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Yo i just started doing SFM stuff and I need suggestions


Well hello there >:D Always nice to have a new edition to the team. :) Maybe get into some animation and work on half head fucking (when the jaw and stuff is still connected but the top of the head isn't. Just one small idea. And for another, gutting then insertion to show all organs missing but dick still going through (then cumming) or uterus remaining then split into at last second to show cum leaking through. If you want to stay in pics tho (even though would be nicer if you animated) the same concepts would apply. I'll be stopping by the page. Nice to see new brothern.



Had an idea for a short guro/necro Nier animation recently. Basically 2B's getting fucked, then the guy activates her self-destruct sequence. He fucks her harder while the countdown gets louder, he pulls out. She rubs her clit as she orgasms right as her chest explodes leaving only the hips down(maybe other bits of viscera?). He removes her now-blown off hand from her pussy, then starts fucking the hips until he cums through her.
Optional: Part/half of her head could land next to the body as it goes from cumming to pained/fearful to lifeless/dead.
…I suppose that's a tall order for a new person, but I might post this other places to in hopes that someone makes it.


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Well, if you were thinking of doing an animation or an image set, one thing that I had an idea of is a tiny one woman getting used as a flesh light, and just as the one fucking them is about to cum, they go balls deep, and cover the tiny woman's mouth and nose, so that pressure builds, and her scalp blows off with a stream of cum and blood.



^ above idea would be perfect with


Beheading animations are sorely lacking, would love more of those.



Are you kidding? Beheading is like 90% of the stuff out there.


I'd love to see some gore with the girls from DOA… Can't get enough of them


Please do something with Ribbon Girl


Can you please make something with Brigitte from overwatch?

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