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coth found out that gurochan is back (it was unreachable the last time he checked),
so he decided to treat you all to his collection, or at least, what remains of it.
The themes are always captivity and death.

He wants you to know that these are old, and his technique has since improved,
so he might make more if there is sufficient interest.

Please, do enjoy, and let him know what you think.


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Some pretty good scenes and camera angles. Keep it up!

I do have one critique for coth. Its one mistake I made when I first started making pics. These scenes are a bit too dark in terms of lighting. I understand if that's the intention, but the "action" needs to be visible even if the scene is in a dimly lit setting.

When I first started I had my monitor brightness turned way up, so I could easily see what I was editing. However it ended up being extremely dark and hard for people to see. Got a few comments about it on Tumblr. So I turned down my monitor brightness settings and started focusing brighter lights on the characters in the scenes to help them stand out. Since these are older pics he might have already done this, but still hope this tip helps :)


Of course there is sufficient interest! So please coth, make more. But I also second Mr Misery >>23271. The pictures need to be a bit brighter.


women being bound and gagged and stipped naked is HUGE turn on for me so yes please continue!


too dark, cant see shit sir.

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