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File: 1438602578466.jpg (505.71 KB, 1280x720, Intestine Strangle Cassie.jpg)


Damm this program is so easy to use.

From converting models, posing, texturing and rendering, this was only like what?...half a day's work on and off at best? Still a few things I want to learn though.

Here is a commission I recently did for it. Thought about you guys. Got a few more lined up too, so ill be sure to share them if the commissioners are fine with that.


Very nice! Could do with some blood but I like it a lot anyway!
I just YouTubed some videos of keyshot and it really does look stupidly easy.


File: 1438735931756.jpg (573.43 KB, 1280x720, samus vs predator.jpg)

Second commission done. A bit of Samus action! There really needs to be more guro of her thats for sure.

Thanks a lot man! And yes it really is, honestly I could probably teach my grandmother to use it within a day.


yes!!! SAMUS!!

Thank you for sharing.


File: 1442493109380.jpg (595.53 KB, 1200x695, DOA knife fightG.jpg)

Been a while. Anyone a Dead or Alive Fan?
Plus, new style. Still uses 3d models so i'll keep it here.


larger version here.

Gurochan wont let me post the big sizes :(


File: 1442580501032.jpg (1.29 MB, 1167x2625, miranda debreasting.jpg)

Miranda is one of my biggest VG crushes.

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