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Hello all,

I will still be doing animations, but I will be releasing image sets from SFM more often because they are easier to make, and allow me to be more gorey. This one's part one of "Depraved Corsairs" which I will be continuing.

I've some other ideas floating around. Inspired by AC Origins, I thought of a Roman consul supressing a beautiful dark skinned high priestess who is challenging Rome's authority.

A far-right racist rally, invaded by BBC.

Mongol Invasion, Alien invasion, Bank robbery.

Give me your ideas. I listen to all requests, but some are too hard for my skill level. I remember the poster who asked about Nyotengu beheading, but the SBS was just too diffiuct for me. Anyway let me know what you think and gives some ideas. Also if you know of another place to post image sets let me know. Enjoy!

-Shiver out!


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Hey bro, nice to see you venturing out but please animate more the 3D image. I love seeing your work too>:)

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