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Album coming out at the beginning of march 2018, available if you are subscribed to the 10$ tier of my patreon page or by single order for 10$ via paypal to


File: 1519825913578.jpg (3.95 MB, 4284x2409, Bedroom assault2.jpg)


File: 1519825924090.jpg (3.51 MB, 4284x2409, Bedroom assault3.jpg)


File: 1519825936755.jpg (3.98 MB, 4284x2409, Bedroom assault7.jpg)


File: 1519825990582.jpg (4.69 MB, 3780x2835, Bedroom assault promo.jpg)



Are you trying to sell me discount mattresses and furniture?


Good one! :P


yeah it's a new model that's bloodproof, you can slaughter anything on it and you won't need to wash the blood away from it ;)


You should post your promo pic without the stupid animals blocking the action. I can't get a good sense of what's going on in those pictures and hence am uninterested.


Does anyone pay for that?
10$ for 16 pictures?

Other artists seem to be struggling to find someone to look at their work even for free even with better quality and more content.

Those stupid animals block everything so much that it even impossible to tell how well those intestines are done


Some of us do pay as a way of supporting artists who cater to our fetish. TLOT really does do great work IMHO.


Usually, the best way supporting your artist is just communicating with them more.
Donating some money also may be very nice but when the artist starts asking to be paid otherwise refusing access to his content in that kind of way like covering his pictures with shitty disgusting animals you are not paying for the privilege to access his work and also his samples posted on other sites become nothing else than spam.

But in any case, even if I do not support the idea of selling art like that, I just wonder how much you can be paid this way, because if someone is willing to pay 10 $ for such thing that huge income I am just interested how much customers/donators you can receive that way.
I would gladly agree to do custom commissions for pictures like that for pretty much any imaginable fetish for 10$ each or even less depending on complexity I even agree to do them for free most of the time if this is something that can be interesting for more people or if you are willing to take part in the process

3d is relatively easy to make in comparison to the drawn art where you need to work few hours on one picture. But I do not see much interest in commissioning 3d renderings.


If I show more than half of the pictures for free, the people subscribed to my patreon page could be a little upset, since they are paying to see my images, and I can't show them all for free.
I place these animals to let people "understand" what they will buy, because even if the important part is covered I show what's happening in these pictures, like the places where the girl got stabbed and sex positions, like fucking or blowjobs.

When I publish one of my albums I always show some images about it, and I bet that many enjoyed and saved on their computers the fourth pic with the girl getting gutted, without "animal censorship".

It's clear that many people doesn't want or simply can't pay for this kind of art, I understand that and that's why I show some free pictures. But I can't show them all or my patreon page will go down.
And I also bet that if I published the first four images without the advertising with animals, nobody would have said something bad, just saved the images or skipped to the next thread.

Doing 3d renderings is easier than hand drawing? True, but there are a lot of things that you have to know about it.

To draw with your hand, you need skills, and I totally respect that since I pay myself other artists for their drawings, but to draw you don't need anything else, just a pencil.

To do 3d art like I do, you need models to use or create them by yourself if you are capable to do them.
Do you know how much every single model I use costs? Let me give an average pricing:
the characters go from 12$-19$, and here we have two of them.
The hairstyle, almost the same price, maybe a little less.
The room, other 18$.
The clothing of the male, 16$.
The knife set, around 12$.
The blood effect you can see in the fourth image, the model plus the right blood shaders are combined to 20$.
Maybe something else for the lighting of the scene, let's say other 10$.

If you don't believe me try to check the Daz3d site and you will see that the prices are all from 10$ to 20$ for every item.

Plus, to make hand drawings, you need your hands, a pencil and a paper.
To have high resolution 3d renderings, you need a top computer, more than gaming ones, that's why I bought a 3200$ computer few months ago.
And I can take few hours as well to do these images, setting up the characters, the enviroment, the lights (there are the real pain in the ass since they will influence the render time a lot) and the posing of the characters... do you know that I move every finger section to match the grip of the boobs and nipples? just to make an example.

I also think that's hand drawing arts is great, and I pay every month artists I like on patreon to see their works, just like I pay other 3d artists. It's a different form of art, but it's art and if it features subjects that I like, I'm willing to pay for it.

I don't have the right skills to draw, so I'm working with 3d renderings. And believe me I'm not going to be rich with this, I do this to cover all the costs that 3d art has. And 10$ won't make the difference, even if 10 people will buy this album (and it won't happen) it would be 100$ for me. Can I live with these 100$ when an average house rent is 750$ here in my country? (Italy, I converted the price in $)

I'm not angry with you. I understand your concern about this, but I hope that you will understand my side.


I doubt if people who really pay to support you will be that upset that someone else can see it for free but let's say in low resolution or maybe even in full resolution because they pay to support artist not to see his works.
thus us not about inability or unwillingness to pay, the internet is full of various artwork and it just makes no sense to pay for more.
The only thing which upsets me here is that I cannot see how well you made that gutting stuff. Judging from the last available picture you do not try to achieve much of realism.
And considering your choice of censorship which is essentially animal goatse it is quite disrespectful too, because you are clearly saying that "if you don't pay you can suck my ass" you could have just used low res or watermarked images without making attempts to insult your "potential customers".

However, my intent is not to argue about how you make money but more like a question if you can make any decent income that way.

I am also doing 3d artwork and obviously know how it is all done. But like I said earlier there is very little interest in 3d renderings, unlike hand-drawn art and like you mentioned it yourself not that many people are going to buy it. But setting up an account on patreon exposing your true identity on the internet, throwing away most of your potential fans just to get few extra dollars seems not worth it.
I was considering making patron account myself too. If it would be possible to get at least 50$ a month without alienating people who are not willing to pay it would be pretty nice free income. I have no desire to put a paywall, but accepting donations or commissions is nothing wrong. Another problem is that patron may not allow loli content.

It is quite a surprise that you are actually paying for 3d content. I guess you must be spending more money than you get.
I would be pretty happy to discuss our art techniques and brag about our computers and other stuff but this is another topic.


I would love to be supported and give for free all my images! If I were rich as fuck and having all the money to buy everything that came out on 3d sites every day I would share everything for free.

But the real question is: why paying when you can have everything for free?
I know the money support helps a lot more than a "thank you" or a favourite, and for example there's one artist I support on patreon that asks 1$, 5$ or 10$ to give the same stuff for all three tiers, meaning that if you subscribe for 1$ you will get everything. I subscribed to 1$ tier to see his art, and after one month I upgraded to 5$ because I felt he deserved it, but try to guess how many people are subscribed to 5$ and 10$? Very few, most of them are in the 1$ because they can pay less to have the same rewards. Maybe it's sad, but it's the truth.

About my animal censorship being disrespectful, I thougt it was better than placing a sad logo. And believe it or not, I got someone who asked me for these funny animal pictures, and my mediafire zip file with these images has 7 downloads, and I published that zip only in one forum where it was asked. This means that someone actually enjoy these animal images without buying my albums, strange but true. I mean it isn't my main objective to post funny animal images, but I never thought to be disrespectful, since someone actually enjoy them.

If you will open a patreon account and if you will do art featuring things that I like I will be very happy to support you. Luckily I don't spend many money in smoke, alchool, clothings or expensive events so I can save some money to support artists and get all the images I want, paying a little like 5$ each month for every artist I follow.

About patreon allowing loli content, you can post on the wall only preview and safe images, and send all the other images via private message like I do.

About keeping talking about art techniques and computers if you want you can drop me an email to and I will be very pleased to answer you!


My problem with the censorship is I can't tell what's going on in the picture. It's not like showing that would be giving it away for free, they're only the size of thumbnails anyway, but it would give me a better idea if I was interested in it or not. As it is now, there's no way I would pay to see a series only to be disappointed when I got the whole thing and saw it didn't look like what I expected.



>>But the real question is: why paying when you can have everything for free?

In fact, people do pay when they can get it for free, just like you said it yourself- you are supporting the artist, you are not paying for his work you have no reason to be upset that other people pay less or do not pay at all.
When you force people to pay you for the privilege of getting access to your work they are no longer supporting you but merely trying to get more and pay less just by the rules of free market.
sometimes pay what you want system makes people actually pay more than they would pay the fixed price.

Considering that animal censorship imagine this: you are looking at the picture desperately trying to find something uncovered, but you only see disgusting dog ass clearly telling that this is what you get if you don't pay :) Also you probably are fully aware that in those pictures you told entire story inviting people to join you with subliminal messages. They are definitely not something random but pretty clever marketing.
The correct way to do is to just make low res pictures where you can see what is going on but not in very great detail just like other artists do it. Otherwise, you may not bother posting anything censored at all as you will only irritate people.

I see that Patreon is not going to be very useful for me since the nonloli content is a minority of my work. I would not mind creating something upon request if I get paid or even if asked to do it for free but making some random content and waiting until someone will sign up to see it is pretty useless.

However, I may try to register there just for fun to see how it will work if I will take entirely opposite approach than other artists. LOL


Why should anybody pay for your stuff if you only say that it's good but don't prove it?
>>20482 looks kind of good, but also worse than a lot of stuff that was posted here for free.

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