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This VR game got a nude mod, I thought you'd like to see it!

Video here:!82B1AAga!WZ_W-L68pcosYqOs9YsAFXp5j5U6t67bu6zc63qTQqY



Finally! Can't wait for it, I have been wanting a nude mode for this game since release


Holy shit, that's foken awesome! I can only imagine what the future of VR holds!


Where's the source? How do we download it?


You don't download it because it hasn't been cracked. VR Games will probably not be cracked in the foreseeable future because they require extra gear that most PC pirates don't have yet anyway.

You buy it for $20 and you also need a beastly PC (GTX 1070+16GB RAM) + An expensive headset (HTC Vive or Occulus) to play it.


It's already cracked, a LOT of vr games are cracked just like regular games, you still need the headset to play


A little clarification–better GPUs help, but most VR games are targeted at a GTX 970 and equivalent, and Oculus even gave the budget 1050ti their approval.

You can get a budget VR setup like this from scratch:
($200) Lenovo WindowsMR Headset + controllers
($170) GTX 1050TI
($50) 8GB DDR4 RAM
($145) Ryzen R5 1500X (HSF included)
($80) Compatible B350 MOBO (PC Mate)
($30) 128 GB budget SSD
($55) 520 watt PSU
(~$60) Case of your choice
(You most likely have a mouse, keyboard, and headphones lying around, but if you somehow don't, you can spend however much you want on those.)

From the ground up, that's $790 total for a computer that can handle VR and a headset for it. Given that the majority of people already have all but maybe the GPU and the headset itself, the average person is probably going to spend a little over $300 total to get into VR–or the price of a new console.

Disclaimer: The WindowsMR headsets have the highest resolution, the Rift has the best controllers, and the Vive has the best tracking.

The Vive is the best overall experience for standing and roomscale VR.

The WindowsMR headsets are the best (and most affordable) setup for seated VR (e.g. playing Subnautica or Elite Dangerous with a traditional controller, flight stick, or MKB). They're also great for viewing 3D models.

The Oculus Quest, coming soon™, will be standalone VR (no computer required) for $400. We don't know what'll be compatible with it yet. Its tracking will be roughly on par with the MR headsets or slightly better, as it uses the same technology (cameras built into the headset).


QUESTION: Can you set it so only female enemies appear?!


Stuck on loading screen on current and beta versions. Help.


Yes. Under Spawning in the options menu, you can set the percentage of male and female enemies.

The opposite gender will spawn rarely even at a 0% spawnrate for some reason.


Could you make another one of these vids?


this looks amazing.
If the game becomes more popular, More modded and better faces I'm gonna buy a VR set.
Together with this one

OP can you make a video of it too? You can find it here,


File: 1546347850017.jpeg (139.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

forgot pic


No nude mode on but still entartaining


After watching this I got it to give it a try. I have nude mods, but everyone, including myself is still clothed. The only time I see the full nude is character creation. Is there an option I missed?


Nevermind. Found it. Didn't notice the optional file


File: 1546392325467.png (869.41 KB, 1124x825, pincushion.png)

Can confirm, it is quit fun. The shoulder grab mod helps for lifting and positioning. I hope someone expands it for all limbs.


Just noticed the heart shaped cutaways. :)


holy shit post more vids here pls


This will be a rather controversial matter if it gets developed further ^_^


I'm shocked that no one has mentioned the dismemberment update for this game yet.

I'd love to see some of these girls with their heads off.


File: 1558716668388.jpg (144.79 KB, 1613x908, Capture.JPG)

Poe and I have been playing this a bit. Decided to capture some gameplay.!VAUjQCBJ!NwoL1Ypep7KMWk4SahdFL5B5ySIO4a387tHu_b8xb7g
Let me know if you want to see more.


I see you left in my masterful beheading at the end.


This is amazing. Thanks for the upload.

If it becomes easy to import and customize 3D models it will be amazing.

Or better interactivity as Virt A Mate



This is so cool! Thank you for this, more please! Especially the swordfucking. Would love to see more of that.
I guess the npc model doesn't allow for a real debreasting but maybe you could fool around with the idea of breast mutilation a little?


Please man, post this video on pornhub or something. Mega has this annoying download limit that i have to pay to get past it.



is there any sexy armor mods for this game yet?


Thank you


Ask and you shall receive.

No nudity in this one, but there are jiggle physics if you look closely.


haha chalk that video is so funny :D



Ok, I have to ask, which nude mod are you using? and how are you able to cut off limbs and heads so easily?


Here's the mod:

As for dismemberment, it takes practice. That, and I edit out most of the failed cuts.


You should definitely make more nude videos Chalk.



lol this is the most misogynistic thing I have seen in a long time.

And I fapped very hard to it. This game is amazing lol


nooo I want more but my pc can't run it noo!



would love to see a cunt stabbing compilation


Yes! I absolutely second a cunt stabbing compilation! Could I tempt you with a SFM render or two?

Just drop me a request in 3D Pussy Pain and I'll be at your service! (It doesn't have to be cunt busting)




File: 1568079719806.jpg (611.54 KB, 1615x801, Right in the kisser..JPG)


The previews on Dropbox are locked at 720p. You can download it or check the Mega preview for the HD version, if you like.


Oh. My. God. That was absolutely fantastic! I'm so happy right now!

Thank you for such an amazing video!


Oh damn this is very nice and brutal would love to see more limp play, this games ragdoll is so hot!


Appreciate it Chalk


more would be appreciated for us non-vr plebs



Here's some of my gameplay. I didn't do much editing, just trimmed to a pretty good overall part.!VWBGVaYZ!7CF2CprhoMozIWNGYljJRh3OewKpx3lTUFxvSpdGOkg


As a pleb, I wish you had more of them on the spike wall when she was like dangling around all limp it was great, just treat them like a punching bag the limp ragdoll physics is the best part of this game. We need more jiggles and holding them by the feet and neck!


More body handling would be nice.


someone should make a dildo mod so we can play a bit more with them :D


This right here, someone be the savior this thread needs lol


Don't know if this is exactly what you had in mind but I've been enjoying this new mod (Dark Chains):!VCww0CbC!3NgdcMUmiJ9ymABuoFePWKPYwXH81YJvIAFyYkC7PgY


Definitely in the right direction, and I can tell you're just testing stuff so would love to see more of them being suspended in the air by just their hands more especially in that cross position was so great at 3:13 and if u could hold them by the top of the head would be appreciated.


Them being held by the head and single arm was good too!


Yeah sadly that mod doesn't give a grab point on the top of their head so I can see if I can request it. That also means its not easy to just rip their heads off.


Dont really care about decaps as I see it as just a waste cause the models are pretty. And meant to hold them by the top of the head with your hand and slowly dangling them around would be great.


Yeah this game is getting too damn advanced… This is maybe dangerous

Now Don get me wrong the vids are hot aF and the showcase of the physics wonderful. But damn this game is going somewhere deep and dark. We'll at least they have yet to add a d**k model.

This game will surely be banned end of 2020 maybe longest mid 2021… Or at least the middling will be denied.

Way to advanced physics in this game. Next thing will be that they add the photo 3d scann to it.


3:10 She's beginning to get fucked properly!
Guy, you worry too much, you should see what games are getting green light on steam the likes of Evencicle.In the new decade the law will be supply and demand and that's good for us! Just enjoy it! ;)


We plebs need some more ryona limp-play gameplay please and thank you.



Just got my hands on an Oculus Quest and have been able to stream B&S to my headset. (ALVR)

Anyone else who plays, after newer updates are no longer able to stab the crotch? I can't seem to replicate the same stabbing the videos here have shown.


They haven't changed anything as far as stabbing goes. Make sure you're putting some force behind it, if you poke 'em too gently it won't penetrate.


Thank you! After a few hours of practice, my dagger stabbing skills are piercing and accurate!

If I can figure out how to record with OBS and get the house to myself I'll see if I can show what I've learned. :)

Thank you Chalk! You're the best!


These are great! Anyone have more?


If someone were to mod in a penis shaped weapon, and give it a very high stab stat,we could probably use bone holsters to attach it to our pelvis.


Sucks being poor and VR-less , wish someone would come back to this and show off more ragdoll physics and play with the dangling bodies. Grab em by the head and neck or arms and show them off for us.


Somebody…. anybody….. bump


how long until someone expands this to include stuff like debreasting/bisection?


Damn these were great, so sad no one uploads here anymore. If I had VR I'd be dragging them around with the awesome ragdoll physics.

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