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I animate in SFM, and I tend to make some pretty wild stuff. It catches a lot of heat on Tumblr and various R34 sites, but I'd say it's right at home here.

I have a Patreon page where all my new stuff debuts, but I'll be posting publicly-released stuff here.

Link to full video (with sound):
(Contains vore, tentacle insertions and asphyxiation).
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Any plans to release loops/scenes involving women eager to be snuffed? Maybe demanding to die as they orgasm?


I know its bad but dont swear please :)
Fanaticism of people knows no boundaries,complete lack of common sense.
Cant see the difference between fantasy and real pron,also have very selective "moral" say NO to fantasy and YES to real pron/non-brutal fantasy.
How such people may even have rights to influence on something.Hell,there are lots of brutal videos with "real people" involving and nothing.
How about autors like you and especially FOW,since they have lots of fans will do your own petition ? Peacefully fight for your right to self-expression.
Its obiovsly no reasons to stop you from doing what you are doing AND its obiovsly violates the rights to self-expression.
We will support you and sigh in on that petition as other fans from other autors/studios I believe.
Also,I may run ahead but I think it's time to create a community of authors doing such content, to represent united force that would be counterweight to the old morals and fanatics.Like FOW but bigger,involving all autors doing such content and ready to peacefully defend their rights to self-expression.The world has changed but obviously not everyone understand it yet.


I only just came across you today, I would love to support you in any way I can! Your work is absolutely amazing. Have you done any Witcher 3 necro (with Triss, Ciri, Yen etc.)?

Your Patreon page is still under review, please let me know how I can support you in the meantime. I love your work!


According from what I read in their rules,they dont mind sex content but they ask authors mark it as a sex content wich block it from the view for free users,so,if you did that,they should open as before after some time,if not,they will ask you to do that or will do that for you,that is all.
Its not in their interests losing so much people cuz of someones vision,it doesnt make sence (one studio FOW cost a lot of users and their opinion about Patreon there,block all/part of work from respective author/studio,and other will lose respect to you,especially in case like this).
Petition doesnt mean end,usually its worth not more than toilet paper,governments usually use petitions in that way from people,even when it has 10k minimum subs :3
Its just like was with YouTube and Game channels,so much panic and at the end it was simply "misunderstanding" cuz for YouTube/Game companies and so for Patreon not worth to close pages and delete stuff wich has taken its niche.
Patreon may be irrational and unobjective or even fanatical but they also greed/avarice ;)
Patreon not the center of the world but just a part and they know that.At least I hope so,for they own good.


>>20731 Sorry to hear about this.

It's childish just how far a handful of offended snowflakes will go to ruin it for others.

Best of luck in getting this resolved :)


Pestilence I'm really sorry you and others like OP get so much crap about this stuff. People can be so hypocritical about what is okay and what is not just because it doesn't conform to what they view as okay or not.

Hopefully all the artists impacted by this stuff are able to get it resolved sooner than later. Best of luck ~anonymous :)


Patreon can suck my fucking nut.


>I know its bad but dont swear please

Shut up faggot.


said person with awl in ass.



Anyone have the link to his site? I can't find it anymore. Was it taken down because of Patreon reasons?


It's still there:


Ahh cool. Do you know if Send Nudes is still being worked on or only Patreon friendly stuff?


What's the password?


password's 'extremecontent' every video is passworded though. I think you can find the list on Pestilence's Discord?


And how do I access his Discord server?


You need an invite from him or someone else on it, I believe.


I'd like to get invited on his discord


Got on his discord, but there is no passwords there.
Any other way to get the videos (no "just support him on patreon")?


Far as I know, he took the passwords down from Patreon because of Patreon's new, insane, rules. Try asking around on his Discord, that's all I can offer right now. Sorry.


File: 1522841493031.jpg (207.74 KB, 700x1080, 04_20180402235745.jpg)


Is that one of the girls from US Angel Corps? And if so, any chance at a Princess one? She was always my favorite.


Hey, who are you? I'm the real grgr444 and I didn't upload this image on this thread.


I smell war on the horizon.


Why aren't they dead\suffering in most of these? This is weak stuff compared to the neighboring SFM thread.


omg these are srsly amazing... my whole life i thought i was the only person into this stuff... im not alone!!! <3 <3


Hehe lets welcome the, no worries you are definitely not alone princess


yay!!!! for so long i thought i was crazy or something lol

is there a place to chat about this stuff?? i have a discord account but i never rlly used it much



there are plenty of sites geared towards those kind of fetishes (guro, snuff, etc) what are you into in particular?



i actually made a topic in the role-playing thing about my fantasies im just learning about.. :)

check it out if you want- its "cute little snuff princess" :)


Hey Pestilence, have you ever considered doing some hangings? Your art is really high quality and would love to see you do some hangings.



Still curious if State of Anarchy will ever turn into gutting!


whatever happened to the big new max project they were working on? disappeared after the whole patreon fiasco =(


Dear pestilence, I just want to say I appreciate all the work you put into your animation, and I want to say that another one like Kate and the tentacle would have my full support


wait a minute, why did the monster take off her clothes?


sorry to read about your patreon mate, i got screwed over by them myself two years ago
have you considered getting a crypto address? can't be censored... just make sure you put it on your own domain and not inside the videos since people will just edit them to replace your crypto address then


def please consider some more max corpse being used love her in jeans if thats possible and tshirts thats her classic look.


any updates from pest? seems like he's stopped doing guro


Pass: extremecontent


Does anyone know where to find the Dead set on Anal video version where Max is wearing stockings?


That Tracer one is so good. I wish more people did beatings in SFM.


File: 1540038250613.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1280, 58.2.png)

Anyone know the source for this?




Is this dead?



I fucking know, right? Beatings are so underrated


Yes, it is dead.



Damn. I didn't see that. Is there anyone who saved it?

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