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I animate in SFM, and I tend to make some pretty wild stuff. It catches a lot of heat on Tumblr and various R34 sites, but I'd say it's right at home here.

I have a Patreon page where all my new stuff debuts, but I'll be posting publicly-released stuff here.

Link to full video (with sound):
(Contains vore, tentacle insertions and asphyxiation).


Woot more SFM goodies. ^_^


I can't wait to see your stuff but chrome is detecting some bad stuff in your download link. If you could check that out it would be amazing


I've been following your work on your tumblr and I like where it seems to be heading. Unfortunately I live off of commissions myself so can't really afford to support directly, but I'll enjoy seeing where you go with it. :)

Incidentally, out of curiosity, what's your stance on loli stuff?


Concurred, I'd like to see some loli stuff, to. Some good, brutal rape, in particular.


Glad you guys like it. I'll post ongoing content here for those who don't use Tumblr.

Right now Maxfile's the only reliable host for WebM streaming, ever since Pomf went tits up. I visit it with Adblocker on chrome and don't have any issues with it myself.

Loli stuff: how loli are we talking exactly?


Forget lolis. More hot women with big tits thanks.


I dunno like Clem from The Walking Dead


Amy and Talim from Soul Calibur. Possibly Marie Rose from Dead or Alive. I don't think that anyone has released any models yet, but if you can find some, possibly Saki from Onechanbara.


FYI, after a few solid months of operation, my Tumblr page just got shut down entirely. There was some SJW rattling lately, and someone must have reported it. All of my hardcore/extreme content will now be available only on my Patreon page. This is why we can't have nice things.


Well you can post it here too you know.
I REALLY doubt anybody would mind!



Sucks to hear about your Tumblr. SJWs ruin everything. Your SFM stuff is amazing - I wish I could donate to your Patreon.


'SJW's are a made up boogeyman but I'm sorry someone dicked with your page. Unfortunately tumblr and other public platforms aren't very reliable for hosting anything transgressive, since they're legal cowards. Hopefully you'll post updates here but I'll try to remember to check out your Patreon page too.



Some made up boogeyman, right? They're so fake they got political figures to apologize for saying that "all lives matter." But I digress, will not respond to this matter any further, and will probably get a slap in the face by an admin.

Tumblr has been known to host a wide array of questionable content, both morally and legally. The real trick is not getting caught. There are very few hosts that will tolerate even loli/shota content, the Hentai Foundry fiasco proving that (literally ONE person complained and got a site used by thousands to make a sweeping change). IT might be in the best interest of those that browse the site to try and find hosts that are friendly to moral ambiguity.


"All of my hardcore/extreme content will now be available only on my Patreon page. This is why we can't have nice things"

Do you mean we will actually have to become a patron to see your stuff or...? I'm not following the logic here, if you planned on releasing part of your work for free with a delay, what changes now? You can always share it through other platforms, gurochan is one of them, in fact it exist for this purpose. I mean, i'm okay if it's gonna become completely paywalled content, but at the same time it will be kind of sad to lose one of the few good ryona SFM animators.


actually, it is not loosing an animator... its more like having a talented one able to live from it. So it's going to be constant, and improving


In an ideal world I would put this stuff out all the time, and completely for free. It's hard to find dark content, and even harder to find very high quality dark stuff. I want to change that. You might call it a paywall, but I think of it as rewarding the people who help out by support the creation of stuff they will never find anywhere else. Every bit of support makes a difference. $5 a month (lowest backer pledge) is a modest amount for what you get.

I really like wild stuff, and a lot of other people do too. Places like Gurochan and the 2500 or so followers I had on Tumblr was proof of that. But this is animation and making animation is enormously time consuming - extremely labour intenseive. I love it, but I have bills to pay, and the only way I can put in the 12 hours or so a day to put out enormous, detailed, feature-rich content, is with some outside support from people who want this content bad enough.

The reality is that it's a total impossibility to balance the time needed to make this level of content with a 5 day working week. Best case scenario would just be spending my productive working time making porn for other sexual deviants with fancier taste.


File: 1438869359420.gif (828.87 KB, 256x144, RoughRider-144p.gif)

New animation in a mean girl's torture dungeon. This is part of a longer video that I have plans to turn into an interactive game.

It will either have a bad ending, where the guy can't hold out and cums, and is then killed, or one where he manages to break free and get his revenge.

High quality link:!JB5njBCY!O9CGzyjrk2pfiKnUKhMcbaQTa791B1GELL6R2RgJe58


But you didn't answer the question why you planned on releasing some of your work for free before, and then changed your mind. What happened?

>support the creation of stuff they will never find anywhere else.

There is literally a thread about SFM guro right next to this one. Guro\ryona\sadism is a niche genre for sure, but is definitely not impossible to find. Honestly i kind of feel left out now, since i've been following your tumblr for a while, didn't expect you to just turn your back on all those tumblr followers. But i do like that it's potentially gonna help you create ryona videogames, that would be really rare and valuable, that's for sure.

As for the pledges, you can't pay NSFW accounts with paypal (and it's not really anonymous in any case), and there is no way i'm paying for such things with my credit card. I they had more anonymous ways to support content creators i would pledge to a couple of artists already.


Basically I'm looking for a similarly permissive platform with a large audience to upload my free stuff to, and one where I can promote existing work and upcoming projects.

The problem is a lot of other platforms are extremely niche, unlike tumblr, which also had the benefit of connecting me with other creators and introducing my work to newcomers.

Gurochan and R34 sites are very niche, and most people won't have the stomach to browse them, as they are obscure and most people will find the content repulsive. Nonetheless, a lot of my stuff's going to end up here, as this is obviously a place for it.


So this is about discovery and exposure? You're sending mixed signals to me here, i think it's probably just my stupidity but i thought what you wanted is actually a closed community of people who will 100% be into your work, judging by this quote
>All of my hardcore/extreme content will now be available only on my Patreon page

But if you actually still want places to show your art i suggest pixiv and r34hentai, in addition to gurochan of course. Pixiv is large and literally EVERYTHING is allowed, you could just make gifs\previews of your work and say "support my patreon for more" or for free stuff you make a gif and link a webm hoster. The other posibility is use websites like dlsite when you gonna release feature lenghs movies\animations\gallerries\games. I know western 3D artist who publishes his 3D lolicon comics there, and rape\ryona\whatever the fuck is not a problem for them.

>Gurochan and R34 sites are very niche, and most people won't have the stomach to browse them, as they are obscure and most people will find the content repulsive.

Like, i don't understand what your end goal is. Yes, most people will find content repulsive, but you're the one creating this content. And these are the websites where people will like your work, or at least won't judge. It's niche sure, because sadistic paraphilias are niche in general, so porn follows. R34H is more niche than paheal bc it's a newer website and is only gaining popularity through underage art, but it's also better because of native WEBM support. Your stuff will be visible without account too, so that's a plus.

>Basically I'm looking for a similarly permissive platform with a large audience to upload my free stuff to, and one where I can promote existing work and upcoming projects.

Take it from someone who is into ryona and lolicon at the same time, the only way for artists (outside Japan) to promote their stuff is combining different forums and platforms, like twitter+patreon+pixiv+gurochan+dlsite+tumblr+r34H. Hell, you can even upload your galleries on e-hentai, but only if they're not loli and if you do not promote your patreon directly (you can link your pixiv though). There is no one place that will net you tons of patrons easily, if that's your ultimate goal.

In any case, good luck to you, hope your dream of creating ryona videogames will come true.


r34hentai unfortunately doesn't allow guro as I only found out after one of my pics got deleted :(


Really? That's pretty shortsighted by them. Did you give you a reason? Their current system only setup for lolicon stuff to be hidden, i wonder if same can be done with guro. Maybe it's the advertizes. Certainly hope it's not a moral objection, it would be really hypocritical considering the stuff they host and would also make a website tainted for the future (slippery slope and all that)


Wow, you SFM kids. You wanna, maybe, get good first BEFORE selling premium content? And enough weasel phrasings like "but it's hard" and "I'm rewarding my patrons", because you ARE effectively trying to sell your sub par efforts (srsly, most of you aren't even amateurs, novices at best). Come back when you can provide 30+ minutes of non-looping nottenj grade footage a month, then we'll talk money.


I don't know the reasoning. I expect it's just because the guy who runs the site doesn't like it, since as far as I know it's less of a legal risk than 3d loli stuff is. It's in the rules, but way at the bottom which is why I didn't notice it before posting.

Demanding a minute of high quality animation every day before even considering paying money isn't reasonable. I don't like seeing people devalue and insult the hard work of 3d artists any more than I like seeing them do the same to traditional artists. Even novices deserve to get paid if people enjoy their work.

Oh well. Attitudes like that are why I work on commission instead of trying to sell cg sets or something.



I would agree that the anon you're replying to is being rather caustic but it does represent a sensible fear within the community. The great divide between western and eastern artists seems to be the reward dependency of western content creators. As someone otherwise involved in the guro community it is painfully apparent both here and in other entertainment industries that people are more dependent on patreon and commission work to spoonfeed them lackluster concepts with the promise of money rather than pursuing projects that they actually want to make. It drives quality down and it introduces an entirely new layer of toxicity to any community. For something like Gurochan, it's simply not something a niche porn site can hope to survive. By all means, charge what you want because it's your work. We live in an era of unprecedented artist entitlement and you would be an idiot not to ride it out for the free cheddar. Never before have artists been enabled to charge upwards of $150 for line art that could come out of a middle school art class and feel justified as they do so. A minute a day may be unreasonable to expect from an amateur artist on the internet, that's correct, but the tumblr generation of artists all seem to expect a professional wage for their scrapbook collections. You don't see this bizarre hostage situation between artists and their audience on Pixiv, from their culture and community.


Unprecedented artist entitlement! Wow! Actually we live in an era where most sites try to exploit creators by offering them work 'for exposure' instead of for money, where companies 'monetize' their creative fanbase instead of paying them, where everyone expects artists to work for free because it's 'not real work'. Now, compare this to any other point in time and you'll see that artists then worked overwhelmingly by patronage, usually creating portraits and commissioned works, and that there were A LOT FEWER ARTISTS.

Again: If you're doing work, and people are enjoying it, you deserve to be paid for it, even if someone else thinks it's amateurish. If that person thinks it's so easy then obviously it's a good opportunity for them to cash in on this supposedly lucrative market that they're obviously so well-equipped to take advantage of. Feel free to characterize it as greed, but you know people need to actually like pay rent and stuff right?

I can't speak with precision about the culture behind pixiv, but are you sure that it's a free and purely artistic as you think? Or do you just think that because you can't speak Japanese?


It's not "unprecidented entitlement" to expect to be paid even close to minimum wage for your work.

If you want high quality niche content it can't be done in spare time. The reason you're getting more eastern artists that are willing to work for free/cheap is that there are more eastern people and they don't have to earn as much to live off their work.



This. Pixiv allows most everything and most artists here have an account there as well. While Gurochan is one of the bigger collective groups focusing on guro/snuff art, theres still a lot of places an artist can share its work without fear of getting it deleted.

Some even go as far as to share it on Exhentai by themselves.


There is also a question of self imposed censorship. If you are driven out of places where you originally started and start going into hiding and provide the content to a smaller userbase (in this case patreon), in some cases it's just posting on gurochan, in some (3D lolicon) is only posting on lolicit behind a rep wall... You kind of making so the art you produce is less of an art and declaration of "this is what we like and that is okay"and more of a service to a group of people, forever bound to just be hidden from an angry mob of "normal" people in fear of judgement and removal. My personal opinion is the most assured way to "deal" in this realm of fetishes and earn money is to do everything, patreon exculsive things, commissions, free art, previews, and all that. And posting them on every possible platform for maximum exposure.


I'm not demanding anything, there's so much porn on the Internet, 2-3 loops a month don't make a difference to me. I'm not telling people not to pay, it's their business; I'm not telling you not to do it, again, I don't care; I'm not saying it will not work, because there's a sucker born every minute. I'm just saying your logic is backwards. Learn the craft, THEN sell it - that's how it's always been. Competent product of qualified provider deserves payment, amateurish hobby doodles don't.


I mean, that isn't how it's always been though. Do you think writers don't sell their first novel, or that they don't improve through subsequent novels? Do you think that only painters who have been painting for decades ever sell paintings? Man, the only way people ever get in enough practice to become the best is if people like their early work enough to support them -- or if they're otherwise supported, by inheritance or whatever.

If you don't want to pay for it, that's totally cool. You can make that decision for yourself. I just take issue with the erroneous and damaging assertion that only the best of the best in any given field deserve compensation for their work. If your work adds value, through enjoyment or otherwise, then it's worth paying for.

Of course, it would be nice if we just didn't have to worry about the whole money thing and could just pursue whatever interested us without financial consideration, but that's not the world most of us live in.


>>2224 Believe me, if I could spend the 6-12 hour days required for putting out quality animations, in this fantasy world of yours where I could cram this hobby in with regular 9-5 work, and where my bills and expenses magically paid themselves, I would. If you'd ever tried animation yourself, you'd never say something so entitled and asinine.

Unfortunately, being a hardcore hobbyist hikkomori who parisitizes their parents or lives on robust Japanese social welfare, isn't a realistic proposition in the West, and I didn't think it's unreasonable to receive the support of backers who want to invest in the development of my content, which some people greatly enjoy and want more of.

As an aside, I'm also confident in the quality and polish of my own work, and its objective superiority to 95% of the shite you'll find on DLsite or any number of image boards or boorus. It may sound egotistical, but browsing through tons of shitty niche content as a consumer and being unable to find any high quality stuff was a big part of why I started animating myself.

All said, if you don't like my stuff, then by all means don't back it. If it's as shit as you say it is, then you lose nothing by not seeing it anyhow.


>Basically I'm looking for a similarly permissive platform with a large audience to upload my free stuff to, and one where I can promote existing work and upcoming projects.

>All said, if you don't like my stuff, then by all means don't back it. If it's as shit as you say it is, then you lose nothing by not seeing it anyhow.

So, which is it? Should i still follow you here and on tumblr, or is it officially closed off for good?


(i'm not an anon you were arguing with by the way just now, just wanted to know if i still can expect some good ryona SFM from you for free or is it the end of the road as far as free content is concerned)


Nah we're still good. For the most part, I'll be putting out my Tumblr-bannable content here and in some other selected places, usually around a week after it debuts on Patreon. There's a major video release coming out tomorrow and I'll be posting the link to it here too.

My Tumblr is still my first point of contact, and my vanilla mean/rough/bondage animations will still be going up there, but Ryona and snuff/guro will be posted elsewhere (such as here).


It sucks that Pixiv is about the only place that lets people upload that kind of content without too much worry (aside from the dangers of uncensoring, which can be temp avoided with appropriate tags). They do have a nice feature that lets you show some work publicly and others for friends and maybe followers. Not sure if its just for friends only though, since their description of "my pixiv only" says "pixivs" are your friends. Would be a pain in the ass to have to keep adding/removing people yourself.

If you get premium you can even sort your pixiv followers/friends into groups and assign the groups limits on what they can view. Then you can make a backer group and a free group so backers can have special access to stuff you may put up there. This would give the views more incentive to go to your patreon too (I hope).

Sadly, they don't do Webm, so if anything you'd have to do what you are doing here with a thumbnail and link offsite. But, it eould still help you keep a follower base and organize it all.

I made a free one and I'm getting ready to upload my content to it, since I have a feeling my Tumblr won't last long, since my images are as dark as the last two you did before you got wiped out.


Oh hi Misery, i like your stuff too, can you give me your pixiv link? I'll be sure to follow.

As for webms, i think Pixiv converts gifs into their own format, so they do allow animations, kind of (they call them ugoira, there's even online converter So as a preview of a video it will still work, i think. As far as censoring i think for now yeah you can get away with a "uncensored" tag, but some people also provide a censored picture with uncensored one as a follow up if you click it. Also a lot of western art is still uncensored AND without any proper tagging, so i don't know how enforceable the rule really is. It's ironic that the last good platform for artists of ANY kind is located in Japan. Japan with their weird porn censorship laws is still more free than any western porn website. Kind of sad.


Ohai, fancy seeing you here.

Yeah this is the conundrum I face. It's just hard to find platform outside of tumblr that has anywhere near its mixture of permissiveness, exposure level, community, ease of use and connections with other creators.

One thing I've heard quite a few times is people saying they did not realise they enjoy guro/necro/ryona until they saw one of my animations, which is why I really want a content avenue where people don't necessarily have to look for extreme content in order to find my stuff.

I'm mostly into Ryona and light necro myself, and only occasionally branch into guro, and so I don't like the idea of people with milder taste having to dive deep into a community like this to find my content. There's also the problem of PixV being very primarily Japanese, and so there's quite a few linguistic and cultural barriers there.


File: 1439235266512.png (181.9 KB, 600x300, Max Feature.png)

And it's out!

Download link can be found here. Enjoy!!5IR0gDJa!Pi23V1o2AvHeb7iCnaJuN4afkif1q_HqyiUdmPKSU14


Wow amazing video! Give us some more in depth about the characters ;)


That was the best 3D guro animation I've ever seen. Out of curiosity, how many more animations do you have where the girls are killed violently like that? Because I'm considering throwing my money at you.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

That particular animation was my first major "feature-length" video that included unambiguous guro, and I'm planning on making many more. Generally I'll be putting those out in addition to rough/snuff animation loops. My content is generally "rapey", with a strong emphasis on domination and abuse, with kinks such as vore, ryona, drugged/chloroformed/drunk, necro and punishment.

The ultimate objective of my Patreon page is to fund interactive movies that are more like games, where you choose what happens, when it happens and how it ends. Aside from the idea being awesome, I feel that's the best way to serve as many people's kinks as possible - by giving people the choice. You'd be looking at things like defeating the damsel's resistance via a button mash or quick-time key events, where successfully doing them will either bring her closer to death or seal her fate.

That's a ton of time and work though, hence the requirement for funding.


you should try this page you could put it into up and coming category it has just about everything else.

nothing ever gets taken down (unless its copyrighted) all in all its a great site.


we should collaborate wed make a killer team


An interactive game would be awesome! I have been liiking for something like that for so long!



great animation

is there a video with the stockings on?


Finally got to see it, i really liked it. My favorite part is the moment he shoots her in the head, i think you did a great job with her facial expressions. I'm not usually into death, more of a ryona guy myself, but i couldn't help but fap to that moment. Hope you accept it as a compliment.

Also, as a side note, did you know that mega is no longer in the hands of original owner and in the hands of New Zealand government? I guess it doesn't matter much, but it's weird that they keep it under the rag.

Seems like a premium website, no? Doesn't look all that great.


Wow amazing animation, i'm not a fan of when the vctim cry but it was amazing. Thank you very much for sharing.


I grabbed my wallet so fast that it's currently on a solar escape trajectory. (I did manage to grab my credit card out of it so I can give you some money though)



I know, right? We finally have someone making high quality, brutal work. Now we just have to work on spreading the word until he's doing nothing but making invaluable smut for us twisted individuals.


>>2270 Wow, someone who may be even more hated on R34H and Tumblr than me. Hahaha!

I'm considering making a hanging scene at some point myself, but as always, thinking of ways to put a unique spice on it.


would we ever consider doing stabbing in the face? say with a burlap sack over her head...


i have a sfm ready noose let me know if u want it


Oh WOW, I LOVE the headshot movie.. PLEASE more of this kind! and much bloodier! and much lolier ;)


Chocolate suppository

ZippyShare high res with sound:

 No.2313 here you go please if you use this add me on steam lets talk


SmokeThe Bear?


yeah thats m heh i was guro before I was Fnaf


I am also interested in seeing the version with stockings on


Since I don't see a link to Pestilence's new tumblr, it's hXXp://

Also, if you haven't signed up for the Patreon, check it out. I can vouch that we're seeing some excellent content early, and that voice acting stretch goal is getting damned close.


Has your patreon page moved as I can't locate it using the name on the video's or using the post links? I ask as I support a few people on there and your wok is awesome : )

 No.2336 should still be the one, although Patreon's entire website is down at the time of this writing.



He's also referring to the post links, which, for the stuff earlier in this thread, direct to Patreon posts that have either been deleted or hidden.


My Patreon was recently reported around a week ago, probably by the same guy who went ape-shit over some of my Necro stuff on tumblr. Fortunately, Patreon's staff are far more reasonable, and after a brief correspondence this week, I was able to ensure that my page is going to stick around, although I'm not going to be putting any of my extreme content on their directly, nor any direct links to them.

I'm glad I can put that shit behind me now and focus entirely on producing content.

For those curious, here was the post he sent:

"I never thought you could get any worse but now you have, I'm truly afraid of your shit now. I can't escape it because some of the other animators I follow repost your SHIT, I don't have to watch it and I won't but it's always there to remind me how horrible some people are. This thing you are making is wrong; nobody can deny it at all and who ever does is fucked up in the head. It shows a young girl being rapped then in the world can you say that doesn't cross the line?"

My response:

"Great. This guy again.

You do know you can block me on Tumblr right?

Because it’s entirely make believe? Because it’s 3D polygons? Because the characters and scenario are entirely made up and exist only on the computer screen?

People read about acts of violence and it pleases them. People watch violence in film and it pleases them; violence that is often stylized, graphic and sometimes sexualised. People play video games with violence, and that pleases them.

It’s all fantasy. Think of the porn you watch (and your avatar tells me you have some pretty wild taste yourself). Some of the most common and generic porn explicitly depict teachers fucking students, husbands sharing wives, incestuous relationships between fathers and daughters, women reducing themselves into sexual ash trays for the gaggle of big swinging dicks spewing forth torrents of semen onto their faces.

Are you, or any of the others like you who beat off to this stuff a reflection of the porn you enjoy? Are you what you eat, and what you masturbate to? Is everyone who makes or enjoys this kind of porn a sister fucker, a rapist, a predatory medical practitioner, a sleazy PE teacher, or a corrupt patrol officer who will accept blowjobs in exchange for not issuing a parking ticket? Do women who watch rape porn because they have rape fantasies actually want to be raped for real?

Obviously fucking not, to all of the above.

Porn is frequently fucked up. It’s pure sexual fantasy for a more permissive and compartmentalised sphere of consciousness. It depicts a ficitious world where everything is about fucking and transgressing social norms. It’s practically a caricature of human carnality.

99% of people that beat their meat or flick their bead to porn, have a healthy mental distance from the material. They know that the porn isn’t a dark call from Satan to criminal action, or an endorsement of some outlandishly amoral lifestyle that is predicated upon sexually violating meek individuals. If for some reason, you specifically can’t seem to make that distinction for porn (which you clearly can’t), then I’d suggest avoiding porn altogether. If you can’t watch extreme porn without it triggering some latent daddy issues or some unspecified traumatic event from your past, then it falls upon YOU to sort your shit out and distance yourself from content you find offensive.

That’s really about as much as I can be bothered explaining why it’s fucking asinine to attack people’s fetishes and kinks."


My Patreon was recently reported around a week ago, probably by the same guy who went ape-shit over some of my Necro stuff on tumblr. Fortunately, Patreon's staff are far more reasonable, and after a brief correspondence this week, I was able to ensure that my page is going to stick around, although I'm not going to be putting any of my extreme content on their directly, nor any direct links to them.

I'm glad I can put that shit behind me now and focus entirely on producing content.

For those curious, here was the post he sent:

"I never thought you could get any worse but now you have, I'm truly afraid of your shit now. I can't escape it because some of the other animators I follow repost your SHIT, I don't have to watch it and I won't but it's always there to remind me how horrible some people are. This thing you are making is wrong; nobody can deny it at all and who ever does is fucked up in the head. It shows a young girl being rapped then in the world can you say that doesn't cross the line?"

My response:

"Great. This guy again.

You do know you can block me on Tumblr right?

Because it’s entirely make believe? Because it’s 3D polygons? Because the characters and scenario are entirely made up and exist only on the computer screen?

People read about acts of violence and it pleases them. People watch violence in film and it pleases them; violence that is often stylized, graphic and sometimes sexualised. People play video games with violence, and that pleases them.

It’s all fantasy. Think of the porn you watch (and your avatar tells me you have some pretty wild taste yourself). Some of the most common and generic porn explicitly depict teachers fucking students, husbands sharing wives, incestuous relationships between fathers and daughters, women reducing themselves into sexual ash trays for the gaggle of big swinging dicks spewing forth torrents of semen onto their faces.

Are you, or any of the others like you who beat off to this stuff a reflection of the porn you enjoy? Are you what you eat, and what you masturbate to? Is everyone who makes or enjoys this kind of porn a sister fucker, a rapist, a predatory medical practitioner, a sleazy PE teacher, or a corrupt patrol officer who will accept blowjobs in exchange for not issuing a parking ticket? Do women who watch rape porn because they have rape fantasies actually want to be raped for real?

Obviously fucking not, to all of the above.

Porn is frequently fucked up. It’s pure sexual fantasy for a more permissive and compartmentalised sphere of consciousness. It depicts a ficitious world where everything is about fucking and transgressing social norms. It’s practically a caricature of human carnality.

99% of people that beat their meat or flick their bead to porn, have a healthy mental distance from the material. They know that the porn isn’t a dark call from Satan to criminal action, or an endorsement of some outlandishly amoral lifestyle that is predicated upon sexually violating meek individuals. If for some reason, you specifically can’t seem to make that distinction for porn (which you clearly can’t), then I’d suggest avoiding porn altogether. If you can’t watch extreme porn without it triggering some latent daddy issues or some unspecified traumatic event from your past, then it falls upon YOU to sort your shit out and distance yourself from content you find offensive.

That’s really about as much as I can be bothered explaining why it’s fucking asinine to attack people’s fetishes and kinks."


Pissing somebody off to the point of a report to the site owner or a death threat is kinda par for the course for guro artists, unfortunately, but I'm glad Patreon handled it better than Tumblr did.


Thats why i'm glad gurochan exists. Here we are polite above all things. If we do not like something we just do not comment. I'm glad you found your way to us.



Sorry for the double post. But yeah, it's one of the few places I can post my shit, and have almost no worries about some moron flipping out over it.



I'm glad that Patreon stood up for you. The fact that this person follows people that reposted your shit, yet he or she has no problem following those other people, kind of speaks volumes about how ridiculous this person is. This person is literally just a stone's throw away from your extreme content and it takes that little distance for them to go from drooling and fapping/schlicking to moral crusading.


It still scares and confuses me how those people think. How they can be outraged about what people do in their free time, without harming anyone. I thank my "digital" upbringing, shortly after i first got my internet access i happened upon an anonymous imageboard of my native language, then i went to 4chan (ah, old /b/ was great) and it really helped me to see how different people can be compared what you see in real world, where everyone has to put some sort of a mask in order to appear "normal".

I'm on the fence of saying Patreon "stood up" for mr Pestilence here.
>I was able to ensure that my page is going to stick around, although I'm not going to be putting any of my extreme content on their directly, nor any direct links to them.
What's the problem exactly of sharing such things through patreon? I think they have a policy against explicit underage art, but what's wrong with just guro artwork? Seems another cop out in favor of morality police, and another blow to someone who is their client. Well, at least they didn't terminate the page.


The issue was "sexually abusive content" and fictional rape. There's a decent amount of it already on Patreon already - I checked first before I set my own page up to ensure that there was already an establishment of it - but their stance seems to be fairly laissez faire for the most part, and I think they only do something like this when a page is reported - which mine was, because of that one asshole on a mission.

I can see where Patreon are coming from though; the moral panic being whipped up by SJWs in the last 2 years is oriented around pressuring companies and networks that host the content they find offensive, and doxxing content creators that they don't like. Being seen by the public and the far left media as a haven for deviant content is not good for their image, as they would be labelled rape/murder/pedo "enablers".

All things considered, they were pretty good about it.


The issue was "sexually abusive content" and fictional rape. There's a decent amount of it already on Patreon already - I checked first before I set my own page up to ensure that there was already an establishment of it - but their stance seems to be fairly laissez faire for the most part, and I think they only do something like this when a page is reported - which mine was, because of that one asshole on a mission.

I can see where Patreon are coming from though; the moral panic being whipped up by SJWs in the last 2 years is oriented around pressuring companies and networks that host the content they find offensive, and doxxing content creators that they don't like. Being seen by the public and the far left media as a haven for deviant content is not good for their image, as they would be labelled rape/murder/pedo "enablers".

All things considered, they were pretty good about it.


Did you ever thought of opening your own store on Nicheclips? Yous stuff is better than that of GruesomeHorror's animated snuff. Frol Nickitin had a store there for a time.


Wow, I just watched >>2262 and I was really impressed.

Quick question though, the links in >>2187 and >>2188 both just take me to the default Patreon page, are they still up or have they been taken down?


File: 1440532127101.png (90.55 KB, 360x180, MR Previewsmall.png)

Last week's feature video just got its public release; Marie Rose (Dead or Alive) getting slowly stranged and suffocated to death whilst she's being penetrated.

Full-lenth vid with sound:!5VJjBKTA!nRYYdOwmi3SNLEGW_iRoy88tWSjz5vVW2dZLSiwZ6Ug



They can still be found on my page


how do we view kasumi because patreon is no more?
Any chance you could do the lollipop chainsaw girl?
or throw her on a bucket list?


That last animation is glories. Its a shame that there is no alternative angles and more play with her body after she is dead. But that doesn't stop it from being super hot! You could consider doing one project with some quick killing and then just corpsefucking.


I don't suppose you'd indulge a pervert by doing some preggo stuff.



He did. hXXps://!5IR0gDJa!Pi23V1o2AvHeb7iCnaJuN4afkif1q_HqyiUdmPKSU14


I'm positive Pestilence has tons of projects in mind, but I'll throw in a vote to! Do something ageplay related. Clementine or one of those Little Sisters, perhaps? :D



This this this.


You sir, are very talented. Kudos x 1000


Was the password for KasumiStrang.rar ever released publicly?




Clementine Getting snuffed would be the hottest thing ever. If you decide to do it then godspeed you magnificent bastard!


>>2603 I'd prefer Ellie by far...


Love your animations.
Would you maybe consider doing some fun animations with Nami from (One Piece).
Maybe some nice anal before beheading or what ever. :)


Well then you best get to porting it to SFM for him, because the only Nami model(nude and clothed) is on XPS.


i just downloaded all you videos not realizing most of them need passwords. so gutted, from what i have seen its some of the better quality work i have seen.


For the guy looking for the Kasumi vid, it's been released here:


I really hope that $3000 goal eventually gets hit. There need to be more guro snuff games out there



Mr Pestilence said that he's not into underage fetishes, so i doubt it will happen. Besides i recently went to the tumblr page to find out that he's from Australia, so even if you pay him lots of money he's legally not allowed to create such things.


Well, he has already done quite a few small teens, and that's good enough for me.


So uh... Your main website thing doesn't seem to be working for me and I can't go to your Patreon.
It gives me a 404
I really hope your still in business cuz I'm loving your stuff.


It's working fine for me.


Anyone seen the new Kasumi video yet?


It is really good. The video is available in his blog


File: 1446228768579.png (218.49 KB, 600x300, Kasumi Gameover feature vi….png)

Kasumi vid's been up for a while, but for those who have not seen it yet:!dIgnQAyD!3Sme6AmtgeBjqqUOOY04SVqul7__WBIpGkX9_MBTXOo


I read there was a version without the neck snap. Is that available?


Hi folks,
we are looking for members to build a 3D guro game in which you can do anything as you please to her.
You can mutilate her, snuff her, behead her, stab her, cut off her limbs, breasts, head, or any part of the limbs, have sex with her (possible when her limbs are being torn apart or the sex tools still attached to her body).
The game is also planned to be extendable and overridable, meaning that other people can add custom animations, new actions, or tools, according to your own fetish.
We know that this is quite a big project, but it would be amazing if we can make it.
We are currently focused on making the model, allow her body to be torn apart, the core mechanics, and the animations.
The game objective will be how do you treat the girl, her sexual activity, pleasure, mental state, etc
There would a business plan for it, and we are still discussing it. Let me know if you are interested by contacting my email


>>2406 I can find the announcement of >>2187 here: -- but it just says 'can be found on my personal blog'. I thought that tumblr _was_ your personal blog...


Nah, Tumblr is just my Tumblr. It's not my personal blog because Tumblr has a lot of rules and content restriction, and I obviously can't post a lot of my shit on there without it attracting a report/ban, as happened before.


Sorry, I jumped to assumptions instead of actually looking at the link.


I don't comment but, but this fantastic work. Thank you.


Tried logging onto your personal blog and the a little login window said the site was down.


Did I forget to say that this is marvellous stuff? Between the Kasumi Gameover and the Max Caulfield one, this is the 3D animation I've found that is most relevant to my interests by about 300%!

I can only say -- please go on and produce even greater masterpieces!


Hi, just a quick question.

How extreme are you willing to go with your content? Is it just asphyxiation or would you be willing to do more? And would you use monsters as horrible and nasty as say, Ludwig from Bloodborne: The Old Hunters?


The hotlink on the Patreon page adds a '' url before the actuall url. Just remove everything before the blog link


Hey, have you released Widowmaker animation yet to the public?


You said you'd have the widow maker animation up to the public 5 days after posting it. 10 days later and my cock is still frowning. :(


I know man, the wait is rough.


Pestilence always promises public downloads and never delivers. Literally half his stuff has never been released.


Money talks I guess... tempted to pledge and then just leak all his material for the lack of attention to his own fans. Its not like he is making 2k a month from his work or anything...


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but have you considered that maybe Pestilence is just a guy that's trying to organize a hobby into something profitable? That he's dicking around with a whole lot of confusing bullshit and figuring it out like any relatively new artist that's trying to gain some meager financial support for his hobby?

Also, he's human. Shit happens. My suggestion? Go support it. I mean, this shit is fucking gold, and the price of a hamburger each month isn't going to break the bank. And I, for one, am eager to keep Pestilence doing exactly what he's doing. Even if life sometimes kicks him in the nuts, just like it does to the rest of us.


File: 1449926363829.jpg (71.14 KB, 512x288, Gore Thumb.jpg)

Widowmaker Loses: Download here!8EhAGDpa!TIthWhlF6ga4IX83--OBYNHWr4vDLQ_8q-C9qCqTSAk

It's here! The "early" period is about a week, give or take. So sometimes it's going to be 5 days, sometimes a little longer. I've Been sorting out some real life drama, which meant a bit of a dry spell of content for my supporters on Patreon, so I wanted to give them a bigger-than-usual window.

Sorry some of you feel that way about my content cadence. Either way, I release this stuff for free, for anyone who wants it. There's isn't a lot of extreme smut, and I'm doing my best to put out high quality stuff in what I think is a very marginal and neglected scene.

A lot of time and effort goes into it, and to be honest, most of all, it's the enjoyment of others and their excitement that drives me to keep going, more than anything else.

On the matter of support: I'd say around a full 30% of my backers on Patreon are exploiters/non-payers, but I don't hold it against them. Unlike a lot of other creators, I do not paywall my content and I do not regularly comb my list and delete non-paying accounts.

My Patreon page is there for people who "believe" in what I'm doing, and want to personally contribute to making it happen. Their ongoing generosity gives me the time and resources to make bigger and better quality projects.

ANYWAY, enough of that - I hope you guys enjoy it!



Don't be a cunt. If this was some Asshole McCrazypants like Fenoxo, I'd be right there with you, but Pestilence doesn't deserve that just because you're impatient.


Awesome work bud. XD


Thanks for all the hard work pestilence, If I ever got any money I'd definitely pledge.


Wonderful animation very nice!
Excuse me, but there is a animation I'd like to request.
After the character of DOA is kasumi were attacked by a man, and a muzzle of a gun could be forced on a valley of a chest.
launch 3 bullets, and I'd like to request the place shot to death animation.

Gun in the Desert Eagle50AE, thank you in feeling, such as those scattered the pieces of meat from the back in the power of the bullet.

English is not know, and I'm sorry I wrote in the translation software.


Glad you enjoy it!

Sorry to say that I don't do requests (I get a ton of them) although I do very occasionally do commissions. Right now I'm not accepting any, as I have a full plate of projects.


Congrats on 4th Patron milestone. Looking forward to your future work.


I'm looking forward to that final milestone on Patreon. A creator of this caliber focused full time on making dark, gritty smut? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


File: 1450728633470.jpeg (217.88 KB, 640x360, Thumbnail Liza full small.jpeg)

Presenting: Liza Snow - Quite a mouthfull!

As it's Christmas, I'll be making an exception here and releasing this thing immediately to the great, seething unwashed masses as well.!9Bp0jLwL!6IVlGvNKjVfGdmjxnhxCrBJXLEmDHJVsF5f0pBZw9x4



Pestilence, what's your patreon link?


Hey there, you can find it at


Nice stuff, the particle effects were really good too. :D


REAAAALLLY wanna see some anal beheadings!!! would support that like crazy!


I can't download these two files.
Mega seems overloaded.
Could someone please reupload them?!dIgnQAyD!3Sme6AmtgeBjqqUOOY04SVqul7__WBIpGkX9_MBTXOo!8EhAGDpa!TIthWhlF6ga4IX83--OBYNHWr4vDLQ_8q-C9qCqTSAk
And this one also? please!!wQoWGC4C!IJXP12J-DCTTcyKzRcoj7G4DMluKYJAFI9i2kzBHbwU




i think i came 10 times on that, please continue on making stuff similar to this one, i BELIEVE in you and your works, thank you for your effort.


Anyone? Please Q_Q


Keep up doing big tits and stay away from loli please. We have enough of loli material already.


Your art is amazing man! Hope to see more animations like the one featuring kasumi


No, we need more loli, or at the very least, small breasts/DFC.


Most of my stuff is going to be flat/small chested and thin females. I do make an effort to provide for the tits and ass people from time to time as well, just to be fair, but the vast majority of smut already caters to that crowd, so I "specialise" in waifs.

I won't do loli, period, however. Ain't my thing and it's very much illegal where I am, and animating that kind of snuff is asking for it.

There is a Marie Rose beheading coming up though, so that's going be something else.


Fair enough, but where do Talim and Amy from Soul Calibur fall in that?


when are you gona release Taylor in the Alley to the public?

Great jobb so far tho! your the only one making this brutal tentacle action, and i love it :D


man, it's been a while...


File: 1454710997145.jpg (111.99 KB, 768x432, tayloralleythumb.jpg)

Taylor in the Alley

Passing out from over-drinking in the wrong alley is a very bad idea in this part of town.



File: 1454711897883.jpg (118.48 KB, 768x432, Wire Alley.jpg)

Taylor again: with piano wire wrapped tightly around the throat.

His grip is unrelenting, his thrusts relaxed and almost casual. She won't be seeing a counsellor or psychiatrist after this... no, she'll be seeing the coroner and then a mortician.

The carotid artery has been sliced open, and now asphyxia isn't her only problem. She's on the bleeding edge of unconsciousness, and unable to scream for help from the oblivious people just near by.!IBQzyLLZ!hEw17qcOx_anxhIlw1Sm3kMSLEDouKsmi4GSo_zFxqo


I won't hide that i'm a bit disappointed. Each animation getting shorter and shorter and the moves in them are getting more repeat, those two new "movies" could be converted to short 50/10s long gif. and lose nothing outside of the slapping sound... Max Feature and mari rose at lest were a bit longer and Max Feature was the best of the sort (personal opinion) as it had few positions and actual ending. I just think i prefer to wait 5 months and get one good animation than 2 short and well... not the best ones every 2 months or so. Short - quality is great but content is lacking.


I second that, it's a bit poor.


Eh, my approach is quality over quantity. I'm more concerned with good composition and properly lighting my scenes and spending a lot more time on polishing the animations and details until they are lifelike + proper sound mixing and editing. There's no point animating really cool ideas if it looks laughably ridiculous and amateurish.

There's a near-two minute fucking-machine/Marie Rose animation up on my Patreon page at the moment; it's not a snuff feature, but it's arguably my longest most complex and technically accomplished video to date. I'll still be posting it here later for those interested.

Staying committed to that level of quality takes time and a ton of work. Few other people have the patience. Because of how demanding it is, I do really big feature projects like Max, Lara and the new Marie one, and then, each time I finish one, I take a break from the huge workload by popping out smaller loops such as these before commencing another round of work on the next ambitious project.

My backers on Patreon understand this content schedule, and these smaller pieces are snacks between the really big releases.

Remember that I'm one guy. I do every single part of the animation myself; I'm not a team like FOW. If I animated nothing but huge feature vids, my content cadence would be unacceptably slow.


Some of your work between the bigger clips may be short, but that doesn't take away from how well they are made. The extra time spent animating your work really pays off IMO. Always look forward to your work. 10/10


Chill, those are just our opinions :P


I really liked Pestilence's life is strange stuff with the shooting in the bed scene, as well as Kasumi "Game Over" and because of that I started supporting him on Patreon, and I understand the difficulty with which takes to make these scenes (I could never in a million years make an SFM movie of his quality, I frankly think his animation is absolutely the best). However, I wish he was more about brutal guro. These last two animations just seem like they can come from some bdsm google search and aren't real guro. And I am supporting him for guro, but I'm realizing that maybe us sicko guro guys are really a minority.


I really do love the stuff you do, but I have to say as a backer all the hype for the machine fucking thing really didn't pay off. All the polls seemed to suggest people were more into the darker/guro-y-er stuff and so the big animation that a couple of months of payment hinges on is just an big insertions thing with maybe an off-screen death if you use your imagination?
The whole complexity/technical accomplishment thing is great, and don't get me wrong it is impressive stuff, but like most people on gurochan I've had to spend a lot of time scouring some pretty bottom of the barrel places to find the stuff that reflects my preferred approach to the fetish, and have only recently ever considered paying for it once platforms like patreon became viable, my point being that by necessity I've come to preference content over quality and will put up with some pretty badly put together stuff if the actual shit depicted is my jam.
The flip-side being that all the effort in the world can be put into something that does nothing for me and it'll still do nothing for me, a million * zero is still zero sort of thing. I guess basically what I'm trying to say is you can't please everyone, which you probably already knew, but this latest thing just seems a bit out of left field and doesn't really seem to mesh with what a decent percentage of your fanbase are after.


I can't find a link to Dead Set on Anal anywhere. Could someone please link it?


Why can't I download them?
"Temporary error, retrying." always....


FYI, please feel free to post your non-guro works here, as well.


The Pest thread always seems so heated, but I think it's a good thing people care enough about the material to argue over it. The Marie animation was a little tame for me, and I'm sure that has something to do with the part about me posting on Gurochan, but in a few months of relevance Pestilence is already looking like a pro with SFM. It's not exactly responsible consumerism so feel free to ignore my bullshit, but after a whole lot of promising gore I'm happy to watch Pestilence keep developing his craft with things like this in between all of the sex and violence.


when do you plan on releasing the Pussy Powered - Marie Rose video to the public?


I'm just a leecher here, and have no right to complain, but i really hope the next "big" animation will be more extreme, that's honestly the only thing that separates Pestilence stuff from other SFM animators (to me), and the only reason i follow him.


Really digging the new loop. The stomach flexing is always an impressive touch.


File: 1455223809423.png (418.94 KB, 768x432, Pussy Power.png)

Pussy Powered Released!

Grab it here:!AIQTWYZa!cT5Nz-shc5RgO99egJykveSSGb7uKBuo5G8EmApOxwY

For those worried about me going soft, relax.

Remember that I have a variable content spectrum, and I tend to alternate between harsh and extreme. The new loop on Patreon is firmly in the gore zone (believe me), and the upcoming feature vid is a snuff one too.

The next Marie Rose feature is a decapitation too, so there's also that.

Looking forward to sharing those with you in the future, but for now, enjoy this one!


I hate to be the guy who requests stuff, but I had an idea that I think you'd do great. SFM girl on girl facesitting, with the bottom girl laying on a table with her head going out over the edge, and the top girl eventually snapping the bottoms neck from her weight

I'm starting it out in SFM but I have no real skill in the program, so if you wanted to give it a try it'd be awesome to see


Impressive work, looking forward to seeing something more guro-related. Couldn't fap to it, just doesn't have the proper "release" at the end for me, if the girl by the end isn't dead or in major pain it's a pretty big turn off. But holy shit it's the animation is well done considering SFM limitations.


I'm really happy you do occational light stuff. I'm not into snuff but your animations are top quality and Marie is my favorite goddess. That girl is always aiming to please.

The ending is also nice as it leaves things open for imagination.


I love this!

Cute girl, quality animation, and I so happen to have a serious fetish for robots.

The girl isn't quite a robot herself, but the pleasuring machine certainly does a good job getting me hot. The machine sounds are perfect and not overdone.

"Tech Control" or any other complex pleasure device that has a girl seized is especially nice for me personally, so really really fun animation here.

Awesome job and I love that cute pose the girl makes at the end. What a champ.


Machinery is bloody awesome. Not nearly as awesome as you are, though. Your movies are, in fact, the best Gurochan has to offer.
Did you ever consider doing anything of these?
- Hermione from HP (preferably the younger version) > rape & prolonged snuff via torture curses
- Sylvanas from WoW > spitroast (given that she cannot die easily anyway this one would be awesome, watching her squirm on a pole quite literally)
- Random female character > impalement on a stake, execution-themed
Given that every single video of yours is a flippin' Work of The Art... I'll just sit here, praying to powers that be that you may consider creating something like that. Fuck Santa, we dont need that dimwit anymore.


File: 1455806496138.jpg (193.26 KB, 845x475, eyespeeled uncen preview.jpg)

"Eyes Peeled" is now available for the public!

I've made it available in both gore and non-gore versions




Mega got shut down, got anywhere else to link it?


Daym, son. Daaaaaym.
Well fuck me sideways. Now I want to see you drawing some impalement even more. How horribly mean of you, good Sir!


Could you PLEASE upload the stuff on somewhere else?
MEGA sucks...
"Temporary error, retrying" always...



me too, every time.


Awesome, thanks for making some gore animations for us. Are you familiar with Ayaswan? >>>/art/7967 He's my favorite guro artist, i believe he can be a great source of inspiration for guro-related animations.


File: 1456464677827.jpg (166.68 KB, 768x432, anarchy cheap graphic.jpg)

Loop Release: State of Anarchy

A quick little set of experimentations were done that resulted in this loop. I'm considering expanding on it in the future, and having this be a part of some pre-execution public humiliation, with Liz either getting beheaded or disembowelled afterwards.

Mega Download link:!YNJDXbZQ!3soJuj1v_NTxsQp30UjcV-ONVpGYYztliBCVauk6ibM


Thanks for posting the public versions so quickly recently. The animation is looking a lot smoother and more natural now than it did in your earlier videos, good stuff.


hey Pestilence, I think we could probably do some business, email me if you are interested.


anyway, another great movie! Thank you for sharing it


amazing please hang her


Love to see a disembowelment while she's still alive


The axe really needed to connect


Put some hooded cloak on her and cut her by the back please....
Fuck her through the vertebrae



+1 for live disembowelment


hell yea, disembowelment. spread her naked in front of a crowd and let her suffer. maybe pull it out through her anus


Is there a link to the Loop Max NTR?


her slutty ass fist fucked and her rectum pulled out, prolapsed and leaking cum as she is shrieking in agony and begging for mercy


her slutty ass fist fucked and her rectum pulled out, prolapsed and leaking cum as she is shrieking in agony and begging for mercy


That kasumi scene might be my favourite snuff scene ever. I wish we had more of the long videos ._.


Great stuff, Pestilence. Thank you for posting the public videos!


Thank you Pestilence for sharing your work. You are my hero. Currently, it is literally impossible for me to back -anything- over the internet, not even my favourite SFM artist ever. Like, I can't even donate 0,1 dollars, I can't donate a penny. I hope I will be able to support things online in the future, your work will be one of the first things I will support.


Something I noticed...Why are most of his male models black?


Something I noticed...Why are most of his male models black?


Because you can never be one hundred percent sure you won't bump into a yet another "TOLERANS PLS/Y U SO RACIST" scumfuck these days. Even if you're making snuff porn videos. No kidding, those sick fucks are actually capable of babbling their bullshit even here.


... you actually believe someone is putting black men into cartoon porn because of 'the sjws'?


Nah, he's just saying 'you never know when you'll get a bunch of SJWs whining on your page'. He...

Honestly, I have no idea why he said that. It seems pretty much straight out of the left field.


Yeah since it'd be terrible if someone just came in ranting about their own issues apropos of nothing wouldn't it? :P


>beheaded or disemboweled afterwards
nah dude, the setup is perfect for a neck break. Some big monster is fucking her, she's crying, he finishes inside her, grabs her, and pushes her body down hard. Her head's trapped inside the stocks, and her neck snaps with a loud "crunch"


I don't think you're wrong about the bitchy SJWs, but I doubt that's the reason most of his male models are black. That factor prolly never even came up, I bet its just personal preference. Don't get me wrong, these people will bitch about stupid shit, but theres no way thats the cause.

Also, just saw theres a new animation up. Hopefully its public soon, im not a donor and my credit cards fucked up so i wont be able to donate for a while


any chance of getting someone to throw a knife between her eyes or something and a loop after?


Anything is fine, cut off her head, throw a knife, broke her neck...
Just remember to make her legs tremble after she was killed!
The trembling orgasm body after death is the best!


beheadin plz!



another +1 for seeing liz disemboweled.


Either disemboweled, or have her pulled out from the stock, ripping her head off in the process.

Also, are there any public versions of "Max NTR & Ashley used and shared by rage demons" as the patreon links all go to pages that no longer exist, and there are no public links on the main blog.


another for disembowel (heart stuff ;))


pleeeeeez behead!!!


Another for beheading!


Disembowelled pls




Disemboweled. Beheading is too plain.


beheading for sure


I'm curious, what is the difference between the Patreon releases and the public releases? Are they earlier and/or better quality or is there extra content?


Earlier, better quality and extra content


omg chop that head off and let it flow blood!


Pestilence release the harley quinn to public pls xD


Soon; I'm releasing a new animation tonight, and once it's out, I'll be putting the Harley video out; which means it's probably less than 24 hours from landing on here, along with a backlog of other stuff that I released but didn't post here. Just a little longer!


Oh good. I'll be keeping an eye out so I can post my fan-work for it.


The Harley animation is excellent, Pestilence! Your best since the Widowmaker. Well done and thanks!


File: 1463925631411.jpg (129.17 KB, 769x431, Brooke Gandi.jpg)

"Borrowed" from Jefferson's considerable private stash. If taken in modest oral doses, Pentobarbital has sedative and even hypnotic effects. What he didn't know, was that it was also the compound of choice for lethal injection, since it causes total respiratory arrest when injected in large amounts. This information may have been useful to him before he caught Brooke off-guard during her late-night study session in her dormitory room at Blackwell Academy. He recklessly pumped an entire syringe's worth to bring about a quick halt to her frantic struggling.

Mega Link!FdIjDKhL!2-PtcLPo7CudY-L6ixZvplkhMjetAl_GEsasxaGNOGQ


File: 1463926221242.jpg (146.94 KB, 769x431, Harley Launch Graphic Mult….jpg)

Sorry to have kept you guys and girls waiting, but here's the public release! Enjoy!!9FgznDAA!27PCxr569OqlPu2s8wkMUHj9hV0QHjTTcU0vWiWUUQ4


File: 1463926297988.jpg (125.39 KB, 558x313, Dva Gandi.jpg)

D-Va's Mekka was no match for beast. Out of ammo, out of luck and out of time!1ZZiVChI!WfQNET6P6VUBVjUXumjusJsr4ObzFS-46xmf5oGcUr4


File: 1463926413060.jpg (22.98 KB, 448x252, Vortex_Club_Cheap_m.jpg)


GOD! This was SUPER ot! Any chances of a quick loop with him fucking her dead body???


i would really like that , fucking her dead body :)


that will be so awesome, fucking her dead


This is fantastic, Pestilence. All of your animations are so much more involved that most SFM videos, even outside of the guro category.


I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I always do my best!


+1 on the Harley Necro! It would be oh so gooood!!!!


Pestilence, you are awesome!


Is it yourself dubbing the guy who rapes Harley? :D


If only I was so multi-talented! No it's not; but thanks to my patreon backers, I had access to two very talented voice actors for this project.


Can you make some Miranda Lawson snuff?


I hate downloading videos from mega it so complicated to try to get a video to work does anyone know how to properly download videos from mega on the mobile device I'm really trying to see this harley animation


your work is beautiful sir... true artist


Did the Liz disembowlment get made and I missed it somewhere?


Nope, at least not yet; it's on my very long to-do list.


+1 for harley necro scene !


+1 for harley necro and please not just 10s long vid FeelsGoodMan


+10 for Harley necro even 10 s videos xD Damn even a 2 frame humping!


would you please consider doing juliet starling from lollipop massacre and also more HQ? that harley model is great and the scene would love if he gravved her head or threw her on a trashcan and finished inside her?


File: 1464522156054.jpg (138.06 KB, 769x431, Breeder Bitch Gandi.jpg)


What magnificent offspring might be birthed from the womb of such a powerful sorceress if she were fertilised by the right kind of man? A prince, perhaps; one of the right family and a strong seed, with strength, nobility and wisdom written in his blood?

But… what if she was fertilised by the right kind of humanoid brute instead? An abomination perhaps: the offspring was sure to be a twisted fusion of her sorcerous gifts and the unholy strength and bestial cunning of lower echelon demons.

The Circle of Magi had only one way of finding out, and their captive Darkspawn are certainly up to the task. And so it shall be: round-the-clock insemination efforts until a sacrilegious, albeit physically viable result is spawned from the perverted efforts. For hours thereafter, the ragged moans and ravenous grunts were all that could be heard echoing throughout the dank halls of the Circle’s deepest dungeons.

For many, the depraved spectacle was reward enough for the experiment.!cM5FWRBb!jVkYJlXGTPm-BX870VLXctriuGx32LM-c_PSyJLR6Yk


Is there a public version for hidden treasure yet? It's been almost 7 months now. :-(


I can't pay, I'm in no position to...

But I would, I'm glad that artists overcome the stigma that is working in guro, and I am surprised to see any amount of work that I do. It makes perfect sense to me that in the pinhead sized pool of people willing to express something that could come off as desire to harm others there are those who attempt to monetize their art.

We're paying for, in my opinion, someone to wade through hate mail in order to provide us with something, and that's why the quality can be lower. Pestilence is a strong animator. For what he does I would expect, guessing, 1000 people willing to pay his way through life at a couple bucks each (Some just 2 dollars, others maybe 20, and some high rollers), maybe 100,000, 300,000 fans because porn can be loudly lucrative and quietly viral. It makes sense and it's a viable tactic-- everything is a viable tactic, and one that ends with me getting the content a week down the line is no tactic I'll disagree with (if I know what's good for me)


hello Pestilence will you release today the public version of Loop Release: Final Lesson? i will love to see it



Check his tumblr, I think there's a link on there.


Was final lesson removed?


Final Lesson was removed because some moron reported it for being "loli" even though it very clearly is not (the character is a university/college-aged 18-year-old).

Regardless, it caused some issues with the host for the blog, and rather than risk having the whole thing taken down because of someone's false report, I took the post down.

I will however be posting it here in the next day or two, since it's almost time for that one to come out.



Just thought I'd chime in and say I love your recent stuff, Breeder and Biohazard especially!


Pestilence will you release Final Lesson today here?


File: 1465687969682.jpg (179.32 KB, 769x431, Finallesson preview.jpg)


Lovely. Where did you get these LiS models anyway?


thank you man ., i wish that i could support you .. i live in shity country we don't have master or visa or any international bank accounts


"Temporary error, retrying." again...
I love your works.
But PLEASE re-upload your works on some other place.
PLEASE... mega is a bad choice to share your works.
I can even not download "Widowmaker Loses - Snuff" today since then.
Please. Thank you.


Is this 'final lesson' version complete? or there is a longer one?


I was really expecting something more... its just a few seconds look. and there's almost nothing happening in it...


There any MILF stuff from this guy? Love his work but prefer older, curvier women.


there's more (different) videos if you donate to patreon right? i'm just checking to be sure


Oh, wow. I didn't know you actively kept a thread up here, Pestilence.

Any chance of more vore content in the future?


Did something happen to the blog? Nothing is on there anymore. D:


i hope everything is alright with you, and you keep uploading those nice videos :)


He has a website now. Not sure why he hasn't posted here about it.




Is there a link to the new site or a full archive of his old stuff?


Any links to his news site?


nobody has the link to pestilence's new webiste?


First of all I'm a great admirer of your work and if it wasn't for tutuition cost and I already worked I'd certainly back you with 100$/month on patreon, however I believe you go a little easy on yourself.

It's very simple to just differentiate and dismiss it as a fantasy, but it's not "just" a fantasy. It's a glimpse into your soul and uncovers deeply rooted desires. What we enjoy even though it's "just animated" also grants insight into what we feel and ultimately who we are.

But what you do is fantastic.




Why nobody make nothing new guro sfm animated? :(


His next loop will be out on Patreon shortly. Pest makes some really complicated stuff, it takes time.


well said


can someone post the most recent work of pestilence , the last one i got is the harley quinn, the blog has no content in it, and i cant find the website that everyone talks about :)


So I guess his site is down for good now? Been gone almost a month.


Just curious.
I used to have Dead Set On Anal, but with Max wearing stockings and heels. Suddenly the video is gone. Does anybosy have tjay version? I find the more arousing.


>>5458 is his new site
The password is extremecontent


Patereon version will not unzip


The password is just for accessing the website. Each individual video has its own password. You have to be a patron to get them. So unless you see a "Public" link, you will just have to wait.


I know there is a huge desire for the soft version of game over kasumi. Any chance that could get uploaded as well, please!?


ok that makes sense actually have to consider the patron his stuff feels worth it


File: 1469700924947.jpg (177.03 KB, 769x431, Mutant Horror Preview.jpg)

Public Release of Mutant Horror

View it here:


I'm kinda disappointed that Pestilence hasn't been doing super rough stuff. I think most of his backers don't want the hard snuff/guro content which is unfortunate. He's really good, though.


Pestilence, is Dead Set on Anal (heels version) the patreon version?

Does it still exist in some capacity somewhere?


Hello, how about to make some videos with behead and facefuck with facehugger?


I mean, technically there isn't a face.
I've seen this request a lot.


Your animations are technically definitively the best. By far.
Still I would love to see some hardcore, rough guro stuff since this is what gurochan is about. With your technical knowledge when it comes to animating and editing you could create masterpieces (all your clips are actually masterpieces, but as I mentioned I would prefer rougher stuff.
Thanks anyways for your uploads!




Is there a garterbelt version? Or is it for patrons only?


I'm looking for this version as well.


hi pestilence can you release Game Over Marie for public pls



Yea, also waiting for this one


the harley one where she is shot is awesome, any chance seeing him nail the bullet wound or shoot stuff all over her?


He publicly released the Mutant Horror loop here but not on his website.


He's not releasing the last ones to the public is he?


I believe he's wanting to wait until the next feature comes out for patrons before releasing the previous one for free.


I think that is a fair system. The only thing that makes me wonder is that Mutant Horror was posted here when the next loop came out but it has never been posted on the site itself.


Yeah but right now, there are two videos that he has not released.


also waiting for game over marie,pest please upload it to pub ):


Guys he/she's giving out funded work for free goddammit seriously if you can't wait just be a Patreon, that's entirely why it is there for ffs.


I know that and im fine with how his system works.
But he said that every time he would release a new video for his patrons, the last one would be released publicly.

The problem is that he is not staying true to his words. If he never said that and only released his videos to people who are paying, I'd be fine with that, but its not the case.


Well he said he makes a distinction between "Feature Videos" and "Loops". And technically he did release Mutant Horror when the next Loop came out but only here and not the website for some reason. So since no Feature Video has been released yet it isn't strange that the Game Over Marie Rose hasn't been released yet, it shouldn't be until the next Feature Video is out.

I just wonder why Mutant Horror was only posted here and not the website, but it was released when the next Loop came out as promised. I think posting it on the website too makes sense though with how often Gurochan goes offline.


I just miss when he was more frequent and more communicative. Also a lot of his more recent stuff has skewed more vanilla, which is why I think people are really interested in Game Over Marie. It feels like he's losing interest, which is too bad because he's easily the best at what he's doing right now.


I just stumbled upon "State Of Anarchy" with Elizabeth in the pillory the other night. Someone on 4 chan randomly posted it. Even though it was just a quick loop I though it was the hottest thing ever. I absolutley had to become a patron right away and consumed all of Pestilence's work but I keep coming back to that Elizabeth loop. So visceral, the crowd was so menacing, even though there was no hard violence, even though genitels were barely shown, the psychological/emotional violence is incredible. I would LOVE to see the scene expanded. Bonus points for extended crying, shock, horror, fear and torment. A quick death always seems like a waste. Its way better when they see it coming, and get to react to it.


Bump on the State of Anarchy loop. A slow, live disembowelment with lots of intestines.


This is exactly why I stopped donating to Pestilence. Best technical ability I've seen aside from Studio FOW, but not enough hard guro content.


Its game over Marie going to be publicly released? It's been a long time since we've heard from pestilence about, well, anything.


File: 1475429315964.jpg (129.1 KB, 769x431, Game over Marie Patreon ta….jpg)

Sorry to have kept everyone waiting! The fabled G.O.M is now public and can be downloaded at!kZQB2K4C!Hb9_bCg0ULLe-mmcOUToPie-kAPCn3ga8Q1L3JVs5HE

I've had a bunch of real life stuff that got in the way of animation for a bit, but I just recently put out a Quiet/Paz moderate gore feature, so the other two recent ones will be going public.

For those asking about the Elizabeth one - it's on the cards, but I really want to do it justice, and will probably tackle that particular scenario once I have a confident technical grasp of hard gore. Otherwise it will be a bit of a waste, as I'm also very fond of the composition.


Thanks for the animated will be checking it out in a bit, always enjoy Marie Rose stuff especially yours, hope you continue to do more with her in the future and that everything is good IRL for you


Thanks, Pest. Looking forward to checking that out.


Thank you, Pest---that's quite hot


Thanks! Not as gory as I had hoped but still excellent! Marie snuff is the best.


love final lesson! awesome concept and angle. any chance of seeing this with ehr hand rigged to his like hes making her do it?


Love the work you put into her facial expressions, would you consider some more angles for this one or more of a top down to really see your work?

Big fan, some of the best out there!


I'm very much enjoying your work.

I just thinked about including some disney character like Elsa from Frozen. She could be masturbating while her sister gets raped to death.

just my 2 cents :)




any updates on the new stuff?
I really want to see favorite toy.


when will Failed Extraction be released publicly?


Is there a working link for Loose End Harley?



THere is a mega link on >>4989 also the name saved is Branded Harley


Favorite toy public wheeeeeen


holy fuck release favorite toy its been a month
I'm never getting a credit card, so unless patreon starts to work with paypal I can't do shit.


Wait, has he released the Failed Extraction loop? If so could you link it to me? I've been looking for that one for a while!


Remember that he releases his stuff to the public when he releases one to his patreons, so they are always one ahead. fair enough that i can take months to create a featured release, but he hasn't been releasing his new loops publicly, maybe he is just busy


I would pay good money to see Liz from State of Anarchy graphically disemboweled alive. Off to Patreon!


I do now, and always will, hope you make more vore, Pes.



Im way into the emotional reactions of the victims in all of Pest's work. For example, Marie' looking around at her captors during Game Over Marie and Elizabeth's sobbing and looking around in State of Anarchy. These factors really make or break the scene for me. If one has to assign a "tag" to these parts of a scene, what would it be called?


closes thing i can think of is "peril".


still no releases?
what the fuck


this, if theres nothing in two weeks ill probably pull my money. i originally contributed to his patreon because i wanted the loops/videos as soon as possible, but if im waiting THIS long anyway then why does it matter? its been LITERALLY over a month since the last release.


I'm looking for someone that is similar to Pestilence. Any ideas?
Want lots of gore, rape, etc

Also looking for someone that does lots of incest


No incest but OP has some good videos in the SFM animation and scraps thread.


I get how Pest staggers his big features and knocks out smaller scale loops concurrently, I just wish there was a third, lower teir of videos without crazy post processing and the like. Even if it came at the expense of the bigger features' quality. But, meh, he seems like a real perfectionist. Still a big fan, though.


Please release favorite toy




can someone give the pws for last 3?




is pestilence even active anymore? he hasnt posted anything on his tumblr for months, and nothing new here


He updated his patreon a day or two ago. Headhunter's just about done and he has another animator who's making animations with him now.


and still the last public release was like 4 months ago
what the fuck


I guess his/her Patreon is doing so well that he/she can pretty much ignore the public releases now. Which is fair since we're getting it for free anyway lol.


I thought his patreon was down I must have the wrong link then or the old one can you link the current?


anyone able to post his patreon content somewhere?
since he no longer releases to public, and patreon not accepting paypal, its kinda hard to support or get his content


Yeah, no paypal no deal.
I'll wait for them to leak.


Not like we got a choice everything gone dark and not the good moments before rigger dark


Can anyone release the favorite toy password?


Just so you guys know, I've basically been working my ass off over the last couple of months with some of the recent anims and especially with the big marie rose decap anim that finally got finished and came out today.

I've been putting off the public release of some of the newer ones for quite some time due a combination of being swamped by animation work and because of how difficult it is to find hosting for this stuff where it won't get removed/banned, (I'm going to upload public releases elsewhere, as I pay for Mega bandwidth), as well as having to dance around tumblr's censorship, dealing with the slow-ass upload speeds in my country. In short, releasing stuff is always a giant-ass headache.

Anyway it's Christmas! So some of you need to chill out and tone down that entitlement a little bit. I'll be releasing the whole lot of the new ones in the next couple of days; I've been meaning to for a while now, so just wait a little bit longer.



appreciate all the time and effort put into things, cant wait to see the results and hope you have a good holiday!


Does anybody have a link to the "last thing to die" video with claire Redfield and the dogs?



Thing is you see others animators and they are fine but not as dark or not as detailed, you are literally the Michael Jordan of rough sfm, so when you know theres new stuffs and you cant see it its maddening but hey, fuck it, it is what it is.
Thanks for all the great work!

pd/ please use more monsters and animals!!


File: 1482926079636.jpg (114.54 KB, 769x431, FailedExtraction Preview.jpg)

Failed Extraction

Stream it here:


File: 1482926345217.jpg (139.85 KB, 769x431, becca in trouble preview.jpg)


File: 1482926516026.jpg (112.62 KB, 769x431, Debt Collection Preview.jpg)


File: 1482926766979.jpg (99.37 KB, 769x431, Barmaid Preview.jpg)


Thanks pestilence, your work is really quality :)


Very nice and worth the wait. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Agreed, some people have great ideas but meh execution, some are great at sfm but do the same thing over and over and mostly vanilla stuff, Pestilence has both quality and ideas to make great stuff.



Thanks a lot for sharing!!!
As usual great stuff!!!


Pest, have you considered making a dummy patreon with some misc SFW art that you can use to sell all your NSFW art but with paypal accessibility 'under the table'?
Or is that too risky?
Some of us from strange countries don't usually own credit cards, or they can't be used online.


Must be Christmas! XD



I actually hadn't thought of that, but it's a good idea; I'll have a look into it. Thank you for the suggestion!


Your works are excellent! But I think you should add more death. (Sorry if there is a option like premium and if it has more deaths)


Pestilence, does your paid patreon host more gore-themed works or works that are just generally dark?


omg more Rebecca in trouble :D


Thanks for the new public loops but god damn, only one of the girls was dead and not even getting fucked, way too soft.


Must say out of that little Xmas preview batch Debt Collection is my favorite even though I've been anticipating Failed Extraction



Nearly three months and the best you can put out is four two second loops, one with a camera pan and three of them are vanilla porn.
So glad my charge-back went through.


Failed Extraction. Both are dead and the one to the left get fucked in case you missed it.

Come up with your own work before you criticize others.


Indeed, I agree with garethan. Besides he shared his content, witch is not free, to us.
Here are a few rules i came up for myself and i'd like to share:

If your critic is not constructive nor polite, keep it to yourself.
If you don't like the artist's content, keep it to yourself.
If you have a complaint about the time it takes to make stuff, try to make it by your own and keep it to yourself.

Politness is what makes our community of outcasts together.



He charged money for his work, his work was substandard at best.
If he did it for free he would be fine, all the clips you are white-knighting over are clips he charged money for originally and has only given them out as 'free' because he isn't making money off them anymore. He also expected a minimum of 30 dollars a month to receive these two second loops.

When you start charging money, expect criticism for a lackluster performance.



1: Patreon is there for people who want to support the creation of this stuff. It states it clearly on there that my work always gets released for everyone eventually. There's nothing on that page which says you are paying for a product or service. furthermore, the standard minimum is $5USD; I don't know where you got $30USD from. The page is literally me saying "I make extreme content, I take it seriously, and if you'd like to help me make it possible with a material contribution, then I'd welcome it so that I can focus on creating content".

The simple fact is that making long animations at this level of quality is a total impossibility otherwise: the HUGE amounts of time required, the expensive software and computer parts, the cost of hiring great voice actors or capable co-animators... none of this lands in my map magically out of thin air. You ever wonder why FOW has a large team and still takes months to put out videos?

With the support of fans, I quit a very stressful dayjob to pursue this full-time, and I'll tell you now, my hours and sleep schedule are even more ridiculous now than they were before. I haven't been this overworked since I was in the god-damned infantry. The main difference is that I'm now motivated by the excitement of fans whenever they devour a new release.

2: Animation is long-ass hours of very hard and repetitive work; nothing ever changes that. It's labour-intensive, mentally-demanding work that requires a constant supply of one's imagination and a commitment to novelty. The better you want it to be, the more time and resources need to go into it. This is a fundamental fact of creating high quality animation; it's not like other visual media where you can fake it by putting out comparatively low-effort, high impact content (example, youtube let's play channels).

3: With the exception of when I used to do commissions; I don't sell my work, period. I still stand by my principles of releasing everything for everyone. As the creator of all of this stuff, I reserve the right to decide when it is appropriate to do so, and I don't see why it's a problem if the people who are directly invested in making it possible get privileged early access to the content. It seems only fair.

There has not been a single Patreon exclusive ever since I set it up. I don't intend on changing that. I understand that not everyone can or even wants to directly support the content.

4: I have thousands of fans/followers, and that means it's impossible to be everything to everyone at once. At any given time I have people bugging me to go further with extreme content. I also have people who simply enjoy what's being created, and then I have people who think the content is too much. If you don't happen to enjoy a particular project, that does not mean it's "substandard".

Either way, by all means, if you don't believe in the content, then don't pledge. Simply do not consume any of my content if it's not up to your standards. Go to other people who are creating high-production value snuff and violent content - I'm sure there's tons out there and that it grows abundantly on trees.

Better yet, and I say this with all sincerity, give it a shot yourself. If you believe you can do better, give it a go. SFM is free software; there's absolutely nothing stopping you from making the kind of things you'd rather see. At the very least it will give you some perspective and perhaps a reality check.

Regardless, a lot of others on this forum are content creators, and they will all tell you the same thing: this shit is hard, and for every 10 grateful viewers, there's 1 entitled and cynical asshole who is impossible to please.




>>8798 ". . . expect criticism for a lackluster performance"

Thats a good one comeing from someone without a handle or any kind of proof that he actual knows what he is talking about. Not to mention that you got his patreon setup wrong.

>>8800 Thumbs up, Pestilence! Keep up the good work and don't let the hater get to ya ;)


Hello, ser, hiding behind the mask of anonymity. Let us see a sample of your wares to judge your performance.

Just saying, if you want something different, do something about it. Put our your own animations or find someone who can make ones that you believe are better quality.


Don't even give him the time of day. He doesn't understand Patreon he's just a sad twat. A lot of us hold a lot of appreciation for content creators like yourself Pestilence.

Keep on doing what you do and if life gets in the way or things slow down, nobody worth a damn is going to get angry.


Theres a movie you dont like? How dare you!? you must direct and produce a movie before criticizing it! You were served a poorly cooked dish? Dont you dare complain, you're no chef

see how stupid your line of reasoning is?


I like your work, I really do. I also understand it takes time to make content. I do amateur stuff, well beneath what you do, and even that takes quite a bit of time and effort. This isnt how you should deal with criticism. If someone doesn't like your work, don't go "fuck you, go make your own". It sounds childish and unprofessional. Even if the person you're talking to is a dick, or an idiot, don't act like one yourself



If there's a movie you don't like, you can criticize it until the end of time, but your criticism gains substantial credibility if you have previously directed or produced your own movie or film.

Not a fan of that dinner you ate? If you regularly cook or have done so on a professional level, you have greater insight into what went wrong with the dish or where it can be improved.

In both situations, if you have experience with the medium, you have a more credible opinion because you know about what you are talking about. Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one.
Just don't be a THAT asshole and stink up the joint.

If you're just going to spew vitriol about someone creating content, then either make a suggestion for what can be improved or show that you have a better system and better product. If you think Pestilence is creating "substandard" work or have and issue with the way Patreon works, again, I urge you to suggest a better way.

Pestilence has absolutely no obligation to release any material to the general public. In fact, any artist can hide behind a paywall and charge monthly fees just to see a preview image. But, Pestilence does release the loops and features he produces to the public.

You also have absolutely no obligation to like his stuff, either. But if you don't have anything constructive to add, kindly shit somewhere else.


thank you for new updates


No, see, you're missing the point here. No one is suggesting you can't criticise. We're just saying you sound like a fool when you do.

"Substandard" hah, that's rich, where is the "standard" for this stuff even set may I ask? You have some vast body of work of a similar quality and subject matter you can point to as setting a standard? No?

Then prepare to look like a babbling fool and to be told as much, sir.


Pestilence you beautiful bastard! Any plans for facehugger stuff? that would make me the worlds happiest pervert.


Pestilence does have an obligation to represent his backers, and if he fails on that his backers have an obligation to withdraw their funds.

I feel fairly well represented by Pest so I'm happy to be a patron and support his art, but you guys should stop wasting this thread's bumps by replying to trolls and firing up a circlejerk in retaliation.



But acting like adults isn't as fun!


If you don't like it don't buy it, this is really a senseless argument.


I never used the term substandard. You might want to get your eyes checked. The post I replied to said "Let us see a sample of your wares to judge your performance", as though you couldn't have a legitimate grievance with something if you didn't produce quality things in that same field. That's absurd. I don't particularly agree with the comment he was responding to either, but to insult someone for being anonymous or suggesting that you cannot complain unless you produce something better is ridiculous at best


You're absolutely right, pest has an obligation to those who pay for his content first. I'm not sure anyone''s trolling here tho. It looks more like one side asshurt that they have to wait for content and whining, and one side white knighting has hard as they can for no reason


File: 1484063093096.jpg (108.9 KB, 769x431, Headhunter preview.jpg)

Here's the Public Release of Headhunter. We've had quite a few content jumps recently, so I'm pushing this one out a bit earlier than usual.

Stream it here:

DDL it here:


What particle did you use for the urine?


Phenomenal video! I think the scarcity of showing victims pissing in fear or death is a shame. Thanks for this awesome example.


>tentacle choke
>drag by neck
>head enclosure
>strongly implied digestion

I don't know what I did to deserve you, Pest, but thank you.

Any chance of a video involving the prey surviving all the way down into the stomach? Tentacle hell stomach or just crushed/smothered by a realistic one's muscular action, doesn't matter to me.


Wow! When her head popped off like that... *orgasm*


Good Lord, that was fantastic. I like that the beast had to jerk her around for a while before it managed to rip her head off.


Need more of stuff like this last one!


This image is used as a thumbnail for the about page of his website, can anyone tell me if its from an already completed animation?


its just an image



> Makes animations from ripped models in baby's first animation program

> Calls out other people's hustle as "low-effort"

Some stones you got there, kid. I don't have nothing to say about your "works", but keep your embarrassing ponderings to yourself, don't make the same mistake Lord Autist does every day.


absolutely fantastic! I love monster, I love vore, but most of all, I like the aftermath. The little "after" where her head floats down among the other skulls. THAT'S fuckin amazing


i recently uploaded 3 minutes long, voiced animation with bestiality (werewolf) gore, vore, x-ray and breast lactation. its not 3d (more of animated digital painting) though. hope pestilence wont mind i posted link here;
3 versions in download section.


red7, what is the password?


This is a thread by Pestilence for his works.
While I'm glad there are others making animations, it would probably be best to start
your own thread specifically for your works or choose a general theme that anyone can
post in (if it doesn't exist already).

(Ps. having a thumbnail from the animation helps draw interest, just a note)


Agreed, this should be in the 2D boards anyways. I'd recommend starting your own /art/ thread.


password is "red7", its written in my tumblr download section.


thank you!


STEALING THIS POSITION! Lol :P Flawless work. OP and you make me very jealous in a good way! Thank you sooo much for sharing these bc I know a lot and I mean A LOT of work was put into these scenes. So thank you for releasing them. Stay Brutal


Ok i was disappointed a bit with lack of some dead girls but this one is just so amazing it makes up for it! GREAT!


Your stuff is great, we need more snuff though.


Hey Pestilence, is it possible to export your stuff in Splitscreen 3D for VR?
That would be awesome!



This is a work of art. Thank you!


How do u play a gif or vid with mega???


Download it then play it.


hasn't been much from pestilence lately, any releases for his new loos and features soon?


Any updates on the new releases?


Anyone got a longer clip of this? maybe a full vid???

Liza Snow - Quite a mouthfull


Still looking forward to a potential State of Anarchy disembowelment scene!


Sad bump :( I need my fill of sexy snuff goodness.


File: 1491442926671.jpg (242.79 KB, 769x431, Electrocutey Preview.jpg)

Some electro-Dva-boogaloo for you guys released today!

Stream it here:
DDL it here:


Looking great, do you plan to make another version with proper snuffing, electric chair execution style?


Your stuffs been great lately, can't wait for the next Marie Rose one, I saw all 4 of them recently and they're amazing


hey, not sure about you guys, but I'm pretty cagey about getting directly linked to this stuff. (Maybe I'm just paranoid but if it ever got out....) I'd like to find a way to support Pestilence on Patreon anonymously (so no CCs), and wondered if you guys had ideas on how to do that. And yeah, I connect to a VPN first before browsing this stuff too.

Tbh, the one idea I had kind of backfired. I loaded $100 on an Amex OneVanilla Prepaid (you can get em at a drugstore) and paid cash. Loaded to patreon and started supporting people. What went wrong? I lost track of how much I had left on the card and ran out, so I'm sure charges bounced and that put me on some sort of blacklist.

Unfortunately, the only person I'm prevented from pledging to is Pestilence. :( (Pest, if you're reading this, let me back in! I pick up a new card every few months, and I'm now supporting 7 artists.) But when I try to pledge to Pest, I get the below error message:

"Oh no! It looks like you don't have permission to pledge to this creator. The most common reasons for this are due to previous payment declines or suspicious activity. If you feel this block was in error, we suggest reaching out to the creator on another platform."

Any thoughts you all had on how to support without it being linked to you, pls let me know. Thanks, this is my first post on this site so pls be kind!


I am totally fine with an artist direct linking their stuff for fans on a fan site. Don't kill the golden goose here man, this is a real privilege that Pest is going out of his way to provide.


Can we get Talon Ops, Painal and Mission Complete as well?


Painal has already been released on his tumblr at least


I wish I knew about you earlier.


You misunderstand my meaning. By "link", I mean having some electronic payment connecting me to this type of material i.e. support via Patreon with my credit card.

Of course the artist should provide "links" to his own material!


Hey Pest,

Could you post Reanimation? Looks interesting. Thanks.


File: 1494069036861.jpg (32.56 KB, 600x337, 5853ae3f0c27e.jpg)

Уважаемый Pestilence (прошу прощения за мой Английский), с нетерпением жду продолжения видео Failed Extraction (это одна из ваших лучших работ), являюсь вашим фанатом! Надеюсь вы не перестанете радовать нас своим творчеством? :)

Dear Pestilence (I apologize for my English), I look forward to continuing the video Failed Extraction (this is one of your best works), I am your fan! I hope you will not cease to please us with your creativity? :)


Hey Pestilence, I like your work, any plans to continue State of Anarchy at any point in the future by chance?


Hi, I have looked at supporting your page but can't seem to get it to work. Has your page been removed?


File: 1496596377262.jpg (173.3 KB, 769x431, Reanimation Preview.jpg)

Hey folks, I was going to post these earlier, but it wasn't possible due to the downtime on the site. Enjoy!

"REANIMATED" (direct Link)


File: 1496596448337.jpg (277.62 KB, 769x431, comstock preview.jpg)

COMSTOCK'S JEWEL (direct link)


Perfect content as always.


Hi Pestilence,

Is there any place I can still get your old Kate Marsh and Maw Beast video? I can't seem to find a working link to get it


Hey Pest, any chance you could drop Talon Ops or Mission Complete? I think I might had missed those if you ever did post them.


Thanks Pestilence! I was considering becoming your patron I just had a couple of questions I didn't really see an answer to.

How often does it usually take for you to release a new video? Anymore Marie Rose or Midna stuff on the horizon? I still remember your first post here was a pretty great Midna one if I recall


Your last few releases haven't featured someone dying, is that a new theme or does it just vary like always?


File: 1496647821628.jpg (23.66 KB, 503x313, bloody kisses.JPG)

# 12128 - Hey there, and thanks for the interest! I haven't done Midna, and honestly have no plans to do so in the future. I've done quite a bit of Marie Rose stuff though, and there will be more if it in future.

# 11035 Damn dude, that sucks :( From what I know though, Patreon does a lot of the detection and subsequent banning of payment fraud automatically. I'm not sure how many of those are erroneous.

# 12126 Sure thing, I'll post it up here in a couple of days. It's not a very severe bit of content though, so do moderate your expectations, as it's quite vanilla, all things considered.

# 12129 - I guess you didn't see the Marie rose one where a monster rips her head off? I mix my content up quite a bit for variety though, and gore-wise my stuff is pretty mild, as I do not generally do really "messy stuff". If there's death in stuff I do, it doesn't tend to be gratuitous.

The newest one I just did is a feature vid that involves a shooting as well, so the content pendulum swings both ways.


Hello Pestilence,

Please don't ignore me, I really want to watch the video featured in the OP pic. Is there any chance you can re-upload it somewhere (if you still have it)?


Thanks! Love the work, keep it up!


thank you man , it's was very sadistic


Is overwatch ever making a return on your list?


It's only alive in reblogs of his older blog. Maybe he wants this gone from the internet for some reason?
If so, sorry for posting.


Thank you so, so much for linking this! I've gone through at least 3 of his older blogs and some old posts of his in other forums and I never would have guessed or known this re-blog existed. If it was easy for you to find this, please excuse me for being dumb and not as capable of searching on the Internet.


Thought of a scene that might appeal, and I can't think of anyone else who could animate it properly, the title is "Gorey Hole." Two females enter a bathroom stall with a glory hole carved out. Both are eager to play, and a few seconds later a cock pops out. The first, obviously more dominant or the two, guides her friend down to her knees. The friend starts worshiping the cock properly, kissing the shaft, suckling the balls, etc.

The guy on the other side, is pleased, and gives the girl a surprising reward, pulling the cock back; and inserting a silenced pistol barrel through instead. The two girls are shocked, but not driven away. Instead the previous girl who was sucking obediently pleasures the gun with her mouth; sensually licking it and deep throating it.

The dominant friend holds her head steady; and watches her friend get the back of her head blown off. Still holding the now hollow skull of her dead friend, she watches the guy push his cock back through the hole; into the dead girl's mouth and out the back. The second girl then suckles the tip as he literally skull fucks the dead girl with the shaft; until he gives the dominant friend a messy facial.

Optional: Once the dominant friend is properly facialized, she pulls her dead friend's skull off the cock and french kisses her for a bit. Meanwhile the guy retracts his dick again, this time he puts a shotgun through the hole. The dominant friend is too busy making out with her brainless buddy to notice; and as she breaks off the kissing to admire the blank stare of her friend, the guy blows her entire head off.

Closing shot is a slow pull back with the two in a naked heap in a pool of blood. The guy comes out of the stall, we only see his lower torso, from the stomach down. As he walks by the open stall with the two dead girls; he shows casual disrespect by tossing a few dollar bills on their bodies before walking off screen; before fade to black.

Anyway, just an idea to throw out there that seemed the level of detail, complexity and bit of story about it that was in your wheel house. How this inspires a bit of your next work. Regardless, you're awesome!


What's the reason for not doing shota, Pestilence? Marie Rose is basically a loli.


I really hope you will consider supporting the artist in Patreon. I don't think the artist hates new ideas, but I believe many of his latest works are dictated by the votes and demands of his Patreon supporters.


theirs another guy who could do it, he's pulled off some pretty crazy shit..and he does it as a hobby he doesn't have a pen name or a patreon, he's just OP. he likes abit of artistic freedom though so maybe don't be so exact:

SFM Animations and Scraps; The Third Thread
because shota involves only young boys you dumb fuck their is a very clearly unmistakable distinction between the two


probably because he's not gay you degenerate


Pestilence, I am just here to tell you how much I love you for your work <3


1) I think he just meant that people are different and OP may not has concrete vision to do what that person exactly needs and didnt put OPs skills and vision under the question
2) If YOU not "dumb" then show some respect and tell what you want to him,politely
I think he didnt say that or you have something against gays ? No? then stop with this,we dont judge here we just share what we like/love.If you cant be respectful with others,just walk past

P.S. Sorry if my English bad guys


respect has nothing to do with it...Pestilence has said he doesnt do anything gay only hetero rough/snuff..and shota is 100% homosexual by its nature....last i checked as far as definitions go


You're an idiot. Shota means it involves a young boy. It doesn't have to be gay.


How do these people not realize you can animate a shota with a woman...


Thanks! I really appreciate it! Seeing other people enjoy the artwork is my favourite part of doing this.

It just isn't my cup of tea; so sorry! The amount of time and work animation takes is pretty massive, so I pretty much only ever work on stuff that I have the most creative chemistry with - that way I can remain focused, energised and passionate throughout the process, and not get burned out.

The short answer is yes. There's been a few already and there will be more. In the immediate future, I'll be doing some more Android 2B stuff though


File: 1500704548290.jpg (173.08 KB, 769x431, garbage disposal preview.jpg)

Here you go folks, the public release for Garbage Disposal - a nasty little feature video with some gunshot action.



love your Life is Strange stuff

nice work


That is extremely hot. Good job.


Where can we get to see other hentai anime heroine in that situation and doa girls too. As being eaten whole alive and head snap?


good stuff but i like my dicks realistic in size



Loving this, thank you!


god damn, that went dark real quick, lovely stuff
I love your monster animations above all else but yeah, this is my new favorite one, 11 out of 10


We would like to expect to see doa girls get swallow whole by a monster after choke. Girls we like to see are kasumi, hitomi and honoka. 2 things we like to see getting choked and head snap, head in stomach and getting choked swallow as whole as anaconda and see them being digested. Can be doa girls or any other female game girls.


Hey Pestilence, have you considered doing any pregnant stuff?


Fucking Master.


hi can you do some ass cheek removals too if so please post to DGF thanks


Hey pest nice animation of Mary Rose being suffocated to death and head snap swallowing. Awesome wicked sick.
Hope to see more of monster vores. Of female doa girls such as Mary Rose, honoka, kasumi, hitomi and Claire Redfield of resident evil.
For the Mary Rose can it be redo in a swallow alive and or after head snap swallow whole?
Btw, what 3d software do you use?


I definitely want to see a hitomi snuff. As far as i know, no one has made a hitomi doa snuff sfm vid ever



I second this! I love the DOA girls! Can't get enough of them! Would also like to add that I'd love to see some Lei Fang, as she became so hot in DOA5


SKDA did a brief dead Hitomi loop
check the thread "SKDA SFM"


fave was Game Over w Kasumi. pest, would love to see an anal version of a similar scene, any gal including Kasumi again! (even the same scene re-done w anal would be awesome!)


Anyone watch the new cgi Gantz:O on netflix? Reika or Anzu stuff would be so hot


Gotta show him fucking the bullet wound in her head, would be epic!


Amazing as always.


File: 1501897274997.jpg (200.1 KB, 769x431, Repurposed Preview.jpg)

And it's another today: "Repurposed"

watch it here:


Oh god yes.


I love robot/android stuff. Have you considered doing anything with Motoko?


Yaasss. Nier Automata stuffs.


would love a bonus scene to this where her bullet wound is used.


Can't stop thinking of a Max Caulfield scene where she actually is the killer and uses her time-rewind abilities to enjoy the killing over and over again while having her lovers dick in her cunt.


can someone post the link for "Talon Ops" and "Mission Complete" please ?
pestilence said he will post it one month ago but can't find it anywhere '-'


It would be greater if we change that dildo to this guy. Very rarely we see a woman fck dead man!


can anybody recommend anybody else similiar to pestilence?


Gurochans very own "OP" you can find his work in the SFM animations and scraps threads.


where is the stocking ver. of "Dead set on anal"?
I still can't find it...


can we possibly get some more anal scenes?


hey, can you release the Light Entertainment and sacrificial video you have done recently for public?



As a huge gutting fan, when you mentioned disembowelment as a possible conclusion to state of anarchy I got really excited! Any plans to revisit that? I'd probably be willing to commission it just to get a gutting video of the sort of quality you consistently produce.


File: 1507753724734.jpg (235.68 KB, 769x431, sacrament preview.jpg)

Another loop is out, a combined work by myself and Xentho

Grab it here:


thanks man


Well... It's sad, but I'm not impressed. We already so that way with Elizabeth (well, not usually "that" way, but it's was very look like).


Oh man so saugeil, würd SOOO gern sehen wie er sie tötet.. kleine geile konfirmandin... so derb geil!!!



Talon Ops" and "Mission Complete" passwords or links?


Light Entertainment is also missing...


uh oh. his Patreon is "under review". thats not good.


not anymore, they closed it. The bastards. It's finally happening, the snowflakes got to patreon.


Now that his patreon is gone, are there any other ways of keeping up with his current content/help him out?


still says "This page is under review." for me



Is the same thing, they are in a purge mood.


Patreon is back.


So a prudish SJW was triggered by all these pages and deemed them "problematic"

What a fucking shit show Patreon has brought upon themselves


Hey guys and girls; just letting you know I'm back. My page and a bunch of others were suspended for wrongthink, and we had to clean up the public face of them so that our content didn't directly reflect on patreon itself.

I'm honestly less bothered by the fact that it happened, and more frustrated by the lack of consistency in enforcement. A few other pages which also clearly "violated" the same guidelines have remained unmolested. Noname's page got suspended for having anthropomorphic characters, and yet a famous horse-fuck patreon is still up and running and directly posting content straight to his page. It's stupid.

Either way, I did what I had to do and the page itself has been sanitised. I'm still working my ass off with projects, and I'll still be putting out projects for free here, including stuff that can't be posted to patreon - probably faster than before here.

If you are feeling generous and want to support the spirit of my work; then we really appreciate your support on the page. In the end this is expensive work in terms of time and costs, and we appreciate that it's not possible without support. If you can't or don't want to, then by all means, feel free to enjoy all my stuff regardless when it's released publicly - I want everyone to be able to enjoy it!

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm


File: 1509470058447.jpg (255.8 KB, 769x431, lentertainment preview.jpg)

Sorry for the wait with this one! Light Entertainment can be found here:



File: 1509470276870.jpg (247.17 KB, 769x431, assembly preview.jpg)

Aaaand we got a funny one too, for the modular fans which can be found here:




>that laugh



Thank you so much for posting all this.

That Liza Snow clip is so awesome. Would love to have a longer sequence that's showing the initial penetration and how it's slowly going deeper until the belly is bulged. Along with the panic and terror in her voice an eyes.


thanks for the new stuff
how about Talon Ops" and "Mission Complete" ?


You should celebrate your Patreon's survival by taking a hatchet to the Tumblrina Overwatch favorites Tracer or Mei. Cockney piece of trash could use a good chokeout.


Try the japanese Patron lol I am supporting a guro artist there. In fact they have specific tap for guro lol


sorry it's not .com


>>16567 Wow that loop was awesome. A really great scenebuild and concept and of course, animation.


How do I get to create things like that?


is there a loop of just the background of the headless/armless android torso being fucked that's something i've always wanted in an sfm


File: 1510860287413.jpg (262 KB, 769x431, plunder preview.jpg)

Another release today, next one's an insect fertilisation style animation!


I wonder if we’ll get something on either Cammy or Ayumi from X-blades


so..... are you done with guro? just rape now?


I'm looking for "Talon Ops" and "Mission Complete"
Someone have the links please ?


I'm still looking for the stocking version of "Dead Set On Anal"
someone plz


Wow!!! You are genius!!!!
I'm trying to make something with Ciri, but it's not been doing well because Ciri's face bone is not moving to where I want.... however yours is marvelous! I really want to learn how you could make perfectful face expression like that. FANTASTIC!!!!


oh god fucking yes, I need more monsters doing the deed, cant wait :D


Yess more rape



File: 1512203540576.jpg (295.18 KB, 769x431, spawning caverns preview.jpg)

Spawning Caverns is now out for everyone!

Grab it here at


Goddamn how I wish one of those critters/beasts facemounted Android 2B.


Goddamn that one's fantastic!


Pestilence, aren't you going to make any more gore content like before? dont get me wrong you're a great animator but you're known for that specific content and you're really one of the few that does it, so I was wondering if we'll ever see more of that coming from you.


>moderate content

>moderate content

>moderate content

Maan, capitalism sucks. That's like those great loli animators starting doing non-loli stuff when their patreon takes off because it's more popular. I wish pedophiles and sadists were the richest people around.


Damn nice! Wish I could make animations as good as that. Keep doing what your doing! :D


Oh they are rich,we call them politicans :DDD
Pestilence do loli like "life is strange" "NieR: Automata" stuff,they are still loli.Maybe in a future will be some younger loli.SFM creators just need fan base first to get stimulate by getting rewards for their awesome jobs,not everyone work ,for example,with StudioFOW tho,so cheer up :)
Love it <333333333333



Have you ever done a futa/shemale x female animation? If so, where can I find it? If not, would you ever consider?


Does anyone has the stocking ver of Dead Set On Anal?


Huh. Usually Pestilence gives us the rest of their released vids as a christmas gift. Busy working, I think.


Whats the story behind this? Torn out hearts makes me diamonds


Can you make a Batman necrophilia? With Batgirl or Harley?


Pestilence, the quality of your work is truly outstanding.

I have two questions (I don't think you're often here on Gurochan but I give it a try =)):

1. In your daily business, do or did you work as a professional animator or something like this? I can't imagine being that good just by doing it for fun...

2. Could/would you give a little hint how you render your movies? I have like 350 hours soon in SFM but I have absolutely no idea how you can create movies with such a superb holy quality. You don't need to be too detailed, I would just like to know the steps you do to achieve this quality (besides lighting and all that stuff of course). I recently render with image sequences and VirtualDub, adding some phong for characters also worked well. I'm overall happy with the quality, it's really not too bad but yours is just like 100x better :P



Can you make a Final fantasy necrophilia? With Lightning or Terra?


still looking for "Talon Ops" and "Mission Complete"
Someone have the links please ?


pestilence you are a fucking legend man really appreciate you putting these out for free





The richest are pedophiles, they just don't bother with 3D drawings, they get real boys and girls.


Why not both,I hope to see more updates of this (and not only ofc) topic in near future :)


File: 1517712716828.jpg (270.49 KB, 769x431, sharing preview.jpg)

Phew, Sorry I didn't post stuff sooner! Christmas was really busy; and every time I came on here to do so, the site was down, so there's a small backlog that I'll post now!

These are reasonably tame, but the new one that isn't out, but will be out publicly this month, has some neck stabbing, so that at least is something to look forward to.


File: 1517712778084.jpg (263.32 KB, 769x431, ridingshotgun preview.jpg)


File: 1517712840351.jpg (324.4 KB, 769x431, Spiker preview.jpg)



"1. In your daily business, do or did you work as a professional animator or something like this? I can't imagine being that good just by doing it for fun..."

I used to work in marketing, but I've always been creative. I was never fantastic at any one creative endeavour, and I dabble in a shitload of different avenues. In some ways this is bad, but for producing this stuff, I've found that it has come in pretty handy. I was a total newcomer and had no experience with animation when I started doing this in 2015. Just practice, passion and a lot of patience. Thank you for the complement though, that's very flattering!

"2. Could/would you give a little hint how you render your movies? I have like 350 hours soon in SFM but I have absolutely no idea how you can create movies with such a superb holy quality. You don't need to be too detailed, I would just like to know the steps you do to achieve this quality (besides lighting and all that stuff of course). I recently render with image sequences and VirtualDub, adding some phong for characters also worked well. I'm overall happy with the quality, it's really not too bad but yours is just like 100x better :P"

1: Animate everything. The more moving parts there are, the more realistic the overall motion is.
2: Pay attention to details
3: Experiment a lot with lighting
4: Be thoughtful about composition, and give thought to balancing the creative vision you have, with the aesthetic presentation. This probably sounds pretentious, but that's how I conceptualise it when I work on projects.


I have a catwoman necro one in the nearish future, I think.


The Cindy Model for FFXV has surfaced, and I expect the Lunafreya one will shortly. The moment they are properly ported, they will be fresh meat in my kitchen.


Thanks! I really appreciate that. The times I'm happiest are whenever I release projects to backers, and then later to the general public. Seeing other people enjoy my work is, honestly, very fulfilling and inspiring.


nahh it cannot be bad,we love,I love it,you do amazing job! <3 \o/

P.S.Modest and Talented,no wonder its such adorable :3


Wow impressive story then, I really thought you do it for a living for a long time already. And thanks so much for your answers, menas a lot to me. Love your work!


Any plans on doing something with Ellie from The Last of Us? She's to adorable not to rape.


File: 1518332281920.jpg (240.81 KB, 769x431, Nightdrive Preview.jpg)

Night Drive is out! Grab it here! Gore fans can rejoice with this one.

And is it me or does the website seem to be down more and more frequently?


or maybe thats exactly why good to rape :D
so yee,I would like to see her too tho :3


Guro* and yes I did rejoice...many times :D
Awesome job,thanks ;)

Yes,yesterday I couldn't enter on site for some time too :(


Do you have pixiv acc or some place like this where you upload your amazing stuff ? if not maybe you should think to make one at pixiv (I think will be the best and with same name or close to easily find you) since gurochan keeps go down often for now cuz admins do what they do there :(


rip patreon


Yep, I'm currently working things out. We should be back on track again shortly.

Basically some asshole started a petition against fringe content on patreon and went around getting a few thousand idiots to "sign" it.

Quite a few creators ran into some issues as a result of this, and even FOW got suspended this time.

After this particular episode, I'll just be totally quarantining any and all of my darker content away from the platform and releasing it on places like Gurochan. Only the more vanilla "safer"stuff will be on patreon itself or discussed there.


Any plans to release loops/scenes involving women eager to be snuffed? Maybe demanding to die as they orgasm?


I know its bad but dont swear please :)
Fanaticism of people knows no boundaries,complete lack of common sense.
Cant see the difference between fantasy and real pron,also have very selective "moral" say NO to fantasy and YES to real pron/non-brutal fantasy.
How such people may even have rights to influence on something.Hell,there are lots of brutal videos with "real people" involving and nothing.
How about autors like you and especially FOW,since they have lots of fans will do your own petition ? Peacefully fight for your right to self-expression.
Its obiovsly no reasons to stop you from doing what you are doing AND its obiovsly violates the rights to self-expression.
We will support you and sigh in on that petition as other fans from other autors/studios I believe.
Also,I may run ahead but I think it's time to create a community of authors doing such content, to represent united force that would be counterweight to the old morals and fanatics.Like FOW but bigger,involving all autors doing such content and ready to peacefully defend their rights to self-expression.The world has changed but obviously not everyone understand it yet.


I only just came across you today, I would love to support you in any way I can! Your work is absolutely amazing. Have you done any Witcher 3 necro (with Triss, Ciri, Yen etc.)?

Your Patreon page is still under review, please let me know how I can support you in the meantime. I love your work!


According from what I read in their rules,they dont mind sex content but they ask authors mark it as a sex content wich block it from the view for free users,so,if you did that,they should open as before after some time,if not,they will ask you to do that or will do that for you,that is all.
Its not in their interests losing so much people cuz of someones vision,it doesnt make sence (one studio FOW cost a lot of users and their opinion about Patreon there,block all/part of work from respective author/studio,and other will lose respect to you,especially in case like this).
Petition doesnt mean end,usually its worth not more than toilet paper,governments usually use petitions in that way from people,even when it has 10k minimum subs :3
Its just like was with YouTube and Game channels,so much panic and at the end it was simply "misunderstanding" cuz for YouTube/Game companies and so for Patreon not worth to close pages and delete stuff wich has taken its niche.
Patreon may be irrational and unobjective or even fanatical but they also greed/avarice ;)
Patreon not the center of the world but just a part and they know that.At least I hope so,for they own good.


>>20731 Sorry to hear about this.

It's childish just how far a handful of offended snowflakes will go to ruin it for others.

Best of luck in getting this resolved :)


Pestilence I'm really sorry you and others like OP get so much crap about this stuff. People can be so hypocritical about what is okay and what is not just because it doesn't conform to what they view as okay or not.

Hopefully all the artists impacted by this stuff are able to get it resolved sooner than later. Best of luck ~anonymous :)


Patreon can suck my fucking nut.


>I know its bad but dont swear please

Shut up faggot.


said person with awl in ass.



Anyone have the link to his site? I can't find it anymore. Was it taken down because of Patreon reasons?


It's still there:


Ahh cool. Do you know if Send Nudes is still being worked on or only Patreon friendly stuff?


What's the password?


password's 'extremecontent' every video is passworded though. I think you can find the list on Pestilence's Discord?


And how do I access his Discord server?


You need an invite from him or someone else on it, I believe.


I'd like to get invited on his discord


Got on his discord, but there is no passwords there.
Any other way to get the videos (no "just support him on patreon")?


Far as I know, he took the passwords down from Patreon because of Patreon's new, insane, rules. Try asking around on his Discord, that's all I can offer right now. Sorry.


File: 1522841493031.jpg (207.74 KB, 700x1080, 04_20180402235745.jpg)


Is that one of the girls from US Angel Corps? And if so, any chance at a Princess one? She was always my favorite.


Hey, who are you? I'm the real grgr444 and I didn't upload this image on this thread.


I smell war on the horizon.


Why aren't they dead\suffering in most of these? This is weak stuff compared to the neighboring SFM thread.


omg these are srsly amazing... my whole life i thought i was the only person into this stuff... im not alone!!! <3 <3


Hehe lets welcome the, no worries you are definitely not alone princess


yay!!!! for so long i thought i was crazy or something lol

is there a place to chat about this stuff?? i have a discord account but i never rlly used it much



there are plenty of sites geared towards those kind of fetishes (guro, snuff, etc) what are you into in particular?



i actually made a topic in the role-playing thing about my fantasies im just learning about.. :)

check it out if you want- its "cute little snuff princess" :)


Hey Pestilence, have you ever considered doing some hangings? Your art is really high quality and would love to see you do some hangings.



Still curious if State of Anarchy will ever turn into gutting!


whatever happened to the big new max project they were working on? disappeared after the whole patreon fiasco =(


Dear pestilence, I just want to say I appreciate all the work you put into your animation, and I want to say that another one like Kate and the tentacle would have my full support


wait a minute, why did the monster take off her clothes?


sorry to read about your patreon mate, i got screwed over by them myself two years ago
have you considered getting a crypto address? can't be censored... just make sure you put it on your own domain and not inside the videos since people will just edit them to replace your crypto address then


def please consider some more max corpse being used love her in jeans if thats possible and tshirts thats her classic look.


any updates from pest? seems like he's stopped doing guro


Pass: extremecontent


Does anyone know where to find the Dead set on Anal video version where Max is wearing stockings?


That Tracer one is so good. I wish more people did beatings in SFM.


File: 1540038250613.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1280, 58.2.png)

Anyone know the source for this?




Is this dead?

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