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So I commissioned a barebones VR game from an understanding developer. It's a young girl dancing in a club, whom you can shoot with a gun, or ragdoll and punch across the room. More development is planned, but it costs money! This is free, and it'll always be free. If you want to help pay for development, let me know by emailing me. Click on my name. Payments will go right to the dev, not me.

Here's the link to the game! I hope you like it.!1NcT0ARS


It needs a decryption key, and the ideea of shooting a stripper, a dancing girl or 2 ppl having sex is verry nice,but let's see it in action! If this is a free demo we should be able 2 see it!


Sorry! The key is this: !GORhORATLmtK5C4LmxKbViNmCCw9mdBR-E344XgihMY

Here's a link that doesn't require the key to be put in:!1NcT0ARS!GORhORATLmtK5C4LmxKbViNmCCw9mdBR-E344XgihMY

It's not really a free demo, it's just an unfinished game that I'm giving away. Even if I get it developed all the way to complete I won't be selling it.


Is it playable without vr-hardware?


I don't think so, sorry.


many of us are tech savvy maybe can offer help in small ways?

What is the engine? Can characters be imported say from honeyselect? An engine where we can import characters from an already pre made character creator might be easier?


It's made in Unity, but I do not have access to the source code. Any changes need to be coded in by the developer, unfortunately.


Hello there, it is actually made in Unreal Engine 4, characters can be imported as long as they are in obj or fbx formats, I can take care of rigging them once they are imported


Also I am using a PBR workflow with metalic roughness rather than specular gloss


Damn this is a nice demo, would love to see more


There's not much there right now, but it definitely has a lot of potential. Give us the ability to grab and move the girl after she ragdolls, and I could see my self having a fair bit of fun with this already.


How do i play this? I downloaded the zip but when I open it it's just a bunch of random files!


Just open the executable file, ya ding dong!


This... I won't touch this with a child in it but would love to try this with an adult girl rigged and in the game. Especially a busty one!

Could a link be posted to a version with that sort of character?


The dev makes the characters from scratch, so each new characters costs a thousand bucks! It's not high on my priority list. I'm hoping if we get enough interested parties we can spread out the cost so no one is going broke supporting the project.


it's cool!

i like just looking at her.

but maybe with different hair colors, faces, and tit sizes?

and maybe some randomized different dances (like every time it resets?)


Would love to see some gameplay for those who don't have a great headset


I wish this would be windows xp compatible.I mean is a simple one room action, no need 4 dx11 win7 and so on, and ofc 2 be playable without vr gear, or at least made into an apk 4 android!

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