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File: 1540411321315.png (1.01 MB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe1.png)


I created a series of images. i hope you enjoy!


File: 1540411804809.png (1013.18 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe2.png)

She start to notice something.


File: 1540411902681.png (1004.57 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe3.png)

She starts to panic and struggle.


File: 1540412034227.png (1005.5 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe4.png)

She tries to figure out how to get free.


File: 1540412164331.png (1014.91 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe5.png)

The water continues to rise. Much to her fear and dismay.


File: 1540412619449.png (949.31 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe6.png)


File: 1540412726404.png (922.25 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe7.png)

She tries to keep her head above the rising water.


File: 1540412832069.png (1.05 MB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe8.png)


File: 1540412891036.png (883.21 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe9.png)


File: 1540412952134.png (922.83 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe10.png)

The water starts to come in around the gag.


File: 1540414066857.png (943.86 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe11.png)

She breathes her last few breathes through her nose.


File: 1540414644817.png (940.62 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe12.png)


File: 1540415883937.png (899.39 KB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframe13.png)

She can't hold her breathe any more.


File: 1540416118483.png (1.21 MB, 1136x878, drowninggirlframefinal.png)

Please let me know what you think, this was my first attempt with water in a scene. Feedback on ways to improve it would be good. i am using DAZ.


I think it was bad idea to name it as fist series because soon it will not be your first LOL

It is always nice to see more people taking pictures but speaking about technical issues, it looks like you made those pictures 10 years ago because now technology is way better
I suspect that you forgot to set lighting properly so your rendering uses default camera illumination
to make everything look better you should use some more advanced lighting setup which includes different light types.

Speaking about the content itself I think you did something wrong with that ballgag and expression in the last picture is pretty scary as if she got possesed by demon LOL


Thanks for the feedback. I have only been using daz for maybe a month now. So any tips are appreciated.

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