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Hey guys, just found some SFM stuff but don't know the author of them. So I put the address here to see if anyone know the source or author of them.(There can be more stuff that I didn't find out). The quality of them is really good though. I even want to persuade the author to join us, because this place is just awesome.


File: 1518019523705.png (905.68 KB, 866x485, 捕获1.PNG)

Heroes Never Die


File: 1518019566147.png (702.71 KB, 871x489, 捕获2.PNG)

Defense Matrix Failed


File: 1518019613429.png (559.51 KB, 868x487, 捕获.PNG)

Evolve: Low Population Count


these are good!


hcpokedudesfm on tumblr is the source of these animations


pokedudesfm does not have manny guro animations, sadly.

I can't find the artist of this evolve animation. It is amazing, could you provide more information? HentaiCatspot does not have anny.


Actually i could not find that tumblr page, perhaps there is some mistakes in the name provided? Could someone post a link please?


It seems i'm really stupid. Just found it, here it is:


wow! thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Guys someone know author of this one ?


same guy, ykvr just linked

also has a patreon, you can get full mp4s for $1 a month >>20745


Nice! Thanks!

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