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Does any of you guys know where to find Waldo's works on loli tortures? There is a thread down here but for some reason it stopped working. I tried really hard using Tor, but still could not find any of his art.


All his artwork is at lolicit. More than 1,000 pictures, I guess. (But only very few of them are torture.)


It would be great if you could post here some of them.
Thank you!!


And of course that site hides everything not just behind membership, but contributing membership.


few minutes fo google search ended with the finding of 700 of his pictures on the torrent info hash 80B6E5777FB22D440164C3AA922E0621A56A5495
they seem to be kinda old
also, there is some more new stuff on but it is not free those people see to have any problems getting wherever he is posting his stuff. LOL


TOR Hurtmeh if still exist






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