up to this point.


fucking wow.
BTW who is carstop.wemb by?


nvm found it




So, what do you guys think ?


there's nothing to say that would accurately convey my gratitude. You are a god among degenerates.


File: 1547077526364.jpg (258.04 KB, 800x411, 3204344499 (1).jpg)

I thank you for the work. We needed it. I specially thank you guys for HD pestilence videos.

this guy >>26335 has more stuff I have never seen. Mostly chinese ones.

Unfortunately a lot of stuff is missing.

Let me share with you my collection. Stuff from before 2010. The 3D guro of elder races.
Most of it is low quality, the only notable exception is:!9pFwACQK!OQrjMjuxcQeEZeIiN33R9fwbvycYZsQulpp6KQQrPIA

So my unsorted collection is here!h4VU3KzS!eJm9CK266BeVWIQTvthk4Q

If >>26335 would sort through it, delete all low quality ones and add to his collection it would be great.


the "Enterteinment" video and the "Next" series are pretty good, albeit a bit low quality for my tastes, especially the latter since it's also vertically stretched. Do you know the artist? Maybe I can fine a better version.


nvm I can't read. I'll add those videos for now.


I took the videos directly from his forum post.
They are from 2012 and as far as I have seen he disappeared since.


I have downloaded everything in here and I will probably sort through them and rename most stuff by adding an artist tag in front and a suggestive name - but that'll have to wait until I'm done with my exams, so that'll be another month or two.

I'm thinking that there should be one big folder for all animations and one big folder for all pictures and then some relative path shortcuts that group the whole collection by artist, by type of method or severiy, whatever I can think about. If anyone has an even better cataloging solution in mind, that doesn't involve third party software - I'm all ears.

A one stop depravity torrent… the dream of any sad wanker like me and many others, lol.


since p2p is a dead board do we want to share stuff that can't be posted on gurochan?
Cpations, photomanips or just videos.


May as well




i cant download your tumblr backup
mega said sumtin like memory too big to handle
how to download it?




i cant download your tumblr backup, mega said sumtin about the memory being too big to handle

how can i download it?



you have to use the MEGA app



The artist is "Reaper4u" and he is or was on The Dark Spot forums. Unfortunately though he has been MIA for almost 10 years now.


glorious archive of OC created here on guro created by the master.

Maybe when posting archives we should post a screenshot of the contents from file explorer to know whats there?






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Sounds like a good collection but my bandwidth is asking for a couple of screenshots of the folders (with thumbnails from the videos). I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to know what I'm spending 7 GB on before spending it.

Just open the folder(s) in windows explorer and press print screen. If you don't get thumbnails from webm files you can install K-lite codec pack which adds thumbnails to a bunch of video formats in windows, really useful.



Yeah i would love some previews too

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