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I will still release animations on my animation release thread. Going to post concepts like the above image, and take requests for animation based on these concepts. I'm up for anything. Remember I have an interracial fetish, but I can always adapt killer and victim easily.

Above concept "The Babysitter" A rich music producer and his singer wife who live in Hollywood, are going on holiday, and hire a babysitter to look after their son "Marcus" (insert any name). Kyra, a foreign exchange students answers an ad through a connection and agrees to look after the boy for 3 nights. She considers it an easy job and it pays ridiculously well, she's loving her exchange program in Cali, and often laughs to herself at the stupid Americans who dish out loads of cash for jobs she's get pittance for back home. Little does she know there's a caveat, Marcus is a very disturbed boy, and the last 6 babysitters who "looked after him", all foreign girls, disappeared. His rich mother and father used their influence to lure new girls and keep their disappearances under wraps. They would do anything for their golden boy Marcus, even cover up his evil ways and guarantee he was satisfied.

Kyra, cooks for Marcus, helps him with his homework, reads a story to him and puts him to bed, proceeding to lounge on the living sofa and watch some TV. As she starts to relax and is getting ready to doze off, Marcus ever so quietly sneaks out of his room and into the living room, new toys in hand, preparing to put Kyra to bed...


I like this new "The Babysitter" project!
Very interesting idea, I can't wait to see it done!


Great render!....It bodes well!


Lovely>:D nice to see new animations being done, and you started a new thread. I wanna see what ideas and concepts you create.>:D


Cool story ,i hope more renders....Please!!


I'll be waiting for your animations too>:D


File: 1533415561574.jpeg (442.09 KB, 1920x1080, poster2.jpeg)

The Lotus Petals - continuation of previous animation

As you may remember from my last post apocalypse animation. Kainux is one of the most violent and ruthless slavers in the new world. But a group of Femme Fatales called "The Lotus Petals" have been hired by the free cities to put a stop to Kainux and his slavery ring. One of their junior members, an excellent sniper and highly skilled in close quarters combat arrives at one of Kainux's many complex to assassinate him. Arina stands watch with her silence rifle waiting for the complete cover of darkness to enter the complex. Only a few more minutes and she will proceed with her mission, slaying the fiend Kainux and returning dignity to the women and men he's enslaved, while displaying feminine power in the face of oppression. She takes a few deep breathes before getting ready to vault down from her crow's nest. (continue reading to next post)


File: 1533415795724.jpeg (811.68 KB, 1920x1080, waiting.jpeg)

The truth is Kainux is in another complex, and knows quite well what the arrogant assasins are up to. The complex is almost empty save for Kainux's senior surgeon, only called "The Ghoul." As the young and green assasin delights in her skill at being undetected and her forthcoming success, The Ghoul has sat and watched her for the few hours, waiting for her to enter, and preparing a nice welcoming spread. She will be getting to know him very very personally.




So... where are your animations?


asking the same thing where are the animations, even your old threads the animations are gone


Sadly, I'm with them on this I haven't seen any animations from you in a while.>:) Is it irl problems or so, if so take your time. But after drop a super hard animation showing you're back.>:D


File: 1536448720311.jpg (950.31 KB, 2333x836, ba2.jpg)

Just a before and after I cooked up. Little bitch shouldn't have stayed out late taking social media photos like her parents said. Now she'll be getting her used cunt stuffed into a coffin. I'll be getting back into animation don't worry just about to switch countries so haven't had the time to focus.

>>24423 Yea man I will be dropping an animation soon, have been in a transition period. Moving to a new country in a couple of weeks and swamped with work.

>>24425 I usually don't leave the animations up for fear of someone linking the animations to who I am. But I will be releasing another very soon.

>>24448 Yea I know. I will be releasing a new one soon. Just been doing pics for now, but will be getting back into it before I move countries.




I haven't forgotten about you.



Haven't forgotten you>:) get the animating>:D

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