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So someone suggested that I should share my creations here, seeing as this is a haven for lovers of the macabre. So here goes nothing.

All my content is made in the Source Engine. Its currently all been created in Garry's Mod, but Im slowly figuring my way around SFM. Want to transfer over since the rendering capabilities are higher, there are more models, and the potential to animate.


File: 1439072431811.jpg (798.34 KB, 1920x1080, NoHeadNoProblem.jpg)

Some background on this:
In this Universe, Morinth escaped from her mother and went into hiding.

After the war was over, the Asari population was greatly diminished. In order to keep their laws intact and ensure the species survival, the bodies of wanted Asari criminals who were executed were fiitted with nanomachine-fiilled control units that maintained their bodily functions. They were then auctioned off to the highest bidders to help generate income for their planets restoration. This allowed the dangerous Asari to be dealt with and still be able to concieve children, ensuring their race's survival without worry.

A few months after the war both Morinth and Liara were captured and executed for their crimes (Murder and Espionage). Not wanting their bodies to wind up with some random bidder, Commander Alenko used his influence as a high ranking official to purchase both bodies outright. Although Samara was saddened by her daughter's death, she was glad to have her daughter's body with her. She even allowed Kaiden to impregnate her so she'd finally be able to have a grandaughter.
As for Liara, she ended up as Kaiden's personal sextoy to do whatever he wanted to her.


File: 1439074721424.jpg (664.9 KB, 1920x1080, Res Erected.jpg)

I like stories for scenes ;) :

Hired to kill a Draenei Necromancer, the Assassin found her target to be all too easy, stealthy entering her home and severing her head clean off. The Necromancer collapsed to the floor, body twitching as blood spurted from her neck. The Assassin prepared to leave the scene when she noticed the body's hips were gently thrusting upwards, a bulge rising underneath the robe. As a wet stain began to form near it, the Assassin's curiosity took over and she began stripping the Draenei.
She gasped excitedly when she saw the bulging animal cock twitching and bouncing against her bare stomach. With each hip thrust, a flow of semen poured out onto her shivering body.
Draenei dickgirls were a rarity amongst their kind. Their strong sex drive and powerful dick made them well sought after amonst all races. Not wanting the poor thing to go to waste, the Assassin decided to take advantage of the Necromancer's spells to bring her back to enjoy a long needed night with her.
As she performed the ritual the body suddenly arched into the air. Blood began to spray harder from its neck. The body's cock rose into the air, twitching vigerously. The Assassin, still chanting the spell, reached her foot out and began stroking the stiff rod. As her boot slid down its head, large jets of semen shot out and coated the Necromancer's bouncing breast. The Assassin's body began to shake. She knew that when the spell was over, she was going to have a fun night ahead of her.


Headless Asari fuck toys. You don't say that very often. :D


File: 1439102746787.jpg (811.93 KB, 1920x1080, NiceLegsGlow.jpg)


Set in the same Mass Effect universe from the previous image.

Shortly after the war's end, Mordin Solus went his seperate way from the Normandy crew, taking EDI's backup external unit as a gift from her to assist him in his work. After aqcuiring a shuttle and heading towards his home planet he came across a wrecked research ship that head been attacked by Reapers. After entering the wreckage Mordin discovered the ship had been partaking in serious illegal research including cloning of various humanoid species, various extreme stimulation experiments which killed many of them, and dead tissue regeneration tests on the corpses.

While at first shocked by the find, Mordin became more intrigued at the potential behind the research since most of it had not been finished before the ship was attacked. Making the decision to continue the ships studies, Mordin copied the files and collected the samples that had survived (including a few dead floaters in the ship).

A few weeks later he had set up a secret lab on his homeworld and had installed NODE, an assistant AI, in EDI's unit to help him. After cloning one the head researcher and implanting a control unit on her, he began experimenting with organic nano-machines to stimulate dead tissue on the various bodies.

His first success came from the rather plump lower half of the original head researcher's body. After injecting the nano-machines and stimulating the spinal chord, the beauty's leg shot up and the toes began to flex rapidly. NODE gently prodded the other leg to see if it would respond as well. With the initial test complete it was time to attempt the same response on a complete. Well, mostly complete.



SO HOT!!!!!!


I LOVE the story to this picture. Hope you will continue it :D


I'm really liking these stories--even the futa one, and I'm not even into futa.

>>2236 is my personal favorite, just because of how hot the asari look (dat net top).


Hello Mr Misery. I'm really glad that you decided to join our community. I hope you will be more confortable sharing your art with us.



File: 1439195429104.jpg (801.05 KB, 1920x1080, NoHeadNoProblemUpdate.jpg)

Im happy to be a part of it.

Also, here is an small updated version of the previous asari image. Smoothed out some rougher shadows and adjusted/added some minor details. You probably won't even notice them

And as for the anon asking for my pixiv in the other thread, here is the link:
It only has half of what I've posted here due to making censors for everything and the warning images. Ive spent all day on content related junk, so Im taking a break for a bit.


Hope to see more futa stuff. Keep up a great work!


I love to have a futa asari (like Liara) fucking a dead banshee and call it reaper research


Well i myself dont like futa but im more in necrophilia and necro play so i would love to see more necro sex and stories :)
But sure some good futa is good from time to time :)


File: 1439289816771.jpg (626.68 KB, 1920x1080, Fallen.jpg)

*had to edit a part to fit the image*
Long Story:
Gabriel had been chasing Asmodeus all across the ages. The demon leader had been spreading his dark seed around the earth, creating succubi and incubi wherever he went. She was sent down in mortal form to stop him centuries ago, yet he always evaded her.

After finally cornering him down a dark alleyway in the big city, she took aim with her pistol loaded with "holy water"-coated silver bullets. her first shot was easily dodged by the demon lord. Before she managed to fire a second time, a round tore through her skull sending her brain splattering on the gound behind her. Gabriels soul instantly faded into nothingness. Asmodeus was always a quick shooter.

Her body twitched for a few seconds then fell backwards against the hard pavement, chest arching up once before she layed still. Her empty eyes stared into the sky. The demon walked over to her still corpse and placed two more rounds into her limp body, the shock of the rounds shaking her breasts.

He kneeled over her mortal form and lifted her shirt, exposing her smooth torso. Pulling down her braw, her large breasts held their shape even though they were soft to the touch. Asmodeus proceded to slide her pants to her thighs and pulled out his large cock. He slid his staff inside and sighed with pleasure. Even the mortal pussy of an angel was just as perfect as they, dead or alive. His hips began pounding her soft cunt, shaking her whole body. Her head and breasts flopped with each impact.

A few minutes later as he felt himself get close, Asmodeus grabbed her jaw and burried his snake-like tongue deep into her throat, filling her stomach with his warm saliva. His semen flooded her dead womb, pouring out her pussy and down her ass. When he pulled out, his cock spurted its last drops onto her abdomen. Zipping up, Asmodeus gave her breasts one good lick over, slathering his tongue all over their hard nipples.
Leaning back with a grin he pulled out a pocket knife and carved the words "Fuck Me" into her pelvis.

Asmodeus stood up and looked down at her elegent, cum and feather covered corpse. Laughing, he walked off into the night, leaving her dead body in the dark alley. Maybe a lucky hobo would find her and follow the instructions he left.


Suggestion. Use a bit of photoshop magic to round/flatten the edges on breasts and other places (but its mostly visible on breasts) as the rendering leave so many sharp edges there that it kind of fuck the whole image.


Love it! More please :D


Hey Mr Misery, i followed your pixiv. I don't think censoring stuff is actually required. The rules are vague but for now you can get away with a tag. Some people put a censored image as a preview and uncensored after a click. It seems to be enough. You see some people put (R-18G) warning on some submissions (like you did) but it's not related to censorship, and more about the fact that they also put up non-guro content and it's just a note for their followers not to click on things if they're not into such stuff. If you gonna upload only guro related art it's excessive to put a warning, then censored pictures, then uncensored ones. In any case they'll just send you a warning if something bad happens. Hope it helps managing your pixiv, i really don't think censorship is that enforced. Overwhelming majority of western artists i follow do not bother with it at all and just put uncensored tag in their work.


File: 1439373349868.jpg (284.49 KB, 1920x1080, ComprimisedTattooUpdate.jpg)

Here is the last serious scene I've done so far. It's an original scene with a full story. The story is rather long, so I won't post it here. It is up on the Pixiv account though. So if thats what you like just head on over:


File: 1439373517636.jpg (643.89 KB, 1920x1080, XenoPixiv.jpg)

And then the last image up to this point. Made in celebration of my Pixiv. Threw it together in 3 hours. No story really. Just "former” 1st SGT. Aiana Briggs of the Colonial Marines and her new fuck buddy showing you my page.


Before I read this I had scene alot of artists doing this, so I followed suit. All my uploads are that way on there, so I should be safe. Oh and someone on pixiv asked for stockingless version of the Compromised pic. So fans of semen covered bare feet, here yah guys go:


File: 1439454981282.jpg (833.33 KB, 1920x1080, Brain Sucker.jpg)

Here is a scene I rushed for my 100 follower mark. Some of the shadows were missed in the smoothing process, since it was taking a long time to finish alot of the details. I still hope you guys like it.

Full story is also on pixiv due to its length:


hehe, the monthly orgy cute.

Looks good, teh photoshop work really sells it. :D


Definitely good work. Have you considered Patreon? I'm sure at least a handful of us depraved people would be willing to pay towards even more of this excellent content.


Can you do something of Princess Zelda? Twilight Princess / Smash version? Anything's fine, long as she looks pained and miserable.


Wrote a pretty long post asking people about it on tumblr. So far 3 people have liked the post, but no ones responded to either of my questions.

Dunno, I'll look into it. Most of my scenes involve the characters demise though, I havent really done any beating/rapey scenes at this point.


misery i have been looking to start a patreon with someone are you interested?


My favorite work from you so far, really awesome render. Keep it up.

 No.2314 here you go if you use it add me on steam



Well thanks for the link, but until I figure out SFM all the way I probably won't use it.
Also, no offense, but your stuff weirds me out. Goofy expressions and bizarre posing. I tend to try to make it as realistic as possible. Sorry to sound like an ass, but I'd rather just go solo for now.




File: 1439782434974.jpg (268.29 KB, 753x423, argonianpreview.jpg)

This is a little teaser of an upcoming image set I’m working on. It probably won’t be done for a good while, but I wanted to show off a bit of what its gonna be about.
This will be a short image set (8-10 + vartiations), showing most of the story rather than me writing it out. It will also come with both normal and futa versions. Expect twitchy footjobs, sweaty anal/pussy pounding, and post-mordem ejaculations.

Full size of the preview below.

Poll to decide the ending here:


File: 1439800615359.jpg (642.93 KB, 1920x1080, LastLoad.jpg)


It is fun to read the storyes that follow the images, i've never been reading guro before, never liked it. But to add some background to the image is fantastic. I love mass effect. Please keep doing more. If i can make aa request please focus a little bit more on femeshpard.



File: 1447103326028.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, FrogVore.jpg)

{Sorry for being away for so long. Lost my motivation after some depressing events, but I'm slowly getting trying to make content again.)

The gluttunous Poison Dart Frog is a dangerous and highly sought after beast. Its tough skin can be tanned into stronger-than-leather armor and its fast acting paralyzing poison sells highly among merchants. In addition, the mucus it secretes in its mouth acts as an extremely powerful aphrodisiac, popular in the black markets. These three valuable materials often draw a large number of rookie adventurers seeking to earn a quick fortune. However, many underestimate the toughness of its skin and the rapid effects of their darts.

As you can see here, a female knight and her shaman companion/lover have failed to understand the dangers and have been defeated by the beasts. The paralyzing poison acts rapidly, blocking the signals from the brain that control mobility, yet keeping the sense of touch intact. After the girls are paralyzed, the Frogs use their small teeth to tear off the clothing and armor of their victims (of course some items are missed).

The girls naked body's are then treated to a slow, slimy licking as the Frogs coat them in the aphrodisiac laced mucus to make them easier to swallow. As the warm slime flows across their bodies and into their orifices, the vitcim's begin having extreme orgasms. The Frogs seem to enjoy the taste of their victims ejaculant, since they tend to move their tongues over the groin area repeatedly.

The girls are slowly slid down the frogs throat, inch by inch. The frog's tongues slathering their bodies again and again. Each time the girls move deeper, the oragasms become more and more rapid. By the time they are halfway in most victims are either lost in the exctasy and forget their plight or die from their heart exploding. At this point it is too late to save the girls. Many victims who have been rescued during this act are known to seek out other Dart Frogs to be eaten a few days later.

Don't worry, though! These girls won't be saved this time and will continue to cum as their naked bodies are slowly digested in the beasts' stomachs.


I'm glad to see you back. sad to know of your problems. Always remenber we are a community and we are here for you!


File: 1450247143983.jpg (465.33 KB, 1920x1080, HarleyBehead1a.jpg)

Gallery with the variants:

Hired by an unknown source to assassinate The Joker, who went into hiding suddenly, Deathstroke easily subdues the maniac's accomplice/fucktoy to force her to reveal his location. After enduring hours of torture and sexual abuse it was clear Harley wasn't going to give up her "Puddin's" location at all.

Knowing she was a liability to let live, Deathstroke decided it was best to kill her and maybe get a little something out of the hours he wasted on her. Grabbing three adrenaline shots from the nearby tray, he quickly injected her with all of them. In a matter of seconds Harley began to shake and sweat profusely. As her heart pounded and she squirmed in the chair, Deathstroke quickly cleaved her head clean off. It clunked to the floor and was soon pierced by his sword.

As soon as Harley's body was freed from her head, it suddenly became rigid and lifted the legs of the chair off the ground. Blood began spewing from her exposed neck as her dying heart beat rapidly. While her body twitched and shuddered, Deathstroke began squeezing her soft and bruised breasts as he gently stroked her (pussy/cock), its juices dripping down his hand


Amazing works, absolutely magnificent! I'd love to see more with Elizabeth and also girls from Witcher 3 and Tomb Raider.


Been doing SFM for a long and lonely while; I hope you don't mind me posting this here, but my work has been inspired by yours.


two small ideas if not too much trouble? show harley getting head from her own head and the other guy using her head in the throat?


File: 1454052925485.jpg (931.43 KB, 1920x1080, Rotten Love.jpg)

I threw alot of things into this one scene, so hopefully its not too overwhelming. No Futa this time, sorry :C

The Rotten House Party: A highly secret event run by the rich and famous. The Rotten House Party hosts erotic necro fuck sessions where members are able to purchase from a selection of pre-picked, decaying beauties to do with what they please.
Although the Party was originally exclusive to male clientel, they have recently allowed women to enjoy the pleasures as well. However all female participants must allow themselves to be purchased at anytime (they may choose a their own worth from $10k-$100k).
If a buyer purchases a female member, she may finish with her own session first. Afterwards, she will be swiftly executed in a manner of the buyers choosing. From there her body will be washed, oiled, and hung from the racks until the buyer comes to collect her.
Bagged corpses are multi-usable at a flat fee of 2k per session.
After the event has ended members may store their purchased corpses in the deep freeze until the next event.


I like the meat hook ladies in the back. XD


File: 1455014407731.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, PentUpElites.jpg)

Last one of these big scenes for a while. They take a crap-ton of time to set up and edit. Still hope you enjoy it


I really like the storyes and the images that come with them. I agree that smaller sets are faster and demmand less work. I really like your art and i'm eager to see how it will evolve.



File: 1455188465051.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, Scene1.jpg)

A small image set here with two beautiful Borderland babes. Comes with Futa as well:

After a long night of drinking and sex at their secret getaway, Gaige and Lilith both passed out on the couch naked. Their slumber was interrupted when they awoke and were unable to breath. It soon dawned on them both that they couldn't move and were being choked by intruders in the shack.
Gaige and Lillith both began to kicked and struggle against their assailants, but the blood flow to their heads had been restricted too much before they awoke. As the vessels in their face burst they slowly drifted back into unconscious, their sweaty bodies shuddering as the life from them faded. The intruders took this time to write lovely notes on their bodies before they had their fun.
Small convulsions in the girls hips caused them to squirt bodily fluids all over in a hot steamy mess. The two men grew hard even harder at this sight and began to rape their limp corpses. Gaige had her mouth and throat thoroughly coated in on of the intruders sticky semen. He sprayed his remaining juices deep into her twitching hole.
The other pounded Lillith's ass hard as he could. As he thrusted and plastered her intestines with fluids, he almost thought he felt her dead asshole clench at each spray. He twisted her nipples hard as he sprayed cum onto her breasts.
After an hour dumping everything they had into the girls, the intruders decided to move on to find more prey.
Gaige and Lilith's corpses were left sprawled open on the couch, steam rising from the ounces of burning cum on their bodies and in their orifices. They remained there for several hours as they became stiff, the cum turning cold and drying onto their dead flesh.
As more hours past the girl's bodies became to heavily decomposed, a foul gas escaping their cold, semen filled holes. Soon the flies found their way into the shack and began consuming and burrowing into the corpses. They would continue to decay for another whole day before their friends discovered what was left of their magot covered bodies.

Thanks man. Big scenes kill me because their is so much going on that I have to make sure everything is right with lighting and poses. Smaller scenes are much easier to work with. I create the story for the scene as I go about setting it up. It just "cums" to me ;)



just another day on pandora


Have you ever done a futa Eclipse merc getting brain licked and having her cock stroked?


Nothing like that...yet. Could put it on the list for a future Shep and Morinth scene.

I had an idea to have her headles body getting fucked on the chair. Some self felatio might be a good idea too(why not both :O). No promises on the scene though

Have an old concept for miss Croft, but I don't know if I will finish it or not. I definately want to play around with Triss or Yennefer. Possibly a public guillotine beheading or eaten by monsters.


File: 1455258519623.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, MirageButt.jpg)

Welcome to the Butt Train. I made a nice little vanilla pic for the Tumblr Butt Train...but I just had to gorify it a bit. So here is that:

Gave it a story too:
As Mirage moved through the Corpus ship taking out several Corpus Engineers, she heard a small beep near her. Turning to look around she noticed a small Corpus maintenance bot rolling up behind her. As she began look at it she noticed its camera fixated on her ass. Whoever was behind that camera had good taste.

Just too amuse herself she lowered her shields and reached around behind her, sliding her fingers over her ass cheek, stretching and squishing it in her skin tight frame. She chuckled as she thought that someone on the ship was probably jerking himself silly. Unfortunately that was her last thought.

Before she even had time to notice a Corpus MOA had entered the room. It instantly fired a high powered energy blast, vaporizing most of her entire upper torso. Her severed hand clunked to the floor twitching about.

The MOA's engineer escortee entered and saw the Warframe's smoking lower torso still standing, her leg muscles locked in place as her smoking entines twitched and shuddered. He moved closer and saw the maintenance drone behind her. He knew one of his comrades was watching so he threw up the ancient sign for "Nice Job", just as Mirage's burning hot bowels emptied themselves into the frames remaining lower half. The stench and gas was so much that not even the suit could stop it from escaping. With one last jerking release the frame's legs gave out and it collapsed to the floor. The engineer grabbed her still twitching foot and drug her back to his team to show them the kill.

An hour later the section team had stripped Mirage's shit and piss covered lower half of what was left of her frame and had it delivered to the higher ups. As for her remains, the section commander had her cleaned and dipped in preserving fluids. These fluids made organic material as durable and long lasting as silicone. This helped to keep Mirage's lower body smooth, fresh, and self lubicrated.

After the process was done the her Lotus tatto was stamped over by the official corpus seal of ownerhisp. The commander took her body and put it on one of display cases in his dressing room. When his shift was over, he'd be enjoying a long night with her juicy ass.



Amazing Work as always Mizz - you're still my favourite static artist!


you Mr. should totally write a whole story on snuff and necro sex! I would cum buckets reading it! Seriously! Didn't you consider doing a story with few illustrations in it? Pixiv have a nice format for doing stuff like this!


I have a pixiv, but I havent really considered writing a full story. Most of my writings are just short explainations of the scenes I make that just pop in my head while Im posing them. Don't know if I will ever go full blown on just a written story. The indefinately delayed Lusty Argonian Maid project was an attempt at telling and showing a full story, but that was so much work I put it off for now to work on smaller projects.


Well im not talking about a whole 10 page story just something like 2x 3x longer then what you already write with like 2/3 pictures (or even without any or just one). I would just love to read a story with snuff and then hot necro sex in it. How they played with the victim body etc. just your normal stuff. ;3




Mr Misery, if this is the result of your reduced scale i can only say that you are my favorite 3d artist. Your attention to details is very sharp. One can see the ammount of effort you put to your sets.

It took me a while to realise that the borderlands set has more images to follow the story you wrote. It was sooo unnexpected that i'm blown way.

Please never give up your art. You sir have an unique talent. If I could I'd support you financially. If you do make up your mind into making monney like other good artists please don't forget the poor guro lovers out in the web.

More intense cheers!


The idea of patreon has tickled my fancy for a bit, but I feel I just don't have much to offer my backers. Like what do I offer people who want to donate more @_@? I don't do animations or model or anything complex like that. I don't want to limit features. I just enjoy putting this stuff out there since its far and few. I am afraid to make a promise on large projects since this is just a perverted hobby that I pop into every so often.

The Argonian Maid project is a good example of being too overzelous. It has been put off so long because the scenes were completely unique. No two scenes were using the same angles and lights. Each edit was done from scratch to fix errors and add more effects. No cutting and pasting edits over to different variations. It was so much work that I started to lose interest. And it wasn't even halfway done. I'm just trying to stay grounded and not jump the gun too fast and get a big head. Making big promises and dissapointing followers of my creations.

I do enjoy putting alot of effort and detail into my stuff though. I'm just not a fan of blank sets or using cheezy in game effects/particles to achieve the look I want. I want the scene to say something about what is happening to the victim or where they are at. I want the blood, tears, semen to look like its interacting realisticly with the models and environment. I love showing details like scars, cuts, bruises, tattoos, etc. So I spend hours drawing, painting, and photoshopping in all those things myself. It takes roughly 5-6 hours to setup a scene and another 4-5 on editing. Sometimes I do both in one nonstop session. Even though its a hassle sometimes, I always enjoy the look of the final product and love hearing peoples comments or critique of it. Critique helps alot because it helps me to notice errors I missed or concepts I could look into.

So for now, the content will just come free as usual. If I manage to pick up animation or attempt at making models, I may start a patreon to help with putting more time and effort into those. We have a big selection of wonderful nude models for Source, but very little in the way of things like stand alone clothes to use on any model or gorey thigns like severed limbs, necks, and pre-damaged models. Always having to use editing trickery to create those at the moment. Still not saying I will ever get around to those anytime soon. I am not a fan of complex navigation menus, hotkeys and screens on things like Blender =_=.

But I will never put a paywall on anything though, that is for certain.


i'm glad about the way you think and even more happy to know that you listed my exact prefferences in a set. Just to quote "I want the blood, tears, semen to look like its interacting realisticly with the models and environment. I love showing details like scars, cuts, bruises, tattoos, etc."

If i can help, i remenber OP saying in his thread here in Gurochan that it is possible to change scale and merge bones to change limbs of models. That way you can use diferent clothes of different models into heads to create an unique model. This techniche is useffull to decapitations and dismenberment. I'm a amatour in SFM but i think this concept may help you in the future


I already use that technique currently. All the half dressed characters in my images are mashups of two different models. One clothed and one nude.

What I meant by clothing models are standalone clothes that have their own custom flexes/joints, that can be posed and positioned on top of the bodies instead of being bodygrouped and attached. This would be interesting for animators too because the clothes could be animated to move and flop on the bodies as well as being removed on camera, rather than cutting away and back to the characters naked. Just imagine an animation in SFM where the dead victim is in heels and the person playing with her could do this:

Seperate clothes would be a big help in adding more variation amongst the models used.


Ever thought about doing something with the Mortal Kombat ladies


File: 1455591301347.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, Left2Fuck.jpg)

Definately. Its a super violent game with quite a few models already gorified. Expect it in the near future

Here is my late V-Day One Shot. Editing took a bit longer than usual. Tried to give Zoey and Rochel from L4D2 some new hairdos for this.

First person style story attempt:

Looks like the deadly zombie virus that whiped out most of the world has mutated again, only this time it affects previously immune females, turning them into violent sex crazed whores.

You picked up these two girls down near the Luisiana bayou wandering around half naked covered in blood and semen. It looked like their previous companions met a sex filled end before your encounter. They suddenly approach you feeling their hands all over your crotch a bit too violently. Realizing the danger, you quickly knock them unconcious. After throwing them into the bed of a hotwired truck, you take them back to your hideout.

After chaining them up on the bed and giving them a wash, you proceded to pound the dark skinned one's tight asshole. Her flesh is cold as you smack against her ass repeatedly. She wakes up and starts moaning and grunting in pleasure as her backdoor is rammed raw.

While you pound her ass, the other woman regains conciousness, growling at you in a horny fury. You lean over and grab your silenced submachine gun and fire off a few rounds into the wall before slamming its burning hot nose up her pussy. She screams out throwing her head back in pain and pleasure as her thighs rub together. Her pussy begans leaking blood and juices onto the hot barrel, hissing and throwing steam up. Her head tilts back and her eyes lock with yours, demanding more. In good time you tell her.

After busting four good loads into the dark skinned womans innards, she shows signs of calming down. You undo her chains, but she still seems demanding, her eyes fixated on your cock. You grab a few sex toys the previous owner of your hideout had stashed in their dresser. You penetrate her pussy and asshole with two toys violently, rolling them around as you thrust them in and out. She starts panting heavily, gripping the blankets as her eyes begin to roll back into her head.

After a few minutes of violating her insides, her hips suddenly start shaking in pleasure. Suddenly she orgasms, spewing your semen out her ass and down her pussy. A sour smell fills the air as she begans urinating onto the blankets. Her mouth begins to foam as you lay the toys aside. She lays still looking at you with satisfied eyes.

The light skinned girl looks at you with pleading eyes, wanting you to do the same. Her mouth begins to foam as well as her nipples start leaking a cold dark milk. Once you've popped a few adrenaline shots into you will tear her a new one too.





Pixiv returns to me "An error has ocurred" when i try to go to your link.



Not sure why. I tried all the pixiv links in this thread and they work. Just go to the website manually and look my name or the names of my works up.

I'm confused at whoever this is. Are you trying to say something and I'm just not seeing it or are you just hitting the post numbers randomly?



Wow, this one is just excellent! Hope you make more straight up snuff/rape like this in the future...


I asked about Cassie Cage earlier. What would be real cool is that Cassie and her parents were in truth serial killers who have their way with the corpses of Kitana, Mileena and Jade, that would be cool.


I want to do some stuff with Cassie in the future, but the only usuable model is sfm and I have yet to figure out the workings of that program. I'm lazy and have just stuck with Gmod at this point and the only Cassie model for that is a frozen faced Playermodel.


File: 1457510296531.jpg (897.65 KB, 1920x1080, CryWolf1j.jpg)


This is another quick n' easy image set I threw together before I get engrossed in playing The Division. I was working on an Asari Dolls 2 scene, but it was turning into a big clusterfuck that I want to redo. So I hope this will tide you over till I get around to redoing that scene.

Story was a bit long, so I made it into an image. Its at the end of the album.



Damn, I was looking forward to AD2, especially if you had more males. Your Halo pic was great.


>>4268 Thanks! Don't worry, Dolls 2 will be next for sure. The Halo thing was a small attempt for me to have more males interacting in my scenes. I do alot of futa, so I'm not one to shy away from homoerotica. The little teen body jizzing on the marines thigh was just a taste of it. I have plans in the future for some "male x male corpse", "female x male corpse" and "male corpse x male corpse".





File: 1461306943527.jpg (817.94 KB, 1080x1920, SaintsAndSinners.jpg)

Been a good while since I made some content. Felt I had to do something so I wouldn't go stale. So here is a quickie for you guys. Story is long, so read on my Pixiv:


File: 1463682626907.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, CafeDolls.jpg)

Its good to see Gchan back. I posted this to my Pixiv yesterday. The scene description is over there if you want to read it:


File: 1463733719086.jpg (997.62 KB, 1920x1080, The Morgue.jpg)

A night ends for an intern at the morgue. Just a simple scene in a morgue I put together in a day. Man, making those autopsy tables from scratch was a pain. Well, enjoy

Has an alternate Dickgirl version over at my pixiv. I recommend checking it out ;0


I see you are on a roll a the moment bud. Keep it up. :D


Due to recent health problems, I have been unable to fap for the past week and a half. So I've got alot of pent up energy to put into my work recently.


File: 1463805509974.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080, The Morgue Juicy Pop.jpg)

Meh, I'll also post the Dickgirl versions of The Morgue here as well, including the extra juicy version I made just now.


File: 1463805539784.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, The Morgue EXTRA Juicy.jpg)

And the extra juicy version.


File: 1463926096097.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, SpecialTreats.jpg)

This is the last dickgirl pic for a bit. Just really wanted to do this scene though. Full story is super long and on my pixiv:


I'm not a futa fan, but still loving this pic. :D Love the idea that those Normandy chicks can get cloned and snuffed over and over again. :D



File: 1463957841970.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080, After Shot.jpg)

Well, now that Pestilence has released the Harley animation, I can finally share this with you guys. Just a little fan-made follow up to the his work.

No need for a story this time, because you can watch this beauty get popped in real time.


Nice one. I wish femshep was there too


Lets just say, the Illusive Man has a personal harem of several femsheps that get replaced quite regularly ;)


Would love more Harley!


> 5005

But why? Citadel shows he made a clone! Why not more than one?


I love your work! You are a fantastic artist! I don't know if you take requests, but I'd love to see the Mass Effect beheading medical thing with Mordin get finished.


Its funny how that was a super old image set from even before the first one I posted here, yet its super popular right now. Among all my recent submissions on Pixiv, it has the most views so far and even hit the daily rankings (my 4th post to do so).

There is a third one I didn't post with Tali that I never edited. I would have to rebuild the whole set again if I was to redo it


I got to say I would love to see the whole story for that one.


It's popular for a reason. Lots of beheading fans and it's a damn good picture and story set. I'd love to see the Tali one with a story.

Please finish this one


Where do you get all the corpse models from?


>What do you mean corpse models? I just use most of the basic nude models that
people release and recolor to make them more pale and blue. If a particular model I find on the Workshop doesn't have a nude version,
I just put their head on one of the nude bodies.

Same for all the gorey bits and models, all on the Steam Workshop. The rest is just post
edit painting to make the bodies look more decayed and add all the bloody/juicy effects.


File: 1468979878650.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, TheCulling1.jpg)


File: 1468979899465.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, TheCulling2.jpg)

Dickgirl version.


Very nice! Though why is the pixiv version such low resolution?


Top left of the image on pixiv, there is an expand button to see the full size.


You're work is awesome man! Hope you keep it up.


I hope to see more stuff like "The Culling", great job on that one.Also the story was perfect.A pre-massacre imagine would have been really great, but its perfect as it is too.



Nice. I like the mixed male/female scenes, keep up the good work.


Please! Don't stop posting! Your work is incredible!


and the stories that go with it

Any chance of a story of chokes to death on cum?


There was a fic by Deathstalker called Jill Sandwich I think where it has dickgirls asphyxia necro and choking to death on cum

Huzzah it is still there


File: 1472078262918.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, IllusiveHarem.jpg)

Thanks for the support. I haven't been as active as I was when I started, but I do keep trying
to make new content, usually attempting to make a scene one or two times a week.

I could try a scene like that, but I never make promises. My motives are fickle and I tend to drop or leave some things unfinished. I've fallen short on promised scenes and
concepts before since I just make things on a whim. Most of my scenes are just me spawning in various nude models and going "What do I want to do to these girls?"


File: 1480384615534.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, HitmanClean.jpg)

Made two new scenes since I last posted.
First up is "A Saintly Time"


File: 1480384670167.jpg (928.21 KB, 1920x1080, RealityCheck1.jpg)


Do you take requests?


I'm so irregular when making stuff. I just tend to make things when the mood hits.
I tried a request once and it took too long. Only finished 1 image out of 4 they asked
me to.

So its just whatever strikes my fancy at random, sorry. But you can still put up ideas that I might try at some point in the future.


Well, I'd like tonsee some pregnant women take bullets in their cunts. Especially while masterbating...


Is this cassie from MKX?


Yup. I just recolored her hair and darkened her skin slightly. I also used her in the Hitman
shot as well. Shes the nun on the left. Gmod doesn't have the large selection of models
that SFM does. Have to make use of whats available while trying not to be so obvious.

I really do need to get over my fear of its menu system. So many interfaces and so many
things to fuck up that I just stick to Gmod's drag and drop style. Just grab
a limb and jerk it around till its in a good enough position to work.


I don't know how you have patience for GMod. SFM is so much better for posing. You really need to overcome your fear of it :)


Mr Misery, i have this same problem aswell, I love the physics of gmod even though the posing is more limited and much more time consuming that I end up just playing with the body xD. There are quite a lot of well made tutorials for SFM in youtube that really helps.

Just a side note, until this time i thought you used SFM for all your stuff. Now i think how badass you must be to craft those masterpieces using just Gmod and i think, photoshop.


File: 1480959751644.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, Corpse Party 2 a.jpg)

Its corpse fuck time again, now with more Ubisoft:


File: 1480959795205.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, Corpse Party 2 b.jpg)

And the DG alt


Oh hell yes.


My body is ready


nice, can you focus on the really rotten one in the background next please?



The title doesnt exactly match as it is not Corpse Party related but still awesome


I sometimes just write random filenames based on the image. I never played the actual Corpse Party.


File: 1483367527787.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, Scene1.jpg)

So I've uploaded to Pixiv the first part of a story set I'm working on. Its mostly an intro, with a bit of a tease of what to expect in part 2.
Trying to do something new with changing camera angles, scenes and whatnot. A lot
more work to do, but hopefully you guys will like it.


Awesome work, you make some of the best DG guro.

Whatever happened to that planned image set with the college girl is it dead (lol) now?


Glorious I cannot wait for part 2 also I wonder if one of the animators will take interest in it again. I mean the demand for some Tracer work has been quite high


Its still in the works. I have about 3/4 of the shots taken and about half of them edited.
It will probably end up being 15+ images, each with dickgirl alternates. So alot of work. I do have a job and tend to play other games from time to time. This is just a hobby of mine I do when Im bored and horny.


Take you time don't want to rush art like this


mm that's my fantasy too, you captured it so well <3


Holy shit I cannot wait for this, there is seriously a lack of OW content here!


I'm glad i follow you over pixiv. That way i can see your art when gurochan is down. If this is just a preview i can't wait to see what you have planned. Take the time you need.



Can I commission you for something? If yes, let me know where I should send the details. I will pay very well.


File: 1489631288176.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, BloodyBrothel.jpg)

Been almost two months since my last post. Still need to edit part 2 of Overkill, so here is a small filler I did to keep you occupied.


Wow, there is a lot goign on in that one. :D


looking good what does part 2 mean? is there a before of the 2 characters not in the thread?


The previous post I made from a few months ago featuring the Overwatch characters was called "Overkill: Part 1". Im still working on Part 2. Its a bit short and I hoped to add more scenes, but Im already taking to long to finish it. So Im just gonna edit the pics I have already and maybe finish it off with a part 3.

I've been busy playing some new game releases. I have also been testing out new scene ideas. I probably have about 3-4 different saves Im messing with. I try my hardest to make my content vary without reusing things. I also spend hours or days just on the set to make it feel believable. I scrap alot of things that don't meat that feel or look too much like your generic Gmod pics.


any chance seeing the characters before they end up that way or some head play from the head on the bed?


File: 1490263663444.jpg (934.84 KB, 1920x1080, Part2 Kiss and Fuck A.jpg)

OverKill: Part 2 is finally up on Pixiv. A bit smaller than I'd hoped, but Ill try to finish it off with a Part 3.

In the meantime, I've begun work on my first comic. A bit of a Mass Effect erotic suicide that leads to a crazy chain of events. I have the first two pages completed to tease you all with. Its my first time attempting one of these, so please let me know what you think:


Comic looks fine. The cover alone looks awesome. :D


I like a bit of artsy foreshadowing in my cover.

Im just feeling weird about my first foray into comic dialogue. It feels so cheesy


any change you could do anyythng with EDI from mass effect? maybe cum inside her until her AI is all fucked up. EDI is so amazing, would love seeing her get used


I cobbled that together just to keep some content coming, but I could revisit it if people want to see a bit more.
She will be in the 4th chapter of my comic I'm working on.

Also, a question on the side. Would you all like a tutorial on how I get my GMod pics looking like SFM quality? For anyone who wants to give this stuff a shot of there own. My old gmod photos were hilariously bad until I started practicing more and getting the right addons. See link for reference: htxxp://


File: 1496718069562.jpg (866.86 KB, 1920x1080, Bio-Exhumantion2.jpg)

Heyo, back again with two quick solo scenes. This one is a continuation of my first guro pic i posted online.


File: 1496718202675.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, FiveFucksMessy.jpg)

...and the second one is this juicy scene with Disembowell's FNAF models. I will definately use these more in the future. I've seen the new ones hes working on and can't wait for those to be released.

Clean version also available


I love this one. You always make great Elizabeth (burial at sea) content.


Someone should do full length animations of all of these amazing content you have done, fucking glourious


File: 1500259693035.jpg (722.83 KB, 1920x1080, scene6.jpg)

Sorry for the month long wait. Been procrastinating like crazy.
Biggest image set to date just went up on my pixiv. Its not perfect, but I was spending too much time on it already.

I also uploaded a few scrapped and old images that I had lying around. You can view them here:




I like those scraps lots of cool stuff.


File: 1502665026573.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, CriminalScumjpg.jpg)

I guess I can't post links to the Pixiv page at the moment without Gurochan thinking Im a bot so I will post both the regular and clean version here, with a brief description.

A darker Skyrim where inter-species relations is punishable by death. The culprits are executed either by beheading or hanging while in the nude. Argonian executions are popular due to the reptilian DNA slowing their deaths, making their bodies flail in agony for up to an hour.

Hung criminals are left out on display as a warning, with the cold winter weather keeping their bodies preserved for weeks. Some travelers and townspeople secretly defile the bodies, so a guard is sometimes assigned to clean them off if they have been slacking on the job. Its not all punishment though for some of the guards.


File: 1502665093483.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, CriminalScumjpg clean.jpg)

And the cleaner version. I may go back to this setting and do a beheading scene in the future.


Nice work!


Nicely done any chance you will do one of the hanging process I kinda want to see that tail wagging and kickin and the incontinence


Do you do genital destruction?


Almost started to do it, but I wanted to get something out and didn't want to spend even longer working on it. Need to get past my laziness and fear of SFM. I feel like animation would do the scene more justice. Especially the tail wagging.

Nope. Not really my thing


I'm still looking forward to the third part of the Overkill set.


Cool so there is hope some wagging is in the future and thats all i need


I got an idea for a picture. Someone finds Nariko's funeral boat and have his way with the body before discarding it back to the water.

There was also a Dragon Age fanfic called Isabela's Last Day, in which a scorned lover fucks Isabela's corpse. Hope this inspires you.


Where can I find that fic


Here is the link for Isabela's Last Day:


Here's an idea for a Fallout 4 based picture:

Piper Wright has always had an obsession with serial killers from before the War. Turns out that her new beau - the Sole Survivor - is none other than the Fens Phantom. And while he's been looking for Shaun, he's been leaving carnage in his wake, mostly directed at the Raiders, killing them, then raping the female corpses...sometimes, not in that order.

After all, who would suspect the General of the Minutemen to be a violent killer?

The Sole Survivor does not harm Piper, as she reminds him of his late wife. He does take her along with him while he goes on the hunt, Piper getting herself off as her man fucks every dead Raider, Children of the Atom, and Gunner whore in the Commonwealth. Some 3rd generation Synths are part of technology casualties, Cait included. The Sole Survivor made Cait overdose on chess and after ducking her corpse every and any way, left her for the Mirelurks to finish off.

Not even Mags Black and Lizzie of the Operators, and Nisha and Dixie of the Disciples are spared the Survivor's wrath when he purges Nuka-World of the Raiders. Piper got herself off something fierce upon seeing her man ravage their corpses and then feeding them to the deathclaws and bloodworms. That makes the sex between her and the Survivor even more intense.

And to top it all off, the Survivor gets away with it all.

So...what do you think?


File: 1505100014662.jpg (102.19 KB, 500x691, 691df865d9d1727972766b4983….jpg)

Think you can do a series based off of this pic? Jill dies, and becomes a zombie. However, a survivor subdued her and has his fun with her body before putting her out of her misery.


That was a good read I thank you


File: 1515105178956.png (608.03 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_p0q9j1mXaV1v1ce6bo1….png)

Someone extracted Wonder Woman's Injustice 2 model. Which leads to an interesting idea.

Wonder Woman's ending takes a dark turn as Batman snaps. He breaks free out of prison and proceeds to murder Superman, Cyborg and Nightwing, leaving Wonder Woman for last. Diana is proven wrong as Batman has no problem with killing, as he showed restraint. Bats kills Diana as Harley watches, then rapes the Amazon's corpse for several days, before throwing it into the ocean.


This is the best guro drawing in my oppinion. Saddly I don't know the artist's name... Using this as inspiration is interesting!


yes one of my favorite pics of all time! i found the artist's website long ago, he had very little guro art. website is gone now and i lost the bookmark anyway


File: 1516347743055.jpg (135.32 KB, 1920x1080, plantwip.jpg)

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Been trying to get away from the PC more and do "life" things. Still working on sets and scenes when I'm free though.

I have one solo scene that you can see the WIP of. Should be finished soon (its got so much fucking shit in it though, so I dunno. Maybe by next week)

Then after that is the biggest set I've attempted to make. A Skryim themed set centered around Death Thralls. I already have 50 scenes completed and its only halfway finished. Lively corpse booty getting oiled and fucked ;D

So, sorry for my lack of content, but I hope you can wait a bit longer. Just think of me as aged wine. The longer you wait the better it tastes :)

ok i love you bye bye


Misery, do you do commissions?


I struggle to get my own projects completed, so not at the moment.

Alot of time and effort goes into setting up the stage, props, characters, lighting and then editing all of the blood, lighting glares, effects, ect in Fireworks. First request I tried I barely got 2 images completed of a 4 part set.

I do read suggestions people post, but I have a bunch of old projects I haven't even finished yet as well. "Overkill pt3", "Goodbye Shepard", and the incredibly old "Lust Argonian Maid". I just get so many ideas that I tend to hop around between them all so I don't get bored working on one idea for ages.

Also, side note for people who suggest models for me to use. Everything I make is in Gmod. It may look like SFM, but that is just the sheer amount of effort I put into editing. So if its not a Gmod ported model I can't use it


Here's an idea that was inspired by a series of pics from smokescreen117. The series of pics in question are Black Dragon Relations and Covert Relations

The leader of the Black Dragon, Kano, had himself a few agents spread out across the world with one in the Special Forces itself; the highest and most respected amongst their ranks in fact.

A secret that Johnny Cage long since knew for over twenty years, as Sonya talks in her sleep. This was verified by Cassie during one of her incestuous trysts with her father, as Sonya thought she had converted her daughter to the Black Dragon cause.

What Sonya and Kano don't know is that Johnny himself is the second-in-command of the Red Dragon, along with Cassie and Jacqui, Johnny having ascended to the post after Cassie killed Mavado in a hit organized by him.

With Daegon's death at the hands of Kano and the Black Dragon, Johnny has ascended to the leadership of the Red Dragon. His first course of action: eliminate the heathens once and for all.

While Sonya and Kano bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking, the Red Dragon strikes in a midnight attack that leaves Kano's lieutenants dead, and both Sonya and Kano captured. Johnny and Cassie appear, the truth now made clear. With the Red Dragon hitting every single Black Dragon safehouse and assassinating every one of their spies, the Black Dragon is now extinct.

Cassie takes sadistic pleasure in killing Kano, using his own knives (as she is a psychopath in her own right), while Johnny rapes Sonya. Johnny then kills her with a bullet to the head, and rapes his ex-wife's corpse as Cassie watches and gets herself off. Then she joins in on the fun.

Come dawn, Sonya's name will be permanently tarnished and Cassie will leave S-F. The Black Dragon will be no more and the Red Dragon will rise, its name and exploits in destroying the Red Dragon will make it a force to be feared.


File: 1543902905002.jpg (303.93 KB, 1920x1080, Liara 14.jpg)

Glad to see this back, but who knows how long that will last. Anywho Ive put a few posts recently on Pixiv, so I guess Ill share them here too.

This ones is a image set story, so follow the link to see the whole set.


File: 1543902993961.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, NecroticManeater.jpg)


File: 1543903209464.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, SonicHangin.jpg)


File: 1543903282856.jpg (627.7 KB, 1920x1080, MavisNoedits.jpg)


File: 1543903452087.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, DoubleStuffed.jpg)

And now the newest content. First, the Skyrim Double Feature


File: 1543903494566.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, FinalBlow.jpg)


File: 1543903604290.jpg (958.83 KB, 1920x1080, BadDateBoots.jpg)

Miranda tried to find love on the galaxy net. It ended badly. Head over to pixiv to see the variations on this image.


is that a model error center of her head?

What is that dot?


>>25995 Yeah, Its probably her eyebrow. They aren't textures on her face, but actual 3D eyebrows. When I lowered her eyelid it pulled it down through her brow. I didn't do any editing with that photo because my Adobe Fireworks got corrupted and I had to scavenge to get a new working download.



File: 1546376838539.jpg (1013.65 KB, 1920x1080, Bad Cookie.jpg)

Happy New Years everyone! Closed out 2018 by reaching 4000 followers on Pixiv just before the day ended.

Ill be trying to make the move to SFM and possibly animations in the near future.


I absolutely can't understand how can you make such quality works in GMod, but I love it.


File: 1546504559997.jpg (970.41 KB, 1080x1920, EmbraceWarning.jpg)

New post up on pixiv with multiple variations. Went with a lighter, more consensual tone instead of my gritty dark scenes.

MAX EVERYTHING! That's the big part. The rest is messing with console settings for shadows and lots of mods. After I set my lighting up and snap my shots I go into Fireworks/Photoshop and smooth shadows and hide model clipping. Then I add in effects like smoke, light rays, extra blood/cum, ect.

Its alot of work to finish a scene. Which is why my big projects take so long. I just get pooped out setting all the scenes up and then have to edit each individual down to pixel detail.


Nice! Love consensual stuff.


Always happy for more mass effect stuff


Great work - thanks for sharing!

And, yeah, consenting participants are my preference too. :)



File: 1546906797282.jpg (910.64 KB, 1920x1080, Bad Date Morgue Party.jpg)

A one shot continuation of Bad Date. Some Security Team members and a conspiring mortician have some fun with Miranda and two mangled Asari.


File: 1546921129990.jpg (364.11 KB, 1920x1080, gm_dark0002.jpg)

Decided to build a morgue from scratch with props in Gmod. I've made half a morgue set before, but I wanted a full room with all the bells and whistles. Working doors, freezers, and an autopsy table that looked legit. This took a whole day to put together. Still some minor details to put into it, but it should work as a nice base for modern morgue scenes. I'll probably make a sci-fi and third-world one as well.


Damn that's sexy. But i cant help being interested in that completely mangled asari corpse. Necro when the body is almost unrecognizable is always hot as fuck


this mavis is way better than the one on pixiv. On pixiv it has alot of smoke blocking the image, but this one without smoke has a defect between her eyes. Maybe post both?


requesting jizz from bullet hole. taking it to the next level!



File: 1560067095193.jpg (875.05 KB, 544x1280, screenshot_3.jpg)

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