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Sup everyone.

Mega link here!pegXESKD!OzJgWHFJ6QPj6vEdoNZJ5v992K9L_mFlnavFXpY0xkA

Here's a small unpolished animation just to show I still exist. Not much here technically so don't expect much, in fact the lighting is pretty shit, but I added some audio to an animation for the first time which I will do from now on. I will be releasing more soon since I'm working on smaller more focused projects. Also I will use this thread ONLY to release animations so you know if you see me posting here it will be a release. The other older one I will use for photos and updates. On Omega there's been a rise in human slave trade since the Batarians developed a taste for human females, mixed with resentment at human involvement at The Citadel. One unlucky girl found herself taken from the Citadel, used and left to rot in an abandoned hull on the Narco planet.

As a side note, I can't wait until Brigitte gets a model or NSFW model, I really want to fuck that bitch up.








wb mate ))


Hey again >:D lovely to see my other prod in action making more wonderfullness. A few things though, animate the girls body to soyou can see simple movements like thrust and juggle and maybe do a concept like I remember you were doing a tit nailing one before hand. Concepts are always great. Also, doing something with/too the body after is one of the best parts (tear apart, use, gouge, ect). Love the StarWars theme though, was very nice. I'll be looking forward to your animations>:)


File: 1526302507319.jpeg (267.7 KB, 1437x808, profile.jpeg)

Intro to a new animation called "The Traffickers"

JUST AN INTRO to get yall hard and wet, the next one later this week will have violence!, about 2 minutes long (very small file 12mb so not the best quality. It's on my media fire an here is a web mixtape file.

By the way if you don't like my victim/killer choice say something and in general I will reverse roles very soon with my next animation (Wedding Crashers) wink wink

Here's web link

mega (PASSWORD IS : shiver1)!oOpC3YjC!nQfbo5o7BSXxGHuEYdm1rJ89i4LJHn9bd-umRYPr8kk

enjoy, and leave a fucking comment once you lazy bastards. Jesus (even a single word). I'm trying to get some inspiration to make guro content.


The tease is lovely but drop the full plx>:D I remember before hand you were working on another different animation from your other thread too. How's that going?:) Also some inspiration would prob be you and a handful of others being the only producers of guro content and my list I have up on a few other artist page. I can make a new one here with fresh new ideas if you want>:D


cute character, look forward to seeing what happens next ^_^


File: 1526384105027.jpeg (671.66 KB, 1920x1080, part2test.jpeg)

A still from the next scene I'm working on in traffickers. I have pirates standing in for the captors, but I'm not sure which type of captors I should use. Black guys, Muslims, Asians, Slavic Mafia, Jews, Neo-nazis etc. Idk any ideas? Any death requests. I've broadened my horizons and I've figured out a way to conquer my problem of not finishing animations

>>22240 Yea man I understand there is a niche here. And I really appreciate your comment. It's just most of the time very few people comment so my running assumption is people aren't interested. And for the most part I just fuck around with SFM I don't produce. I opened and account on motherless and I will try posting some stuff there too.

I'd love to hear your ideas, particularly for this one I'm working on. The last animation was on my old computer and that model ended up sucking, so I am sticking with aarvardk's model. I will do some tit nailing to this bitch in this upcoming animation. I'm good with the rapey BDSM and torture stuff but I need idea for the actual death. Also don't know whether to have arab/muslim killers or blacks in this one. Or asians. Any ideas?
>>22265 Thanks for the reply I will release it soon. Here's an imagine from the start of the next scene I'm working on.


I love this. Ever thought of doing some pillow smothering or suffocations? The younger the better.


File: 1526388663625.jpeg (829 KB, 1920x1080, smothertest.jpeg)


Check the above image. Good request Smothering is an easy animation for me. Above is just an example of a fairly young looking girl. I would like to animate younger but unfortunately the only good model from nightboy has shit to none facial flexes. I can have this strawberry bitch tied to a bed as a burgular slowly smothers her out, giving her time to breath every few seconds but making her breathign time shorter until she's deleted. Then beats off on her face. Also above model was just a 5 minute upload into sfm. I will lighten her skin a little add freckles and d some pink finger and toinails probably, make some blush. I'm thinking this hair color is good but I will tone it down a touch so it doesn't look so cartoony. If you are looking for a different type of girl or killer let me know. Good request, will be done.


death request: Throat cutting. Slowly. Slooowly! She must breath hard, she must wheeze, she must gurgle. She tries to set her arms free, but her body weaken. She must realize what going on, she must see how her life flows out from her body. She must be afraid, be horrified. And than she will lose consciousness and we see the hard painful agony!


Hey again>:D
For the male models probably a mixture of black and arab with some white.
She is bound down kneeling wrapped in barbed wire/leather infront of a wood plank slab.
As for ideas Nail the breast down to boards while someone else fucks her pussy ( use black model ;)). Use a few nails and go a bit slower (one by one). She then has her breast cut (small cuts) with a knife and nipples cut off. While thats happening, someone nails down her fingers (or hands (which would be easier)). Next someone gouges one or both of the eyes and starts to fuck the hole(s). All of them cum (creampie and eye sockets filled).
Then, Someone saws off both arms and her head. Next, a mixture of parts are used (primarily open throat hole(black male at throat hole>:)), pussy, and eyeless head). Use sounds if you can (maybe even some from animations posted here) so it sounds wet and choky>:D. All of them cum again.
Her breast then are removed from her body with the knife (still attached to board but her body is now loose). Continuing other minor details could be added (minor hook in ass, guts spilled out, arms used by separate people, eyesockets continue to be used, breast nailed to board getting tit fucked) and they cum one more time. (cum through head dripping down bottom of neck and to ground, in throat (removes to reveal throat pie dripping with blood squirt), creampie(removes to reveal squirting creampie(from all the cum)) and body falls to the floor. (additional pieces would be cum on arms and in eye sockets and on severed nailed down breast). Then body left out on display impaled through pussy with head at top (both covered in blood and cum (even oozing out if you can)>:D) and head has cheeks sliced from ear to ear (joker gas style) with dead eyes and aguish expression on face.
*Bonus a few of them come back and piss on her and body parts (and IN body parts(in open hole(s) where breast use to be - leaks out through guts and through her pussy (god level to pull off), piss in eye sockets (south park style >:)) leaks down legs , arms (positioned beneath body) also covered on blood, cum and piss along with the breast somewhere on the side still nailed down being covered in piss as well.
Thats just for the Breast Nail one I got tons more>:D


Also bro, alot of people don't generally post. They either a bit too scared to or more likely just come on to cum on lol. Its kinda like checking your email or so. You don't always respond, but you give a damn about the messages. And the fact you getting better at producing and have us (primarily ME >:D) backing you is kinda like recognition. I wish you could see how may people check your thread. You'd prob be shocked. BTW lovely content is always appreciated. I haven't seen a single person who doesn't want to see your lovely productions>:D. Keep producing my pupil nooblet>:D


Also I'll try to get you a list of ideas to see what you can do>:D If you really want, you can start with the Mileena/Jax idea with the half split skull I have up on Puzudz thread. Its open for all cause I want to see how everyone pulls it off. I also give it because it's harder to conquer and the movement (throat buldge moving, tits, body, jax model natural thrust movement, etc) along with textures (making the half Mileena head look like half a head with a throat hole, nude model findings, game background, blood squiting from hole, cum, getting the blood/cum to stay on dick and ooz out Mileena) even extra things like crushing the top part of the head after or what you come up with is challenging and you learn more. Even if you don't get it right the first time you can remaster it to show off your skill. You'll learn and come up with things and ways to make better and better animations. Look at the original post on Puzudz page(with the head crush idea for it I listed here) and try it. I'll randomly drop a list of other ideas soon. See you soon>:)


Please stop this behavior, the artists aren't your "pupils" and acting like your short form novels of "ideas you can try" are a favor to them is slimy as fuck.


Ok, gonna be honest here. Shiver asked me for ideas and to post some of them (along with reasons for staying here and animating). I have been helping him notice and iron out some of the smaller details in his animations. By "pupil' I mean teaching attention to detail and thorough explaination of fantasy/ideas. This ergo produces a substance that creates a better animator. I have experience in sfm and creating animations (currently working on some now) and would be happy to answer difficult question he may have. I am not elevating myself past anyone. The pupil reference was due to the fact that from the past few threads he has released, I give more ideas and back him and a few other new artist who have also come here. This is more of my honoring to them and not to you whom may be triggered for some odd reason. If you would like, please check the various other artist pages for my marks/ideas and reference 22240, 22266 of this thread. I will not apologize for anything I type nor change it for someone who doesn't understand any of the things I have done. I do this for the artist, not you. I will however, wish you a good day sir.



you so obviously do this shit for yourself to try to get people to animate your fetishes

it's disgusting behavior and that's coming from someone who visits a site with art of people fucking headless corpses



You're so obviously a troll if you respond with more knee jerk defamation so someone who clearly considered your previous accusation and wrote back a legitimately thought out response.

From this point your accusations mean nothing, as does your voice.

I encourage the individual who has been providing ideas to keep doing so; you are in the right.


Thank You my brothern. I appreciate the support and will have a small list sometime this week.



It's nice that you're alive, and sorry that I've disappeared again


Post above wasn't me>:D. I have a list but making more thoughts so bare with me>:)


File: 1528125132481.jpeg (884.83 KB, 1920x1080, apocalypsepreview.jpeg)

Short Animation Release "Apocalypse 2213 Clip 1"

links to online and download below story if you're interested to know the background. I intend to run with this one.

Humanity never recovered from World War 3. Although the nuclear warheads were only used on major cities, the world powers still destroyed most if not all of the civilized world in their bid for political dominance. As a result the world spiraled away from civility and back to savagery. Those who were brutal survived in the new world. One such man (or beast) is Kainux. He was born after the war like everyone else he knew, and, like everyone else...he knew only that world. His size and lust for blood was evident at an early age, and he used it to gather a large retinue of followers he dubbed "The Hell Reavers." A clan if you will. Unsurprisingly women were a hard commodity to come by, but men like Kainux and his crew took what they wanted. He built quite a large slave empire, and specialized in selling female sex slaves. Also unsurprisingly he punished and brutalized ones who didn't please or disobeyed him. Three girls had attempted to escape his camp to go south to WhiteVeil, a city which had claimed to be the last remnants of civilisation on his side of the great ocean. THousands if not millions of females were rumored to habit there. Kainux didn't see it as civilisation, but a gold mine of moist cunt to be yoked and lashed into lifelong servitude. Such a city was too big though and he needed to garner allies. Tomorrow he would meet two rivals of his from other clans, The Black One and BoneRot John, in an attempt to negotiate peace terms and a restructuring of slave routes. For tonight, he would slaughter the first of the three would be escapees. All his others slaves would watch as dogs feasted on her entrails. He decided to hang the other two by the wrists for the knight to await public execution at dawn. online!pX5TAbqR!BE2xHrKsnxVHKnN4yZXijWhWwHykKPcWnTEnHNV4UZs

no password it will expire though in a month so if you want a dl get it now. hope you enjoy


Nice>:D A few things though:) For the entrails and things if you can, have something like a separate object inside the model that holds them and have them drops slower and more individually. Like the intestines and liver and kidnets and but in the individual pieces (with more blood of course) Also, you missed the cum shot and mabye a few other things you could have done with the model that would have been wonderful>:D. Like the tit removal eye gauge other things (or are you waiting for that stuff in the next animation. Loved the concept and the animation overall though. Wanna see more>:)


Hey all the links are expired or broken, can you reup them? thanks, keep it up!


leave a comment? dude, the only decapitation you've ever done is out of reach ..and nothing new with the beheading of the girls did not work! comments need to earn.


Have you tried his other thread?

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