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File: 1544810862149.png (1.68 MB, 900x1310, witchcraft-against-the-kul….png)


hello glad gurochan is back, new topic b/c my old one isn't bumping

look at my comics Action in an Elevator!

here is page 1 of my comic WitchCraft

b/c of the filesize i have to post a smaller version here, go to my site for the full version :D


long time fan going back to yahoo groups!!!

Love your stuff and first for Lara Chang!


ah wow I didn't see that new comic yet, thanks! Best patreon i'm subbed to :)

I'm surprised there's no decaps with all those swords but I guess gotta keep things mixed up ^_^


thought about doing decaps but i wanted to go a little more brutal with this one, no quick deaths :D

thanks :D i have some Lara Chang lined up!


File: 1545443120605.jpg (98.27 KB, 800x450, atomic blonde mission fail….jpg)


File: 1545578914138.jpg (182.77 KB, 900x1310, witchcraft-against-the-kul….jpg)

WitchCraft: Against the Kultists is complete!

here is page 2!


File: 1546209982518.jpg (788.26 KB, 1580x2300, spice-end-01.jpg)

my new comic Salem Sanatorium: Disarmed has started!

here is page one from my final SpICE comic, The End


I can't register into your site


email me at eyet33th at gmail and i will help!


File: 1546362943003.png (458.54 KB, 1280x720, sk8rgrrls.png)

test render for the zako villains in my current comic Salem Sanatorium: Disarmed


Great render but more pussy mound is sexier


File: 1549858444749.png (965.91 KB, 1280x720, atomic blonde after action….png)

here's a follow up to my previous Atomic Blonde fanart, this is actually a few months old but i went back and fixed some problems. on my site is the "dirty" version.

my comic Salem Sanatorium is up to page 16! you will like it if you either love or hate mid-2000s pop stars….



File: 1551053932612.png (1.5 MB, 1280x720, Agent Red White Owl - Tr….png)

guest heroines meet their end in Salem City! White Owl is by white0wlsuperheroine, Agent Red is by pumpmonger1, both used with permission

"dirty" version at my site! still free!


page 1 of "Yield" from my WWAExT comic!


File: 1551649206391.jpg (1.05 MB, 1580x2300, wwaext-yield-01.jpg)

oops maybe i should include the image


File: 1552841835262.jpg (481.49 KB, 1580x2300, wwaext-yield-02.jpg)

page 2! my Near Tears comic just finished with a 3-page update!


File: 1554156045514.jpg (543.04 KB, 1580x2300, wwaext-yield-03.jpg)

page 3! ouchie!


File: 1555549894671.jpg (625.67 KB, 1580x2300, wwaext-yield-04-22c28561.jpg)

here is page 4. new comics are going to be delayed for a few months, i lost all my data :( hxxps://


That looks like KK if you made that nice work!

Be hot af to see the three sisters battle it out and the men use whats left of them maybe?



File: 1559089531549.jpg (512.08 KB, 1580x2300, wwaext-yield-05-aca57826.jpg)

oops, lost my thread XD


File: 1563636555215.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, syscrch_01a.png)

after a long time, i am making new comics again! no gore yet, but soon!




File: 1565658344430.jpg (486.4 KB, 1310x1485, min-fool-01-7bfb1d42.jpg)

page 1 of Minerva: The Hunt! i am updating a new comic called _SYSTEMCRASH


File: 1566229807086.jpg (453.26 KB, 1310x1485, min-fool-02-952e785e.jpg)

page 2 of Minerva: The Hunt

_SYSTEMCRASH updated! hxxps://


You do some great work eyeteeth!


File: 1566824153313.jpg (571.34 KB, 1310x1485, min-fool-03-25cc3c15.jpg)

thank you!

here is page 3! my new comic _SYSTEMCRASH is updated too.


Hey Eyeteeth, I don't know if you're aware, but something is odd with your website. If I go to, there's a long wait, and then I get a redirect error. If I follow one of the specific links in this thread, I get the relevant page…


Your site is fucked up.


Are you still active?



eyeteeth is still active and the side is working fine.


File: 1572661422393.png (785.62 KB, 703x1024, witchcraft-against-the-kul….png)

hi everyone, sorry i haven't been updating this thread, i've just been focusing on rebuilding my characters! here's a quick bonus page from my WitchCraft comic!


Any good head shots?

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