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I've started to make some things in SFM. At least try to enjoy it.

>be the most loyal and skillful sniper on the Mother Base

>Kaz and other fuckboys don't trust

>then they rape you

>then they kill you

>then they rape you again

DDs are shit lads
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What game is this? Looks awesome! Love your work btw! Cheers! ;)


I love it when they expect a client and get something else, you should continue this, it's awesome!


Bioshock Infinite, the third game in the Bioshock series. The weapon is the Sky-Hook, a melee weapon in the game that doubles as a means of transportation along the cables connecting the various parts of the floating city Columbia. It is used in combat exactly as demonstrated on poor Elizabeth in that picture, basically tearing into them rapidly and brutally.


Perfect! ;)


File: 1564062031349.jpeg (558.47 KB, 3840x2160, yennefer1.jpeg)

Don't walk into the woods alone at night, she learned it the hard way


Oh these are all awesome :D And the Femshep one especially. Definitely not enough guro art of her. Should totally do more if you get inspiration!


>>32088 I'm currently working on Miranda animation which is going come out in a few days, maybe even tomorrow, then I'll probably make something with Femshep


File: 1564788959571.jpeg (94.62 KB, 1920x1080, miranda2000089.jpeg) - 0:56 animation

Miranda's biotic implants got heavily damaged during the failed mission on Omega. Left on a harsh space station, deprived of her fighting capabilities, she decided to make some good use out of her genetically enchanced body. Her amazing sexual performance led to getting her a nickname - "Cerberus whoreleader".

During a long night on the streets of Omega, she was like as usual waiting for new clients. Finally, a mercenary approached her. After an encouraging welcome kiss, she lied on the floor while he was already putting his dick in her ass. After an intensive anal sex, she asked for he money. Although, this mercenary doesn't like to pay.


Great work. Waiting for the femshep animation. Or maybe more witcher girls.


srry to bump but exactly how would you go about making your own thread


File: 1564949667414.jpeg (157.52 KB, 1920x1080, test8000395.jpeg)

here's a little WIP preview

Well, the first post should contain a good title with your name in it since it's a thumbnail of the whole thread so people can easily identify your thread just by it's title, it's nice to put your poster with your name photoshopped in it like EVMC did cause it looks neat. In the description write down something about yourself and your works. You can also search other people's threads on gurochan and get some ideas from them.


That Miranda animation is fucking great. Hope the Femshep one is just as brutal, if not more so. Femshep has always been my favourite.


Thank you


cant wait for the next animation by the way


File: 1565118403330.jpeg (163.46 KB, 1920x1080, test8000031.jpeg) - 0:52 animation

Shepard has a tendency to coming back from the grave. Severely wounded after the failed mission, she was lucky to find a medical center on Omega. She had to sell both her armor and weapons in order to get a medical help. The failed mission has broken her fighting spirit to the point where she didn't care about defending herself.
After leaving the medical center, she was quickly abducted by some criminals who wanted to rape her. Instead of running away, she let them use her body as they please. That's when she discovered her new talent. After that incident she started whoring herself. Thanks to her endurace she could sell her body to any race in the galaxy.
One night, she was approached by two krogans. Not many whores could take even one, but she was already recklessly off their pelvis armor. Although, after the provided service, her body was tossed on the ground by a krogan. She tried to crawl in order to escape, but she gave up. She realized, that Cerberus won't be ressurrecting her this time.


Fuck yes. That was as brutal and gruesome as I hoped it would be. Would love to see more Femshep in the future.


Thats great. Love your work


File: 1565160560895.gif (698.49 KB, 600x338, 2485573 - D.Va Overlook Po….gif)

i'd love to see your take on this animation with dva. love your work!


If i may ask, how long does it take you to do an animation like this?
And second question, what is next on your to-do list?


Well I'll be damned! I didn't expect for the Femshep one to come out so quickly! Man, AnonMode's on beastmode!

Good job on Femshep! My dick exploded after seeing her getting abused like that.


Good work. There are not enough femshep stuff. hope u do more.



Omg, that Femshep animation was awesome. Loved her head being crushed underfoot


Would love to see some deepthroating deaths (from suffocating on the dick).

Your work is awesome. Sure, it's a bit clunky but fuck—for early attempts you're doing way better than me after trying for 3 years.

Keep it up!


great work as always, please keep it up


Is AnonModeOn still around? I miss his stuff.


File: 1579209984614.jpeg (91.2 KB, 1920x1080, ashley1000000.jpeg)

hey hey hey, here's some WIP preview. If I'll work harder than usual, who knows, maybe I'll deliver this animation at the end of this decade?

jk i'll try to get it done this weekend


Nice to have you back!

I wanna ask, will you be doing any animation with Rouge? (based on request from fur)


>>36508 gotta admit that I broke my promise of finishing it due to the lack of motivation during the second half of 2019. That's why my activity was reduced to a few posters on drawthreads in /fur/ and /art/. I guess I could make something of it but I'm pretty chaotic when it comes to my activity here, so I don't want to promise anything.


No need to promise anything, the fact that this place has a 3d artist is amazing. Just please think about it. Stuff like that is rare AF in 2d, but you are the only one who created something like that in 3d (i mean both pieces with Rouge and Judy). And even a real unicorn wouldn't be as rare as a short animation.


File: 1579533545877.jpeg (150.16 KB, 1920x1080, 40sw_preview000202.jpeg)
1:06 animation

I don't feel like writing a backstory but you get the idea. Maybe someone would be interested in writing one themself.


It's looking good! How long does it take to create something like that?


Great animation! Maybe next one can start where it left off, another deepthroat but with her dead and her eyes rolled back as he facefucked her again.


there's a guy on /req/ I think, calls himself Novice. Asks for ideas like that and plans to realize them in Blender. I'm far less thrustworthy when it comes to requests, so I'd like to recommend him to you and your taste in grotesque porn.
can't tell exactly cause I didn't count the hours and I'm also not the best example cause I usually make those longer than I should.
I might, but I can't promise anything.


>there's a guy on /req/ I think, calls himself Novice.
Heh, funny thing about that. The Rouge requester and that Novice guy are one and the same. After all, it was your work in the /fur/ drawthread that inspired me to start learning Blender.
At the time you mentioned that you liked the request, bur if you don't feel like doing it then i won't push it.
BTW - are my tastes trully classified as grotesque?


This animation is awesome, thank you for your work!
I will look forward to the next your job!


Is there an alternative to catbox? Its unbearably slow, as in 14 hours to download a clip.


File: 1579828045751.jpg (373.17 KB, 3840x2160, quiet6.jpg)

Quiet after interrogation.

I was screwing around in Photoshop and this is the result.



Nice work! I love your lighting, choice of colors, the staging, and the fact you edited Quiets textures.


File: 1579913792102.png (6.71 MB, 3840x2160, mileena5.png)

More gore and less skill this time.

Catbox can work slow from time to time but it usually works fine. I'm planning on making a MEGA archive for my works though.

Thanks. Prepare for disappointment now.


File: 1579913841575.jpg (1.63 MB, 3840x2160, mileena8.jpg)




Oooh great stuff! Maybe have there be a follow up of her guts fucked and filled up with cum?


nice tit bruises on Quiet. The hammer could be used on her tits that would shut her up completely.


Wow! Your work is definitely improving. It's nice to see you grow as an animator @AnonModeOn

The femshep animation was kind of robotic, but you can see the difference with your Ashley suffocation. Keep it up!


Hey Anonmode, I've noticed that you have a thing for Mass Effect Characters. If you're up to it, maybe you can make a video of all the girls you animated in the past in one sitting. You know, as a "milestone" of sorts for all your hardwork. ;)


Hey AnonMode, I know you made one in the past for me but I was wondering if you’d be able to make something with Ela again, there’s not enough guro with her around imo


File: 1580683262584.jpg (666.64 KB, 3840x2160, ela3.jpg)

I've allowed myself to add Dokkaebi to this.
I hope you enjoy it.


Love it! Thanks a bunch again man




Nice! It will be great if there's more r6s girls!

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