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Started a new comic I will be posting as I go. Hopefully one a day or so if I'm lucky.


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Looking forward to your series!


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It is a great job


Another fan waiting!


Another fan waiting!


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Excited to see what happens next!


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I hope her tits get cut off.


Not as consensual as your other work?


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Anything's possible. Thanks for posting, keeps me going!


Your artworks is great, please keep going. How would it be to cut open the belly of this blonde girl and pull out the intestines + slice out the pussy and womb for a good fuck. Jerking inside the pussywombcompilation and let dripping the juice out on her shocked face, while she is begging for her life? :) :) :) :) ^^



Posted the rest on my pixiv.

Comments welcome.


Very nice!

Even the background girls looked a lot of fun.

Bravo for creating and posting it. And, the twist was a real treat!



This is remarkably similar to an RP I read from Omegle once.

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